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'Squire' John Younkin


Graves of John and Margaret

"Squire" John Younkin (1791-1881) was born July 27, 1791 in Loudoun County, VA, the son of Rudolph "Ralph" and Elizabeth (Hockman) Younkin.

During the War of 1812, he lived in Frederick County, MD and was drafted into Capt. Samuel Dorsey's regiment of Maryland Militia. He served in the militia for seven weeks and then hired a substitute to fill his place. He then returned to Frederick County and remained for two years, until about 1816, when he migrated to Loudoun County, VA.

In 1816, he and Barbara Alexander bore a child, possibly out of wedlock, named John Younkins. Perhaps this is what triggered his move to Virginia.

John spent a year in Loudoun and in 1817 relocated again to Perry County, OH. He and his brother Samuel are considered among the earliest settlers near Porterville, Bearfield Township. Said a newspaper, "He entered the farm on which he resided until his death when it was all in woods; not a stick of timber cut until he went to build himself a log cabin to live in."

On Feb. 8, 1820 or 1821, in York Township, Morgan County, OH, he was united in matrimony with Anna Margaretha “Margaret” Trout (Nov. 13, 1800-1892), a native of Loudoun County and the daughter of Casper and Mary Ann (Ament) Trout. She had been baptized in infancy in Loudoun and as a child relocated to Rockingham County, VA. At the age of 15, in about 1815, she and her family moved again to Muskingum County, OH, where she joined the Lutheran Church. Then in 1818, the Trouts pushed into Morgan County, OH.

Fourteen children were born to the couple -- Mary Ann Younkin, Jacob Younkin, George Younkin, Susannah Younkin, Elizabeth Younkin, William Younkin, Lydia Jane Younkin, John Younkin Jr., James Younkin, Amos Younkin, Isaac Younkin, Ephraim P. Younkin, Eli Younkin and Margaret Black.

He likely is the same "John Younkin" enumerated among 11 family members in the 1820 census of Bearfield Township. When the census again was made in 1830, only three people lived in their dwelling.

Sadly, they lost their eldest daughter Mary Ann in infancy. The baby’s tender remains were placed into rest in Holcomb's Church Cemetery, also known as Fletcher Chapel, two miles northwest of Portersville.

In his role as a justice of the peace, John is known to have performed the 1823 wedding ceremony for his youngest sister, Sarah, in her marriage to John Trout. Other marriages he officiated in the 1822-1825 time period were Thomas Foreacre to Ruhanna Zartman - William Fickel to Sara Zartman - and Adam Goodlove to Suzannah Zartman.

The 1830 and 1850 censuses show the family in Bearfield Township, Perry County.

During the Civil War, in July 1863, the Younkins worried when word approached them that a band of mounted Confederates, led by General John Hunt Morgan, invaded eastern Ohio, heading toward Perry County and destroying anything in their path. Recalled a daughter, "Everybody near us wanted to hide, but I kept on with my chores around the house. After secreting the stock in the woods near our home, the neighbors came in and hid at our house, but the raiders were orderly and didn't bother us." More than 70 years afterward, in reporting on the Younkins' experience in the raid, a Zanesville newspaper commented that it was "a topic which is still discussed as the biggest event in parts of Perry, Morgan and Muskingum County during the war."


Morgan's Raiders invading eastern Ohio during the Civil War



Margaret's obituary, 1892

In 1880, still in Bearfield, John was age 88 and Margaret was 80. That year, he filed for a pension as a former American soldier. The claim was denied, as it was shown he provided "sufficient" service. (See File #30.744)

John died at the age of 89 on July 12, 1881, with burial in Holcomb's Church Cemetery. Under the terms of his will, Margaret was to receive an inheritance of cash and 20 bushels of wheat but no cow, household goods or sheep.

Margaret outlived her spouse by a decade. She joined him in death at the age of 91 on Jan. 11, 1892 in her home about 2.5 miles south of Deavertown, Perry County. An obituary in the New Lexington Tribune said that "She was a kind mother, loving wife and good neighbor. She never lost an opportunity to attend the church of her choice as longas her health would permit. She leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss."

Another obituary in the Tribune said that "She lived to see home after home and churches and school houses and towns grow up, and the wild forests disappear as well as the wolves that used to howl around their cabin. It was a great pleasure to her to tell of early times. She was the oldest lady in Bearfield township."

John is briefly described in the 1883 book History of Fairfield and Perry Counties, Ohio. The couple also were named in the Younkin Family News Bulletin obituary of their son Eli in 1937. Also in the 1930s, their twin children Margaret and Eli were considered "one of the oldest sets of twins in the nation."


Christ Reformed Church in Middletown, Maryland


~ Son John Younkins ~

Son John Younkins (1816-1901) was born on June 10, 1816 in Middletown, Frederick County to parents who were not married. Despite his illegitimate status, he was christened in the German Reformed Church, later known as the United Church of Christ, in Middletown.

On June 18, 1840, in nuptials held in the Middletown Lutheran Church, he wedded Sarah Jane Fish (July 5, 1921-1901). The minister was paid $2 for his services.


John and Sarah named two of their sons after famous German leaders of the Reformation -- Martin Luther (left) and Philip Melanchthon

They were the parents of Frances Ann Catharine Kephart, Carlton Melanchton Younkin, Martin Luther Younkin, John William Taylor Younkin, Charlotte Elizabeth “Etta” O'Neal, Oliver Melvin Columbus Younkin, Emory Calvin Younkin, Claretta L.J. Klink and Mary Celesta “Mollie” Jones. Devoutly religious, the couple named two of their sons after famous German leaders of the Reformation. All of their children were baptized as babies in two Middletown churches, Zion Lutheran and German Reformed United Church of Christ.

The 1850 census lists him as head of the household, with 50-year-old Maryland-born Barbara Yonkins in the household. At some point he acquired land from Peter Schlosser.

Sarah Jane died in New Baltimore, Frederick County on Jan. 25, 1901, age 79.

John only outlived his wife by a few months. He died at the home of his son, John W. Younkin in New Baltimore, Frederick County at the age of 84 on April 23, 1901. Burial was in Middletown Lutheran Church Cemetery in Frederick. Rev. M.L. Beard officiated at the funeral, and pallbearers were S.E. Remsburg, H.C. McBride, John H. Routzahn, John C. Castle and C.S. Miller.

An obituary in the Frederick News said that he was "an aged and highly respected resident of Middletown valley" and that "His was the third death to occur in the family during the present year." Two of the daughters married Isaac T.C. Long of New Baltimore and Amos O'Neall of Frosttown (Frostburg?), MD.

Daughter Frances Ann Catharine Younkins (1841-1901) was born on Feb. 26, 1841 in Middletown, Frederick County. She was christened as a baby in the Zion Lutheran Church in Middletown on July 29, 1841. She married Henry Kephart ( ? - ? ). They resided on the Palmer farm on South Maintain in 1893. She died at the age of 59 on Jan. 29, 1901, a week after her mother's death.

Son Carlton Melanchthon Younkins (1843-1925) was born on May 13, 1843 in Middletown, Frederick County. He was named for Philip Melancthon, a famed leader in the German Reformation movement. Carlton married Margaret "Ellen" Sigler ( ? - ? ). The family resided at New Baltimore, Frederick County, MD circa 1889. They made news that year in the Frederick News when they were "made sick last week by eating apple butter which had been packed in new crocks." He was mentioned in the News in July 1891 when he remarked that "he raised this season sixty bushels of potatoes on a patch of ground less than a quarter of an acre in size." Carlton passed away on Sept. 5, 1925 in Middletown.

Son Martin Luther Younkins (1846-1890) was born in 1846 in Middletown, Frederick County. On Sept. 20, 1866, when he was 20 years of age, he married Caroline S. Koogle ( ? - ? ). F.A. Rupley officiated at the nuptials held in Middletown. Their offspring included a son, William Z. Younkins. Sadly, Martin died three days after Christmas 1890. Interment was in New Baltimore. Caroline survived him by a number of years and maintained a home in New Baltimore. On New Year's Eve 1901, she endured the death of 27-year-old son William to typhoid fever. His remains were placed into eternal repose in the Reformed Church Cemetery in Middletown, with Rev. M.L. Beard preaching the funeral service, and an obituary appearing in the Frederick News.

Son John William Taylor Younkins (1848-1930) was born on Sept. 28, 1848 in Middletown, Frederick County. At the age of 19, on Feb. 10, 1868, he was united in matrimony with Indiana "Elizabeth" Reeder ( ? - ? ). Rev. A.M. Kester officiated at the wedding. The Younkinses resided in New Baltimore, Frederick County. The offspring they produced were Lillie May, Charles Walter Younkins, John David Younkins, William Edward Younkins, Sarah Elizabeth Ruth Younkins, Minnie Alice Younkins, Zella Elizabeth Younkins, Jasper Philhower Younkins and Lewis E. McComas Younkins. John died in New Baltimore on Aug. 19, 1930. T

  • Grandson William Edward Younkins ( ? - ? ) married Mary Bessie Shank ( ? - ? ). They lived in Middletown. He corresponded with Younkin National Home-coming Reunion officials in the 1930s. In response to a postcard he had received, William wrote: "You asked about the Younkins well all I can tell you is this. My dad name is John Younkins, my mother's is Elizabeth Younkins. My Grand father name was John Younkins and grandmother Sara Younkins and her name was Fish before marriage. That is all I can tell you. I guess there is 50 or more Younkins down there all related." [View the letter.]


William Edward and Mary Bessie (Shank) Younkins of Middletown, MD. Right: portion of William's letter to the Younkin National Home-coming Reunion committee.


Daughter Charlotte Elizabeth “Etta” Younkins (1851- ? ) was born on Feb. 3, 1851 in Middletown, Frederick County. On March 11, 1874, in a ceremony held near Mt. Tabor, Frederick County, she was joined in wedlock with Amos C. O'Neal ( ? - ? ).

Son Oliver Melvin Columbus Younkins (1853-1936) was born on June 29, 1853 in Middletown, Frederick County. He was christened as an infant on April 11, 1854 in Zion Lutherran Cemetery in Middletown. At the age of 20, on Nov. 13, 1874, he wedded Charlotte "Elizabeth" Kaetzel ( ? - ? ). The nuptials were held in Washington County, MD. Oliver lived in Washington County in 1901. The Grim Reaper of Death cut him away on March 10, 1936 in Brownsville, Washington County.

Son Emory Calvin Younkins (1856- ? ) was born on March 15, 1856 in Middletown, Frederick County. As a newborn, he was baptized in the Zion Lutheran Church in Middletown on April 10, 1856. On Christmas Eve 1876, when he was age 20, he married Laura Olivia Jones ( ? - ? ) in nuptials held in Frederick, Frederick County, MD. His home in 1901 was in Washington County, MD.

Daughter Claretta L. J. Younkins (1858- ? ) was born on March 9, 1858 in Middletown, Frederick County. She was christened on June 30, 1858 at the Zion Lutheran Church in Middletown. She was united in marriage with (?) Klink ( ? - ? ).

Daughter Mary Celesta “Mollie” Younkins (1861- ? ) was born on March 6, 1861 in Middletown, Frederick County. In infancy, on Nov. 25, 1861, she was christened in the Zion Lutheran Church in Middletown. At the age of 23, on New Year's Day 1885, she was joined in matrimony with Isaac Jones ( ? - ? ). The wedding was held in her parents' home. She lived near Broad Run, MD in 1901.


~ Son Jacob Younkin ~

Son Jacob Younkin (1822-) was born on Aug. 31, 1822.

On Oct. 27, 1843, at the age of 21, he wedded Sarah Fickle (or “Tickle”) (1824- ? ).

Their two known sons were Erastus Younkin and George Younkin.

The family is shown in the Bearfield Township censuses of 1850 and 1860.

Son Erastus Younkin (1843- ? ) was born in 1843.

Son George Younkin (1847- ? ) was born in 1847.


~ Son George Younkin ~

Son George Younkin (1824- ? ) was born in 1824.

At the age of 25, unmarried, he lived at home with his parents and earned his living as a farmer in Bearfield Township.

He migrated to Iowa and earned a living as a school teacher. He never married.


Susannah and John Iden

~ Daughter Susannah (Younkin) Iden ~

Daughter Susannah Younkin (1826-1902) was born on March 19, 1826 in Morgan County, OH.

At the age of 32, on Oct. 14, 1858, she was united in matrimony with John Iden (Aug. 10, 1827-1907), a native of Loudoun County, VA and the son of Alfred and Mary Ann (Bell) Iden. The wedding ceremony was held in Perry County.

Some dozen years prior to their marriage, John made his first trip to Iowa and then in 1853 acquired a farm there. The newlyweds thus settled on a farm in Section 5 near Riverside, Washington County.

Their seven children were Minerva "Minnie" Iden, DeWitt Iden, Julia May Iden, Margaret Ann Iden, Luella Belle Iden, JoAnn "Josie" Iden and Mary Catherine Iden.

In 1880, when the History of Washington County, Iowa was published, John was featured in a biographical profile:

Iden, Joh, farmer; Sec. 5, P.O. Riverside; was born in Louden county, Virginia, and is the son of Alfred and Mary A. Iden; the family moved to Perry county, Ohio, where the subject of this sketch was raised on a farm; he came to this county first in 1846, and entered his land in 1853; he came to this county without means, and to use his own language he was "bareheaded and barefooted"; he now owns a fine farm of 480 acres, well improved; he was present at the organization of the township and voted at the first election; he married Miss Susanna Younkin in 1858; she was a native of Perry county, Ohio; they have a family of seven children: Minerva J., D.W., G.M., Margaret A., Luella B., Joanna, and Mary C.


History of Washington County, Iowa

Susannah died in Washington at the age of 76 on Nov. 4, 1902.

John outlived her by five years and joined her in death on Dec. 9, 1907 at the age of 80.

Daughter Minerva "Minnie" Iden ( ? - ? ).

Son DeWitt Iden ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). On March 15, 1887, he wedded Mary Ann Pigg ( ? - ? ).

Daughter Julia May Iden ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). On Aug. 12, 1887, she married Harvey Kirk ( ? - ? ).

Daughter Margaret Ann Iden ( ? -1910) was born in (?). Her final years were spent in Arkansas in the town of Carlisle. She died on Sept. 29, 1910.

Daughter Luella Belle Iden (1867-1945) was born on Jan. 10, 1867 in Washington County, IA. At the age of 22, on Dec. 16, 1889, she was united in matrimony with Theodore Raymond Benn (April 27, 1867-1949). Their four children were Glenn iden Benn, John Harold Benn, Elda Lea Benn, Doris Lucille Benn, Ronald Raymond Benn, Fern Belle Benn and Esther Maurine Woods. Achingly, the three eldest children did not survive into adulthood. Luella passed into eternity in Washington County on Feb. 8, 1945. He joined her in death four years later on June 23, 1949.

Daughter JoAnn "Josie" Iden (1869-1956) was born on May 26, 1869 in Washington County, IA. On Nov. 14, 1893, when she was 24 years of age, she was joined in holy wedlock with John R. McCreedy ( ? - ? ). The Angel of Death swept her away in Washington County on April 18, 1956.

Daughter Mary Catherine Iden (1871-1968) was born on Aug. 9, 1871 in Riverside, Washington County, IA. When she was 24 years of age, on March 24, 1896, she married James Edgar Gallagher ( ? - ? ). She died in Washington County on Feb. 18, 1968.


~ Daughter Elizabeth Younkin ~

Daughter Elizabeth Younkin (1827-1918) was born on Christmas Eve 1827 in Ohio.

She apparently did not marry.

At the age of 46, in 1880, she lived with her parents in Bearfield Township, Perry County. She is believed to have succumbed to the Grim Reaper at the age of 90 years, eight months and 20 days on Sept. 17, 1918. Interment was in Holcomb Church Cemetery in Deavertown, OH.

Nearly two decades after her passing, she was remembered and named in the obituary of her sister Margaret Black published in the Younkin Family News Bulletin.


~ Son William Younkin ~

Son William Younkin (1830- ? ) was born on Jan. 8, 1830 in Morgan County, OH.

On Jan. 22, 1848, when William was age 18, he married Balinda Sisler ( ? - ? ).

The wedding was held in Perry County, OH and registered in Marriage Book 2-3, page 179.


~ Daughter Lydia Jane Younkin ~

Daughter Lydia Jane Younkin (1832-1901) was born on March 10, 1832 in Ohio.

As with her sister Elizabeth, she did not marry but chose to remain in her parents’ household in Bearfield Township.

At the age of 69, on April 21, 1901, she passed into eternity. Burial was in Holcomb's Church Cemetery in Deavertown, OH.


~ Son John Younkin ~

Son John Younkin (1834- ? ) was born on March 7, 1834.

According to research in the mid-1930s by Otto Roosevelt Younkin, John never married.


~ Son James Younkin ~


Obituary, 1910

Son James Younkin (1835-1910) was born on Jan. 20, 1835 in Perry or Morgan County, OH.

When he was 25 years of age, he was joined in holy wedlock with Elizabeth Jane Patterson (1839- ? ) on Nov. 13, 1860. The couple migrated to Iowa and established roots on a farm in Ottumwa, Wapello County.

They produced six children -- Mrs. W.L. Pritchard, Luella Belle Younkin, James Younkin Jr., Anna Jane Younkin, Robert W. Younkin and Hattie Stone.

On Feb. 13, 1910, suffering from intestinal nephritis and heart problems, the 75-year-old James passed away at home in Ottumwa and was laid to rest in the Ottumwa Cemetery. Funeral services were led by Rev. E.J. Shook of the Willard Street Methodist Episcopal Church, with interment in Ottumwa Cemetery.

Elizabeth survived her husband, but her final details are not yet known.

Daughter (?) Younkin married W.L. Pritchard and lived in Kansas City in 1910.

Daughter Luella Belle Younkin (1867- ? ) was born in about 1867. On Oct. 4, 1888, in a ceremony held in Wapello County, IA, she married Emerson M. Whitney. They were in Oklahoma City in 1910.

Son James Younkin Jr. resided in New York City in 1910.

Daughter Anna Jane Younkin (1875- ? ) was born in about 1875. At the age of 15, on Oct. 23, 1890, she wedded William W. Rankin ( ? - ? ), with the nuptials held in Ottumwa, Wapello County.

Son Robert W. Younkin (1882-1911) was born on July 30, 1882. At the age of 29, in 1910, he lived with his parents in Ottumwa. He never married. Over the years, Robert earned a living as a teamster. His final address was 522 South Sheridan Avenue in Ottumwa, Wapello County. He died on June 25, 1911. Funeral services were held in the family home, led by Rev. E.J. Shook of Willard Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Burial was in Ottumwa Cemetery.

Daughter Hattie Younkin married Hamiliner S. Stone. They were the parents of Eva Stone. The Stones were in Chicago in 1910.


~ Son Amos Younkin ~

Son Amos Younkin (1838-1918) was born on Feb. 9, 1838 in Perry County, OH.

Circa 1867, he relocated to Washington County, IA.


Obituary, 1918

At the age of 36, on Aug. 18, 1874, he wedded Rachel L. Benson (Nov. 17, 1857- ? ).

They produced this family of children -- John Leroy Younkin, Elizabeth "May" Younkin, Harvey Clyde Younkin, Belle Younkin and Luella Belle Younkin.

After spending a baker's dozen years in Washington County, they pushed again in 1880 to Nodaway Township, Page County, IA, settling on a farm six miles southwest of New Market. The family grieved at the deaths of their young son John Leroy in 1877 and daughter Belle Younken in 1885.

At some point they retired and purchased a home in New Market.

Amos suffered a debilitating stroke in early 1918. He lingered for six weeks "and has been confined to his bed since that time," said a news obituary. Unable to recover, he died in New Market at the age of 80 on March 22, 1918, with burial in Memory Cemetery. Rev. Douglass officiated at the funeral service held in the local Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1938, his obituary was reprinted in the Younkin Family News Bulletin.

Daughter Elizabeth "May" Younkin (1877- ? ) was born in about 1877 in Washington County. She married (?) Jones ( ? - ? ). She is believed to have died in New Market, IA.


Younkin Family News Bulletin

Son Harvey Clyde Younkin (1879-1959) was born in Nov. 1879. He wedded Mary A. Dugan (Sept. 18, 1885-1957). The couple's seven children were Bertram "Bert" Younkin, Marie Sutton, Paul Edward Younkin, Max Younkin, Alice Webster, George Amos Younkin and Kenneth Younkin. They relocated from Iowa to South Dakota in 1909 and made a home in the town of Huron, Beadle County, where all of their children were birthed. In the mid-1920s, they gave a mortgage to Huron College for a tract of land in the northwest quarter of Section 12, Township 111, Range 62. When he received an invitation in 1940 to attend the Younkin National Home-coming Reunion in southwestern Pennsylvania, Harvey sent his regrets, writing: "I cannot attend this year but hope to someday. Would like to hear more about the Younkin Association. Do you have a 'Who's Who' of the Younkins? I have never met but four of my father's relatives but am sure there must be hundreds. I am 60 years old, carpenter by occupation. Can send you more information about myself and family if you wish. My present address is at the top of page. Have lived here 31 years." The letter was published in the 1940 edition of the Younkin Family News Bulletin. Their address in 1952-1953 was 1018 Ohio Avenue Southwest. On New Year's Day 1953, a small fire broke out in their home which was the result of a faulty chimney, but no serious damage was done. Sadly, Mary is believed to have died in December 1957, and on New Year's Eve 1957, the family published a card of thanks in the Huron Daily Plainsman. Harvey died in Huron in late March 1959. His pallbearers, according to the Daily Plainsmen, were O.E. Anderson, Earl Almond, William Ferguson, Iver Benson, James Webster and Paul Webster.

  • Grandson Bertram H. Younkin ( ? -1961) was born on Feb. 13, 1910 in Huron, Beadle County, SD. He moved to Fairmont, MN, where for 18 years he was employed as a movie projector operator. He died in Fairmont on Dec. 8, 1961, with funeral services led by Rev. Cecil Miller and an obituary printed in his old hometown newspaper, the Huron Daily Plainsman. Burial was in Riverside Cemetery (where?).
  • Marie Younkin married Alfred Sutton. Their residence in 1961 was in Wessington and in 1982 in St. Lawrence.
  • Paul Edward Younkin made his home in 1961 in Great Falls, MT and in 1982 in Huron.
  • Max Younkin lived in Yankton in 1961 and in Huron in 1982.
  • Alice Younkin wedded Charles Webster and dwelled in Huron.
  • George Amos Younkin resided in Huron.
  • Kenneth J. Younkin (1922-1982) was born on Jan. 24, 1922 in Huron. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, from February 1942 to December 1945. On June 15, 1952, in Huron, he married Helen Evans ( ? - ? ). They were the parents of Vicki Ericsson, Rhonda Sampoll and Crystal Younkin. The couple moved to Belle Fourche, SD, in 1956, where he worked for Newberger Building Materials and then for more than 25 years by Belle Fourche Sawmill. Kenneth died at home on April 11, 1982. Rev. Fred Hallstrom officiated at the funeral, followed by burial in Black Hills National Cemetery. An obituary was printed in the Rapid City (SC) Journal.

Daughter Luella Younkin ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She was joined in marriage with (?) Bix and dwelled in 1918 in Clarinda, IA.


~ Son Isaac Younkin ~


Isaac's and Susan's marriage certificate, 1864



YFNB, April 1938

Son Isaac Younkin (1840-1938) was born on April 21, 1840 in Hancock County, OH.

On March 17, 1864, at the age of 23, he was joined in matrimony with 17-year-old Susan Wilson Curry (Oct. 5, 1846-1925), a native of Virginia. Their wedding was held in Morgan County, OH by the hand of Rev. U.L. Jones. (Her maiden name has been misspelled as "Currin.")

The couple produced six children -- Francis Ulissus "Frank" Younkin, William O. Younkin, Lewis E. Younkin, Chancey C. Younkin, Della Richards and Ralph B. Younkin.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1870, the Younkins were in Bearfield Township, Perry County, residing next door to Isaac's brother and sister-in-law, Eli and Martha Alcinda (Skinner) Younkin. Isaac's occupation that year was farm laborer.

Sometime between 1876 and 1880, they made the decision to push westward and relocate to Kansas, where they settled in Nessho Township, Coffey County.

The United States Census of 1880 shows the family in Neosho, with Isaac continuing his work as a farm laborer.

The Younkins moved again prior to 1900 to a farm in Rock Creek Township, Coffey County. In 1900, bachelor sons William (age 33), Lewis (31) and Chauncey (24) helped Isaac on the farm.

The census of 1910 shows Isaac and Susan in Key West Township, Coffey County, with sons William and Chauncey and daughter Della in the household. Again in the 1910s the family moved to a farm in Hampden Township, Coffey County. The 1920 census shows Isaac, Susan and 52-year-old son William, 50-year-old son Lewis and 40-year-old son Chauncy living together on a farm.

Sadly, Susan died in Halls Summit, KS at the age of 78 on Feb. 21, 1925.

Isaac outlived her by a baker's dozen years. He was retired when listed in the 1930 census, still in Hampden Township, with his bachelor sons still in the home. They eventually relocated into the town of Burlington, at a home at South Sixth Street.


YFNB, August 1939

In March 1938, local real estate dealer William Phillipi "collected money from a number of friends of the family and bought a radio for them," said the Emporia (KS) Gazette. "Isaac Younkin and his two sons, all aged men, live together and have been sick several years. The father is 97 years old, and the sons are more than 70." At 98 years of age in 1938, he was considered the oldest known living Younkin in the United States, and as such, he was pictured and profiled in the April 1938 edition of the Younkin Family News Bulletin. He also was one of the oldest men in Coffey County.

He died in his home on Dec. 19, 1938 at the age of 98 years, seven months and 25 days. Rev. Harry O. Ritter, of the local Methodist Church, led the funeral service, with burial in Graceland Cemetery. His obituary was published in the Aug. 10, 1939 edition of the News Bulletin.

Son Francis Ulissus "Frank" Younkin (1865-1948) was born on Jan. 28, 1865 in Perry County, OH. When his parents and younger siblings migrated to Kansas between 1876 and 1880, Frank joined them in the voyage, although he ultimately returned to Ohio. On Sept. 3, 1890, at the age of 25, he was united in marriage with Harriet Elizabeth Foster (March 26, 1869-1952), a native of Kansas and the daughter of Lewis and Roxania A. (Knapp) Foster. The nuptials were held in Burlington, Coffey County, KS. The Younkins are known to have been in Waverly, KS circa 1891-1896 -- in Tracy, MN in 1902 -- and in Valley City, ND in 1903-1911. Their offspring were Homer Albert Younkin, Clarence Milton Younkin, Earl Orlando Younkin, Walter Erwin Younkin, Raymond Lewis Younkin, Francis Foster Younkin and Everett Edward Younkin. Sadness cascaded over the family in 1911 when youngest son Everett died in infancy while the family was in Enderlin, ND. At some point, Frank and Harriet returned to Ohio. Circa 1938, they resided in Amherst, OH and in about 42 moved to 143 Lincoln Street in Wellington, Lorain County, OH. Suffering from an enlarged heart, difficulty in breathing and paralysis, he underwent surgery to remove his prostate gland. He died in Lodi Hospital on Oct. 29, 1948 at the age of 83. Son Raymond of Wellington signed the Ohio death certificate. Harriet survived her husband by four years. She passed away in Wellington at the age of 83 on Dec. 4, 1952.

  • Grandson Homer Albert Younkin (1891-1964) was born on Aug. 8, 1891 in Waverly, KS. He was twice married. His first bride, whom he wed in March 1913, was Susan Jones ( ? - ? ). His second spouse was Vera L. Smith (July 24, 1902- ? ). Homer passed into eternity at the age of 73 on Oct. 26, 1964.


Youngest to oldest -- the Clarence Milton Younkin family of Paynesville, MN. L-R: Lois, Kenneth, Robert, Margorie, Luverne, Donald, Dorothy, Herbert, Helen, Vernice, Georgia, Evelyn and Leo.


  • Grandson Clarence Milton Younkin (1893-1942) was born on New Year's Eve 1893 in Waverly, KS. He migrated to Minnesota and set down roots in Paynesville, Stearns County. When he was 20 years of age, in 1914, he was joined in holy wedlock with Minnesota native Otilla Hartman (1893-1964), with the nuptials held in Paynesville. A baker's dozen children born to this union were Leo A. Younkin, Evelyn F. Miller, Georgia A. "Jean" Nelson, Bernice Younkin, Helen Jeske, Herbert Younkin, Dorothy Alvina Nathe, Donald Younkin, Luverne Younkin, Marjorie "Marge" Merchardt, Robert Younkin, Kenneth Younkin and Lois Ann Kulzer. A truck line operator, Clarence is known to have earned a few dollars' worth of income by hauling gravel for the County of Stearns in 1939 and more than $220 for county road grading and hauling services in 1940. Sadly, he died in Paynesville at the age of only 48 on May 19, 1942. Otilla outlived her husband by more than two decades. She died at home at the age of 76 on Dec. 13, 1964. Her funeral mass was sung at the St. Louis Catholic Church in Paynesville, with the remains laid to rest in the parish cemetery. An obituary was published in the St. Cloud Times. On Father's Day 2004, their branch held its seventh annual Minnesota Younkin Reunion. Dee Scott reported at that time that "The family currently has 272 living members on the family tree. About seventy-five attend each year's reunion." The date of the 2019 reunion is Sept. 7, and an updated family history book is in preparation.

Great-grandson Leo Younkin (1916- ? ) was born in about 1916. He dwelled in Minneapolis in 1964.

Great-granddaughter Evelyn F. Younkin (1917- ? ) was born in about 1917. She married Lawrence Miller ( ? - ? ). Circa 1964, their home was in Luverne. MN.


Y2K family cookbook
compiled by Dee Scott

Great-granddaughter Georgia A. "Jean" Younkin (1920- ? ) was born in about 1920. She wed Herman Nelson ( ? - ? ). The Nelsons put down roots in Brooten, MN. The couple produced two offspring -- Arnold C. Nelson and Dee Scott.

Great-granddaughter Bernice Younkin (1921- ? ) was born in about 1921. She was in Chicago in 1964.

Great-granddaughter Helen Younkin (1922- ? ) was born in about 1922. She was joined in wedlock with Eldon Jeske ( ? - ? ). The couple established a residence in Buffalo, MN.

Great-grandson Herbert Younkin (1923- ? ) was born in about 1923. He was joined in the bonds of marriage with Alice. They have lived in Paynesville, MN for decades.

Great-granddaughter Dorothy Alvina Younkin (1924-2010) was born on Feb. 16, 1924 in Paynesville. At the age of 18, on April 14, 1942, she was united in matrimony with Leo C. Nathe ( ? -2002). Their nuptials were held in St. Paul's Catholic Church in Sauk Centre. Together, they bore a brood of 11 children -- Helen Fritzlar, Ruthann Rieland, Donna Illies, James Nathe, Frank Nathe, Alfred Nathe, William Nathe and Charles Nathe plus three sons who died in infancy. They lived for decades in Sauk Centre, MN and belonged to St. Paul's. Sadly, Leo succumbed to the spectre of death on Jan. 31, 2002, bringing to a close their marriage of nearly six decades. Dorothy lived for another eight years. Toward the end of her life, she became a resident of St. Michael's Nursing Home. She passed away there at the age of 86 on March 15, 2010. Her remains were interred in her church parish cemetery. An obituary in the St. Cloud Times said she was survived by 29 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

Great-grandson Donald Younkin (1926- ? ) was born in about 1926. As with several of his siblings, he migrated into Minneapolis.

Great-granddaughter Luverne Younkin (1928- ? ) was born in about 1928. She relocated to Texas and was there in the mid-1960s.

Great-granddaughter Marjorie "Marge" Younkin (1929- ? ) was born in about 1929. She entered into marriage with Donald Merchardt ( ? - ? ). The pair resided in Minneapolis circa 1964.

Great-grandson Robert Younkin (1931- ? ) was born in about 1931. He moved to Minneapolis and was there in 1964.

Great-grandson Kenneth J. Younkin (1933- ? ) was born in about 1933. He was in Cold Spring, MN in the 1960s.

Great-granddaughter Lois Ann Younkin (1937- ? ) was born in about 1937. She wed Wilfred Kulzer ( ? - ? ). Their home in 1964-2010 was in Paynesville, MN.

  • Grandson Homer Albert Younkin (1891-1964) was born on Aug. 8, 1891 in Waverly, KS. He was twice married. His first bride, whom he wed in March 1913, was Susan Jones ( ? - ? ). His second spouse was Vera L. Smith (July 24, 1902- ? ). Homer passed into eternity at the age of 73 on Oct. 26, 1964.
  • Great-grandson Earl Orlando Younkin (1896-1918) was born on Jan. 26, 1896 in Waverly, KS. His time on earth was relatively short. At the age of 22, he was cut away by the Grim Reaper, while in Livingstone, MT on Oct. 14, 1918.
  • Grandson Walter Erwin Younkin (1902- ? ) was born on Jan. 12, 1902 in Tracy, MN. In Sept. 1923, when he was 21 years of age, he wedded his first wife, Rae Mae ( ? - ? ) in nuptials held in Minneapolis. Then on Feb. 9, 1935, now in Erie, Erie County, PA, he was united in matrimony with Ruth Adelina Gutowski (July 3, 1911- ? ), a native of Lorain, OH. They produced two children -- Walter Erwin Younkin Jr. and Wilda Ruth Younkin.
  • Grandson Raymond Lewis Younkin (1903-1983) was born on Nov. 10, 1903 in Valley City, ND. He waited until middle age to marry. At the age of 41, on May 26, 1945, he was joined in marital union with Carlotta M. Fisher (May 26, 1910-1987). The wedding was held in Wellington, OH, and the couple lived there for many years. Carlotta was carried away by the Angel of Death at the age of 77 on Sept. 29, 1987.
  • Grandson Francis Foster Younkin (1909-1981) was born on Oct. 14, 1909 in Valley City, ND. He wedded local girl Gladys Bushy (Jan. 27, 1911-1978) in Sept. 1935, when he was 25 and she 24. Gladys passed away at the age of 67 on Oct. 9, 1978. Francis outlived her by three years and died in Oct. 1981 at the age of 71.

Son William O. Younkin (1867- ? ) was born on Nov. 14, 1867, presumably in Perry County, OH. He never married. He was a longtime farmer and resided with his father and brothers Lewis and Chauncey in Coffey County, KS.

Son Lewis E. "Lew" Younkin (1869- ? ) was born on Oct. 16, 1869 in Ohio. He was a bachelor and longtime farmer and made a home with his father and brothers William and Chauncey in Coffey County, KS.


Neosho Street looking west, Burlington, Kansas


Son Chancey C. Younkin (1876-1930) was born o Oct. 16, 1876 in Ohio. As a young boy, he migrated with his parents and older brothers to Kansas. He never married but was a farmer and lived with his parents and bachelor brothers. Circa 1902, he is known to have lived temporarily in Westphalia, KS where he labored on a railroad project, as reported in the gossip columns of the Waverly (KS) Gazette. Then again in June 1915, he and his brother Lewis and friend H.B. Davidson left Burlington "for Western Kansas where they will work in the wheat fields," said the Burlington Daily Republican. Chauncey was cut down by the Grim Reaper at the age of 53 on the Fourth of July 1930 in Burlington.

Daughter Della Younkin (1883- ? ) was born on April 2, 1883 in Nessho Township, Coffey County, KS. She wedded Frank Richards ( ? - ? ). Their only known child was Donald Richards. Della lived in 1938 at 528 Rose Mead Boulevard in Burlington.

Son Ralph B. Younkin (1886-1927) was born on March 3, 1886 in Nessho Township, Coffey County, KS. He wedded Eva May Craig (June 24, 1897-1974), daughter of Robert and Rosa Belle (Adams) Craig and a native of Junction City, Geary County, KS. The two sons born to this union were Ralph Craig Younkin and Donald Robert Younkin. The Younkins moved to Kansas City, Jackson County, MO. Sadly, at the age of 40, Ralph died on Jan. 5, 1927, in Kansas City. Burial was in Mt. Washington Cemetery in Fairmont Station. Eva lived as a widow for almost half a century. She passed into eternity in Kansas City at the age of 76 on Jan. 20, 1974.


~ Son Ephraim P. Younkin ~

Son Ephraim P. "E.P." Younkin (1842-1933) was born on Sept. 17, 1842 in Morgan County, OH.

After growing to manhood on the family farm, he set his sights westward and made the long trip to Illinois, where he spent 19 months working, and then pushed into Iowa. With three years in the "west" under his belt, he returned to Perry County and spent a year there before establishing a permanent home in Moxahala, Pleasant Township, Perry County.

On June 7, 1873, he was united in marriage with 26-year-old Agnes McCall (May 11, 1847-1933), daughter of Matthew and Levina (Gaddis/Geddes) McCall of Morgan County. The Younkins are not known to have reproduced.


Ephraim's profile, 1883 History of Fairfield and Perry Counties, Ohio


The federal census of 1880 shows the couple in Morgan County. He was a longtime carpenter and was profiled in the 1883 book History of Fairfield and Perry Counties, Ohio. His final residence was in Malta Township. Morgan County.

Both Agnes and Ephraim were burdened with heart valve disease and died within six months of each other. She passed first, on Feb. 6, 1933.

Ephraim died in Malta on Aug. 4, 1933 at the age of 90 years, 10 months and 20 days. His remains were interred in Malta. Howard Glass of Malta signed both of their death certificates. Agnes' will left bequests to a host of siblings, nieces and nephews. Four years after Ephraim's passing, he was remembered and named in the obituary of his sister Margaret Black published in the Younkin Family News Bulletin.


~ Son Eli Younkin ~


Eli Younkin

Son Eli Younkin (1845-1937) was born on April 21, 1845, a twin with his sister Margaret as the youngest of 14 children..

When he was 21 years of age, immediately after the Civil War ended, Eli found himself in the Deep South in the vicinity of Chapel Hill, NC. What took him there remains a mystery. He later told a newspaper reporter that "reports came by stage coache messages that Lincoln had been shot,... [and] ministers in the vicinity had church bells run and called the people together to pray that Lincoln's life might be spared."

He appears to have been thrice married. His first spouse was Ann M. Bailey ( ? - ? ).

Their only child was Mary F. Younkin, born in 1867.

Ann's precise fate is not known, but she apparently died young.


YFNB, Christmas 1937

Then at the age of 23, on Jan. 7, 1869, Eli was joined in wedlock with his second bride, Martha Alcinda Skinner (Aug. 22, 1847-1880), daughter of James R. and Catherine (Reid) Skinner of Perry County. The wedding ceremony was held in Salt Lick Township, Perry County.

They were the parents of Eva Frances Thompson, William H. Younkin and Edwin Lee Younkin.

Grief blanketed the family when sons William (Dec. 13, 1874) and Edwin (July 18, 1878) died in infancy.

Further heartache returned when the 32-year-old Martha tragically died in Bearfield Township on April 9, 1880. The Shelby County Democrat reported that she "was fatally burned by her clothing catching fire while she was boiling soap grease." The Richwood Gazette  said that she "was so terribly burned that she died in a few hours." Her remains were lowered into eternal rest in the soil of Holcomb's Church Cemetery, also known as Fletcher Chapel, two miles northwest of Portersville.

Eli mourned for two years and then on March 26, 1882, when he was age 36, he wed his third bride, Mary L. (Smith) Cooper (Nov. 1855-1928), daughter of Annie E. Smith of Morgan County. Mary had been married once before, to Charles Cooper, and brought a son to the union, Henry J. Cooper.

The couple bore another three children of their own -- Carl Cyrus Younkin, Clarence "Burl" Younkin and Harry Theron Younkin.

They lived in the 1920s in the Sayre community near Crooksville. In August 1926, and then again in June 1935, daughter Eva Thompson is known to have traveled from her home in the Iowa City area for extended visits.

Sadly, Mary died in Corning at the age of 72 on July 13, 1928. An obituary published in the Zanesville Times Recorder said that death occurred "following an illness due to complications." Eli survived her by nine years. At his joint birthday with sister Margaret in April 1935, they were pictured together in a feature story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, with Eli telling the reporter that he "had been sick but once in his life and shops wood every day. 'My wind isn't what it used to be, though,' Younkin admitted. 'I'm not bragginb, but I used to bind all the wheat one man could cradle, while other cradlers had two men behind them. I'm still pretty spry at it'." On New Year's Day 1937, at his home near Corning, Eli succumbed to the grasp of the Angel of Death at the age of 81 years, eight months and 10 days. His remains were lowered into repose in Zion Christian Union Church Cemetery in Porterville, Bearfield Township, with Rev. E.C. McCormick officiating at the funeral sevice. Eli's obituary appeared in the Times Recorder, which noted that he was survived by 11 grandchildren and a dozen great-grandchildren. Because he and his twin sister Margaret were widely considered among the oldest sets of twins in the country, the news of his death was published in a number of Ohio newspapers statewide. The obituary was reprinted in the inaugural edition of the Younkin Family News Bulletin, Christmas 1937, and he also was mentioned in the obituary of his sister Margaret Black in the same issue.

Daughter Mary F. Younkin (1867- ? ) was born on Nov. 2, 1867 in Deerfield, Morgan County, OH.


YFNB, August 1939

Daughter Eva Frances Younkin (1870-1941) was born on Feb. 24, 1870 in Corning, Perry County, OH. As a young woman of 22 or 23, in 1893, she migrated from Ohio to Iowa, the only one of her siblings to do so. At the age of 26, on April 7, 1896, she wedded Iowa native Grant Thompson (July 1865-1930), a native of Louisa County, IA. Their 10 children were Myrtle Schwab, Ruth Schnoebelen, Dorothy Safourek, Elsie Wieland, Maude Cray, Ethel Nicola, Oren Thompson, Lloyd Thompson, Marion Thompson and Harry Thompson. In 1900, the family was enumerated in the federal census as making a home in Highland Township, Washington County, IA, with Grant earning a living as a day laborer. The family's worries when son Harry joined the U.S. Army in World War I were turned to grief when he died in the service. Eva was active as president of the American Legion Auxiliary and a member of theWomen's Society of Christian Servers of the Trinity Methodist Church and a Gold Star Mother. For many years, Grant suffered from diabetes. On the fateful day of April 29, 1930, he traveled into Riverside and then returned to his home south of town. He died suddently that evening while seated in a rocking chair. The widowed Eva made a home on the south side of Riverside, Washington County. She was in active communication with double cousin Charles Arthur Younkin, the secretary of the Younkin National Home-coming Reunion of southwestern Pennsylvania who also published theYounkin Family News Bulletin. In a letter to Younkin National Home-coming Reunion secretary Charles Arthur Younkin, dated Riverside, Aug. 9, 1938, she wrote: We were very sorry that the Mrs. Mamie Prather didn't get to our reunion. We were expecting her. The papers were delivered to different members of the family and some of them seem to wait it but will let you know. We had 117 members with us and a very nice time. We wish some of this crowd could attend your reunion the 21st, but think it will be impossible. I am sending the heads of families as you desired." The letter was published in the Dec. 20, 1938 edition of the YFNB. In the newspaper's Aug. 10, 1939 edition were printed birth announcements for three of her grandchildren -- Lucille Joyce Thompson, Robert Eugene Nicola and Marilee Lynn Cray. Just a few days before her 71st birthday, having been very ill for a week, she passed away as a patient in Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. She was pictured in her obituary printed in the June 30, 1941 edition of the family newspaper.

Son Carl Cyrus Younkin (1883-1964) was born in May 1883. He entered into marriage with Dorothy Leah Yahn (Nov. 3, 1896-1944), a native of Harrison Township, Perry County and the daughter of Henry Jones and Isabelle Jane (Alexander) Yahn. They together produced a family of two known sons, Hayward Clyde "Abe" Younkin and Russell O. Younkin. The Younkins made a residence in 1928 in Sayre near Crooksville, Perry County and in 1944 near the Deerfield Church in Malta, Morgan County, OH. At age 47, Dorothy was burdened with chronic heart valve and kidney disease as well as infected gallbladder. Then after contracting influenza, she passed into eternity on March 20, 1944 in Deerfield Township, Morgan County, with burial in the Crooksville Cemetery. An obituary appeared in the Zanesville Times Recorder. Carl outlived her by two decades. Heartbreak cascaded over his world again in 1945 when son Russell, in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, lost his life while on duty in Manila in the Philippines. Carl lived in the 1950s in Corning. Carl died in Crooksville in 1964. In his will, he left his assets to his four grandchildren -- William C. Younkin, Raymond F. Younkin, Bonnie K. Phillips and Nina L. Younkin.

  • Grandson Hayward Clyde "Abe" Younkin ( ? -1994) was born on July 16, 1918 in Morgan County, OH. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II as a part of the "Fighting Seabees" -- the Navy's Construction Battalions. Hayward was married twice. His first wife was Josie Marie Wood (Feb. 5, 1906-1954). She brought two stepchildren into the marriage with Hayward, Derald Lee Wood and Robert Eugene Wood. The five children Hayward and Josie produced together were William Carl Younkin, Raymond Younkin, Bonnie Phillips, Nina Louise Durben and Wilda Faye Younkin. Sadness blanketed the family when Wilda Faye died in infancy in 1942. For many years Hayward was employed by Hall Pottery. He held a membership in the American Legion post in New Lexington. In time, he married again to Lucille Doris Crippen (Dec. 23, 1920-1983), daughter of Harry W. and Goldie G. (Brooks) Crippen of Athens County, OH. In an interesting twist, Lucille's sister Goldie Marie Crippen was wed to William Walter Crippen of the family of Zenas Lafayette "Zean" and Inez Gertrude (Hayes) Crippen. Lucille is thought to have brought stepchildren into the union, David Dunsee, Vera Samson, Betty Holmes, Sandy Durben and Virginia Hempleman. She died in Bethesda Hospital at age 62 on Aug. 14, 1983. Interment was in Wyard Cemetery in Stewart, OH. The widowed Hayward remained in their home at 3316 Irish Ridge Road near Corning. After being stricken with a heart attack, he died at age 76 on Sept. 10, 1994. His obituary was published in the Zanesville Times-Recorder. His funeral service was led by the hand of Rev. Ralph Post, with interment of the remains in Crooksville Cemetery. Other stepchildren in this family were Dick Wood and Goldie Valerio, who were deceased by 1994.  

    Great-grandson William Carl Younkin was in Corning, OH in 1994-2014.

    Great-grandson Raymond Younkin dwelled in 1994-2014 in Thornville, OH.

    Great-granddaughter Bonnie Younkin married (?) Phillips and made a home in the mid-1990s in Columbus, OH. She was deceased by 2014.

    Great-granddaughter Nina Louise Younkin (1947-2014) was born on Jan. 8, 1947 in Corning, Perry County. When she was 16 years of age, on Aug. 3, 1963, she wed Roger J. Durben (May 12, 1940- ? ). Together they became the parents of Nina Wheeler and Sue Durben. Her residence in 1994-2014 was in Kimbolton, OH. Nina attended the North Salem Community Church. Death swept her away at age 67 on March 6, 2014 as a resident of Kindred at Cambridge. The remains were placed into eternal rest in North Salem Community Cemetery, with Pastor John Sims presiding over the funeral.

    Step-great-grandson David Dunsee lived in Corning, OH in 1983-1994. 

    Step-great-granddaugher Vera married (?) Samson and resided with her mother and stepfather in 1983 in Corning, OH.

    Step-great-granddaugher Betty entered into marriage with (?) Holmes. She was in Corning, OH in 1983-1994.

    Step-great-granddaugher Sandy was united in matrimony with (?) Durben ( ? - ? ). She made her dwelling in 1994 in Cambridge, OH.

    Step-great-granddaugher Virginia was joined in wedlock with (?) Hempleman. They relocated to Texas and were in Conroe, TX in 1983. 

  • Grandson Russell O. Younkin (1922-1945) was born on July 15, 1922 in Perry County. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II as a member of the 12th Cavalry. Tragically, he lost his life while on duty in Manila in the Philippines. A listing of his death was published in the Logan (OH) Daily News on May 3, 1945,, and the next day the Zanesville Times Recorder noted that he and other local men "have been killed." Later that month, his name was included in a list of Morgan County men, printed in the Times Recorder, for having "given their lives in the service of their country, and to them special honor is paid this Memorial Day..." Today, his parents' grave marker in Crooksville Cemetery also is inscribed with his name and dates, along with the text, "His body lies in Manila." 

Son Clarence "Burl" Younkin (1886-1957) was born on July 22, 1886. During World War I, he served in the American Expeditionary Force. He never married but spent his long life as a farmer. He dwelled on  a farm near Crooksville and Deavertown. Suffering from a long illness, he was admitted to Bethesda Hospital, where he passed into eternity at the age of 70 on Jan. 21, 1957. The funeral service was led by Rev. J.F. Brown, with interment in the Zion Cemetery near Portersville. An obituary in the Zanesville Times Recorder noted that he was survived by his brothers Carl and Harry and nephew Hayward Younkin of rural Corning.

Son Harry Theron Younkin (1889-1963) was born on May 21, 1889. In 1928, at the age of about 39, he lived with his parents in the Sayre community near Crooksville, Perry County, OH. After his parents both died, he remained in Sayre where he farmed. On June 15, 1945, at the age of 56, he was joined in marriage with Dorothy Marie Longstreth ( ? - ? ), daughter of John R. Longstreth of Deavertown, Morgan County. The wedding was held in Greenup, KY, with Rev. W.H. Muncy of the Methodist church officiating and the ceremony held in the church parsonage. News of their wedding was printed in the Zanesville Times Recorder, which said that "The bride wore a rose crepe dress with white accessories. Following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Younkin spent a few days with friends in Cincinnati. The groom is a farmer of Sayre." Harry died in Crooksville, Perry County in 1963. A provision in his will stated that if Dorothy preceeded him in death, all of his assets were to be bequeathed to her cousin Nettie Holcomb in Newark, OH.


~ Daughter Margaret (Younkin) Black ~


Margaret and James Black. Courtesy Robert Steele.

Daughter Margaret Younkin (1845-1937) was born on April 21, 1845, a twin with her brother Eli as the youngest of 14 children. She grew up in Bearfield Township, Perry County.

During the Civil War, in July 1863, she and her family feared when Confederate troops led by General John Hunt Morgan invaded eastern Ohio, destroying anything in their path. Later in life, she recalled to a news reporter with the Cleveland Plain Dealer that "I was 18 when Morgan's Raiders crossed into Ohio. Don't believe all you hear about how they terrorized everybody. They came right into our farmyard and I went right on with my work. They never bothered me."

On July 19, 1866, when she was age 21, Margaret was united in wedlock with James Black (Sept. 18, 1839-1925), the son of James Black.

The couple produced 10 children -- Lucetta Black, William Ellsworth Black, Oscar J. "Ott" Black, Jesse Dillon Black, John Iden Black, Calvin William Black, Elmer Ray Black, Frank Black, Charles Black and George Sidney Black.

They made a living over the years as farmers. During their child-bearing years, they lived in Sayre, Perry County and at Misco Mine in Morgan County. The family grieved when youngest son George died at the age of 15 years, three months and five days on March 8, 1889.

Then in 1901, they relocated to White Cottage, Muskingum County.

Sadly, stricken with cancerous tumors known as sarcoma, James died five days before Christmas 1925 at the age of 87. Son John, living in Fultonham, OH, signed the death certificate. Interment was in the Fultonham Cemetery.


Left: Margaret Black, 1936. Right, seated with her family, May 1937, front, L-R: Lucetta Stanbery, Mrs. Frank Younkin, Margaret Black, Patty Younkin. Back, L-R: S.M. Stanbery, Ray Younkin, Jesse Black, John Black, nephew Frank Younkin, Walter Younkin, Owen Stanbery. Courtesy Owen Stanbery.


Margaret survived him by a dozen years as a widow, residing in East Fultonham, Muskingum County. She was injued in a fall in about 1930 and thereafter used a wheelchair to get about. At her joint birthday with brother Eli in April 1935, they were pictured together in a feature story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In September 1936, at the age of 91, she received a visit from cousin Marcus W. Younkin from Paris, TN and was photographed by Marcus' wife Azalea. The image is preserved today in the Minerd.com Archives.


YFNB, Christmas 1937

Margaret was interested that the extended family history was being re-discovered and that the clan at large was convening each year in Somerset County, PA. Despite being very feeble, Margaret in August 1937 traveled to Kingwood, Somerset County, PA to attend the Younkin National Home-coming Reunion, in company with her sons John, Calvin and William. They first stopped in Charleroi, PA to visit with reunion secretary Charles Arthur Younkin, and then pushed into Somerset County, arriving on the Sunday of the event. Observers said that she was "enjoying good health," and a day or two later made the return trip home. But the long drive must have taken its toll.

Six days after her reunion visit, she was stricken while seated in her chair, and she died the next day, Aug. 29, 1937 at the age of 92. Interment was in Fultonham Cemetery. An obituary published in the Younkin Family News Bulletin said she was "the last surviving member of the famous Younkin Twins.... Had she lived until April 21, 1938, she would have been 93 years of age.... Mrs. Black comes from a family of long-lived Younkins...., being a granddaughter of Rudolph "Ralph) Younkin, one of the pioneer Younkins who migrated from Bucks County, Pa., to Somerset County, eventually settling in Ohio."

The year after Margaret's death, her sons Jesse, Calvin, William and Oscar attended the 1938 Younkin Reunion. On their return trip home, they stayed overnight with Nancy (Younkin) Forsythe and her daughter Carmie Earle in Vanderbilt near Connellsville, PA.

Daughter Lucetta "Cetty" Black (1867-1952) was born on Jan. 20, 1867. On Aug. 22, 1906, she was united in matrimony with Sherman Stanberry ( ? - ? ). The wedding ceremony was held in New Lexington, Perry County. Their only known son was Owen Stanbery. Lucetta passed away on Jan. 13, 1952.

Son William Ellsworth Black (1877-1953) was born on Nov. 18, 1877 in Perry County. At the age of 24, on Jan. 22, 1902, he was joined in wedlock with Carrie Edith Tatman ( ? - ? ). The nuptials were held in Crooksville, Perry County. They were the parents of a daughter, Hilda Mae Steele. In 1937, they made a home in Beloit, OH. William died on June 16, 1953 in Alliance, Stark County.

Son Oscar J. "Ott" Black (1879-1951) was born in 1879. He was in Columbus, Franklin County, OH in 1937. Death swept him away in 1951.

Son Jesse Dillon Black (1882-1962) was born on Feb. 12, 1882 in Misco Mine Terr., Perry County. On Jan. 9, 1910 or Sept. 1, 1910, he married Mary Alice Hooper (Oct. 2, 1889-1980). One daughter was born to this marriage, Evelyn Elmore. He resided in 1937 with his widowed mother in Fultonham. He was cut down by the Grim Reaper on March 22, 1962 in Zanesville. Mary Alice lived for another 17 years and passed into eternity in Zanesville on Jan. 29, 1980.

Son John Iden Black (1887-1959) was born on June 12, 1887. He wedded Gertrude ( ? - ? ). John lived with his widowed mother in Fultonham in 1937. He passed into eternity in 1959.

Son Calvin William Black ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He was united in wedlock with Julia Hammond ( ? - ? ) and dwelled in Delta, OH. Their offspring were Lois Black, Arthur Black, Phillip Black and Ruth Black.

Son Elmer "Ray" Black (1885-1970) was born on April 13, 1885. His home in 1937 was in Pennsville, OH. Two offspring were born to this marriage -- James Frank Black and Mary Woodyard Black. Elmer died in Pennsville or in Chesterhill, Morgan County, OH in 1970.

Son Frank Black

Son Charles Black


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