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Mary (Hartzell) Holliday

Mary Hartzell was born on Jan. 22, 1827 in Somerset County, PA and is believed -- although not entirely proven -- to have been the daughter of George and Mary (Younkin) Hartzell. She never learned to read or write.


On Jan. 20, 1853, just two days before her 26th birthday, Mary wed 19-year-old Josiah Holliday (1834-1890), a native of Addison, Somerset County. He is said to have been the son of John M.C. and Elizabeth (McNair) Holliday. Rev. John Harned of Harnedsville, Somerset County, officiated. Josiah's first name also has been given as "Joseph," and his surname variants spelled as "Holiday" and "Holladay" among others.


They resided in Brandonville, Preston County, WV circa 1858; Aleppo, Greene County, PA in 1860; in Upper Turkeyfoot Township (post office Somerfield), Somerset County, PA in 1870; in Springhill Township, Fayette County, PA in 1880; and by 1900 in Vanderbilt, Dunbar Township, Fayette County. 

Their known children were Sarah Holiday, Elijah H. Holiday, Lindsey "Linzy" Holiday, Lucinda Holiday, Emma Foster and Louise Frost. 

In Aleppo in 1860, Josiah earned a living as a tenant farmer and the family drew their mail at a post office across the state line in Cameron, Marshall County, VA (later West Virginia). Then in Somerset County in 1870, his occupation was recorded by the census-taker as "keeping Bradey [or "Bradly"] Hs." The 1880 census shows him as a farmer. For more than three decades, they were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Josiah passed away near Leisenring at the age of 56 on April 20, 1890. An obituary noted that he "was held in high esteem by his neighbors." Burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery in Uniontown.


Now widowed, Mary resided in 1900 with her son Elijah and family in Vanderbilt, Dunbar Township, Fayette County, where she spent her final years.


Suffering from hardening of the arteries and gangrene, she died in Uniontown at age 86 on April 7, 1914. Interment was in Union Cemetery in Vanderbilt. Her son Elijah "E.H." Holliday of Vanderbilt signed her death certificate, stating he did not know the names of Mary's parents. Interment was in Oak Grove Cemetery.


[Should you have any knowledge or documents about Mary connecting her to her presumed parents George and Mary, please consider sharing that with us to enhance the accuracy of this biography. You may reach us via email.]


~ Daughter Sarah Holiday ~

Daughter Sarah Holiday (1856- ? ) was born in about 1856. More will be added here when learned.


~ Son Elijah H. Holiday ~

Son Elijah H. Holiday (1858-1927) was born in January 1858 in either Marshall County, WV or Brandonville, Preston County, VA, counties which later became part of the newly formed state of West Virginia. By 1860, he and his parents had moved across the state line into Aleppo, Greene County, PA. 

He was united in marriage with Hulda Ann Moore (1849-1900), who was nine or 11 years older than he.

They had these known children -- Adna "Adney" Shallenberger, Cora B. Holiday, Minda Alice Mickey, Mary A. Holiday and Ella M. Holiday.

In 1880, when the United States Census was enumerated, Elijah and Huldah resided in German Township, Fayette County, where Elijah earned a living as a laborer. Later, they were farmers in and around Vanderbilt, Fayette County, PA. 

Sadly, Hulda passed away on April 10, 1900 at the age of 51, with burial in Dickerson Run Union Cemetery. When the federal census was taken later in 1900, the widowed, 42-year-old Elijah resided with his daughters and widowed mother on the Vanderbilt farm. 

He married again on Feb. 19, 1902 to Lorinda "Flora" Shallenberger (1858- ? ), daughter of Lester and Agnes Shallenberger. The nuptials were held in Uniontown, led by Rev. O.S. Reed. 

Suffering from stomach cancer at age 68, Elijah succumbed in Uniontown Hospital on May 5, 1927. Interment was in Dickerson Run Union Cemetery. Nathaniel Shallenberger, who served as informant for the death certificate, was unable to identify the name of Elijah's mother.

Daughter Adna "Adney" Holiday (1882- ? ) was born in January 1882. She wed Ollie S. Shallenberger ( ? - ? ) and they lived in Dunbar Township, Fayette County. Heartache enveloped this young family in the summer of 1910 when their four-and-a-half-year-old son Earl (Dec. 13, 1905-1910) contracted peritonitis. His health plummeted and he died on July 5, 1910. The child's tender remains were laid to rest in the Dickerson Run Union Cemetery. A gossip column notice in the Connellsville Daily Courier noted that the boy's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Holliday, traveled from their home near Juniata, Fayette County to attend the funeral.

Daughter Cora B. Holiday (1883- ? ) was born in July 1883.

Daughter Minda Alice Holiday (1885- ? ) was born in September 1885. She married (?) Mickey.

Daughter Mary A. Holiday (1888- ? ) was born in December 1888.

Daughter Ella M. Holiday (1891- ? ) was born in June 1891.


~ Son Lindsey W. "Linzy" Holiday ~

Son Lindsey W. "Linzy" Holiday (1861-1933) was born on April 8, 1861 in Marshall County, VA or Brandonville, Preston County, VA (counties which later became part of West Virginia), or in Pennsylvania (records differ). In his young manhood, he was a farmer and dwelled in Franklin Township, Fayette County.

At the age of 29, in about 1890, he was united in matrimony with Charlotte "Lottie" Hardin (or "Harding") (1861-1942), daughter of Jackson and Margaret Diana (Mallory) Hardin of McKeesport, or Morris Cross Roads, near Pittsburgh. H.F. King officiated at the wedding, held in Uniontown, Fayette County.

Their two known daughters were Grace M. Crawford Ring and Maude B. Barton.

In 1900, they resided near Uniontown, where Lindsay earned a living as a coal miner. Over the years, Lindsey became a mine foreman. In failing health, he was admitted to the Allegheny County Home in Collier Township near Pittsburgh. At the age of 72, he suffered an acute heart attack and died 10 minutes later, on May 4, 1933. Burial was in Laurel Point Cemetery near Uniontown. Lottie lived for another nine years as a widow, and made her home in McKeesport at the address of 913 Fifth Avenue. Stricken with cancer of the pancreas at age 82, she died on March 5, 1942.

Daughter Grace M. Holliday (1892-1958) was born on May 25, 1892. She was married twice. Her first husband was Ernest W. Crawford ( ? - ? ). The couple is believed to have produced one daughter, Mrs. George Binkney. The marriage was rocky, and on June 12, 1929, when she was 37, she left the home. They obtained a divorce on June 20, 1938. In 1942, she signed her mother's death certificate. When she was age 52, she married again to 53-year-old John H. Ring (1891- ? ), son of Swedish immigrants Frank and Anna (Snowdon) Ring of New Castle, Lawrence County, PA. Alderman Eddie Klein performed the nuptials at Duquesne, near Pittsburgh. At the time of marriage, John worked as a mechanic and lived at 913 Fifth Avenue in McKeesport. He had been married and divorced previously. Grace spent her final years at 1312 Scott Street in McKeesport, and suffered from heart disease and diabetes. She died there at the age of 65 on April 10, 1958. Funeral services were led by Rev. Richard H. Bartley of the First English Lutheran Church of Duquesne. Her remains were placed into eternal repose in the Richland Cemetery in Dravosburg, and an obituary was published in the Uniontown Morning Herald.

Daughter Maude B. Holliday ( ? - ? ) married Frank Barton ( ? - ? ). In 1958, they dwelled in Irwin, Westmoreland County, PA.


~ Daughter Lucinda Holiday ~

Daughter Lucinda Holiday (1864- ? ) was born in 1864.


~ Daughter Emma J. (Holiday) Foster ~

Daughter Emma J. Holiday (1869-1937) was born on May 17, 1869 on Laurel Hill near Uniontown, Fayette County or in Somerset County, PA.

On June 19, 1890, when she was 21 years of age, Emma was united in wedlock with 25-year-old laborer John W. Foster (1865-1925), son of William and Elizabeth (Johns or Jones) Foster, and also a native of Laurel Hill near Uniontown. H.F. King officiated.

Their children were Ray Holiday, Clarence Holiday, Mary "Maude" Penman, Lena Shultz, Ruth Holiday and Elizabeth Holiday.

In 1914, John served as an assistant coal mine superintendent in Sykesville.

Burdened with emphysema of the lungs and tuberculosis, at age 58, John died in Sykesville on Aug. 12, 1925. Interment was in Reynoldsville Cemetery, with Enoch Foster of Sykesville providing details for the official Pennsylvania death certificate.

Emma lived another dozen years. She began to endure kidney problems in 1927, and her health further declined with the onset of heart and diabetes issues. In the late 1930s, widowed, her home was in Reynoldsville, Jefferson County, PA. She died at age 68 on Oct. 7, 1937. Elizabeth Foster of Reynoldsville signed the death certificate. Burial was in Reynoldsville, with an obituary published in her old hometown newspaper, the Uniontown Morning Herald. John G. Foster, a direct descendant, researched the genealogy of this branch of the clan.

Son William "Ray" Foster (1891-1952) was born on April 1, 1891. He married Effie (?). They lived in Sykesville and later in Punxsutawney, Jefferson County, where Ray was a fireman with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Their address in Punxsy was 9 Carlton Avenue. After enduring stomach cancer for six months, Ray suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 60 and died on Feb. 11, 1952. Burial was in Grube Cemetery in Bell Township, Jefferson County.

Son Clarence Foster resided in Sykesville.

Daughter Mary "Maude" Foster (1894- ? ) was born in about 1894. On Nov. 26, 1914, in Jefferson County, the 20-year-old Maude was united in marriage with 22-year-old coal miner John Penman (1892- ? ), son of immigrants James N. and Annie (Jenkins) Penman of Adrian, PA. Rev. O.H. Kerschner oversaw the ceremony, held in Punxsutawney. In 1937, her home was in Sykesville.

Daughter Lena Foster was wedded to (?) Shultz. She lived in Masontown, Fayette County. She was active with the Mary Hale Society of the Masontown Presbyterian Church.

Daughter Ruth Foster grew up in Sykesville. In July 1940, living in Pittsburgh, she spent a week visiting her sister Lena Shultz, as noted in the gossip columns of the Uniontown Morning Herald


Daughter Elizabeth Foster grew up in Sykesville.


~ Daughter Louise B. (Holiday) Frost ~

Daughter Louise B. Holiday (1864-1934) was born on Jan. 21, 1864. (Her birth year also has been stated as 1870.)

In about 1883, when she would have been 24 years old, he married 29-year-old John O. Frost (1859- ? ), an electrician.

Their known children were Gertrude M. Dean, twins John O. Frost Jr. and Charles A. Frost, Wilbert D. Frost and one who died young.


In 1900, they dwelled on Patterson's View in Allegheny City, a community later absorbed into Pittsburgh's North Side. Later in life, they resided with their married daughter at 2745 Banksville Road in Pittsburgh.

When she was 64 years old, Louise was stricken with apoplexy and died after 14 months of suffering on May 23, 1934. Her remains were placed into repose in Pittsburgh's Union Dale Cemetery.

John's fate it not yet known.

Daughter Gertrude M. Frost (1886-1953) was born on Feb. 19, 1886 in Uniontown. She grew up in Allegheny City. She married Frank M. Dean (1881-1941), son of James and Ellen (McLaughlin) Dean of Pittsburgh. The couple initially lived in Titusville, Crawford County, PA and had two known children --- Louise (Dean) Charlesworth O'Conners and Wilbur L. Dean. In the early 1940s, the family made their residence at 2745 Banksville Road in Pittsburgh, where Frank was employed as a laborer in the "relief" industry. Having been stricken with chronic heart disease, Frank died just a few weeks shy of his 60th birthday on June 28, 1941. Burial was in the Union Dale Cemetery on Pittsburgh's North Side. As a widow, in the early 1950s, her home address was 812 Church Run Street in Titusville. She died of coronary artery disease, hardening of the arteries and diabetes at the age of 67 on April 5, 1953. Her remains were placed into rest in the Jerusalem Corners Cemetery in Venango County. Mrs. Louise Silvis was the informant for the certificate of death. 


Son John O. Frost Jr. (1889- ? ) was born in September 1889, a twin with his brother Charles.

Son Charles A. Frost (1889- ? ) was born in September 1889, a twin with his brother John Jr.

Son Wilbert D. Frost (1892- ? ) was born in May 1892.

Copyright 2015, 2017 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by the late Olive (Rowan) Duff, the late Donna (Younkin) Logan and Marlyn Hartzell Dalsimer, a.k.a. Marlyn Klee-Hartzell. Others researching the Hartzell family have been Beverly Palarino, John C. Foster, Louise Dollison Marsh, Martha Jane Martin and Barbara Erlenbach. In the 1920s and '30s, Dr. J. Culver Hartzell, of Blue Ash, OH, paid genealogists to search for records.