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Daniel Foster Sarver


Daniel and Maggie Sarver
Courtesy Mark D. Ware

Daniel Foster Sarver was born on Feb. 24, 1861 in Allegheny Township, Somerset County, PA, the son of William and Catherine Ann "Caty" (Comp) Sarver.

Daniel grew into manhood working on the family farm in Allegheny Township, a region in the Berlin-to-Schellsburg corridor.

On May 4, 1884, when he was 23 years of age, Daniel was joined in the bonds of holy matrimony with 21-year-old Amanda Margaret "Maggie" Foust (Aug. 21, 1862-1910), a native of Somerset County and the daughter of George and Margaret (Kelly) Foust. Officiating at their wedding ceremony was Rev. S.W. Wilt.

A year into their marriage, Daniel is known to have received instruction in the doctrines of the Christian religion as confessed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. He then underwent the rite of confirmation in the Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church on Nov. 8, 1885, by the hand of Rev. Joseph R. Focht, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in nearby West End, Bedford County. A pre-printed certificate in English contained blank spaces which were written in with his particulars and presented to the family, and passed down through the generations as an heirloom.


Daniel's communion certificate - Mark D. Ware

Published by J.E. Stohlmann of 120 Chatham Street, New York, the intricately decorated confirmation schein document features an image at the top of winged angels and at the bottom of Jesus Christ and his disciples at the Last Supper. Other religious symbols and drawings appear vertically along the right and left edges. These scriptures are referenced -- II Peter 1:19 -- John 15:5 -- Titus 3:5 -- I Peter 1:18-19 -- V Moses 6:2 -- Luke 2:46-50 -- John 3:14-15 -- I Corinthians 11:26.

At least four offspring were produced by this marriage over the span of 17 years, starting in 1884 -- Cora Mabel Ware, Artie Nelson Sarver, Rosa Laveda "Rosie" Emeigh and Clarence Edison Sarver.

As was a common practice of the time, the family commissioned a hand-drawn fraktur, a record of the births, marriages and deaths in their immediate family. The document was created by an unknown local artist using ruled tablet paper and black and red inks, further decorated with fancy lettering. The date of this artwork is believed to have been between 1886-1888, in between the births of their son Artie and daughter Rose. The final hand-written entry on the fragile document was in 1901 after the birth of their last child, Clarence.

A very similarly composed and decorated fraktur was prepared at about the same time by the family of Daniel's distant cousin William "Shedrick" and Caroline (Cupp) Younkin of near Rockwood, Somerset County, and featured as this website's "Photo of the Month" in August 2020.

The Sarvers' longtime home was on Dividing Ridge, Allegheny Township. The Somerset Herald reported in February 1896 that Daniel was a candidate for election to school director in the township.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1900, the family dwelled on a farm in Allegheny Township, next door to Daniel's widowed, 65-year-old father. The record shows that their three children ranging in age from 15 to 11 had attended school in differing amounts of time that year, one for five months, one for four and another for seven.

Sometime in 1906, Daniel contracted typhoid fever. While he appeared to be recovering, he developed "neuralgia of the heart," a type of infection or inflammation. Sadly, Daniel surrendered to the spectre of death on Sept. 9, 1906, at the age of 45. An examining physician wrote that "mental worry" was a contributing factor to his death. Burial of the remains was in Mt. Zion Cemetery. No newspaper obituary has yet to be found.

Maggie only lived for another four years as a widow. At the age of 48, she appears in the 1910 United States Census in the Allegheny Township dwelling of her married daughter and son-in-law, Cora and James Ware. The Wares' two children, and Maggie's young son Clarence, also lived in the household at that time.

In the autumn of 1010, Maggie contracted a serious case of typhoid fever. The illness led to hemorrhaging of the bowel, and the bleeding could not be sufficiently stopped. Death overtook her on Oct. 27, 1910, at the age of 48. also was laid to rest in Mt. Zion Cemetery. David Foust of Fairhope, Somerset County, was the informant for her official Pennsylvania certificate of death.


Above: Daniel and Maggie's hand-drawn family fraktur. Below: the Sarvers posed with their children left to right: Artie, Cora and Rosa. Courtesy Mark D. Ware



Cora and James Ware. Courtesy Mark D. Ware

~ Daughter Cora Mabel (Sarver) Ware ~

Daughter Cora Mabel Sarver (1884-1963) was born on July 9, 1884. She grew up in Dividing Ridge, Somerset County, PA.

When both bride and groom were 22 years of age, on Dec. 12, 1906, Cora was joined in marriage with James Howard Ware (Oct. 8, 1884-1979), also of Dividing Ridge/Fairhope, and the son of Amos and Barbara (Ellenberger) Ware.

Their nuptials were conducted across the county line in nearby West End, Bedford County, PA, by the hand of Rev. George D. Gross, pastor of the Lutheran Church. Cora's younger siblings Artie Sarver and Rosie Sarver served as witnesses to the happy event, and a half-century later took part in their golden wedding anniversary party.

At the time of marriage, James earned a living as a sawmiller.

Together, the couple went on to bear a brood of 11 offspring -- Irene Berkebile, Effie Krause, Edison Arthur Ware, Myrtle Baird, Harry Ware, Anna Menser, Marian Zimmerman, Dorothy Good, Nellie Klotz, Donald Ware and Clyde Ware.

The Wares' first home was on Dividing Ridge, Allegheny Township.


View of Friedens, PA, early 1900s


When the federal census enumeration was made in 1910, the Wares made a home in Allegheny, with James employed as a laborer and bridge builder. Cora's widowed mother and young brother Clarence also lived under their roof that year.


The Wares' wedding portrait - Courtesy Mark D. Ware

Circa 1921, the family relocated to Friedens, a small community northeast of the county seat of Somerset. They remained there together for more than three-and-a-half decades of time.

In time, James earned a living as a rural mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. He later found work as a coal miner and held a membership in the Tire Hill Local 998 of the United Mine Workers of America. Cora and James belonged to the Friedens Lutheran Church.

James and his 19-year-old son Edison were working together to shingle a section of their roof in June 1937 when the son suffered a freak accident. The sky grew dark and the son jumped from the roof to the ground, a vertical drop of 10 feet, and was impaled by a section of lightning rod protruding upward from the earth. The son was treated in Somerset Community Hospital and survived.

When the Wares reached their golden wedding anniversary in 1956, an open house was held in their house on a Sunday afternoon and evening, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. A news article said that "Neighbors, friends and relatives are welcome to visit the couple during these hours at the Ware home," and about 250 guests were anticipated. All 11 of their adult children were able to attend, traveling from as far away as Toledo, OH.

In a newspaper story about the 50th anniversary, the pair was described as:

...both 72 years of age and in generally good health. Mr. Ware does some gardening in the summer and when the work is done has some fun fishing, but in the evening and during the cold weather the couple enjoy television; while they have no particularly favorite programs, spend much time watching the network offerings. Mrs. Ware takes care of the housework and relaxes with her sewing, working on quilts sometimes and has made any number of plaited rugs. She still enjoys doing some baking and many times when she knows her family will be home she prepares the favorite dessert of that special guest... Mr. and Mrs. Ware are possessors of no special secret for a long and happy married life, but believe that by sharing both joy and sorrow a stronger bond is formed.

In December 1962. Cora and James marked their 56th wedding anniversary, their last one together.

After suffering a heart attack, Cora passed into the arms of the angels in Somerset Community Hospital at the age of 79 on Dec. 5, 1963. Funeral services were held in the family church, led by Rev. James R. Ling. The remains were interred in Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Allegheny Township. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American reported that she was survived by 31 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

James outlived his wife by 16 years. He died on Christmas Eve 1979 in Somerset Community Hospital. An obituary in the Daily American said he left behind 112 descendants.


Above: the Wares' marriage certificate and golden anniversary news story. Below, with all 11 of their adult children. - Courtesy Mark D. Ware


Daughter Irene Ware (1907-1986) was born on Sept. 19, 1907. She married widower Cyrus "Earl" Berkebile (April 25, 1891-1937), son of Dorman and Clara (Buhan) Berkebile. He and his first wife, Elsie Lambert (March 5, 1893-1916) bore one son, Rhue McQuade Berkebile. Irene and Earl went on to produce three more children of their own -- Merle Berkebile, Ilene Foy and Robert Jay Berkebile. The couple made a home in Kantner, PA, where Earl was employed as a coal mine laborer. They belonged to the United Brethren Church, Kantner, later becoming the United Methoidst Church. In about 1920, Earl was diagnosed with diabetes and was afflicted for the last 17 years of his life. He is believed to have been forced to quit his mining job in about 1927 and did not work for a decade. Sadly, at the age of 45, Earl died at home on Feb. 21, 1937. Following a funeral held in the family church, by the hand of Rev. A.L. Thompson, his remains were lowered under the sod in Lambertsville Cemetery. Irene survived her husband by almost half a century. She supported herself through work as a custodian at the Forbes Schools. She remained in Kantner at least until 1956 and moved to rural Stoystown, PA where she dwelled in 1963-1979. As her health plummeted she became a resident of Maple Mountain Manor in Berlin. Sadly, death enveloped her at age 78 on April 21, 1986. Burial was in Lambertsville Cemetery, with Rev. J. Wesley Spahn conducting the funeral.

  • Step-grandson Rhue McQuade Berkebile (1913-1984) was born on Sept. 21, 1913 in Kantner, PA. He was just three years of age when his mother died. He was a graduate of Stoystown High School. In young manhood he stood 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighed 129 lbs, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was united in wedlock with Helen L. (1919-2001). One known son was Ronald Berkebile. By 1937, the pair moved to Canton, OH. The federal census enumeration of 1940 shows the young family in Canton, with Rhue working as a service station attendant for Ziegler Tire and Supply Company. The Berkebiles remained in Canton at least until 1952, continuing to work for Ziegler. At some point the pair moved back to Pennsylvania and in the early 1980s were in Hillsdale, Indiana County, PA. Rhue died on March 20, 1984 with burial in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Altoona, Blair County, PA. Helen lived for another 17 years. She passed away in 2001.
  • Grandson Merle E. Berkebile grew up in Kantner, PA. His home in 1986 was in Laurel, MD.
  • Granddaughter Ilene Berkebile spent her young years in Kantner, PA. She wed (?) Foy. They moved to Maryland and in 1986 lived in Laurel, MD.
  • Grandson Robert Jay Berkebile ( ? - ? ) was a graduate of Forbes High School. Circa 1960, he was employed in York, PA by American Chain and Cable Company. On Aug. 6, 1960, he entered into the rite of marriage with fellow Forbes graduate Elsie Ann Troutman ( ? - ? ), daughter of Harry L. Troutman of Danville, PA. The bride's uncle, Rev. Dr. C.C. Otto, officiated the service, held in Grace Lutheran Church in Stoystown. Reported the Somerset Daily American, the bride "wore a gown of white silk organza evening." At the time of marriage, she worked at a Howard Johnson restaurant. The Berkebiles moved to York, PA and were there in 1986.

Daughter Effie V. Ware (1909-1986) was born on Feb. 22, 1909 in Somerset County. She wedded Carl Krause ( ? - ? ). They became the parents of three -- Ruby M. Nicholas, Sally A. Herman and Carl Krause Jr. The family made a home in York, PA in 1948-1956 and in 1963-1986 in Dover, PA. Effie was gathered in by the angels at home at the age of 76 on Jan. 25, 1986. Her funeral was held in Dover in the Bethany United Methodist Church. Interment followed in Susquehanna Memorial Gardens, York. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American reported that her survivors included seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

  • Granddaughter Ruby M. Krause was united in holy matrimony with (?) Nicholas. She resided in York, PA in 1986.
  • Granddaughter Sally A. Krause was joined in wedlock with (?) Herman. They put down roots in York, PA.
  • Grandson Carl Krause Jr. made his home in 1986 in Dover, PA.

Daughter Myrtle Ware (1910-1994) was born on Nov. 9, 1910 in Somerset County. She was thrice-wed. Her spouses appears to have been (?) Shaulis and (?) Zimmerman. Another of her husbands circa 1956 was Charles D. Baird (1898-1973). She was the mother of Frieda (Shaulis) Shaffer and stepmother of Garnet Ostrander. The Bairds are known to have resided in 1956 in Toledo, OH. Myrtle relocated cross-country to Benson, AZ and were there in 1963. By 1979, she had moved back to Pennsylvania and in 1979-1986 was in Alverton near Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, PA. By 1987 she moved again to Soemrset. Her final years were spent with her married daughter Frieda Shaffer in Mount Wolf, PA. Myrtle passed away in York Hospital at the age of 83 on April 10, 1994. Burial was in Bakersville Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Frieda Shaulis married (?) Shaffer. She made her residence in the 1990s in Mount Wolf, PA.


Grandchildren with Cora and James Ware - Courtesy Mark D. Ware


Son Harry Milton Ware (1912-1998) was born on Dec. 29, 1912 in Allegheny Township, Somerset County. He was a 1932 alumnus of Somerset Township High School. He was united in matrimony with Margaret Elizabeth "Peep" Glessner (June 6, 1915-2013), daughter of Grover and Ivy (Carver) Glessner of Berlin. The couple's marriage endured the ups and downs of a remarkable 58 years. Three known children born to the pair were Judith "Judy" Bryan, Randall "Randy" Ware and Todd Ware. As a student, Margaret "was a member of the first class to graduate from Shanksville-Stonycreek High School in 1933," said the Somerset Daily American. They dwelled in Friedens in the 1960s-1990s and were members of Friedens Lutheran Church and its Rebekah Bible Sunday School class. Harry was a longtime coal miner and a member of the United Mine Workers of America local 998. He retired in 1976 from the Island Creek Coal Company. In his free time he belonged to the Mountain Field and Stream Club in Roxbury. Their address in the 1990s was Welsh Hill Road, Friedens. Sadly, at the age of 85, Harry passed into eternity in Somerset Hospital on Dec. 5, 1998. Rev. John Tim officiated the funeral service. His obituary appeared in the Daily American. Margaret outlived her spouse by nearly 15 years. As her health declined, she was admitted to the Somerset In Touch Hospice House. She died there at age 98 on Sept. 25, 2013. Rev. Edward V. DeVore led the funeral rites, with burial in Somerset County Memorial Park

  • Granddaughter Judith "Judy" Ware wedded Gilbert Bryan and moved to Morgantown, WV. They are known to have resided there in 1998-2013.
  • Grandson Randall "Randy" Ware married Sally Urban. Their home in 1998-2013 was in Friedens.
  • Grandson Todd Ware was joined in wedlock with Elizabeth Burdette. They too established a residence in Morgantown, WV.

Daughter Anna Mary Ware (1914-1994) was born on Dec. 9, 1914 in Allegheny Township, Somerset County. She was joined in wedlock with John Earl Menser (Dec. 12, 1921-2016), son of Ray E. and Edyth (Saylor) Menser of Somerset. The pair stayed together for a remarkable 55 years. They put down roots in rural Friedens and dwelled there most if not all of their married lives. Three children produced by this union were Larry Menser, Beverly Minick and Dr. John Doyle Menser. John made a living as a self-employed electrician and plumber. He also was an assistant scoutmaster. Anna Mary and John held a membership in the Friedens Lutheran Church. He liked to spend his free time traveling and working with wood. The family was plunged into mourning when, at the age of 79, Anna Mary succumbed to the spectre of death on July 10, 1994. Rev. James R. Long led the funeral service at the family house of worship. The Somerset Daily American printed an obituary. John wed a second time in about 2000 to Dorothy (Bruner) Blubaugh ( ? - ? ). They lived in Friedens and had 15 years together until cleaved apart by death. He passed away at home at age 94 on Jan. 15, 2016. Rev. Edward V. DeVore officiated the funeral, conducted at the family church, with burial of the cremains in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Beverly Ann Menser entered into marriage with Dr. Russell Clark Minick (March 16, 1923-2018), a native of New Castle, PA and the son of Edgar J. and Florence (Clarke) Minick. Together, the Minicks bore a brood of five children -- Daniel Minick, Robert Minick, David Shaffer, Heidi Starke and Kelly Lichtenhan. Russell was a graduate of New Castle High School. He received his bachelor's degree from Allegheny College and his medical degree from Temple University. During World War II, he was a veteran of the U.S. Army, attaining the rank of captain. He remained with the Army after the war for four years, as a military physician, and finally was discharged in 1949. The Minicks first lived in Pennsylvania and eventually relocated to Winston-Salem, NC, where Russell established a family medicine practice. He was active in the community as a member of the local lodge of the Masons, Shrine and Elks, and they were members of the Lutheran Church of the Epiphany. Russell retired in 1995. At some point the couple added a retirement home in Leesburg, FL. Russell was a master bridge player and liked to travel and follow sports. The pair also enjoyed traveling. Sadly, he died at the age of 95 on April 29, 2018. Rev. Russell Peek preached the funeral service.
  • Grandson Dr. John Doyle Menser was united in matrimony with Jean Carolyn Lease ( ? - ? ), daughter of Vernon O. and Marian H. (Hill) Lease. They dwelled in Lebanon, PA in 1994-1999. John was employed in 1999 as superintendent of the Cornwall-Lebanon School District, and Jean as a teacher.

Son Edison Arthur Ware Sr. (1916-2001) was born on Oct. 10, 1916 in Somerset County. As a young man he lived in Friedens and earned income as a coal miner. He survived a freak accident in June 1937 at the age of 19 while helping his father shingle a side of their roof. As it became dark, he decided to jump from the roof to the ground, a distance of about 10 feet. In doing so, he fell on and was impaled by a four-foot section of lightning rod which was protruding upward from the ground, said the Connellsville Daily Courier. "The rod entered the lower section of the body, emerging on the right side... His condition at Community Hospital was reported as fair." In 1941, he married Lena Mae Erwin (Nov. 23, 1920-2012), a resident of Mt. Wolf, PA and the daughter of Earl E. and Vergie Mae (Heighes) Erwin. Their marriage endured for a remarkable 59 years. The newlyweds resided at 1231 Rose Avenue. Five children born in this family were James Ware, Diana Sue Ware, Edison Arthur "Eddie" Ware Jr., Malcolm R. Ware and Keith E. Ware. The elder two children are known to have been baptized at Christ Church in York in April 1949 by the hands of Rev. John G. Bernheisel and Rev. Paul Whitmoyer. The Wares dwelled for years in York, PA (1956), 146 Winding Road in Dover, PA (1980) and East Berlin, Adams County, PA (1994-2001). Edison primarily earned a living over the years as a machinist. He was a member of the Mohawk Gun Club.  Lena is known to have belonged to the Mt. Olivet Church of God in Dover and taught Sunday School at one time. At the age of 84, Edison passed away at home on May 28, 2001. An obituary in the York Dispatch reported that Rev. Gary F. Firster led the funeral service, with burial in Mount Rose Cemetery. Lena lived for another 11 years as a widow. Death overtook her at home at the age of 91 on Oct. 27, 2012. Her pastor Rev. Darrell Schrade presided at the funeral, with her obituary also appearing in the Dispatch.

  • Granddaughter Diana Sue Ware was baptized on April 10, 1949 in Christ Church in York. She married Barry W. King ( ? - ? ) and lived in Dover, PA.
  • Grandson Edison Arthur "Eddie" Ware Jr. ( ? -1980) was born in Mt. Wolf, PA. He received the sacrament of baptism on April 10, 1949 in Christ Church in York. He was a 1968 graduate of Dallastown Area High School. Edison joined the U.S. Marine Corps in March 1969, during the Vietnam War, and underwent basic training at Parris Island, SC and advancd training at Camp Lejeune, NC before being posted to Camp Pendleton, CA and then shipped to Vietnam. He attained the rank of lance corporal. After his tour of duty, he returned to York and obtained employment as an electrician at the national headquarters of McCrory-McLellan-Green Stores. On Oct. 22, 1972, he was joined in matrimony with Patsy Darlene Aldinger ( ? - ? ), daughter of William A. and Minnie I. (Wallace) Aldinger Sr. of Emigsville, PA. Their nuptials were held at Bethany United Methodist Church in Dover, officiated by Rev. Merritt A. Copenhaver. Patsy was pictured in a related story in the York Daily Record, which said that she "was attired in a satin floor length gown with lace empire bodice and long, tapered sleeves. Highlighted by a square scalloped neckline, the gown was fashioned with a lace-edged A-line skirt. She wore a matching cathedral lengthmantilla and carried a crescent of yellow roses and white pompons with foliage streamers." At the time of marriage, Patsy worked for York-Hoover Corporation. One son born to this union was Jarrod E. Ware. Circa 1977, at the death of Patsy's mother, they lived in Thomasville, PA. Edison joined the workforce of J.E. Baker Company in about 1979, with responsibilities as an electrician for the firm which manufactured linings for steel furnaces. Tragically, he was killed in an accident at work at the age of 32 on June 25, 1980. A story by the United Press International said he was electrocuted "while cleaning an electrical transformer." The Daily Record added that "Feed lines were supposed to have been disconnected when Ware and [a co-worker] climbed out onto the transformer bank. Apparently one line was not... Ware apparently touched a live section of the transformer and was thrown 20 feet to the ground." He was rushed to York Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The remains were interred in Dover's Bethany United Methodist Cemetery, with Rev. J. Kenneth Barner leading the funeral service. An obituary appeared in the Daily Record. Patsy spent her widowed years in York.
  • Grandson James D. Ware entered into marriage with Nancy L. They lived in Dover in 1980-2012.
  • Grandson Malcolm R. Ware grew up in Dover, PA. In adulthood he dwelled in East Berlin, Adams County, PA.
  • Grandson Keith E. Ware was raised in Dover, PA. He made a home in 2001-2012 in East Berlin, Adams County, PA.

Daughter Dorothy Ware (1917-1979) was born on Dec. 12, 1917 in Stoystown, PA. She wedded Paul E. Good (Feb. 15, 1920-2005), son of Doctor and Clair (Barron) Good of Jenner Township. Together, the pair bore three offspring -- Bryan E. Good, Barbara Good and Theresa Good. The family grieved at the death of daughter Theresa in infancy. Paul was a 1938 alumnus of Somerset High School. They were longtime farmers and resided near Friedens. His final work was for ErReR Hill Farms, from which he retired. Dorothy held a membership in the Friedens Lutheran Church and the Lincoln Homemakers group. Sadly, the angel of death carried Dorothy away at the age of 61, in Somerset Community Hospital, on June 23, 1979. Her obituary was published in the Somerset Daily American. Rev. James R. Ling officiated the funeral service, with burial in Somerset County Memorial Park. Paul outlived his bride by 26 years. He married a second time to Ellen Lee Hullihen ( ? - ? ). She too had been married before and brought three adult stepchildren into the second union -- Robert T. lee, Wendel Hullihen and Zane Hullihen. The Goods maintained a residence in Jenner Township. They endured the untimely death of son Bryan in February 1998. Paul died in Windber, PA at age 85 on Sept. 10, 2005. Rev. Kathleen Kuehl led his funeral service.

  • Grandson Bryan E. Good (1958-1998) was born on Nov. 3, 1958 in Somerset. He lived on Good Road in Friedens and worked for the Somerset Sheltered Work Shop. In his free time he was active with the Special Olympics and was a member of Zion Hoffman Lutheran Church. The spectre of death whisked him away into eternity at the age of 39, on Feb. 17, 1998, as a patient in Somerset Hospital. Burial was in Somerset County Memorial Park, with Pastor Michael Tamorria leading the service. The Somerset Daily American printed an obituary.
  • Granddaughter Barbara Good ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She married Eugene "Gene" Galentine ( ? - ? ), son of Rex and Doris Galentine. The couple moved to Port Allegany, PA. One known daughter was Kayle Ann Galentine. By 1998, the Galentines were back in Friedens, PA.


Somerset County
Memorial Park, where many of the Ware branches rest

Daughter Nellie Marie Ware (1920-2013) was born on April 7, 1920 in Somerset County. She married farmer John Lloyd Klotz ( ? -1988). Together, they produced two children -- Jerry Jay Klotz and Debbra S. Barron. The pair's home for decades was on a farm in the outskirts of Somerset, PA. They held memberships in the Faith Lutheran Church and the Wills Grange, and she to the Society of Farm Women. John passed away on Aug. 1, 1988. Nellie outlived her spouse by a quarter of a century. She died at home in Somerset at age 92 on Aug. 7, 2013. Rev. Traci Bowman led the funeral, with interment in Somerset County Memorial Park. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American noted that she was survived by 10 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.

  • Grandson Jerry Jay Klotz may have been twice-wed. His first bride is believed to have been Norma Jean ( ? - ? ). After her untimely death, he married again to Dorothy Sue. The Klotzes were in Berlin, PA in 2013.
  • Granddaughter Debbra S. Klotz was united in wedlock with (?) Barron and dwelled in Somerset in 2013.

Daughter Marian Ware (1924-2017) was born on April 23, 1924 in Friedens. She was an alumna of the Somerset Township High School Class of 1944. She entered into marriage with Elwood R. Zimmerman ( ? - ? ). Two offspring born to this couple were Sue Miller and Bradley Zimmerman. They are known to have been in the Friedens area in the 1950s and 1960s. Marian earned a living in the dietary department of Siemon's. In her free time she liked to crochet, tend her garen and work puzzles. Circa 2001, she lived in Freedom, Beaver County, PA. Marian's final years were spent in Somerset. As a patient in Somerset Hospital, she surrendered to the angel of death on April 22, 2017, a day before her 93rd birthday. Funeral services were led by Rev. Edward V. DeVore, at the Friedens Lutheran Church. Burial was in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, with an obituary appearing in the Somerset Daily American.

  • Granddaughter Susan "Sue" Zimmerman wed Charles Miller. Sadly, Charles was deceased by 2017.
  • Grandson Bradley Zimmerman was joined in marriage with Kathleen Weyand.

Son Donald E. Ware (1922-1987) was born on Jan. 18, 1922 in Friedens, Somerset County. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Donald wedded Alice "Jane" Shaffer ( ? - ? ). Their two known offspring were Gary E. Ware, Donna J. Guillard, Gloria E. Naugle and Joyce A. Lentz. They moved to York, PA by 1956 and remained as of 1987, with an address of 551 Hill Street. Donald made a living as a truck driver. For a quarter of a century, he drove for Ryder-PIE-Nationwide and retired from the company. Sadly, he died at age 65 in Memorial Hospital on May 4, 1987. His obituary in the York Dispatch said he was survived by a dozen grandchildren. Burial was in Susquehanna Memorial Gardens, with the funeral presided over by Rev. Henry Heerbener. The family asked that any memorial contributions be made to the York Unit of the American Cancer Society.

  • Grandson Gary E. Ware resided with his parents in York in 1987.
  • Granddaughter Donna J. Ware married (?) Guillard. She was in Shiloh, PA in 1987.
  • Granddaughter Gloria E. Ware entered into wedlock with (?) Naugle. Her residence in 1987 was in Windsor, PA.
  • Granddaughter Joyce A. Ware was joined in matrimony with (?) Lentz. She dwelled in Windsor, PA in 1987.

Son Clyde Henry Ware (1926-2011) was born on Aug. 4, 1926 in Friedens. He was joined in the bonds of holy marriage with Hazel Ginter ( ? - ? ). Their union endured for an extraordinary 64 years. Four offspring born to the couple were Clyde I. Ware, JoAnnette Rosenbaum, Mark D. Ware and Kyle L. Ware. They established a residence in Stoystown and were there in 1956-2011. In young manhood, Clyde was a graduate of the Friedens School and Vale Technical Institute. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, and was assigned to the Asiatic Theatre as a member of the 127th Engineers, 11th Airborne Division. After his military service ended, for 33 years, he was employed by General Motors as a certified automobile mechanic. Following retirement, he provided maintenance and repair services for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission at the Somerset Historical Center. In his free time, Clyde liked to restore and tinker with antique farm tractors. Grief cascaded over the family when Clyde passed away, in Johnstown's Memorial Medical Center, on Jan. 20, 2011. Funeral services were held in the Friedens Lutheran Church, led jointly by Rev. Edward Devore and Rev. Walter Startzell. Burial followed in Somerset County Memorial Park, with an obituary appearing in the Somerset Daily American.

  • Grandson Clyde I. Ware married Lorrie Reed. They make a home in Stoystown.
  • Granddaughter JoAnnette Ware was united in wedlock with Norbert Rosenbaum. They dwell in Stoystown.


Mark Ware, executive director of the Somerset (PA) Historical Center


  • Grandson Kyle L. Ware has lived in Friedens.


~ Son Artie Nelson "Art" Sarver ~

Son Artie Nelson "Art" Sarver (1886-1981) was born on May 19, 1886 in Allegheny Township, Somerset County.

He wedded Georgia Matilda "Tillie" Felton (April 29, 1887-1934) of New Baltimore, Somerset County.

The pair together bore a brood of these children -- Daisy Sarver, Merle Sarver, Verna Miglets, Edison L. Sarver Sr., Victor E. Sarver, Hazel Morrison, Caroly Shell, Ruth Devanney, Artie Sarver Jr. and Howard B. "Punk" Sarver.

Circa 1914, the family resided in Allegheny Township, but by 1916 had migrated to Ohiopyle, Fayette County, PA. They were in Central City, Somerset County in 1923 but likely spent the balance of their years together in the Ohiopyle area.


Ohiopyle, Fayette County, PA


Heartbreak enveloped the family when Georgia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She suffered for 55 days and was admitted to the Fayette County Home near Uniontown. There, at the age of just 46, after a stay of 17 days, she died on March 5, 1934. Her body was brought back home for interment in Sugar Loaf Cemetery.

Artie survived by another nearly half-century. His final years were spent in Confluence, Somerset County.

He passed away at the age of 94, on Jan. 12, 1981, as a resident of Fazio Nursing Home in Markleysburg. Burial was in Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery. An obituary in the Meyersdale Republican said that he was survived by an astonishing 60 grandchildren, 103 great-grandchildren and 17 great-great grandchildren.

Daughter Daisy Sarver (1909-1923) was born on Aug. 1, 1909 in Allegheny Township. She entered her teenage years in Central City, Somerset County. Tragically, at the age of 13, she contracted an infection of septic meningitis. She was admitted to Windber Hospital and surrendered there to death on April 8, 1923. The body was laid to eternal rest in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Son Merle Sarver ( ? - ? ) migrated to Portage, IN.

Daughter Verna Sarver ( ? - ? ) was united in matrimony with (?) Miglets. They relocated to Poland and Youngstown, OH.

Son Edison L. Sarver (1914-1990) was born on July 8, 1914 in Allegheny Township, Somerset County. He entered into marriage with Lydia Grace Morrison ( ? - ? ). The couple established their home near Rockwood and were the parents of James W. Sarver, Wilma Foust, Genevieve Zorn, Violet L. Hoover, Edison L. Sarver Jr. and Judy Spangler. Edison earned a living as a coal miner, employed by B. Quality Coal Company and the Somerset Foundry, and belonged to the United Mine Workers of America. For 44 years, he held a membership in the Somerset Alliance Church and volunteered his time in a number of positions. After Lydia's death, Edison kept company with a close friend, Nancy C. Gastley. Edison died at the age of 75 on March 3, 1990. Funeral services were held in the family church, led by Rev. Melvin E. Vance. The remains were interred in Somerset County Memorial Park. In an obituary in the Somerset Daily American, the family asked that any memorial donations be made to the Somerset In Touch Hospice.

Son Victor E. Sarver (1916-1990) was born on Jan. 23, 1916 in Somerset County. He was united in matrimony with Mary Lytle ( ? - ? ). They planted roots in Farmington, Fayette County, PA. Victor was a member of the United Mine Workers of America as well as the Ohiopyle Grange and the Laurel Mountain Baptist Church. Together, the couple produced four children -- Sheila Sarver, Donald Sarver, Patricia Cottrell and Marjorie Detrick. Victor died at the age of 74 on Aug. 24, 1990. Burial was in West Plan Cemetery in Addison, Somerset County. The funeral was co-officiated by pastors James Hickle and Clifford Sarver. An obituary appeared in the Somerset Daily American.

Daughter Hazel Sarver ( ? - ? ) married (?) Morrison of Ohiopyle, Fayette County.

Daughter Carolyn Sarver ( ? - ? ) wedded ( ? - ? ) Shell. They dwelled in Rogers, OH.

Daughter Ruth Sarver ( ? - ? ) was joined in wedlock with (?) Devanney. Her home circa 1990 was in Ohiopyle, Fayette County and in 2001 in nearby Chalk Hill, Fayette County.

Son Artie Sarver Jr. ( ? - ? ) lived in Confluence, Somerset County.

Son Howard B. "Punk" Sarver (1926-2001) was orn on Feb. 1, 1926 in Ohiopyle. He married Thelma I. Shipley ( ? - ? ). The family established a residence in Markleysburg, Fayette County. Nine children born in to their union were Howard B. Sarver, Clifford I. Sarver, Ronald N. Sarver, Danny Sarver, Terry Sarver, Debbie Fortner, Brenda Nicholson, Patrick Sarver and Lisa Sarver. Howard served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II. He spent his career as a heavy equipment operator for the Utility Forestry Service Inc. He belonged to the Amvets Post 103 and the Confluence post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Sarvers retired to Florida and made a home in the town of Eustis, Lake County. Howard died in Eustis at the age of 74 on Jan. 20, 2001. The remains were transported back to Somerset County for funeral services led by Rev. Clifford L. Sarver and burial in Sansom Chapel Cemetery. The Somerset Daily American published an obituary.


~ Daughter Rose Laveda (Sarver) Emeigh ~

Daughter Rose Laveda Sarver (1888-1979) was born on Nov. 14, 1888 in Allegheny Township.

When she was 21 years of age, on Dec. 14, 1909, she was united in matrimony with William H. Emeigh (Aug. 28, 1885-1976).

The Emeighs settled in Berlin, Somerset County.


Main Street looking east, from the lower diamond in Berlin, PA


Their brood of offspring included Meredith Barron, Hazel Weigle, Florence Engleka, Cletus Emeigh and Helen Emeigh, who died in infancy.

The family belonged to the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Berlin.

William died on March 10, 1976.

Rosa outlived him by three years. She succumbed to death on Sept. 4, 1979. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American noted that she was survived by 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Rev. Kenneth S. Swanson presided over the funeral, with burial following in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Circa 2011-2015, the Emeigh descendants held an annul reunion at Engleka's cabin in Fairhope along Schoolhouse Road on White Horse Mountain.

Daughter Meredith Emeigh (1913- ? ) was born on Feb. 9, 1913. She wedded Ethan Barron. They established a home in Bedford, PA and remained for decades. As she and her sister all held birthdays in February, they are known to have gathered in 2008 to celebrate together at Our Coal Miner's Cafe in Jennerstown. Reported the Somerset Daily American, "Longevity genes were apparently inherited from their parents, William and Rose (Sarver) Emeigh, who both lived to be 90 years old." In 2013, she celebrated her 100th birthday and received a tribute at the annual Emeigh family reunion, with her photograph appearing in a related story in the Daily American.

Daughter Hazel Emeigh (1916- ? ) was born on Feb. 15, 1916. She married Harry Weigle. The couple's home in 1979 was in Berlin.

Daughter Florence L. "Flo" Emeigh (1919-2011) -- also known as "Nan" -- was born on Feb. 11, 1919 in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County. She entered into marrkiage with Donald J. Engleka ( ? - ? ). Their marriage endured the ups and downs of 43 years until separated by death. The couple's children were Jay Engleka, Ray Engleka, Sharon Noakes and Joyce Murphy. The pair established their home in Berlin and belonged to the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Donald and Florence were self-employed as owners-operators of Don's Service Station. She held memberships in the Berlin Fireman's Ladies Auxiliary, Rebekah lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, First Society of Farm Women, Berlin Historical Society, ladies auxiliary of the American Legion and Berlin Business Association. They also owned a cabin on White Horse Mountain near Fairhope. They loved to gather their family for Sunday dinners, summer reunions and holidays, where she cooked for all and especially liked to bake pies. At the age of 91, Florence died on Jan. 7, 2011. Funeral services were held in the family church, and an obituary appeared in the Somerset Daily American.

  • Grandson Jay Engleka wedded LaRue Pritts.
  • Grandson Ray Engleka married Dianne Wyant.
  • Granddaughter Sharon Engleka was joined in wedlock with Donald Noakes.
  • Granddaughter Joyce Engleka was united in matrimony with David Murphy.

Son Cletus "Bud" Emeigh (1924- ? ) was born on Sept. 10, 1924 in New Centerville, Somerset County. He was a graduate of Shanksville-Stonycreek High School. Clesus was united in holy wedlock with Jessie Schmucker (May 12, 1828-1995), a native of Brothersvalley Township and the daughter of Harold W. and Minnie Rae (Carver) Schmucker Sr. The marriage held together for 47 years. They dwelled in Stonycreek Township on the outskirts of Berlin. Together, they produced these children -- Sally Murcek, Colleen Boozer, Larry Emeigh, Ronald Emeigh, Richard Emeigh, Scot Emeigh and Sheila Charlton. Cletus was a lifelong dairy farmer as well as a bulk mill hauler for Milk Marketing Inc. He also was a dealer for Ford tractors. The family belonged to St. Mark Lutheran Church in Shanksville. Active in the community, Cletus held a membership in the Stoystown Lions Club and served a term as president of the Somerset Tractor Pullers Association. Sadly, at the age of 67, Jessie died on June 16, 1995 as a patient in Johnstown's Memorial Medical Center. As he aged and his health slipped, Cletus became a resident of Siemon's Lakeview Manor Estate. He passed into the arms of awaiting angels at the age of 88 on Sept. 16, 2012. The Somerset Daily American printed an obituary, which noted that burial was in Mt. Zion Cemetery. Pastor Lois Ryan officiated the funeral.

  • Granddaughter Sally Emeigh (1954-1997) was born on Feb. 24, 1954 in Meyersdale. She grew up in Berlin and joined Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. She entered into marriage with Martin A. Murcek Jr. ( ? - ? ), son of Dr. Martin and Doris Mae Murcek of Greensburg, PA. The pair did not reproduce. They resided in Murrysville, PA, where she founded a business, Sally and Associates Advertising. Sadly, at the age of 43, she died at home on Oct. 30, 1997. The remains were transported to Fairhope for burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery, with Rev. Richard T. Carter leading the funeral service. Her death notice was printed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
  • Granddaughter Colleen Emeigh wedded John Boozer III. Her home in 2012 was in Indian Lake, Somerset County.
  • Grandson Larry Emeigh was joined in wedlock with Betty Fieg. Their residence has been in Somerset.
  • Grandson Ronald Emeigh married Nettie Seybold. They put down roots in Berlin.
  • Grandson Richard Emeigh moved to Florida and made a home in 1997 in Clearwater. He was united in matrimony with Doreen Mathieu and dwelled in Palm Harbor, FL.
  • Grandson Scot Emeigh has dwelled in Somerset.
  • Granddaughter Sheila Emeigh wedded Thomas Charlton Jr. Their home circa 2012 was in Folmont/Central City, Somerset County.


~ Son Clarence Edison Sarver ~

Son Clarence Edison Sarver (1901-1971) was born on July 19, 1901 in Allegheny Township.

He was a longtime laborer.

Clarence was thrice-wed. His first bride was Mary Ann Hoke (Aug. 18, 1900-1938), daughter of William B. and Emma (Shaulis) Hoke.

Together, they became the parents of Jean Charlton, Betty Jane Charlton, Dwight Korns Sarver, Rheda K. Sarver and Kenneth J. Sarver.


Friedens, PA landscape, early 1900s


The Sarvers made a home in the late 1930s in Friedens, Somerset County.

The family was thrust into grief when Mary was expecting their sixth child. She began to bleed uncontrollably from the effects of "placenta previs" -- the baby's placenta blocking the opening of the mother's cervix. She was treated in Somerset Community Hospital, but there was no hope. She passed away just 20 days after her 38th birthday on Sept. 8, 1938. Burial was in Beulah Cemetery.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1940, the 38-year-old widower Clarence headed a Somereset Township household of their five children, ranging in age from 4 to 16. He made a living that year as a roller operator for road construction projects.

In about August 1942, he married his second wife, Elsie M. Cramer (Dec. 24, 1911-1967), the daughter of Tilden and Minnie (Ogline) Sarver of Lincoln Township near Somerset. She brought two presumed children to the union, Ray Cramer and Mrs. Charles Shutter.

Together, the couple is believed to have borne two additional children, Marjorie Stahl and Phyllis Ward.

When the pair marked their 22nd wedding anniversary in 1964, the Somerset Daily Republican published a related story.

Sadly, Elsie died at the age of 55 on Nov. 11, 1967. Her obituary was printed in the Daily American.

Clarence's third bride, whom he wed in 1970, was Elva Romaine (Durst) Hansen (Nov. 22, 1902-1975), widow of Charles Hanson and daughter of Henry W. and Annie (Howard) Durst. Elva also had a son from a previous marriage, Paul Hansen.

At the time of the third marriage, Elva lived at 438 West Main Street in Somerset and was a member of the Beulah Methodist Church. The Sarvers resided in Friedens during their brief year together.

Sadly, at the age of 70, Clarence surrendered at home to the spectre of death on Oct. 13, 1971. The remains were lowered under the sod of Beulah Cemetery.

Elva continued on as a widow for three-plus years. Death overtook her at age 72, in Somerset Community Hospital, on Jan. 18, 1975.

Daughter Jean Sarver (1924- ? ) was born in about 1924. She wedded Howard Charlton ( ? - ? ), son of Samuel and Beulah (Dove) Charlton of Westernport, MD. Their marital union endured for 63 years. The Charltons lived along Shaulis Road in Friedens. Together the couple produced these children -- Sonny Charlton, William "Bill" Charlton, Dianne Rayman, Eva Shaulis and David Charlton. Howard was a longtime coal miner and member of the United Mine Workers Local 1742. In his free time, he enjoyed his membership in the Jenner Road and Gun Club. The family grieved when Howard died at home at the age of 85 on April 20, 2004. His survivors were counted as 15 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American reported that his funeral was led by Rev. Milton D. Herring and that burial took place under the sod of Beulah Cemetery.

  • Grandson Sonny Charlton married Carol Crumb. They lived in Jerome, PA in 2004.
  • Grandson William "Bill" Charlton wedded Carol Shaffer. They have dwelled in Stoystown.
  • Granddaughter Dianne Charlton was joined in matrimony with Donald Rayman. Circa 2004, they were in Somerset, PA.
  • Granddaughter Eva Charlton was united in wedlock with Harvey Shaulis. They put down roots in Friedens.
  • Grandson David Charlton entered into a marital union with Pamela Shaulis. They resided in Friedens.

Daughter Betty Jane Sarver (1926-2008) was born two days before Christmas 1926 in Lincoln Township near Somerset. She married Vincent L. Charlton (Jan. 8, 1925-2008), a native of Vindex, MD and the son of Samuel and Virgie (Dove) Charlton. They remained together for 65½ years until cleaved apart by death. During World War II, Vincent served in the U.S. Armed Forces with deployment to New Guinea, the Philippines and Yokohama, Japan as a member of the 153rd Engineer Construction Battalion. The couple resided in Friedens. Their brood of offspring included Mary Jane Charlton, Stanley Vincent Charlton, Carol Jean Tressler, Patricia Ann Will, Sandra Lynn Lepley, Nancy Lee Phillippi, Daniel Bernard Charlton and Randy Devon Charlton. Vincent farmed for 68 years and at one time was employed by Latrobe Steel. He also was a coal miner for three decades and a member of the United Mine Workers of America, retiring from Hisota Fuel. They held a membership in the Boswell Church of God. Sadly, Betty Jane and Vincent passed away at home just three days apart. She died first, at the age of 82 on Feb. 20, 2008. He then joined her in death on Feb. 23, 2008. Obituaries in the Somerset Daily American noted that they weree survived by 27 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren and nine great-great grandchildren.. Funeral services were jointly officiated by Rev. M.D. Herring and Rev. Scott Zediker. Burial of their remains was in Beulah Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Mary Jane Charlton was deceased by 2008.
  • Grandson Stanley Vincent Charlton was deceased by 2008.
  • Granddaughter Carol Jean Charlton was joined in wedlock with Van Monroe Tressler.
  • Granddaughter Patricia Ann Charlton was united in matrimony with John Will.
  • Granddaughter Sandra Lynn Charlton wedded (?) Lepley.
  • Granddaughter Nancy Lee Charlton married James Phillippi.
  • Grandson Daniel Bernard Charlton entered into marriage with Karen.
  • Grandson Randy Devon Charlton was united in wedded union with Barbara.

Son Dwight Korns Sarver (1929-2002) was born on May 6, 1929 in Quehahoning Township, Somerset County. He married Irene M. Humbert ( ? - ? ), daughter of Earl Humber of Rockwood. Their marriage held firm over the span of 53 years. They were the parents of Larry M. Sarver, Kimberly Sarver and Beverly Speicher. Clarence operated a part-time radio repair business in their home. In April 1955, he completed a National Radio Institute correspondence course in practical and theoretical radio and television. They lived in Friedens for decades. Dwight eventually found coal mining better paying than radio work, and he belonged to the United Mine Workers of America Local 1742, with employment by GM&W Coal Company. They worshipped at the Acosta Church of God. Circa 1985, he and several UMWA officials were involved in controversy when GM&W Coal assets were purchased by Intercarbon Coal Company and Lion Mining Company and began to operate as a non-union workplace. Dwight and his co-workers then began picketing at the Grove No. 1 mine in Jenner Township but then were barred from doing so at an injunction issued by Somerset County Court. Within a year, Dwight retired from mining in 1986. At the age of 73, Dwight died at home on June 20, 2002. Burial was in Beulah Cemetery, with Rev. Duane R. Koontz and Rev. Kurtis Frampton co-officiating at the funeral service. The Somerset Daily American published an obituary.

  • Grandson Larry M. Sarver is believed to have wed Susan ( ? - ? ). He was deceased by 2002.
  • Granddaughter Kimberly Sarver migrated to Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, PA.
  • Granddaughter Beverly Speicher resided in 2002 in Friedens.

Daughter Rheda K. Sarver (1934-2017) -- sometimes misspelled as "Rita" -- was born on March 9, 1934 in Lincoln Township near Somerset. She never married. Rheda was the mother of Eva (Sarver) Shaulis. Her longtime home was in Stoystown. Rheda supported herself through employment in the laundry and housekeeping departments of Somerset Hospital. She eventually retired from this work. She died in the hospital at the age of 83 on Nov. 6, 2017. Rev. Donald Krestar led the funeral service, with burial in Beulah Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Eva Sarver married Harvey Shaulis. They together produced a family of sons -- Harvey Shaulis Jr., Michael Shaulis and Joshua Shaulis. The pair was in Friedens in 2017.

Son Kenneth J. "Ken" Sarver (1936-1982) was born on July 1, 1936 in Somerset Township. He married Wilma Durst ( ? - ? ), daughter of Abe Durst of Boswell. They were the parents of twins Tammy Lei Sarver and Thomas Sarver, Ricky E. Sarver, Dale Sarver, Vicki Miller, Allen Sarver, David Sarver and Keith Sarver. Sadly, son Thomas died at the age of seven months on Sept. 7, 1959. Kenneth was employed in the early 1980s by Somerset Township. The couple divorced, and Wilma took back her maiden name of Durst and migrated to Frostburg, MD. Mourning enveloped the family when Kenneth died at the age of 45 on March 1, 1982 as a patient in Presbyterian University Hospital in Pittsburgh. Rev. Lloyd A. McCollum preached the funeral, with burial in Beulah Cemetery. The obituary was printed in the Somerset Daily American.

  • Ganddaughter Tammy Lei Sarver ( ? - ? ) (1959- ? ) was born in 1959, a twin with her brother Thomas. She dwelled in Friedens in 1982.
  • Grandson Ricky E. Sarver - He was a 1981 alumnus of Somerset High School. On Sept. 20, 1986, he and Melinda J. Crum ( ? - ? ) were wed at Cumberland, MD. She was the daughter of Robert R. and Jidith A. Crum of Windber. At the time, he was employed at Super City Manufacturing and she was a senior at Shanksville-Stonycreek High School. Ricky made his home in Friedens. He joined the U.S. Air Force. He was stationed in West Germany in 1990 and in 1992, with a specialty in ground radio communications, he was sent to Soesterberg Air Base in The Netherlands.
  • Grandson Dale Sarver relocated to Las Vegas and was there in 1982.
  • Granddaughter Vicki Sarver wedded Dennis Miller. Their residence in 1982 was in Somerset.
  • Grandson Allen K. Sarver (1957- ? ) was born in about 1957. He was a 1976 graduate of Somerset High School. He served in the U.S. Army circa 1976, when he was 19 years of age. He trained at Fort Knox, KY, where he completed a course in tracked vehicle mechanics with a focus on repairing engines, transmissions and fuel, electrical and hydraulic systems. Circa 1982, he lived in Somerset. On May 25, 1997, in nuptials held at Heritage Baptist Church in Somerset, he was united in the bonds of marriage with Linda Kay Matkoskey ( ? - ? ), daughter of Harvey and Emma Shippey of Acosta. Allen was employed at the time with Distillery Mill and Dave Countryman's farm.
  • Grandson David Sarver resided in Salisbury in 1982.
  • Grandson Keith Sarver was in Salisbury in 1982.

Daughter Marjorie "Marge" Sarver married Earl Stahl. The pair was in rural Somerset in 1967 and in Meyersdale in 2002. One known daughter born into this family was Laura Stanczyk. Marjorie was a licensed practical nurse. In 1987, she is known to have been hired by Maple Mountain Manor in Berlin.

Daughter Phyllis Kay Sarver (1951-2017) was born on May 7, 1951 in Somerset. She graduated from Somerset High School. She was married twice. At the age of 17, on Jan. 18, 1969, she eloped to Winchester, VA to marry 18-year-old Jeffrey Ward Sr. ( ? - ? ), son of John A. and Dorothy E. (Younkin) Ward of the families of William Henry and Rachel (McClintock) Younkin and Jonathan Cable and Elizabeth (Dull) Dumbauld. Rev. E.T. Crank, of the local Baptist church, presided. The children born to this union were Jeffrey Ward Jr. and Candy Ward. The couple divorced by 1973. Then in about 1977, when she was age 25, Phyllis wed a second time to 33-year-old James Wayne Flamm ( ? - ? ). They dwelled in Berlin and are thought to have borne these additional offspring -- Wayne Flamm, Lisa Henry and Vickie Ackerman. She earned a living as a nurse's aide for 38 years with Meadow View Nursing Center. Phyllis surrendered to death at the age of 65 on Dec. 30, 2016 at Memorial Medical Center in nearby Johnstown, PA. The Somerset Daily American ran an obituary. Rev. Tom Sprowls led the funeral services, with the cremated remains placed into eternal repose in the IOOF Cemetery in Berlin.

Former husband Jeffrey joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1973, shortly after the divorce. In the same year, he married Jane Deem ( ? - ? ), daughter of Wilbur Deem of Berlin and a fellow Marine. Her specialty at the time was computer programming. A story about the wedding in the Daily American said that "it's the only known husband and wife team enlisted in all services from Somerset County." In 1974, he completed training at the Marines' Recruit Depot in San Diego. He was posted in 1978 to the Marine Corps Station in Cherry Point, NC. Jeffrey made his home in 1992 in Acosta, Somerset County. Then in 1999, Jeffrey was in North Carolina and by 2009 moved to Phoenix

  • Grandson Jeffrey Ward Jr. (1971- ? ) was born in about 1971. News of his birth was printed in the Somerset Daily American. In adulthood he moved to Celina, OH.
  • Granddaughter Candy Ward resided in Somerset in 2017. She is believed to be the mother of Anthony Ward.
  • Grandson Wayne Flamm married Katrina. They put down roots in Somerset.
  • Granddaughter Lisa Flamm wedded Timothy Henry. The couple has dwelled in Berlin.
  • Granddaughter Vickie Flamm was joined in wedlock with Timothy Ackerman. In 2017, they were in Fairhope, Somerset County.

Stepdaughter Marie Cramer (1935-1968) was born on Jan. 15, 1935 in Lincoln Township near Somerset. She was married twice. Her first spouse was (?) Baker. Her second husband was Charles Shutter. She did not reproduce. Circa 1968, the Shutters made a home in Ithaca, NY. Sadness cascaded over the family when, at the age of 33, Marie passed away in Ithaca on Jan. 21, 1968. Her remains were shipped to Somerset for sleep for all time in Beulah Cemetery. her obituary was published in the Somerset Daily American.

Stepson Ray Cramer was in Miami, FL circa 1968.

Stepson Paul D. Hansen put down roots in the outskirts of Somerset.


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