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Daniel Welker


Book profiling Daniel

Daniel Welker was born on Dec. 5, 1812 in Union Township, Knox County, the son of John and Elizabeth (Gaumer) Welker Sr.

At the age of 28, three days before Christmas 1840, Daniel was joined in holy matrimony with a cousin, 18-year-old Sabra "Sabry" Critchfield (1822-1901), daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Welker) Critchfield. Daniel's brother John Welker Jr., a justice of the peace, performed the ceremony. Sabra's father, a native of Somerset County, is profiled in the 1881 book compiled by N.N. Hill entitled History of Knox County, Ohio: Its Past and Present.

The couple's six children were Shipley Welker, Curtis Welker, Edith F. Lydick, Maria L. Welker, Dillon Welker and Elizabeth Welker.

Heartache shook the family in 1846 when two-year-old son Curtis died in Howard Township, with burial in Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Monroe Township.

The Welkers initially made their residence in Union Township, Knox County, but during the 1850s moved within the county to a farm in Union Township. When Norton authored his History of Knox County in the mid-1870s, Daniel was the only one of his siblings to remain in the county. They were back in Howard Township by 1880 when the census again was taken.

Daniel also profiled in the 1881 History of Knox County.

At the age of 75, Daniel died at the age of 74 on Sept. 4, 1887. Burial was in Valley View Cemetery, Monroe Township, Knox County. 

Sabra survived her husband by 14 years. She joined him in eternity on May 1, 1901, while living in Monroe Township.


Daniel's profile, 1881 History of Knox County


~ Son Shipley Welker ~

Son Shipley Welker (1841-1914), sometimes misspelled "Shelby," was born on Oct. 9, 1841 in Howard Township, Knox County.

On Oct. 9, 1871, at the age of 30, he married Nancy Maria "Mary" Ryan (1850- ? ) of Millwood, Knox County, whose parents were natives of New York State. The ceremony was performed by justice of the peace W.H. Taylor. Nancy was nine years younger than her husband.

The couple produced these known children -- Daniel B. Welker II, Cora Nadine Roller, Mordecai M. Welker, Abram R. Welker and Laura Welker.

The federal census enumeration of 1880 shows the Welkers residing on a farm next to his parents in Howard Township. Now retired, Shipley spent his final years residing in Akron, Summit County at the address of 968 Jefferson Avenue.

He died there at the age of 73 on Dec. 21, 1914, a physician noting the cause of death as "exhaustion." Interment was in Glendale Cemetery. 

Son Daniel B. Welker II (1876-1938) was born on April 27, 1876 in Lima, Allen County, OH. He married Carletta ( ? - ? ). He earned a living as a barber. They resided in the 1930s at 382 Valinda Place in Akron. Suffering from arthritis and multiple sclerosis, Daniel died of heart failure at age 62 on Aug. 7, 1938. His remains were placed into rest in Rosehill Cemetery.

Daughter Laura Welker (1878- ? ) was born in about 1878.

Son Abram R. Welker (1880-1951) was born on June 13, 1880 in Howard, Knox County. He was married and earned a living cutting hair. Their home was at 2580 Cuyahoga Falls, Summit County, OH. At the age of 70, Abram died at home of heart problems on April 15, 1951. Interment was in Rose Hill Cemetery in Akron. Robert L. Welker provided vital details for the death certificate.

Daughter Cora Nadine Welker (1887-1950) was born on Feb. 27, 1887 in Knox County. She married (?) Roller. In the late 1940s, They lived at 978 Ottawa Drive in Youngstown, Mahoning County, OH. Mary contracted cancer of the cervix which spread to her brain. She died at home at the age of 62 on Jan. 7, 1950. She was laid to rest in Lake Park Cemetery in Youngstown. Wayne L. Burt signed her Ohio death certificate.

Son Mordecai M. Welker (1892-1950) was born on Aug. 21, 1892 in Knox County. He was married and resided in Canfield, Mahoning County, OH. He was a longtime real estate broker. At the age of 58, suffering from am embolism, he died in Youngstown's South Side Hospital on Dec. 19, 1950. John M. Welker was the informant for the official death certificate. His remains were lowered into repose in Lake Park Cemetery in Youngstown.


Danville, Ohio, turn of the 20th century


~ Daughter Edith (Welker) Lydick ~

Daughter Edith F. Welker (1845-1928) was born on Sept. 11, 1845 in Howard Township, Knox County.

On Christmas Day 1867, when she was age 22, Edith was united in wedlock with Ransom D. Lydick (1845-1919), son of Reuben and Calista Lydick and a native of Danville, OH. Jacob Hammond Sr. performed the nuptials, held in Knox County.

In June 1879, Ransom and a presumed brother William C. Lydick bought a 60-acre portion of their parents' farm in Section 15, Township 7 and Range 10 of Knox County.

The Lydicks later migrated to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, OH.

At the age of 74, on June 26, 1919, Ransom died in Cleveland due to heart valve problems. Burial was in Danville, with Grant Lydick signing the Ohio death certificate.

Edith survived her husband by nine years and lived at 2040 East 69th Street in Cleveland. She joined him in eternity the day after Christmas 1928, after having been admitted to Cleveland State Hospital for senility. Burial was in Danville.

~ Daughter Maria L. Welker ~

Daughter Maria L. Welker (1848- ? ) was born in about 1848 in Howard Township, Knox County. 

In 1870, at the age of 21, she was unmarried and lived at home with her parents.


~ Son Dillon Welker ~

Son Dillon Welker (1850-1873) was born on March 16, 1850 in Howard Township, Knox County.

Just a few weeks before his 22nd birthday, Dillon died in Howard Township.

His death is mentioned in the 1881 book compiled by N.N. Hill entitled History of Knox County, Ohio: Its Past and Present


~ Daughter Elizabeth Welker ~

Daughter Elizabeth Welker (1852- ? ) was born in 1852 in Howard Township, Knox County. 

Copyright 2000, 2015-2017 Mark A. Miner

Many thanks to Ken Moffitt for sharing his family's history compilations.