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The Family Archives (2003)

Items Added from January 2003 to December 2003
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We help cousins learn about and re-connect with their families by preserving materials that document the lives, past and present, of our ancestors.  These include old letters, postcards, family lists, court papers, books, news articles, obituaries and funeral cards, newsletters, certificates, awards and photographs. 

  • Undated newspaper clipping and photograph of a Monongahela Railway Company retirement dinner attended by the Assistant to the President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, thought to be our Paul Logan Strauch.

  • Copy of the 2001 book, In Harm's Way, by Doug Stanton, mentioning Earl J. Peters as a casualty of the World War II sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

  • Copy of the 1927 book, The Story of the Dining Fork, by Joseph T. Harrison, mentioning Amos B. Minerd as a Scio College student circa 1872 and with narrative and photos of Thomas W. Custer.

  • Civil War pension file of John C. France provided courtesy of the US Veterans Administration, Pittsburgh Office.

  • Papers of Earl T. Steiner regarding his extensive research of his ancestor, Rhoda (Van Horn) France of Napoleon, OH.

  • Papers of Nelson Eddy regarding his extensive research of his ancestor, Catherine (Van Horn) Oberdorf- Dean- Dunn of Ohio and Indiana.

  • Copy of the 1982 book, The History of Beaver County Schools, Vol. 1, edited by Belle Adams, published by the Beaver County (PA) Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation, mentioning educator Marjean (Miner) Jones of the Hopewell School District.

  • Indian Creek Baptist Church bulletin (Mill Run, PA) for July 13, 2003, recognizing the dedication of the Jacob Minerd Sr. Revolutionary War grave marker.

  • Newspaper clippings and papers of the family of Russell and Sadie (Hechler) Sterner of Kingwood, PA, including obituaries of their grandson, Alton Glen Sterner, who was killed in the Korean War.

  • Papers of Karl C. Oberdorf regarding his extensive research of his ancestor, Catherine (Van Horn) Oberdorf- Dean- Dunn of Ohio and Indiana.

  • Typescript 1972 history of the Calvary United Evangelical Church of North Freedom, Armstrong County, PA, mentioning Rev. William Mullen Minerd as an early pastor.

  • The 2003 book, Around Uniontown, by Victoria Dutko Leonelli, featuring photographs provided by Wilbert Don Jordan.

  • The 1916 book, The Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War with Spain, 1898-1899, published by the Ohio General Assembly, containing the names of many of our cousin-soldiers.

  • The May 27, 2003 article in the Waynesboro (PA) Record Herald, "Services Honor U.S. Soldiers Who Paid Ultimate Sacrifice," picturing Army veteran Arthur D. Miller, who marched in the town's Memorial Day Parade, "dressed like the statues of the soldiers depicted at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C."

  • Modern reprint of the 1858 book, History of Franklin County, Ohio, by William T. Martin, mentioning the role of Daniel Miner Jr. as Trustee of Wesley Chapel near Columbus.

  • Copy of Fort Monroe Historic Architecture Repair and Maintenance Plan, Fort Monroe, Virginia, Volume 2: Housing, prepared by J.M. Waller Associates for the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, outlining a proposed archaeological exploration of the site of Hygeia Hotel, a Civil War hospital where Pvt. Leonard Rowan, of the 85th PA Volunteer Infantry, died in 1862.

  • May/June 2003 edition of OGS Genealogy News, published by the Ohio Genealogical Society, featuring a cover feature on Minerd.com, authored by website founder Mark A. Miner.

  • Newspaper clippings from Warren, OH, announcing the death of James W. Minerd, killed in action during the Korean War.

  • Photograph of Civil War veteran William Minerd of the 85th PA Infantry.

  • Papers relating to Lawrence Minerd, including letters he wrote on the stationery of his employer, the Olympia Oakford Park Co. of McKeesport, PA; and newspaper articles from Warren, OH when he accidentally drowned at age 21 in 1935.

  • Obituary of Eliza (Miner) DeMoss, widow of Civil War soldier Charles W. DeMoss, from the newspaper in Kinsley, KS.

  • The booklet, Belle Vernon Area Sesquicentennial, published for the 1963-1964 celebration of the Pennsylvania town's 150th birthday.

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette articles with results from the 2003 primary election, naming victorious cousins Brenda George (Prothonotary of Armstrong County); Wilbur C. Bussard (Member of New Stanton Council, Westmoreland County); and Michael A. Pacelli Jr. (Member of Youngwood Council, Westmoreland County).

  • Civil War pension files from the National Archives for Thomas G. Minard of the 142nd OH Infantry; John Ball of the 132nd OH National Guard; Charles W. DeMoss of the 139th OH Infantry and 46th OH Infantry; John C. France of the 180th OH Infantry; and Jesse Gaumer of the 171st PA Drafted Militia.

  • May 2, 2003 Kingfisher (OK) Times article, "Davis Bids Adieu to Rotary; to Become Judge This Week," featuring Robert Davis, newly appointed Special District Judge in Canadian County, OK.

  • Undated West Virginia Historical Magazine article mentioning Hiram Henshaw, possibly father or grandfather of Hiram B. Hanshaw.

  • Copy of the Morgantown (WV) Female Collegiate Institute booklet published circa 1866, listing Mattie (McCaskey) Hanshaw as an alumna.

  • Copy of the 2002 privately published booklet, Lifetime Collection of Poetry, written by Lucille (Heins) Christiansen.

  • Copy of the 2001 book, The Art of Seeing Things (Syracuse University Press), a compilation of nature writings by John Burroughs, edited by Charlotte Zoe Walker.

  • Transcript of an interview with Dustin Turner, a lance corporal with the US Marine Corps, on ABC-TV's Nightline program of Jan. 24, 2003, entitled "Arming Saddam."

  • Copy of the 1977 booklet, A Hiker's Guide to the Laurel Highlands Trail, mentioning 'Harbaugh Run,' and published by the Laurel Highlands Conservation and Development Project and the Sierra Club, Pennsylvania Chapter.

  • Newspaper obituaries of Harry R. and Winifred (Minerd) Downs - he was an attorney for 66 years in Clarksburg, WV.

  • Papers and newsletters of the Mill Creek Valley Historical Association of Beaver County, PA, mentioning board member Odger Miner (circa 1968) and his wife Monalea (Ullom) Miner who helped run the Association's Museum Room at Penn State University, Beaver Campus (circa 1974).

  • Copy of a 1953 study by University of Pittsburgh researchers William Yeager and William Byers, A Limited Educational Survey of Hopewell Independence Raccoon Joint School, picturing and mentioning school board secretary Odger Miner.

  • Somerset (PA) Daily American obituary of Thelma (Sanner) Gross, former owner of 'G.Y. Not Ceramics' and past president of the Middlecreek Ladies Golf League.

  • Buffalo (NY) News guest column (Dec. 8, 2002) by Kathleen Kern, entitled "Human Rights Activist Not Welcome in Israel."

  • Pages from Samuel T. Wiley's 1882 book, The History of Preston County, West Virginia mentioning the Carroll, Hanshaw, Murdock and Fawcett branches.

  • Several 2002-2003 published letters by Donald R. Miner to the editor of the Washington (PA) Observer-Reporter.

  • Lifetime Collection of Poetry booklet authored by Lucille (Heins) Christiansen.

Copyright 2003-2005 Mark A. Miner