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Charles 'Milton' Minerd

Charles "Milton" Minerd was born on July 16, 1868 in Fayette County, PA, the son of William and Sara Elizabeth (Whoolery) Minerd

He is not thought to have married, and his anti-social behavior led to many issues during his lifetime.

Little is known about his life except for one infamous incident.

Milt would have grown up knowing the trails in and around Laurel Ridge near Mt. Braddock, seen here

Uniontown Daily News Standard
In 1895, when Milt was age 27, he was involved in a failed romance which led to him being shot. The April 3, 1895 edition of the Uniontown Daily News Standard reported the following:

A shooting affair occurred at the Brownfield works Saturday night in which Milton Minerd got shot through the shoulder.  The shooting brings to light a little love affair in which religious fervor swept all thoughts of affection from the heart of the fair young Margaret Reynolds.

The article went on to say how the girl was torn in her affections between Milt and one other man, but had joined the Pentecost band, and dropped both men. "Milt was sad," said the story.  "Saturday night he went to [her] home about 12 o'clock and asked to see his love.  As there was no one at home except [her] and her mother, they refused to let him in."  Milt then broke down the door as the girl jumped out the window and ran.

The screams of the frightened women were heard by a neighbor named Watson who ran to their rescue with a revolver in his hand.  Minerd struck him with a stone and in turn Watson fired five shots, one of which took effect in the young man's shoulder.  A warrant has been issued for Minerd but he has skipped out.

He was still living in 1933 at the time of death of his brother, Thomas Minerd, and is mentioned in the obituary, location unknown. 

Morgantown Dominion News
He is believed to have been the same "Charles Minerd" who in 1943 was considered senile and resided in a shanty along the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tracks near Uffington, Monongalia County, WV. On Dec. 29 of that year, he died (presumably) of pneumonia, exposure and cold, according to the physician who attended him. The corpse was discovered by deputies of the county sheriff's office. 

Reported the Morgantown Dominion News, "Minard lived alone, the deputies reported, and neighbors investigated after failing to see him for several days. He was found at his house about 8 p.m. last night, suffering from the cold, and died a short time later en route to a hospital." Deputies told the news reporter that Charles was "believed to be between 70 and 80 years old... He had no known relatives, it was said." 

The physician stated on the death certificate that Charles' age was "about 75" at the time of death, which fits his known age perfectly, assuming he was the same person. He was buried in a potter's field at the Monongalia County Farm on New Year's Day 1944.

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