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My Legacy
By Paula (Scofield) Schrock
Chowchilla, California

Granddaughter of Orlan Lloyd Miner

Paula Scofield
When I think of what I want my legacy (a gift of inheritance) to be, a couple of things come to mind. 

Some people think is important to leave their family members money and "things." Others hope to pass on their talents or hair coloring. I think a true legacy should be of the utmost importance.

I have been thinking about my "legacy" for the past three years. My mother, Marilyn Miner Scofield, was on her deathbed. All of the family was assembled to say their goodbyes to her while she was still lucid. She called us one by one to her side to tell us how proud of us she was, how much she loved us and that she wanted to know that we would see her in heaven. 

Paula (right) with her parents and brother, Miner Reunion, 1966
She had the blessing of knowing that all of her children, their spouses, and grandchildren are committed Christians and that we will all see her some day in heaven.

So I have had the example of my parents as to what kind of legacy I want to leave my children and grandchildren. 

First, I want our future generations to know they have my blessing. 

But most importantly I want them to have a personal relationship with God. What a wonderful legacy that will be. 

We will have the ultimate family reunion in heaven with all of the "Miners" that have gone before us. 

So you see I am just continuing the legacy.

--June 1, 2013

[Editor's note: Paula's grandparents, Orlan and Helen (Proctor) Miner, both of Washington, PA, migrated to Southern California in 1948.

Copyright 2013 Paula (Scofield) Schrock. Published with permission.