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Jennie Belinda (Rose) Burgess

Jennie Belinda (Rose) Burgess was born on June 20, 1861 (or 1864) in Kingwood, Somerset County, PA, the daughter of Charles and Catherine (Minerd) Rose.

On May 3, 1882, at the age of 21, Jennie married 19-year-old William M. Burgess (1863-1944), a native of Ursina, Somerset County. (The name of the town apparently was pronounced by locals as "Ursinee" as evidenced in at least one document.) The ceremony was held at the office of Squire Campbell in Connellsville, Fayette County, PA and was reported by the Connellsville Keystone Courier. 

They had seven children, of whom the identities of six are known -- Harvey Burgess, Charles Burgess, Arthur Burgess, Bertha Burgess, Jesse Burgess and Catherine "Katie" Barber Semple. 

In May 1891, at the time of the birth of their son Charles, the Burgesses lived in Perryopolis, Fayette County.

Perryopolis, from Souvenir - Perryopolis Centennial Celebration, 1814-1914

In 1896, Jennie purchased a four-acre parcel of farmland from her parents near Ursina, Somerset County, PA. The tract was located next to the farms of her brothers J. Grant Rose and William Rose. She enjoyed visiting her relatives in Somerset County, and in July 1913 was noted in a newspaper article as having traveled with her daughter Katie to the mountains for a vacation of several weeks. Unfortunately, in October 1916, while living in Perryopolis, she received word that "her mother's home at Ursina had been burned to the ground with all its contents," reported the Connellsville Daily Courier.

The federal census of 1900 shows the Burgess clan making its home in Perryopolis. William, age 37, and son Harry, age 18, were employed as coal mine laborers. William and his sons labored together in local mines in Perryopolis for many years. 

Evidence suggests that William relocated in 1904 to Millvale, Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh. As Jennie maintained an address of Perryopolis, this hints that the couple may have separated.

Jennie suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 66 on Dec. 27, 1930, just two days after Christmas. The funeral was held at their home, officiated by Rev. Car. D. Chapman of the Perryopolis Methodist Episcopal Church, followed by burial in the nearby Mount Washington Cemetery.

William outlived Jennie by several years. In 1933, he was listed as a dependent when his son Charles was profiled in the book World War Veterans of Somerset County. At the time, he lived with his son in Millvale. 

He remained there, at 414 Colton Street, for the balance of his years. In about 1939, he was diagnosed with hardening of the arteries. Five years late, on April 24, 1944, he died at home of a cerebral hemorrhage, at the age of 84. His son Harvey, also living at 414 Colton, signed the official certificate of death, but was unable to furnish the names of his father's parents. The remains were transported back to Perryopolis for interment.

~ Son Harvey Burgess ~

Son Harvey Burgess (1882- ? ) was born on May 26, 1882. 

He married Agnes (?) (1881- ? ) and had a family of five known children -- Kameron Burgess, Wilmer Burgess, Evelyn Burgess, Alverda Burgess and Lillian Burgess.

Circa 1916, the Burgesses lived at Dickerson Run, Fayette County. The 1930 federal census shows the family making its home on Colton Street in Millvale, Allegheny County, PA. That year, Harvey's occupation was listed as a stationery engineer (custodian) in a high school.

In 1940, at the time of death of his brother, Harvey made his home in Pittsburgh. Their address in the 1950s was 3128 McClure Avenue in Pittsburgh, where Harvey was employed as a church sexton. 

Having suffered from kidney and blood vessel disease, Harvey suffered a heart attack at home at the age of 75 and died on June 30, 1958. His body was returned to Fayette County for interment in the Mt. Washington Cemetery in Perropolis. A death notice was printed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Son Kameron Burgess (1907- ? ) was born in 1907.

Son Wilmer Burgess (1911- ? ) 

Daughter Evelyn Burgess (1913- ? ) 

Daughter Alverda Burgess (1915- ? ) 

Daughter Lillian Burgess (1917- ? ) 

~ Son Charles Burgess ~

Ursina Cemetery

Son Charles Burgess (1891-1977) was born on May 7, 1891 in Ursina, Somerset County. 

He served in World War I as a private in Company G of the 52nd Infantry, 6th Division. He enlisted May 3, 1918 at Perryopolis. After shipping overseas in July 1918, he served in the Geradimer Sector, Voges Mountains and Meuse-Argonne. He was discharged at Fort Dix, NJ on June 17, 1919.

Book naming Charles

After the war's end, he returned to Perryopolis and lived with his parents, rejoining his father and brothers as coal mine laborers. He remained at home at least through 1930, as shown in newspaper records.

At some point in time, Charles married Sabina Hinzy (1906-1983), a native of Middlecreek Township, Somerset County, and the daughter of Josiah Hinzy and Ida M. (Reeseman) Hinzy Phillippi. They had no children. 

Circa 1937, Charles was profiled in a book entitled World War Veterans of Somerset County, produced by the Commissioners of Somerset County. At the time, he lived in Millvale, near Pittsburgh, in a dwelling located at 414 Calton Street. He was a laborer, and authorities considered his physical condition as "fair." 

Charles passed away at home in Ursina on July 21, 1977, at the age of 86. His obituary, published in the  Somerset newspaper, was clipped by Hazel (Rose) Cameron, who saved it in a notebook, and inscribed it in the margin, "1st cousin." 

Sabina outlived Charles by six years. She died at home at the age of 76 on Aug. 26, 1983.

~ Son Arthur Burgess ~

Son Arthur Burgess (1892-1940) was born in July 1892. 

He married Gertie (?) and had two known children -- Arthur Burgess Jr. and Raymond Burgess. 

By 1920, Arthur was widowed, and lived with his young sons in his parents' household in Perryopolis. That year, he was employed as a laborer in a local coal mine. 

At the time of death of Arthur's mother in 1930, the Connellsville Daily Courier reported that they resided in Blairsville, Indiana County, PA. Records from 1938 show they were in Claridge, PA, and by 1940, Arthur and Gertie lived in White Valley, Westmoreland County, PA. 

Arthur died at home on Nov. 16, 1940, at the age of 48. Funeral services were held at the home in White Valley, followed by interment at Mount Washington Cemetery near Perryopolis.

~ Daughter Bertha Burgess ~

Daughter Bertha Burgess (1895- ? ) was born in June 1895. 

~ Son Jesse Burgess ~

Son Jesse Burgess (1898-1938) was born in July 1898. 

Circa 1926, he was admitted to the Torrance State Hospital, where he spent the next 12 years of his life, until his death at the age of 40.

A census-taker recorded that Jesse lived in his parents' home in Perryopolis as of December 1930, when he was 32 years of age. 

He died in Torrance State Hospital on Sept. 22, 1938. Funeral services were held in Perrypolis, led by Ref. Fred Fink of the Perryopolis Christian Church. His remains were placed at rest in the Mount Washington Cemetery.

~ Daughter Catherine "Katie" (Burgess) Barber Semple ~

Daughter Katie Burgess (1902- ? ) was born in 1902 in or near Perryopolis, Fayette County, PA. 

She is believed to have married Robert S. Barber (1883- ? ) in about 1929, when she was age 27, and he was 46. The federal census of Euclid, near Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, shows that Robert was a native of Nebraska, and was employed in manufacturing furniture.

In 1930, a Connellsville newspaper article reported that she lived in Cleveland and was married to "Robert Barber." 

By 1938, at the death of her brother, she was listed in the Connellsville Daily Courier as "Mrs. Catherine Semple" of Cleveland. 

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