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Papa's Gone Home
In Loving Memory of John Warrick

By Carol Smith

Papa is gone home
   to be with Anna now.
That's what he wanted,
   no more frowns.

After eighty one years here
   of life shared together,
they've gone home to God
   to live in peace forever.

We'll miss their presence
   here in Normalville, PA,
the white car on the road,
   movin' slowly on its way.

Family traditions,
   of sharing great meals,
are the next generation's
   now to make real.

Many tender memories
   pass through our minds
as we fondly reminisce
   of Papa and Anna at this time.

We pause to give thanks
   for the life we shared,
trusting God welcomes them
   into heavenly care.

- - - - - - - - -

Written with love and prayers in memory of Dad Warrick,
born August 11, 1923, gone home to God on March 21, 2005.

[Editor's note -- the author is the granddaughter of George M. and Ida (Kooser) Murray.]

Copyright 2005 Carol Smith. Published here with permission.