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When I'm Ready to Die,
Let Me Go

By Mae (Horne) Miner

Family of Odger and Monalea (Ullom) Miner

When I'm ready to die, let me go. 
Let me go peacefully, 
Let me go with dignity, 
Let me do it my way. 
When I'm free, I'll be alive; 
I'll be part of the whole universe. 
You will see me in the moving clouds, 
And, see my colors in the rainbow. 
You will see me rise and set with the sun, 
And, catch my face in the moon, my twinkle in the stars. 
You will hear me walk through the autumn woods, 
And, hear me whisper in the falling rain. 
You can listed to my voice in the song of the bird, 
And, see me unfold in the petal of a flower. 
You can witness my spirit in acts of love, 
And, hear my song in every act of praise. 
You can give me the gift of life 
Only when you let me go. 
And, it is my greatest wish, 
When I'm ready to die.


Copyright Mae (Horne) Miner. Reproduced with permission.