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Harry Russell Minerd



Harry and Mary

Harry Russell Minerd was born on March 18, 1908 in Meadowbrook, Fayette County, PA, the son of Charles B. and Ada (Tressler) Minerd. Dr. L.M. Sprowls of Uledi, Fayette County assisted in the birth.

Harry was the youngest of their nine children, and there was an age difference of more than 20 years between him and his eldest sister. He is seen here in a studio portrait, posing with an empty chair.


Harry as a boy

At the age of 22, in 1930, he was unmarried and lived at home with his parents, earning a living as a coal miner in Nicholson Township, Fayette County. The census-taker spelled their name "Minor."

Harry married Mary E. Blair (1913-1997).

The Minerds went on to have 10 children -- William Minerd, Charles Minerd, Kenneth Minerd, Robert Minerd, Theodore Minerd, Betty Jean Shaffer, Harold Thomas "Tony" Minerd, James Franklin Minerd, Patricia Ann Maust and Donald Eugene Minerd.

The family lived for decades in the Uniontown, Fayette County, area. In 1930, they resided in Martin, Fayette County, when son Robert was born. 

When the federal census was enumerated in 1940, the family dwelled in Nicholson Township, Fayette County, in a community that had no house numbers, as noted by the census-taker. At that time, as the Great Depression was winding down, Harry worked as a road construction laborer.

In 1952, the Minerds made their home at Rocks Works near Masontown, Fayette County.


Son William

In 1952, double tragedy struck the family when their second-eldest son, 20-year-old William, was killed in an automobile collision. The accident occurred while William was riding with his uncle Arthur Ralph "Buck" Minerd. A funeral for both of them was held at the Honsaker Funeral Home in Masontown, with burial conducted at the Fairview Cemetery. William, a clean-cut, handsome young man, is seen here.

By 1970, they had moved to nearby Little Brownfield.

Harry passed away at the age of 83 on Nov. 2, 1991. He was laid to eternal rest at the Cedar Grove Cemetery at New Geneva, Fayette County.

Mary outlived her husband by six years. She died at the age of 84 on Nov. 30, 1997, "after a lengthy illness," said the Uniontown Herald-Standard. She is buried at the Fairview Cemetery near Masontown.


Above, left to right: sons Theodore, Tony and Jim
Above, l-r: son Bob and daughters Betty Jean and Patricia
Son Donald, up close and tricycling


~ Son Robert H. "Bob" Minerd ~ 

Son Robert H. "Bob" Minerd (1930-2009) was born in 1930 in Martin, Fayette County. 

He married Minta Barnhart (Aug. 14, 1934-2017), daughter of Harry and Ruth (Braddee) Barnhart of Ronco, Fayette County.

They produced one daughter, Brenda Lee Maciasz Clark.

Said the Uniontown Herald-Standard, Robert "spent most of his life working as a truck driver and a heavy equipment operator. He loved to work in his garden!" 

In November 1954, at the age of 24, he received "lacerations of neck and face" when involved in a two-car collision at Leckrone, reported the Uniontown Morning Herald, and was treated at Uniontown Hospital.

Bob passed away at the age of 78, in the Uniontown Hospital, on May 9, 2009.

Circa 2011, Minta lived in Masontown. She succumbed in Rolling Meadows Nursing Home in nearby Waynesburg, Greene County, PA on Aug. 24, 2017, at the age of 83. An obituary was published in the Herald-Standard, and burial was private.

Daughter Brenda Lee Minerd ( ? -living) was married twice. She first wed Stanley Maciasz Jr. ( ? - ? ). They resided in Masontown and had at least one son, Michael Lee Maciasz. By 2017, she had married her second spouse, Adam Ray Clark ( ? -living) and made their home in Masontown.

  • Grandson Michael Lee Maciasz ( ? -living) resides in San Diego, CA with his spouse Van and daughters Mary Angeline Maciasz and Hannah Maciasz.


~ Son Theodore Russell Minerd Sr. ~ 

Son Theodore Russell Minerd Sr. (1933-living) was born on Nov. 22, 1933.

He was united in marriage with Pauline Fazenbaker ( ? -2015). They produced three children, Mary Arnold, Debra Ryan and Theodore "Ted" Minerd Jr.

Circa 1969, he and she rented the Coffman Farm in German Township, owned by the County of Fayette, with the news reported in the Uniontown Morning Herald. Later, they continued residing in the Masontown area.

Sadly, Pauline died on May 2, 2015 at Uniontown Hospital at the age of 72.

Daughter Mary Minerd ( ? -living) and Michael Costa wee the parents of Nicki Costa. Later, Mary married Robert Arnold ( ? -living).

Daughter Debra Minerd ( ? -living) married Daniel Serock. Their threee offspring are Anna McKenzie, Danielle "Sis" Serock and Daniel "Danny" Serock Jr. Later, she wedded (?) Ryan.

  • Granddaughter Anna McKenzie has a daughter, Sophia.
  • Granddaughter Danielle "Sis" Serock has one daughter, Ella.
  • Grandson Daniel "Danny" Serock Jr. is the father of two daughters.

Son Theodore "Ted" Minerd Jr. (1962-living) was born on March 23, 1962. He married Jody Intorre Dennis ( ? - ? ). She brought a daughter to the marriage, whom Ted raised as his own, Chastity Clariece Minerd. Ted and Jody are the parents of two sons of their own, Theodore Russell "T.R." Minerd III and William "Bill" Minerd.

  • Granddaughter Chastity Clariece Minerd (1980-living) was born on Oct. 28, 1980. She and Roger Skelton produced a son, Scott Allen Skelton. With Daniel Wayne Schroyer Sr., she bore two children, Abby Danielle Schroyer and Daniel Wayne Schroyer Jr.
  • Grandson Theodore Russell "T.R." Minerd III (1981-living) was born on on Jan. 5, 1981. He married Michelle ( ? - ? ). They bore two sons, Theodore Russell "Teddy" Minerd IV and Nathan "Nate" Minerd.
  • Grandson William "Bill" Minerd Sr. (1982-living) was born on Feb. 6, 1982. He wedded Jennifer Andre Shriver (Sept. 13, 1994-living). Their children are William Minerd "Billy" Minerd Jr. and Shyanne Marie Minerd. Jennifer graciously has provided vital details about the Harry Russell Minerd Sr. family.


~ Daughter Betty Jean (Minerd) Shaffer ~ 

Daughter Betty Jean Minerd (1938- ? ) was born in about 1938. She grew up in the Masontown area of Fayette County.

At the age of 18, on July 19, 1954, she eloped to wed 19-year-old laborer Joseph William Shaffer (1937- ? ), also of Masontown. To tie the knot, they went to Cumberland, Allegany County, MD

They had at least one son, Bill Shaffer.

Son Bill Shaffer ( ? - ? ) married Connie L. Friend (1963-2008). They had two sons, William and Joshua. Connie worked as a secretary and bookkeeper for Shaffer's Fabricating of Masontown. She also was active with the Grace Community Chapel in Hopwood, Fayette County. Sadly, Connie passed away at the age of 45 on June 21, 2008.


~ Son Harold Thomas "Tony" Minerd ~ 

Son Harold Thomas "Tony" Minerd (1939- ? ) was born in about 1939.

He was married and had at least one son, Harold "Thomas" Minerd Jr. 

Son Harold "Thomas" Minerd Jr. ( ? - ? ) has worked in Dell Inc.'s computer training department in Round Rock, TX as an instructional designer, developing training material for technical support. He previously owned Tom's Computer Resource Center in Killeen, TX.


~ Son Donald Eugene Minerd Sr. ~ 


Donald Jr.

Son Donald Eugene Minerd Sr. (1948-2014) was born in 1934. 

He resided in Masontown, Fayette County and is believed to have had a son, Donald Eugene Minerd Jr.

Donald Sr. died on Oct. 7, 2014, at the age of 66. More will be added when learned.


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