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Your Guide to Minerd.com's Monthly Photo 
Feature from January 2006 Through December 2010

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~ 2010 ~


December 2010 - Deane Janis, wife of Bobby "Uke" Henshaw, was a singer and Columbia Records star who in the 1930s performed with the Hal Kemp Orchestra, appeared as a singer in three films and was vocalist for the Camel Caravan Radio Show, sponsored by Camel Cigarettes, on CBS-Radio.
November 2010 - Separated by a distance of 1,000 miles, but remaining close over more than 50 years apart, sisters Clara Huston and Esther Freed pose with their husbands for a studio portrait during a reunion in the early 1900s. Includes highlights of our 19th annual research trip to conduct original research in Kansas and a podcast by Minerd.com's founder.
October 2010 - William Arthur Stone, who overcame serious physical and educational obstacles to become a leading entrepreneur, banker, and coal and coke industrialist of Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, helped erect the internationally-known "Braddock's Grave" monument of the French and Indian War era along the National Road (U.S. Route 40). 
September 2010 - the heartbreaking story of the rise and fall of Edward Harlan McReynolds, a Kansas City-area newspaperman who went on to a high profile career as Assistant to the President of the Missouri Pacific Lines railroad, and as Chairman of what today is the American Advertising Federation.
August 2010 - Donald Miner Davidson Sr., Ph.D., a renowned geologist in Africa, Europe and the U.S. who was president of the E.J. Longyear Co. in Minneapolis and a member of the National Mining Hall of Fame. 
July 2010 - The voice of "soft-rock and yesterday's favorites," popular Pittsburgh FM station Wish 99.7 and voiceover personality Dan Dunlap.
June 2010 - Catalogue cover for the American Art Association's Nov. 20, 1924 auction of the rare book and manuscript library of Matilda (Langdon) Hayden, in Manhattan, New York.
May 2010 - Private First Class Lawrence Frederick Greer. a U.S. Marine of near Canonsburg, Washington County, Pennsylvania, who was killed in action during the Vietnam War, at the age of 19.
April 2010 - Insurance man and history-lover Isham "Gaylord" Davidson helps return an old captured Civil War regiment banner from Illinois to the state of Tennessee.
March 2010 - Portrait and poetry of "S. Isadore Miner," a talented Michigan writer who, after divorcing her husband, became a pioneering newspaper reporter, reformer and columnist in Texas under the new pen name of "Pauline Periwinkle." 
February 2010 - Cousin Eugene Podraza pays respect at the neglected, rural grave of George "William" and Helen (White) Clark near Laredo, Grundy County, Missouri, while on the 18th annual summertime research trip with this website's founder to conduct proprietary, original research.
January 2010 - Making an early guest appearance on television's long-running hit, "America's Most Wanted," Richard Dean "Rick" Minerd of Columbus, Ohio, shakes hands with well-known show host John Walsh in Washington, DC circa October 1991


~ 2009 ~


December 2009 - Isaac T. Blood, who played an unusual but direct role in the founding of one of the nation's giant drug store chains when he sold this Chicago pharmacy in 1901 to up and coming entrepreneur Charles R. Walgreen Sr.

November 2009 - Dr. Edward Quintard of New York City stands with his longtime patient and great friend, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known to readers and book lovers worldwide by his pen name, "Mark Twain."

October 2009 - The "Old Stone Tavern" building along U.S. Route 50 in Aurora, Preston County, West Virginia, and nearby historical marker mentioning cousin Hiram B. Hanshaw by name. Today it has been restored and is open again as a functioning tavern under the name "Red Horse Tavern."

September 2009 - In the early 1900s, in rural Wood County, Ohio, William Samuel Jewell operated a school bus, transporting students to and from school each day. 

August 2009 - Brothers Ralph Lorenzo Minerd and William Byron Minerd enjoy a baseball game in the summer of 1949, in or near Clarksville, Greene County, Pennsylvania. 

July 2009 - John Swayze "Jack" Thorpe, III, who spent four decades inspiring a sense of wonder among students at Pittsburgh's prestigious Shady Side Academy. 

June 2009 - Ill-fated Andrew Jackson Harbaugh, in a playful trio of photos, who was killed in a railroad accident in Western Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve 1925.

May 2009 - Jacob Wellington Wyandt, pioneering superintendent of public schools in Indiana and Ohio, who said that 'This complex age demands ever-better training because civilization has always been a race between education and catastrophe'." 

April 2009 - New York-born Frank Wayne Hanshaw Jr., a longtime talent agent with General Artists Corp., heading offices in New York, Cincinnati and Miami. He dealt primarily with big-name stars including Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Jackie Gleason and many, many others. 

March 2009 - Patrick J. Crogan, a prominent lawyer in Kingwood, Preston County, West Virginia, who was widely known as the "Dean of the West Virginia Bar" and had "one of the largest law libraries in the state" in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

February 2009 - Helen (Wyandt) Reihart, an early medical researcher who became the first trained medical technologist in Nebraska and the first medical technologist on the faculty of what now is the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 

January 2009 - An intrepid feline perches high and precariously on the mailbox of James and Martha (Sheehan) Minerd on the state line road separating Indiana and Ohio. 


~ 2008 ~


December 2008 - Bobby "Uke" Henshaw, a vaudevillian praised by Variety for his musical and entertainment prowess, prepares to push a peanut across the floor with his nose in a promotion for an automobile dealership in Texas.

November 2008 - The Ohio grave marker of Fleming Woody -- who was born into slavery in Virginia before the Civil War and died a free man in Ohio in old age -- stands alone among the sprawling humanity of the extended Minerd- Minard- Miner-Minor family. 

October 2008 - Warren Sterner, a painter of railroad and industrial scenes in and around Somerset County, Pennsylvania, poses with some of his artworks on display. 

September 2008 - Church planters and builders Rev. Richard and Deanna (Schultz) Meloy of Pensacola, Florida, and formerly of Washington County, Pennsylvania. 

August 2008 - In a widely published Associated Press photograph, Sipesville (Pennsylvania) Fire Chief Mark Zambanini gives a thumb's up to coal miner Mark Popernack who has just been rescued as part of the "Nine for Nine" coal  mine miracle in the summer of 2002. 

July 2008 - Among a group of uniformed boys may be George Elmer Minerd, who spent many years at Civil War Soldiers Orphans' Schools following the death of his father, James Minerd Jr., a veteran of the 85th Pennsylvania Infantry. 

June 2008 - Lawson Minerd and other relatives enjoy a picnic at what may have been the 1924 Minerd-Miner Reunion held at Confluence, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. 

May 2008 - Lt. Col. Betty Jo (Workman) Wilson Canter prepares "Ham the Astrochimp" for a historic space mission in 1961 -- the first hominid to be launched into outer space. 

April 2008 - Arthur "Earskin" White, washes his grimy hands at the Clyde Mine in Fredericktown, Washington County, Pennsylvania, shortly before his tragic death there in the workplace.

March 2008 - Kathryn Minerd, a contestant in "Pittsburgh's First $1,000 Marathon Dance Classic," held in the 1920s or '30s. Who was she?

February 2008 - Cleveland and Jessie Farabee and their children enjoy camping at Jones Mills, Somerset County, Pennsylvania in 1921. 

January 2008 - Odger "Wayne" Miner and fellow civil engineers and draftsmen take a break from their highway and bridge design work in Pittsburgh with the firm of Richardson, Gordon and Associates. 


~ 2007 ~


December 2007 - Each year, cousins Eugene Podraza and Minerd.com founder Mark Miner travel to conduct original, proprietary research about our family on a national scale. In October 2007, Podraza pauses to pay respect to the Central Illinois grave of Elizabeth (Houser) Dillow and her Civil War veteran husband William Baker Dillow.

November 2007 - Haunting image of a mournful woman adorns the top of the impressive grave marker in Addison, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, erected by Howard Minard for his parents and infant brother. 

October 2007 - Harvey "Dean" Miner of Tontogany, Ohio, poses with a bust of himself crafted circa 1961 by a student in Nigeria, where he was temporarily living and working to develop school programs under the International Cooperation Administration. 

September 2007 - Portrait of William Taylor Davidson, of Lewistown, Illinois, who was one of the earliest journalists in our family, and whose coverage helped influence a critical presidential election which saved our nation during the Civil War. 

August 2007 - J.W. Miner's general store in Normalville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, owned for many years by John Walter Miner who was a champion of local economic development. 

July 2007 - Corwin D. Tilbury, born on the Indiana frontier of the 1870s, who later moved eastward and is the first known Pittsburgh City Councilman in our family, serving during the Steel City's 150th anniversary in 1908.

June 2007 - Extremely rare stoneware produced in Knoxville, Tennessee, after the Civil War -- one of only two known surviving pieces -- by a company owned by brothers Samuel Dawson Miner and Robert Sanford Miner, and stamped, "Bowlus, Miner & French, Manufacturers, Knoxville, Tenn." 

May 2007 - Ohio farmer and teamster Jacob Minerd Jr. stands beside his wagon and team of horses sometime in the early 1900s near Guysville, Athens County, the son of a Pennsylvania German father and Native American mother. 

April 2007 - Baseball players with the Brave village team in the Waynesburg (Pennsylvania) Athletic Club, was taken sometime in the mid-1910s. Among them players are two brothers -- Albert "Ross" Minor and William Thomas Minor. 

March 2007 - Left-handed fiddler Fred Younkin, of Ashville, Ohio, who entertained, among other engagements, at the National Younkin Home-Coming Reunions of the 1930s and early '40s, held in Kingwood, Pennsylvania. 


February 2007 - In a remarkable recovery from a devastating World War II battle wound, Private First Class Walter Kenneth "Dick" Bedillion faced a lifetime of paralysis while serving as a law enforcement leader in his hometown of Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

January 2007 - Ralph Charles Minerd, one of three baseball-playing sons of Charles Marion and Sabina (Pierce) Minerd, Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, sits with his Belltown coal company teammates circa 1915. 


~ 2006 ~



December 2006 - Of the many reunions of various branches of our family, none was as large in size and scope as the Younkin National Home-Coming Reunion of the 1930s and early '40s. Held at the IOOF Picnic Grove in Kingwood, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, these gatherings drew more than 1,000 people a year during the heart of the Great Depression. 

November 2006 - A faded image of an unknown infant, from in the late 1890s or early 1900s, recently rescued from oblivion, with a double Minerd connection -- found in the old family album of William Jacob Long, featuring a rare, crudely lettered imprint of the photographer, Charles H. Rose, of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

October 2006 - John Fridley, making a hook shot for the University of Pittsburgh basketball team circa 1960, and who remains one of Pitt's all-time rebounding leaders. 

September 2006 - Pearl Harbor wreckage, from the Japanese military attack of Dec. 7, 1041, as photographed by cousin Harold S. Fawcett of Grafton, West Virginia, an image published in Life Magazine and many history books of World War II. 

August 2006 - Civil War veteran and coke oven builder Henry A. Miner and his wife Matilda surrounded by two sets of married children and grandchildren, likely at their home on North Avenue in Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. 

July 2006 - Family matriarch Mary Magdalene (Whipkey) Harbaugh, nicknamed "Aunt Lany," the widow of Civil War veteran David Harbaugh, seated in a favorite rocking chair on her 94th birthday, the first of the annual Harbaugh Reunions which continue today. 

June 2006 - Seaman 2nd Class Earl Jack Peters, who was killed in Naval action in the South Pacific at the very end of World War II, in the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, a disaster which was made famous in the blockbuster movie Jaws

May 2006 - The old Preston County (West Virginia) Alms House, which served as a residence for the poor and indigent, and was operated for four decades by two generations of the Fawcett branch of our clan. 

April 2006 - The 50th wedding anniversary of Oklahoma pioneers James R. and Lydia (Miner) Brown, who may well exemplify the "American Saga." 

March 2006 - The large family of John B. and Rachel Ruamy (Long) Pritts poses on the porch of their two-story frame home near Normalville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, built by Rachel's grandfather, Jacob Minerd, III, just after the Civil War. 

February 2006 - Edward John Miner pays his respects at the fading Civil War grave marker of his grand-uncle and aunt, Samuel and Susan (Miner) Birch, at a beautiful cemetery in the rolling hills of Prosperity, Pennsylvania, circa 1988.

January 2006 - In 1957, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy rifle team meets then-Vice President Richard M. Nixon, including Cadet Jack Walter Lewis, in Nixon's office when the team visited Washington, DC to compete against other schools. 

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