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Adam Grim (1783-1845) and
Hannah Syphers (1787-1845)


Adam Grim is believed to have been born in 1783 in Winchester, Frederick County, VA. His parents are not yet known, although some sources suggest his father was Christian Grim, of Berks County, PA, but this highly conjectural and not proven.

Hannah Syphers is believed to have been born in 1787 in Virginia, the daughter of Peter Syphers (1750-before 1809) and Mary Woolever (1755-1813).

Whether or not they were married at the time, both Adam and Hannah migrated to the wilds of southwestern Pennsylvania in colonial America and settled in Greene County. Hannah's parents are thought to have migrated also to Greene County, and remained until their respective deaths.

The known offspring born to this union were Hannah Grim, Christian Grim, Armstrong Grim, Melissa Grim, Levi Grim, Harvey Grim and Thomas Grim.

Federal census enumeration records for 1820 show Adam's family in Aleppo Township, with seven individuals in the household.

The family was plunged into grief in the year 1828 when their 14-year-old daughter Melissa was carried away by the Angel of Death. The cause of her untimely passing may be lost to history.

When the U.S. Census again was taken in 1830, the family was still in Aleppo, with six occupants in the house. Then during the 1830s, they relocated within the county to Jackson Township. The number of heads in the home in 1840 was down to four.

Sadly, both Adam and Hannah died in the same year, within less than two months of each other.

Hannah passed away first, on July 12, 1845. She was about 58 years of age.

Adam succumbed on Sept. 2, 1845, at the age of 62. They rest in eternal sleep in the Higgins Cemetery in Greene County, located along Higgins Cemetery Road some 3.1 miles from the town of Holbrook. A marker was placed atop Adam's grave. [Find-a-Grave]

Adam's estate was filed in Greene County, with their son Armstrong assigned to the letters of administration.

Virtually nothing more is known of their lives. During the Civil War, their son Harvey joined the Union Army and served in the 1st West Virginia Cavalry. Hannah's father Peter Sypher is said to be interred in Franklin Township, Greene County.


~ Daughter Hannah Grim ~

Daughter Hannah Grim (1806-1882) was born in 1806.


~ Son Christian Grim ~

Son Christian Grim (1808-1888) was born in 1808.


~ Son Armstrong Grim ~

Son Armstrong Grim (1810-1881) was born on March 10, 1810.

He was twice married. His first bride was Mary Ann Scott (1812-1857), daughter of John and Susannah (Nyswanger) Scott.

They bore nine offspring -- Eliza Gillogly, Margaret Nelson, Samuel Grim, William Grim, Henrietta McCracken, Eveline Nelson, Catherine Riggs, John Thomas Grim and Luther Hamilton Grim.

Sadly, Mary Ann died in 1857 at the age of 45.

Armstrong wedded a second time to Matilda S. Lincoln (1820-1910).

Armstrong surrendered to death on Oct. 8, 1881. His remains were lowered into eternal repose in Jacksonville (Jacktown) Cemetery in Wind Ridge, Greene County. An obituary in the Waynesburg Republican said that he was "a resident of the township in which he died, and was known as one of the solid, reliable and upright men of that community -- quiet and unobtrusive, he was straight forward in his transactions with his fellow men and interfered not with the business of others. He leaves a widow -- his second wife, and a family of grown-up children -- some of whom are identified with the business interests of the west end of the county."


~ Son Levi Grim ~

Son Levi Grim (1815-1867) was born on Aug. 2, 1815 in Jackson Township, Greene County.

He was united in holy matrimony with Barbara Nicely (1816-1902).

Children born to this union were Clarissa Grim, Hailman G. Grim, Mary Jane Garrison, Jesse Grim, John D. Grim and Rison Grim.

Levi's final years were spent in tyler County, WV. He passed away at the age of 51 on April 22, 1867. Burial of the remains was in Mount Pleasant Cemeteryin Tyler County. Inscribed on his grave marker was this epitaph:


Farewell husband and father dear farewell
God called thee home he thought it best.
Twas hard indeed to part with thee
But Christ's strong arm supported us.


~ Son Thomas Grim~

Son Thomas Grim (1823-1872) was born in 1823.


Copyright 2020 Mark A. Miner