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Daisy (Minerd) Hiles Predilla


Daisy and Josiah Hiles Sr.

Daisy (Minerd) Hiles Predilla was born on May 18, 1889 in Dunbar Township, Fayette County, PA, the daughter of Charles B. and Ada Althea (Tressler) Minerd.  She lived most of her adult years as a survivor, having endured the extraordinary tragedy and pain of losing her first husband and two sons in coal and coke accidents at work or at play.

Daisy's first husband was Josiah "Sie" Hiles Sr. (Jan. 20, 1885-1917), the son of Jacob and Malinda (Hall) Hiles. He had a twin brother, David Hiles. 

Josiah's early life was filled with not only the hardships of a hardened, industrial region, but also the specter of family violence. When he was age eight, in 1893, he resided with his parents and seven siblings in a stone house at Mount Braddock, Fayette County. In March of that year, having gotten into a fight with Josiah's older brothers, their father was despondent over the "family troubles," and used a large caliber pistol to take his own life in a bedroom of their dwelling. Said the Uniontown Evening Standard, "nearly the entire population of the town turned out this morning to view the principal actor and the scene of the tragedy." 

On June 1, 1905, the 16-year-old Daisy and 20-year-old Josiah were united in matrimony.

The year of their marriage, Josiah was employed as a laborer at the Lafayette Works at Helen, Fayette County, a town which no longer exists. By 1906, they had moved to Brownfield, Fayette County. Circa 1910, they were in Ronco near Masontown, and later he worked as a machinist at the Plumer Coke Works at McClellandtown, Fayette County.


Sons Sie, Milford and Charlie

Daisy and Josiah together produced a family of seven children -- Josiah Franklin "Sie" Hiles Jr., Harry Rebock Hiles, Charles Hiles, George "Milford" Hiles, John William "Moonie" Hiles Sr. and Martha "Jane" Lytle. She also helped to raise a grandson, James Hiles.

Sons Sie, Milford and Charlie are seen here as young boys. This photograph likely taken by their uncle, Frank Minerd, who was a camera buff and snapped many family pictures during this era, and in whose archival collection the image was found.

The first of a series of senseless tragedies struck the Hiles family in the spring of 1917. That year, Josiah was working as a laborer at the Plumer Works. He apparently was friends with his boss, E.W. Eberly, and enjoyed a friendly rivalry of physical strength, often wrestling with each other for fun.

In a tragic twist of fate, Josiah was killed during a freak accident during one of his contests with Eberly. The Uniontown Morning Herald reported the gruesome story, saying that Josiah:

... met a tragic death Saturday during a friendly wrestling bout with E.W. Eberly, superintendent of the plant. Mr. Eberly, Mr. Hiles and several other employes had gone to the mine to repair a motor. During the interval while a "trip" was being made, Mr. Hiles and Mr. Eberly engaged in a friendly wrestling bout as they had done dozens of times before. Mr. Eberly finally threw Mr. Hiles, both men falling at the same time. Mr. Hiles' head, however, struck on the edge of a bench which had been nearby but thought out of danger. Death resulted from a broken neck. Mr. Hiles is survived by his widow and four children.  He was one of the most popular men at the plant.


Obituary, 1917

Josiah Sr. was buried in Pleasant View Cemetery in Dunbar. His grave today is not believed to be marked.

Daisy thus became a widow at the age of 28, with a family of six young children to raise, house and feed. How she made ends meet during this difficult period of life is not known.

The family made their home near the Hope Works when, 11 years later, Daisy faced another unspeakable tragedy when her son Harry Rebock Hiles drowned in a local reservoir. More details are below.

Two years later, the Shadow of Death cruelly struck yet again, when Daisy lost her 24-year-old son Josiah "Sie" Hiles Jr. in an accident at the Provance Mine of Powell Coal.


Daisy and James Predilla

After a decade as a widow, on Nov. 8, 1927, the 38-year-old Daisy was joined in wedlock with 37-year-old James Predilla (1880-1967), an immigrant and a native of Austria. 

James was a coal mine laborer who lived in Masontown, and he became step-father to Daisy's teenage children Jane and John, who still resided at home.

Daisy faced further heartache in 1952 when her brother Arthur Ralph "Buck" Minerd and nephew William Minerd were killed in an automobile accident near Masontown.

The Predillas' final home together was in the rear of 225 Fairview Street in Masontown. She was a member of the Assembly of God Church in Masontown.

The 74-year-old Daisy was overweight and diabetic and was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. She contracted a blood disease known as azotemia and passed away in Uniontown Hospital, relieved of her many sufferings, on May 22, 1963. A death notice in the Uniontown Evening Standard reported that her survivors included 32 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held in the Assembly of God Church, co-officiated by Rev. Charles Morris and Rev. Ethel Hardy.

Jim outlived her by four years. He died on May 1, 1967 at Uniontown. She and James and her son Josiah Jr. are buried at the Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery at Masontown.


Young Josiah Hiles Jr.

~ Son Josiah Franklin "Sie" Hiles ~

Son Josiah Franklin "Sie" Hiles Jr. (1906-1930) was born on March 4, 1906 in Brownfield, Fayette County.

As a young man, he was employed as a laborer at the Provance Mine of Powell Coal near Masontown, Fayette County. 

He was married to Josephine Michalek ( ? - ? ).

The couple resided at the Hope Works circa 1928.

They were the parents of one known son, Josiah "Franklin" Hiles, who sadly was born prematurely at six-and-a-half months and in a breech position and died at birth on May 19, 1928. The infant's tender remains were placed into eternal repose in the Dunkard Cemetery.

Josiah Jr. was employed as a driver in the coal mine of Powell Coal Company. On June 18, 1930, he was "instantly killed" in a mine accident, at age 24. In chronicling the story, the Uniontown Daily News Standard reported that he had been:

... caught beneath a trip of mine cars in the Provance mine of the Powell Coal company, near Masontown.  His body was badly mangled.  He is survived by his widow ... and an infant child.

The county coroner viewed the body and ruled the death accidental. Josiah's broken remains were laid to eternal rest in the church cemetery of Fairview Church.

Josephine outlived her husband and appears to have remained in Masontown during the 1930s.


~ Son George "Milford" Hiles ~

Son George "Milford" Hiles (1910-1991) was born on Sept. 1, 1910 in Ronco near Masontown, Fayette County. In adulthood, he stood 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighed 155 lbs. and had a light complexion, and brown eyes and hair.

On Aug. 11, 1930, when he was age 20, he married Margaret Alberta Koontz (March 28, 1912-1987), a native of Johnstown, Cambria County, PA, and the daughter of Albert and Laura L. (Stiffler) Koontz.

The couple bore these known children -- Kenneth A. Hiles, Alberta "Jane" Reed, Milford Hiles, Paul David Hiles, Larry James Hiles, Robert Hiles and Laura Henneman.

Their home for decades was in Altoona, Blair County, PA. In the 1950s, they resided at 1105 Sixth Avenue, and at another time in the 11th Street Tower. They were members of the Pleasant Valley Assembly of God Church, with Margaret spending time in the Ladies Bible Class and the sanctuary choir.

Sadly, Margaret passed into eternity on Aug. 3, 1987, at the age of 75. Rev. Robert E. Hafner officiated at her funeral, held in the family church.

Milford outlived her by four years. He died at the age of 81 on Aug. 31, 1991. Burial was in Blair Memorial Park in Bellwood, Blair County.

Son Kenneth A. Hiles (1932-2002) was born in 1932. He first entered into marriage with Marlene J. Stuby (July 22, 1935-2013), daughter of Joseph P. and Beatrice K. (Hoopes) Stuby of Altoona, PA. The only known child of this union was Giselle "Candy" Shawley. The family residence in 1956 was in Greenwood near Altoona. The marriage dissolved in divorce, and Marlene wed a second time to Paul F. Burk (Nov. 21, 1933-1977) and bore another daughter, Pauletta A. Burk. Kenneth's second wife was Janet Shearer ( ? - ? ). Together they bore a daughter of their own, Vicky Snyder. The Hileses relocated to Derby, NY. Sadly, he died on March 13, 2002. An obituary was printed in the Buffalo News. Former wife Marlene remained in Altoona and died at the age of 77 on Jan. 5, 2013. Her remains were laid to rest beside her second husband's in Arlington National Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Vicky Hiles ( ? - ? ) - On June 18, 1977, she married Charles M. Snyder ( ? - ? ), son of T. James and Rita Snyder. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Bernadette's Church in Hamburg, NY. In announcing the happy event, the Buffalo News pictured Vicky and said her organza gown featured a high neckline and illusion yoke, and an "organza crown held the bride's long veil and she carried carnations and gypsophila." The newlyweds' first home was in Hamburg near Buffalo. Later, they put down roots in Chester, SC. Their two known daughters are Elizabeth Marie "Liz" O'Neal and Jessica Louise Snyder. They lived in Bishopville, SC in 2023 and suffered the loss of their daughter Jessica.

    Great-granddaughter Elizabeth Marie "Liz" Snyder ( ? - ? ) received a bachelor of science in business-computer information from Anderson University. Circa 2014, she was employed with Chase in Florence, SC. On Oct. 31, 2014, she was united in matrimony with Kevin Allen O'Neal ( ? - ? ) of Patrick, SC and the son of David and Robbie O'Neal. They exchanged their marital vows at Wedding Chapel by the Sea in Myrtle Beach, SC. At the time of marriage, Kevin was a colleague at Chase, having received his bachelor of science degree in computer science and mathematics. The newlyweds made their first home in Florence, SC and later settled in Pineville, NC.

    Great-granddaughter Jessica Louise Snyder (1982-2023) was born on April 23, 1982. She was the mother of Wally Wilmore. Her home in the early 2020s was in Bishopville, SC. Said an obituary, Jessica 'loved listening to music and singing like she was putting on concerts. Jessica had a big heart and wanted to help everyone she saw in need. She never met a stranger." Grief cascaded over the family when she died at the age of 40 on March 9, 2023. Her son Wally has dwelled in York, SC. He is the father of Jaz Wilmore and Braxtyn Wilmore and has been a companion of Maycee Bryant.

  • Granddaughter Giselle "Candy" Hiles (1956-2015) was born in Nov. 1956 in Mercy Hospital in Altoona. News of her birth was published in the Altoona Tribune. She was a 1974 graduate of Altoona High School. Giselle was the mother of Brandon M. Hiles. In time she wed Joel A. Shawley (1963- ? ). The couple made a home in Altoona, PA in 2002. Sadly, Giselle surrendered to the angel of death at the age of 58 in UPMC Altoona on Aug. 16, 2015. Burial of her remains was in Altoona's Grandview Cemetery. Joel survived his wife by a number of years and in 2020 suffered the untimely death of his stepson Brandon.

    Great-grandson Brandon M. Hiles (1984-2020) was born on April 4, 1984 in Altoona, PA. He was the father of Kylie J. Downs. Brandon dwelled in Claysburg, PA. Sadness blanketed the family when, at age 36, he died in Conemaugh Nason Hospital on June 25, 2020.

Daughter Alberta "Jane" Hiles (1936- ? ) was born in 1936. She wedded (?) Reed ( ? - ? ). Her residence in 1987 was in Eggertsville, NY. She was living as of 2017.

Son Milford George Hiles (1936-2017) was born on Oct. 30, 1936 in Altoona, Blair County. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces. He was married to Nancy. The pair produced six sons -- James Hiles, John Hiles, Paul Hiles, Mark Hiles, David Hiles and Michael Hiles. The couple eventually divorced. Milford spent his final years in Altoona. He was admitted to Maybrook Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center where he succumbed to death at the age of 80 on July 24, 2017.

  • Grandson James Hiles ( ? - ? ) 
  • Grandson John Hiles ( ? - ? ) 
  • Grandson Paul Hiles ( ? - ? ) 
  • Grandson Mark Hiles ( ? - ? ) 
  • Grandson David Hiles ( ? - ? ) 
  • Grandson Michael Hiles ( ? - ? ) was deceased by 2017.

Son Paul David Hiles (1938-1956) was born on Oct. 31, 1938. He never married. Stricken with leukemia, he died at the age of 17 on March 27, 1956. Burial was in Carson Valley Cemetery in Allegheny Township, Blair County..

Son Larry James Hiles (1952-1979) was born on May 9, 1952. He resided in Blair County, PA in young manhood. Tragically, he was killed on March 11, 1979. in a two-car crash at an intersection near town. Reported the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, "his car was struck broadside by another vehicle, authorities said. Hiles' vehicle struck a curb and flipped over." His remains were lowered under the sod of Alto Reste Burial Park in Altoona.

Son Robert L. Hiles Sr. (1946-2018) was born on July 20, 1946 in Altoona. He joined the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, serving from 1964 to 1967. At the age of about 20, in 1967, he tied the marital cord with Sharon M. Boore ( ? - ? ). The pair stayed together for a remarkable 51 years until the separation of death. The two offspring they produced together were Phyllis Angermeier and Robert L. Hiles Jr. The family dwelled for years in Altoona. Robert earned a living as a salesman with Ollinger Brick. In his free time he liked to play slot machines and go metal detecting. With his health in decline, Robert was admitted to the Lutheran Home at Hollidaysburg. There, at the age of 72, Robert died on Oct. 20, 2018. His survivors included four grandchildren. A celebration of his life was held at New Life Worship Center in Altoona.

  • Granddaughter Phyllis Hiles married Timothy Angermeier. They put down roots in Duncansville, PA.
  • Grandson Robert L. Hiles Jr. wed Crissy. They were in Altoona in 2018.

Daughter Laura Hiles ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She was united in marriage with (?) Hennaman ( ? - ? ). She was in Altoona in 2002 and in Duncansville, PA in 2018.


Harry R. Hiles

~ Son Harry Rebock Hiles ~

Son Harry Rebock Hiles (1912-1928) was born on Jan. 5, 1912.

As a teenager, he resided with his brother Josiah Jr. at house no. 14 in the Hope Coal Company Works near Smithfield, Georges Township, Fayette County. He helped support the family through his wages as a coal miner.


Uniontown Daily News Standard, 1928

Tragically, on the fateful day of April 5, 1928, he lost his life as a teenager when he drowned in a reservoir near the Hope Works while playing on a raft. The Uniontown Daily News Standard reported on the details of the incident:

...When an improvised raft on which a half dozen youngsters were playing last evening at 5:30 o'clock was submerged in the waters of a reservoir near Hope works, in the vicinity of High House, Harry Rebock Hiles, aged 16, son of Mrs. Daisy Hiles ... was drowned.  His body was recovered last night at 10 o'clock by use of dynamite by employes of the works. The boys had built the raft after school hours yesterday, and had just "set sail" when too much weight drove the structure under water. The youths were thrown in the reservoir all managing to get ashore excepting Harry. Help was summoned and despite hours of effort location of the body was impossible.

Funeral services were held in the home of his brother Josiah Jr., with Rev. C.L. Jewel officiating. The remains were interred in the Dunkard Cemetery in Masontown.


~ Son Rev. Charles Edward Hiles ~


Charles Hiles

Rev. Charles Edward Hiles (1907- ? ) was born on Nov. 4 or 8, 1907 in Keisterville, Menallen Township, Fayette County. Dr. E.H. Rebok assisted in the delivery.

Charles was joined in marital union with Edna Hoover (Sept. 4, 1914-1980), a West Virginia native and the daughter of Burley and Ella C. (Miller) Hoover.

The couple bore these known children -- Phyllis Pearl Lutz, Betty Jane Ice, Edward Hiles, Evelyn Lacy Bowers Kappler, Gerald Hiles, Donald Hiles and Edna Osterwise Masek Smith.

The Hileses lived in South Union Township circa 1935-1940. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1940, Charles' occupation was listed by the census-taker as "tracklayer - coal mine."

At some point, Charles felt the pull of God to enter Christian ministry. He became ordained in the Church of God.


Charles Hiles in coal mining gear

Circa 1958, the family made a home in San Angelo, TX at 401 South Bell, where he obtained a delayed birth certificate. By 1963, they resided in Clairton, Allegheny County, PA and in 1966 in Reading, Berks County, PA. Then by 1973, the couple relocated to Millville, Cumberland County, NJ.

In Millville, Charles served as pastor of Leesburg Church of God, and Edna worked as a hotel manager in nearby Hackensack. They were members of the Calvary Cathedral Pentecostal Charismatic Church. Charles retired in 1976, with the pair making a home in the Mill Village Apartments

He was quoted in a Millville Daily story in 1978 about whether there ever could be peace in the Middle East.

Sadly, Edna died in Millville Hospital in May 1980. An obituary was published in the Daily.

Charles outlived her by two decades and relocated once more to Phoenix, AZ. He passed into eternity there at the age of 93 on Dec. 4, 2000. He was pictured in an obituary in the Vineland Daily Journal, which said that as a minister, "he reached out and blessed many lives. Although he retired from the ministry, he never stopped praying for God's work to be done." He was survived by 26 grandchildren.

Charles and Edna rest together in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Millville, Cumberland County, NJ.

Daughter Phyllis Pearl Hiles (1931-2007) was born on March 17, 1931. News of her birth was published in the Uniontown Morning Herald. She was first wed to (?) Puckett. The offspring born to this union were Benda Pagota, Paul Puckett, Donald Puckett, Virgil Puckett and Ricky Puckett. Later, she married (?) Lutz ( ? - ? ). Her home in 1980 was in Vineland, NJ. She then moved to Trinity, TX by 2005, where her daughter and son resided. Her final years were spent in Elkton, MD. Toward the end, she was admitted to Union Hospital in Elkton, where she died at the age of 76 on Nov. 4, 2007. An obituary in the Vineland (NJ) Daily Journal said she "was a wonderful wife and mother and will be greatly missed."

  • Granddaughter Brenda married (?) Pagota. Her home in 2007 was in Trinity, TX.
  • Grandson Paul Puckett resided in Trinity, TX.
  • Grandson Donald Puckett dwelled in North East, MD.
  • Grandson Virgil Puckett lived in 2007 in North East, MD.
  • Grandson Ricky Puckett made a residence in Ocean Gate.

Daughter Betty Jane Hiles (1932-2005) was born on June 29, 1932 in Uniontown. She wed Clyde O. Ice Jr. (Dec. 25, 1924-2000), son of Clyde O. and Verna (Evans) Ice.  Their union endured the ebbs and flows of a remarkable 52 years of marriage. They resided in the Uniontown area and were the parents of Clyde Ice III, Charles Ice, Sandra Nakamura, Rev. Roger Ice, Janie Greenlaw and Donald Ice. Clyde served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was a longtime steelworker at the Clairton Works of United States Steel Corporation. As of 2000, they lived at Continental 3 near Uniontown. Clyde died at Life Care in Wilkinsburg, PA at the age of 75 on March 1, 2000. Rev. Gary McFadden presided over the funeral rites. As her health failed, Betty Jane was admitted to the Cherry Tree Nursing Center, and succumbed there at the age of 73 on Sept. 17, 2005. She was laid to rest in Walnut Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery.

  • Grandson Clyde O. Ice III ( ? - ? ) relocated to Fort Myers, FL.
  • Grandson Charles Ice ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Sandra Ice ( ? - ? ) married (?) Nakamura ( ? - ? ). She was in Woodbridge, VA in 2000.
  • Grandson Rev. Roger Ice ( ? - ? ) has officiated a number of funerals in the Uniontown area.
  • Granddaughter Betty Jane "Janie" Ice entered into marriage with (?) Greenlaw ( ? - ? ). As of 2000, using the name "Ice," she made her home in Uniontown.
  • Grandson Donald F. Ice ( ? - ? ) resided in Uniontown in 2000.

Son Edward Hiles (1936- ? ) was born in about 1936.

Daughter Evelyn Hiles (1937-2014) was born in about 1937. She was married several times. Her first spouse was (?) Lacy ( ? - ? ). The couple produced at least three children -- Bobby Lacy, Harold Lacy and Johnnie Lacy. She may also have been wed to (?) Bowers ( ? - ? ). Their presumed offspring were Melanie Tomasso, Gerald Bowers and Sharon Bowers. Later, she was united in wedlock with Theodore "Ted" Kappler ( ? -2010). They established a residence in Millville, Cumberland County, NJ. They were longtime members of the Chestnut Assembly of God, where Evelyn taught Sunday School. She liked to play the guitar and piano and study her Bible. Theodore was employed by Kerr Glass for 32 years. Said a newspaper, he "had an excellent memory for all things South Jersey and loved reminiscing about watching South Jersey develop."" He passed away on Jan. 26, 2010. Funeral services were held in their church, led by Rev. Ralph Snook. She died in Cooper Hospital UMC in Camden, NJ on June 1, 2014. Her remains were cremated.

  • Grandson Bobby Lacy ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Harold Lacy ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Johnnie Lacy ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Melanie ( ? - ? ) married Keith Tomasso ( ? - ? ), son of George and Constance (Lera) Tomasso Jr. of Vineland, NJ
  • Grandson Gerald Bowers ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Sharon Bowers ( ? - ? ) was a companion of Amelia.

Son Gerald F. Hiles (1938-2021) was born on Sept. 22, 1938 in Smithfield, Fayette County. He dwelled in Smithfield and by 1980 was in Keyser, Mineral County, WV. In time he returned to Smithfield. He married Shirley ( ? - ? ). Their brood of three daughters included Cynthia Tyler, Michelle Kurtz and Debbie King. The marriage ended in divorce. Said an obituary, "Gerald loved to spend time at his church, play the piano and spend time with his family. He was very close to his nephew, Harold Lacy and talked to him several times every week about his life and their shared love of God... Gerald was a very gentle and kind man and he will be greatly missed." He died in his sleep on Feb. 23, 2021. The family made the request that any memorial donations be made to the Gideon Memorial Bibles. Former wife Shirley wed again to (?) DiGiacomo.

  • Granddaughter Cynthia Hiles married (?) Tyler.
  • Granddaughter Michelle Hiles wed (?) Kurtz.
  • Granddaughter Debbie Hiles entered into marriage with (?) King.

Son Donald Hiles ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He was in Montclair, NJ in 1980 and in Hackensack, NJ in 2005.

Daughter Edna B. Hiles ( ? - ? ) was born in (? Uniontown, PA and spent her early years in Clairton, PA. At the age of 19, on July 15, 1960, she and 21-year-old Lee Alan Osterwise Sr. ( ? - ? ) tied the knot in Winchester, VA. Rev. Frank C. Mays, of the Assembly of God Church, led the rites. Lee was the son of Lewis and Dorothy (Roseman) Osterwise of Mount Pleasant, PA and employed as a construction worker at the time of marriage. They relocated to New Jersey and made a home in Millville, NJ. Together, they bore a family of four -- Edna Lee Osterwise, Dana Osterwise, Lee Alan Osterwise Jr. and Charles Osterwise. Edna was active with the Sunday School at Leesburg Church of God where her father was pastor. Sadly, the Osterwises' marriage ended in divorce. Edna met her second husband at the Church of God. In March 1979, she was joined in matrimony with widower Victor Masek ( ? -1978), a native of David City, NE who had come to New Jersey in young manhood via the U.S. Army. Their nuptials were conducted in Fairfield Township, Cumberland County, NJ. He had been married previously for 26 years to Eunice Scavelli ( ? - ? ) and had devoted their lives to "many areas of ministries including singing, preaching and prison ministry," reported the Arizona Republic of Phoenix. He thus brought two stepdaughters into the second union -- Phillippa Mori and Kimetha Flitcraft. Edna and Victor were together for 27 years until the separation of death. The pair initially resided in Malaga, Gloucester County, NJ. Together they led a televised program, "Concerned Christians for Christ," airing on cable Channel 4. Then in 1981, their television show was entitled "Redeeming the Time" and featured sacred music and preaching. Later, they relocated to Glendale, AZ. Said an obituary, "Victor's passion was to see people come to know Jesus as Savior. He spent many hours talking, praying and caring for hurting people. He touched so many people with the love and compassion of his Lord." Victor died at the age of 77 on May 10, 2006. Funeral rites were held at Arrowhead Fellowship. He was pictured in his obituary in the Republic.  By 2021, Edna had married again to (?) Smith.

  • Granddaughter Edna Lee Osterwise ( ? - ? ) grew up in Millville, NJ.
  • Granddaughter Dana Osterwise is believed to have been a 1981 graduate of Millville (NJ) High School.
  • Grandson Lee Alan Osterwise Jr. (1966- ? ) was born in 1966. He is believed to have been twice-wed. His first spouse was Tina ( ? - ? ). They divorced in Volusia County, F: on March 25, 1988. His second bride was Elizabeth M. Holcomb (1965- ? ). The second marriage was held in South Lake Tahoe, CA on Sept. 11, 1988. One child was born to the couple. After two years, the couple separated, and a year later were divorced. Lee moved to Phoenix, and she remained in Williamsburg, VA.
  • Grandson Charles Osterwise ( ? - ? )
  • Step-granddaughter Phillippa Masek was a talented organist and studied at the Nyack (NY) Missionary College. On Feb. 24, 1979, she wed Blaine H. Mori ( ? - ? ) of Bricktown, NJ. Rev. Duran Palmetree officiated, with the happy news published in the Millville Daily. Two daughters born of this marriage were Rebekah Mori and Sarah Mori.
  • Step-granddaughter Kimetha "Kim" Masek ( ? -2011) was born in Elmer, NJ and raised in Malaga, NJ. She was a 1973 graduate of Delsea Regional High School and studied music at Nyack (NY) Missionary College. She married Michael J. Flitcraft ( ? - ? ), son of Harry M. and Gloria (Pantilione) Flitcraft. Their marriage endured for the timespan of 32 years until cleaved apart by death. Their only son was Timothy Flitcraft. Circa 1978, the couple made a home in Vineland, NJ. Said an obituary, "She owned and operated Kimetha Connection and also had a music and puppet ministry. She was a longtime member of the Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Vineland, where she held numerous positions over the years, such as choir director, vacation Bible school, assistant to Boardwalk Chapel and president of the Woman's Presbytery. Kim also had worked as the director of programs at the N.J. Veterans Memorial Home, was involved with the Boy Scouts of America and performed with the ZOE Band." She taught music at M&M Music, Cumberland Christian School and Vineland Public Schools. She was active with Speak the Word Ministries, and the Vineland Ministerial Council and entertained at civic events and in nursing homes. She passed away at the age of 55, as a patient in South Jersey Healthcare HospiceCare Inpatient Care Center, on July 15, 2011. Her funeral was held at Coveland Orthodox Presbyterian Church, followed by burial in Siloam Cemetery in Vineland. An obituary appeared in the Daily Journal.


~ Daughter Martha "Jane" (Hiles) Lytle ~


Jane and her ill-fated brother Harry

Daughter Martha "Jane" Hiles (1915-1977) was born in 1915 in Fayette County.

She married Harold "William" Lytle ( ? - ? ).

The couple dwelled for decades in Masontown. 

They were the parents of Billie Jane Krofcheck and Jack Lytle.

Circa 1977, Jane lived at 122 North Main Street, Masontown and Harold was in Point Marion. 

Sadly, Jane surrendered to the angel of death at home on June 16, 1977. The Uniontown Evening Standard published an obituary.

Daughter Billie Jane Lytle (1943-2000) was born on April 11, 1943 in Masontown. She was united in marriage with Ronald E. Krofcheck ( ? - ? ). They made a home in Perryopolis, Fayette County. Three sons were born to this marriage -- Ronald A. Krofcheck, Gregory M. Krofcheck and Daniel M. Krofcheck. Billie belonged to St. John the Baptist Romand Catholic Church in Perryopolis. She was employed by the U.S. Post Office in Perryopolis and a member of the Rural Letter Carriers Association. On Sept. 10, 1975, she and others were pictured in the Uniontown Evening Standard as organizers of a card and game party to benefit the St. John's Parent-Teacher Guild of Perryopolis. Sadly, at the age of 57, Billie passed away in UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh on Dec. 5, 2000. A funeral mass was held in the family church, celebrated by Rev. Fr. John E. Euker. The Uniontown Herald Standard published an obituary.

  • Grandson Ronald A. Krofcheck married Dana. They relocated to Hurricane, WV.
  • Grandson Gregory M. Krofcheck wedded Rebecca. They dwelled in West Newton, PA.
  • Grandson Daniel M. Krofcheck lived in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA.

Son Jack Lytle married Sally. They lived in Manassas, VA in 1977 and were in Virginia in 2000.


~ Son John William "Moonie" Hiles ~

John and Ellen Hiles -  courtesy Ed Hiles

Son John William "Moonie" Hiles (1917-1991) was born on Sept. 13, 1917 in Puritan, Fayette County.

He made a home in Masontown in young manhood. He stood 5 feet, 7 inches tall and weighed 145 lbs., and sported a lump on the bridge of his nose where it had been broken.

On Feb. 24, 1937, he entered into marriage with Ellen June Clark (June 3, 1919-1999), a resident of the coal town of Adah, and the daughter of James Lawrence and Ina Prudence (Smith) Clark. News of their marriage license was published in the Uniontown Evening Standard.

Together, they produced a family of six, among them John William Hiles Jr., Sylvia "Jean" Rawlings, James Robert "Butch" Hiles, Mary Jane Maenner, Rebecca Joyce Francis Campbell Reeves and Paulette Miller.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1940, the young couple resided in Nicholson Township, Fayette County, with him earning a living as a loader in a coal mine. His mother and stepfather dwelled next-door at that time. His employer about that time was Masontown Fuel Company. During World War II, when registering for the military draft, he had moved from Masontown to East Providence, RI.

By 1950, the Hileses made a dwelling in the coal mine patch town of Lambert, and John continued his work as a coal loader. His last employer was the Hillman Coal Company. By 1963, they moved to Baltimore, MD and were there for many years. In 1967, at the wedding of their daughter Paulette, their home address was on Elrino Street.

The angel of death cleaved John away in Masontown on June 13, 1991. His remains were lowered under the sod of the local Greendale Cemetery.

Ellen survived her husband by eight years. She passed away in Glen Burnie, MD at the age of 79 on April 5, 1999. Inscribed on the face of their grave marker is the opening line of the Lord's Prayer -- "Our Father which art in heaven."


John and Betty Hiles -  courtesy Ed Hiles
Son John William Hiles Jr. (1938-2020) was born on Feb. 10, 1938 in Nicholson Township, Fayette County. He served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard and then settled in the low country of South Carolina. John was married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Joyce "Betty" Miller (July 21, 1939-1996), a native of Rapsbury, MD and the daughter of Joseph John and Mary (Davis) Miller. They became the parents of three sons -- Edward Carl Hiles, Douglas A. Hiles and Troy T. Hiles. John was employed for many years in the Charleston Naval Shipyard. He attended the Bethlehem Baptist Church and was a master of the Masons lodge in Bethlehem. Said the Charleston Post & Courier, "John never met a stranger and was well beloved by those he knew. He was a creative person, who loved animals and delighted in spiritual explorations." Betty was known for her work as a bingo caller at the Club Dorchester, Lazy B. Sadly, she passed away in a hospital in North Charleston, SC on July 6, 1996. Her obituary was published in the Walterboro (SC) Press and Standard. John married again in about 1998 to Esther (Montellano) McCloskey ( ? -living). She too had been married before and brought three offspring to the second union, Theresa M. Soto, Gerard McCloskey and Michael McCloskey. Their union endured for 21 years until cleaved apart by death. Sadly, in Nov. 2002, they endured the death of a grandson, Justin M. Hiles, of Marietta, GA. His final years were spent in Round O near Charleston. He died in Vibra Hospital at the age of 82 on March 13, 2020. Burial was at Carolina Memorial Park in North Charleston, with military rites provided at the interment.

  • Grandson Edward Carl Hiles ( ?-living) married Charlene. They are the parents of LeAnn Hiles Lott. Their home in 1996 was in Mobile, AL. In the early 2000s and again in 2023, Ed generously provided valuable content for this biography. 

    Great-granddaughter Leslie LeAnn Hiles ( ? -living) has been involved with important geoarchaeological research at prehistoric sites in southern Alabama. She was praised by name by the Alabama Historical Commission. She also received the Elliott Hagler Award at the University of South Alabama for "the most deserving Geology Major planning on attending the Department's summer field school." She entered into marriage with Chris Lott ( ? -living). They are the parents of Mia Lott.

  • Grandson Douglas A. Hiles ( ? -living) was born in (?). His first wife was Priscilla D. Cain ( ? - ? ), daughter of William and Mabel Bernice Cain. They were the parents of Amanda Hiles, Justin Matthew Miles, Laura Hiles and Ashton Hiles. In 1996, his residence was in Hanahan, SC. Later, after a divorce, he wed Betty ( ? - ? ). Grief cascaded over their lives when son Justin, at age 19 about to study at North Metro Tech, died in Marietta, GA on Nov. 19, 2002. Rev. Dr. Randy Mickler led the funeral service at Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church Chapel, with cremation following. A death notice was printed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
  • Grandson Troy T. Hiles ( ? -living) dwelled in Moncks Corner, SC in 1996.

Daughter Sylvia "Jean" Hiles (1940- ? ) was born in 1940. She tied the marital cord with (?) Rawlings ( ? - ? ). She lived in Rosedale, MD in 1992.

 James "Butch" Hiles
Son James Robert "Butch" Hiles (1942-1987) was born on March 22, 1942 in Masontown. He was twice-married. With his first bride, they bore a trio of children -- Kirk Hiles, Brian Hiles and Mark Hiles. His second wife was Gloria Faye Parker (July 16, 1946-2010), a native of Baltimore and the daughter of Johnie and Thelma Parker. They produced a child of their own, Gloria Lynn Hall. Circa 1963, James was in Alexandria, VA and in 1987 in Dundalk, MD. He died in Baltimore, MD on May 4, 1987. The body was laid to rest under the sod of Gardens of Faith Cemetery, and the Baltimore Sun published an obituary. Gloria continued on for another 23 years and made her dwelling-place in Sparrows Point, MD. She succumbed to the spectre of death in Baltimore on Sept. 21, 2010.

  • Granddaughter Gloria Lynn Hiles ( ? - ? ) grew up in Dundalk, MD. She was joined in marriage with (?) Hall. They are the parents of Bryoria Hall.
  • Grandson Kirk Hiles ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Brian Hiles ( ? - ? )
  • Grandson Mark Hiles ( ? - ? )

Mary Jane and Ron Maenner - courtesy Edward C. Hiles
Daughter Mary Jane Hiles (1944-1992) was born on July 22, 1944 in Masontown, Fayette County. She grew to womanhood in Baltimore. On Nov. 22, 1970, when she was 26 years of age, she was joined in wedlock with 27-year-old Ronald J. Maenner Sr. (Jan. 15, 1943-2009), son of John T. and Loretta A. (Walczak) Maenner. Ronald's father was the longtime owner of Govans Cafe in Baltimore. The couple did not reproduce during their 22 years together. They put down roots in Pasadena near Baltimore, MD. Mary Jane earned a living as a waitress and then in about 1991 operated the cafeteria at Chesapeake Bay Middle School. She also worked over the years as a waitress at the Friendly Ice Creak Shop along Pasadena's Mountain Road and before that the Horn and Horn Smorgasbord in Severna Park. Mary Jane generously gave of her time with patients as a volunteer with the North Arundel Nursing and Convalescent Center. Ronald was employed by E.L. Gardner Inc., a maker of ready-mix concrete products, as a concrete salesman. He also worked for other concrete firms over the years. Sadly, Mary Jane contracted an incurable case of lung cancer and at the age of 48 died on Nov. 10, 1992. Her funeral service was held at the Chesapeake Christian Center, with burial in Cedar Hill Cemetery. A detailed obituary was printed in the Baltimore Sun. Ronald married again in about 1999 to his wife's sister Paulette E. (Hiles) Miller ( ? - ? ). See her bio for more.

Rebecca Reeves
Courtesy Ed Hiles
Daughter Rebecca Joyce Hiles (1946-2009) was born on Sept. 19, 1946 in Uniontown, Fayette County. One of her husbands was (?) Francis. Another spouse was (?) Campbell ( ? - ? ). Their one son was Paul David Campbell. Later, in 1964, she married David "Howard" Reeves (Dec. 16, 1946-2011), originally from Chattanooga, TN and the son of Joseph and Ima Jean (Howard) Reeves. Howard served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. He is believed to have brought a stepson into the union, Brian David Reeves, although this needs to be confirmed. Rebecca and Howard became the parents of three, among them Timothy Reeves, Rachelle "Shelly" Reeves-Moore and Ellen Jean Majeed. Howard is known to have been a member of the National Hot Rod Association. The pair divorced, with Howard marrying again circa 1976 to Linda ( ? - ? ). Her residence in 1992 was in Cambridge, MD. Later she migrated to Georgia and dwelled in Rossville, GA, continuing to use the "Reeves" surname. Rebecca died at the age of 62, in Walker County, GA, on May 14, 2009. Her remains lie in eternal repose in Tennessee Georgia Memorial Park in Rossville. Former husband Howard lived for another two years. Death swept him away in Rossville on Aug. 21, 2011.

  • Grandson Paul David Campbell was joined in matrimony with Jennifer. They were in Dalton, GA in 2011.
  • Step-grandson Brian David Reeves tied the marital cord with Annie and has made a home in Ringgold, GA. 
  • Grandson Timothy Reeves wed Teressa. The pair settled in Rossville, GA. In 2003 and again in 2010, Teressa contacted the founder of this website and expressed interest in the history of this branch of the family.
  • Granddaughter Rachelle "Shelly" Reeves married Ray Moore. They dwell in Rossville, GA. 
  • Granddaughter Ellen Jean Reeves was a 1991 graduate of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School in Georgia. She entered into marriage with Syed Majeed ( ? - ? ). Their home in 2011 was in Harrison, TN.

Daughter Paulette Hiles (1948- ? ) was born in about 1948. In 1967, she was first wed to Robert J. Miller Sr. ( ? - ? ), son of Sylvester Miller of South Madeira Street, Baltimore. Te wedding was held at St. Patrick's Church by the hand of Rev. Patrick J. Walsh and announced with Paulette's bridal portrait in the Baltimore Evening Sun. They first lived in Alameda, CA. Later they planted themselves in Pasadena, MD and bore two offspring, Robert J. Miller Jr. and Marcy L. Donovan. Later, in about 2000, she married her widowed brother-in-law, Ronald J. Maenner Sr. Their union lasted for nine years until the separation of death. A third son in this family was Ronald J. Maenner Jr. The Maenners remained in Pasadena. Ronald eventually retired after 34 years as a concrete products salesman. In his free time he liked to fish, tend his garden and take automobile rides. At the age of 66, he died on June 1, 2009. The funeral was conducted in Severn Run Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Millersville, followed by burial in Cedar Hill Cemetery. His obituary appeared in The Capital. Paulette has survived her second spouse by many years. She has been active with the children's nursery at the family church.

  • Grandson Robert J. Miller Jr. resided in Bishopsville, MD  in 2009. 
  • Granddaughter Marcy L. Miller married (?) Donovan. Her home in 2009 was in Severn, MD.
  • Grandson Ronald J. Maenner Jr. lived in Pasadena, MD in 2009. 


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