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The Family Archives (2001)

Items Added from January 2001 to December 2001
Click to also see materials added in 2003 - 2002 - 1999-2000

We help cousins learn about and re-connect with their families by preserving materials that document the lives, past and present, of our ancestors.  These include old letters, postcards, family lists, court papers, books, news articles, obituaries and funeral cards, newsletters, certificates, awards and photographs. 

Items Added Between January 2001 and January 2002

  • Civil War pension file of Army contract surgeon Dr. Guy R. Hanshaw of Independence and Ellenboro, WV, the earliest known physician in our family.

  • Civil War pension file of Alpheus Minerd of Tontogany, Wood County, OH, who was a Confederate POW and lost his mind afterward.

  • Obituaries and Civil War pension file of Thomas M. Miner and his wife Maletha (Ogburn) Miner of McLuney Station, OH and Lilly, PA.

  • Civil War pension file of Andrew Jackson Miner of Sego, Perry County, OH, who died of illness in Georgia during the war.

  • Civil War pension file of David Nesbit Miner, who was a pioneer of Nebraska after the war.

  • Civil War pension file of William Miner, of New Rumley, OH (also the birthplace of General George Armstrong Custer), whose name appears on a prominently displayed town map at the Custer Birthplace Memorial.

  • Civil War pension file of Israel B. Murdock, who after the war was a pioneer boat builder in Ironton, OH.

  • Newly discovered additional papers in the Civil War pension file of John V.S. Minerd which document the earliest known, specific coal mining work activity in the family (circa 1855).

  • Civil War pension file of Nathan W. Minard, who was a pioneer of Kansas after the war.

  • Personal papers of Civil War veteran Henry 'Foxy' McKnight of Dawson, PA, including grocery store IOUs, Odd Fellows and Red Men lodge records, deeds, letters and military pension papers.

  • Spanish American War letters written by Thomas Strauch, of Company F, 14th PA Volunteers.

  • Army letter written in 1906 from Fort DuPont, DE, by Walter S. Strauch.

  • Oil and gas lease circa 1901 of Mary 'Hester' (McKnight) Strauch of Dawson, PA.

  • Letters to Charles McKnight of Dawson, PA, circa 1936, from the Pennsylvania State Emergency Relief Board.

  • Obituary of Charles 'Edward' McKnight, who operated an antique shop in Dawson, PA.

  • Article from the January 1948 issue of The Ohio Farmer newspaper detailing the role of William Henry Lawrence as its publisher/business manager in the 1890s.

  • Feature article from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the 109th birthday of Zelma (Romesburg) Shoaf in March 2001.

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about the appointment of Kenneth Minerd to the Uniontown (PA) Zoning Hearing Board in June 2001.

  • Genealogy of the Ames/McKnight branch of our family.

  • World War I letters and postcard written from Camp Lee, VA and France by soldier William Curtis McKnight, who was killed in a railroad accident shortly after arriving in France with his unit in 1918.

  • Handwritten poem, "Oklahoma Rose," by Laura (Brown) Barnum, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Oklahoma Territory in 1889.

  • Story by Donna Murray Allen in the July 14, 2001 St. Petersburg Times, "Coincidence Makes New Kin," about the Murray branch of our clan.

  • Article from the July 19-25, 2001 issue of Oxford Town, a newspaper of Oxford, MS, reprinting the "Faux Faulkner" award winning article, "Fathersearch.com," a parody of William Faulkner's writing, by Christine (Minerd) Smith.

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article dated Sept. 2, 2001, about a newly opened rails-to-trails segment from Confluence to Meyersdale, featuring quotes from Maynard Sembower.

  • Article from the Aug. 9, 2001 issue of the Mt. Pleasant (PA) Journal about Frank Enos, recipient of the Mt. Pleasant Rotary's "Community Above Self Award."

  • Pages from the book 'Tis the Set of the Sails (Pageant Press, New York, 1964) by Mary (Blair) McGirk, wife of Leonidas 'Lon' Soland McGirk Jr.

  • Papers documenting the family's role in the historic land rush settlement of Oklahoma (often called the "Run of 1889"), including pages from a 1939 book printed by the Kingfisher (OK) Free Press, pages from the book Echoes of Eighty-Nine, and articles from 1980s issues of the Kingfisher Times written by Laura (Brown) Barnum, Nellie (Brown) Jones and Ada Barnum.

  • Obituary and census records of Civil War veteran James R. Brown, and his daughter Nellie (Brown) Jones, who were pioneer settlers of Oklahoma.

  • Pages from the 1973 book "Stemwinders" in the Laurel Highlands, with material contributed by Cyril 'Edgar' Ream of Confluence, PA and containing a photo of a man thought to be James Beaver Leslie of Fort Hill, PA.

  • "Happy Birthday" postcard, postmarked 1909, from Leona Laughery to her grandmother, Mary Magdalene (Whipkey) Harbaugh.

  • Published technical papers co-authored by Paul 'David' Luckey Jr., a physicist with Switzerland-based CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (the world's largest particle physics center), analyzing data collected from space shuttle flights.

  • Civil War file of Reuben Leonard of the 168th PA Volunteer Infantry.

  • Original copies of 9 issues of The Messenger, a World War II era newspaper of Mill Run, PA, co-edited by Ferne (Minerd) Work, with excerpts from letters of local soldiers serving overseas.

  • Civil War file of Catherine (Harbaugh) Rowan who collected a pension after her son, Leonard Rowan, of the 85th PA Infantry, died at Harrison's Landing, VA.

  • Obituary of Esther (Means) Merryman, a teacher for 35 years in the Redstone Twp. Schools near Uniontown, PA.

  • 1934 obituary of Harry P. Harshman of Grindstone, PA, killed in an accident at Colonial #4 mine near Uniontown, PA, one of 16 cousins to have lost their lives in the workplace in the coal-coke-steel industry.

  • 1950 obituary of Joseph T. Means, prominent Republican politician of Redstone Twp., Fayette County, PA, and onetime employee of the office of the commissioners of the county.

  • News article about Evan Johnson of Philadelphia, pioneering executive of the Wheatstone-Bridge Telephone Company of the 1890s and early 1900s.

  • 1979 obituary of Nina Jean (Stone) Hugus-Cossick, longtime employee of the Uniontown (PA) Public Library.

  • 1993 obituary of Yolande (Stone) Barton, proprietor of Barton's Distributing Co. of McKeesport, PA.

  • Newspaper article about the 50th wedding anniversary of Nelson and Agnes (Murray) Kern of New Salem, PA in 1941.

  • Article from the March 2001 issue of Model Aviation about a model airplane event in Hadley, MA, led by Donald W. Miner of the Hampshire County (MA) R/C'ers.

  • Obituary of William M. Miner (1969), owner and operator of a plumbing company in Wagoner, OK.

  • A portrait taken in 1889 by studio photographer Harry G. Bowman, and a photo of the old Palace Theatre owned by Aurelius A. Bowman, both of Hartford City, IN, courtesy of the Blackford County Historical Society

  • 1870 news article confirming that Martha (Basnett) Murdock of Kingwood, Preston County, WV was the first known woman school teacher in our family.

  • 1908 Parkersburg News-Sentinel article about the death of Dr. Guy R. Hanshaw, of Ellenboro, Ritchie County, WV, the earliest known physician in our clan.

  • 1870 Preston County Journal article about the death of James E. Hanshaw, of Independence, WV, the 1st known cousin to be killed in a railroad accident.

  • Page from Henry Haymond's History of Harrison County, WV, noting that in 1909, attorney Harry Rutherford Downs was admitted to try cases before the county's newly formed Criminal Court.

  • Copy of the 2000 volume Means Genealogy by Deborah Harris, documenting several lines of our family who married into the Means clan, and the first published reference that our Minerd.Com website served as a research source.

  • Photos and papers about Wilbur L. Ambrose, who served in law enforcement in Fayette and Beaver Counties, PA for nearly a half-century.

Copyright 2000-2002 Mark A. Miner