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Eliza Jane (Shirer) Vensil

Eliza "Jane" (Shirer) Vensil was born on Jan. 30, 1833 in Adams Township, Muskingum County, OH, the daughter of Valentine and Hester "Esther" (Gaumer) Shirer Jr.

In 1855, at age 21, she was united in wedlock with Isaiah Vensil (? - ? ), also spelled "Vincel" and "Josiah Vincent." He was a native of Richmond, VA. They apparently made their home in Dresden, Muskingum County.

The couple's known children were Marion Leroy Vincel, Howard Sherman Vinsil, Esther Wages, Winnie Anes Swope, Hattie Katherine Jewell, Homer Vensil and Adda Vensil.

Suffering from organic heart disease, she died 10 days shy of her 83rd birthday on Jan. 20, 1917. Interment was in Bethesda Cemetery. Son Marion Leroy Vincel of Adamsville signed her death certificate.

They are named in The Household Guide and Instructor, with Biographies: History of Guernsey County, Ohio, published in 1882.


Bird's eye view of Dresden, Ohio, early 1900s


~ Son Marion Leroy Vincel ~

Son Marion Leroy Vincel (1860-1947) was born on Dec. 29, 1860 near Adamsville. He married Eliza Ann (1860- ? ). Their offspring were Mrs. Ray Frizzell, Media Biller and Arthur Vensil. They were farmers in the Adamsville area until the early 1940s. In the late 1940s, they lived at 1673 Linden Avenue in Zanesville. They were members of the Bethesda Methodist Church. Burdened with heart valve problems, he died in the Heskett Rest Home in Cambridge, Guernsey County, on May 28, 1947. Ray Frizzell of 1673 Linden Avenue signed the death certificate. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery in Zanesville. An obituary was published in the Zanesville Times Recorder.

~ Daughter Esther E. (Vincel) Wages ~

Daughter Esther E. Vincel (1863-1936) was born on April 7, 1863 in Muskingum County. She was wedded to Lewis Wages ( ? - ? ). As a widow, she made her home in Portage Lakes, Coventry Township, Summit County, OH. Her address was Rex Road. Afflicted with kidney disease, she died at age 74 on Nov. 8, 1936. Her remains were transported for burial to Hadley, Mercer County, PA. Mrs. Mae Swank of Rex Road was the informant for the Ohio death certificate.

~ Son Howard Sherman Vensil ~

Son Howard Sherman Vensil (1864-1939) was born on April 18, 1864 in Coshocton County, OH. He was a farmer and never married. In the late 1930s, he dwelled on Chestnut Street in Dresden, Muskingum County. Suffering from hypertension and heart disease, he died on Oct. 15, 1939. Miss Ada Vensil of Dresden signed the death certificate. Burial was in the Bethesda Cemetery.

~ Daughter Winnie Agnes (Vensil) Swope ~

Daughter Winnie Agnes Vensil (1856-1943) was born on Aug. 3, 1856 in Coshocton County. She apparently was named for an aunt. She married William Swope ( ? -1942). Their known children weree Bertha Little, Sarha Dotson, Howard L. Swope, Percy Swope and Russell Swope. They lived on High Street in Dresden, Muskingum County. William passed away on Feb. 13, 1942. Winnie only outlived him by a little more than a year. At the age of 86, Winnie contracted a deadly case of bronchial pneumonia, and when added to her organic heart disease, her health declined. She died on April 9, 1943. Son Russell Swope of Dresden provided details for the certificate of death. An obituary in the Zanesville Times Recorder noted that she was survived by 17 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were led by Rev. Frederick Brown of the Dresden Methodist Church. Interment was in Dresden Cemetery. Their son Howard was employed as a railroad telegrapher in Toledo, OH for four decades. He died in  Toledo City Hospital at the age of 67 on Jan. 11, 1952.

~ Daughter Alda Vensil ~

Daughter Adda Vensil lived in Dresden, OH in 1943 and in Columbus, OH in 1947.

~ Son Homer Vensil ~

Son Homer Vensil ( ? - ? ) married Carrie Bell ( ? - ? ) in August 1892. They made their residence as farmers in Adamsville and had three children -- Hobard Vensil, Naomi Foster and Alice Shirer. They were members of the Fairview Methodist Church. In August 1942, the couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with a family dinner at noon at their home. An article about the anniversary, in the Zanesville Times Recorder, stated that son Hobart lived at 439 Yale Avenue in Zanesville, daughter Naomi Foster in Adamsville and Alice Shirer in Canton, and that there were five grandchildren.

~ Daughter Hattie (Vensil) Jewell ~

Daughter Hattie Vensil married Roy Jewell. Circa 1943-1947, she dwelled in Akron, OH.


Homes of Dresden, Ohio, early 1900s



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Minerd.com is grateful for records compiled by Corinna (Leydig) Talbot, Elsa Bernice Haupt, Mary Louise (Priddy) Shirer, Gilbert R. Gaumer, Paul K. Gaumer, Mary L. Shirer, the Shirer Genealogy Project, Somerset (PA) Historical Center and National Archives in the preparation of this and the Daniel Gaumer Sr. family biographies.