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Mintia Clona 'Minchie' Culp

Mintia Clona "Minchie" Culp was born on Nov. 18, 1873 in Tarlton, Pickaway County, OH, the daughter of Charles W. and Matilda (Miner) Culp.

Shimp's Hill, Lancaster
Minchie moved as a young lady with her parents and sisters to the town of Lancaster, Fairfield County, OH. 

Minchie was one of four sisters who never married. In her short 22 years of life, little is known of her activities. 

Yet she must have been aware of the natural beauty in and around Lancaster, as well as local legends, myths and lore, which would have been good fodder for gossip and conversation. 

 One example is the picturesque Shimp's Hill just north of Lancaster (today Route 158). The place is fabled as the site of a grisly murder, where the victim had been decapitated. It's said that on the anniversary of the killing, the victim's ghost can been seen there, looking for his missing head.

As with two of her sisters, Minchie suffered from a deadly case of tuberculosis. On Jan. 14, 1895, she died from its effects. She is buried in the family plot at Forest Rose Cemetery, Lancaster, OH.

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