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John Ream II


Young John's grave, Ream Cemetery

John Ream II was born on June 14, 1832 in Ursina, Somerset County, PA, the son of Samuel W. and Mary (Rheims) Ream.

He appears to have been named for his material grandfather, John Ream, upon whose large farm the village of Ursina was created.

Little John II only lived for 20 months and nine days.

He died on Feb. 23, 1834. The cause of his untimely passing is not yet known and may in fact be lost in the misty haze of history.

Burial of the tender remains was in the Ream Cemetery in Confluence in the dead of winter.

John II's grave marker was ornately inscribed with his name, father's name, dates of birth and death, and age at death, as well as scrolls and a floral carving at the very top. It is erect and chipped on one side but fully legible.

The marker was photographed in July 2016 by the founder of this website.



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