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Will and Osta (Cain) Miner's 
Out West Photo Album

Images from Their Three Decades in Southern California


Off and on during the late 1910s, and again from about 1920 to their deaths, William Allen and Osta (Cain) Miner made their home in Southern California, in the outskirts of Pasadena, Los Angeles County. Their towns of residence over the years were El Monte and later Rosemead, where Will worked as a carpenter and house contractor during a time when these communities were booming in their growth as suburbs of Los Angeles. 

They enjoyed taking camping vacations throughout the southwestern United States, as shown by some of the images in this album, taken in Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. They took many photographs of these trips to record their memories and send back to relatives in Washington, PA, where they lovingly were preserved for decades.

[No caption] - Will and Osta with chickens, possibly in Washington, PA

This image is believed to show Will and Osta during one of their driving trips.

Will and Osta during their driving trips.

Caption on back: “This is the front of our present home. My two friends are ever with me.”  [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, El Monte, California.]

Caption on back: “As they are today at our new addresses. We are surrounded with scrubbery.” [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, El Monte, California]

Caption on back: "This was taken just back of Pikes Peak. He tried to scratch me. The man was a cowboy on a Dudes Ranch. Later the bear stood on his feet and offered to shake hands. I took his word for it. Taken June 25, 1929.”


Caption on back: “Just a Giant Dalia, 11 ft. 9".  [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, El Monte, California]

Caption on back: "Vernal Falls over twice as high as Niagra. In Yosemite Valley. We climbed hundreds of tiresome steps to get to the top of them where a beautiful lake lay in the basin of solid rock. 1931. [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, El Monte, California]

Caption on back: "On the Ariz. Desert. Burning hot. No water. Beautiful road. No houses 28 miles. Cactus sage bush mesquite, sand. Lonely, dark on 60 mi. to Phoenix, but we got 3 pictures. We saw thousands such as this. This 34 ft. high.”

Caption on back: “Two real natives of the forest and their pale face brother.  A real bark tepee and real Indians in their native dress in their natural haunts, but very friendly. They are dressed in furs and skins. Yosemite Valley. 1931.”  [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, El Monte, California]

Caption on back: “Getting their daily meal from the hand of one of their many friends. No gun is ever allowed in these forests. Yet I could not put my hand on their heads. These are beautiful does. Up 7000 feet among the big trees.  1931.”  [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, El Monte, California] Note Will's hiking pants, buttoned down the side of the calf.

Caption on back: “Picture taken Dec. 27, ’35. Taken in Indian Reservation, San Diego Co.  Do you see the bare feet. 2 are Indians. Can you tell which 2 are them. The mission church is just to the right.  [Stamped Anderson Photo Service, Jan. 3, 1935, El Monte, Calif.]

Caption on back: “Taken at Beatty, Nev. Meeting one of the natives which belongs to a family of Indians.[Stamped Anderson Photo Service, May 7, 1936, El Monte, Calif.]

Will and Osta resting with "cousin Burt Gover" (far right) at Hoover Dam Lake in 1936.

Caption on back: "Fall of 1937."

Caption on back: “Nov. 1944. Same place I was in 1936-37 over Christmas. Rosemead, Calif.”


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