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Erase Me O'Lord
By Patricia Walker

Erase me, but replace me.
Replace me with your love from above.

Erase the thoughts of my past,
and allow my pain to cease.

Replace my thoughts with your thoughts,
So that I can receive peace.

When I erase mistakes in a drawing,
It is so I can replace them with new and improved lines.

As you erase my mistakes, please replace them with your signs.

Like a jigsaw puzzle not yet taken out of a box, I am broken
With the blood you shed leading to the cross, and the tears I cry, I am soaken.

As the blood begin drying on your skin on the cross,
it became sticky.

I'm asking you to use that blood to put my broken pieces together to fix me.

If it is your choice;
Make me to feel and hear joy and gladness, so that my body and spirit that have been broken can rejoice.

O'Lord if you have heard my cry,
Send help quickly lest I die.

Not wanting to give my advice,
But I want to be a living sacrifice.

I'll wait for your reply and trust you till I die.

As you, take me through these storms,
It will be like living on a college campus in dorms.

I have nothing more to lose,
But all to gain, as I reach a higher plane.

It takes higher education to get anywhere in this life.
I must dig deeper in God's Word like a surgeon does with a knife.

While my spirit is broken, my mind is open to receive your direction and wisdom for my life.
As you lift me above the storm, you also lift me above the strife.

Thank you for your reply and I'll continue trusting you till I die.

The author is of the family of Mary (Mayle) Croston Hunter.

Copyright 2012 Patricia Walker. Republished with permission.