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Christina 'Dina' (Fegely) Pilgert


Christina "Dina" or "Diana" (Fegely) Pilgert was born on Oct. 23, 1806, the daughter of Heinrich and Catharine (Gaumer) Fögle, also spelled "Fegely."

She wedded George Pilgert (1804-1875), also spelled "Pilgard." He earned a living as a tailor in Longswamp Township, Berks County in 1850-1860.

Their children were Willoughby Pilgert, Henry Edwin Pilgert, Isabella Wetzel, George M. Pilgert, Judith Pilgert, Reuben F. Pilgert, Rebecca Jacobs, James Pilgert, Anna C. Pilgert and Charles D. Pilgert.

The 1850 and 1860 federal censuses show George and Christiana residing in Longswamp. They owned a 15-acre tract, which included a "Mansion House."

George passed away in 1875. The farm was sold through the Berks County Orphans Court, with son Willoughby serving as the administrator of the estate.

Christina survived him by more than a quarter of a century. She died two days before Christmas 1901 and is interred in St. Pauls Union Cemetery in Mertztown.


~ Son Willoughby Pilgert ~

Son Willoughby Pilgert (1828-1901) was born on Aug. 13, 1828.

He was united in holy wedlock with Mary Ann "Annie" Eck (Oct. 14, 1833-1916), daughter of John and Marie Eck. They lived in Henningsville, Berks County.

During the Civil War, with his name spelled "Bilgard," Willoughby joined the Union Army and was placed in the 167th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H.

The couple produced these known children -- Mary Amanda Brensinger, Sarah Elizabeth Long, John James Pilgert, Ida Jane Fisher, Annie Maria Miller, Emma C. Yoder and Ella Schroding.

In 1889, Willoughby was awarded a Civil War soldier's pension. [Invalid App. #706.400 - Cert. #866.126]

He died from the effects of congestive heart failure at the age of 72 on June 26, 1901. A newspaper reported that burial would be in Mertztown "if arrangements can be made with the pastor."

Mary Anna then began receiving his monthly pension payments. [Widow App. #744.449 - Cert. #542.499] She survived her husband by 15 years, becoming senile toward the end. She suffered from a building in her bile duct ("bilary calculi") which led to gangrene. She died at home south of Longsdale at the age of 82 on June 9, 1916. Interment was in Mertztown. She was survived by a brother, Manoah Eck of Lebanon, PA.

Daughter Sarah Elizabeth Pilgert (1853-1931) was born in 1853. She wedded Stephen Long ( ? - ? ). Their three children were Jacob Long, Amandus Long and Clara Boyer. The Longs' residence in 1901-1931 was in Longsdale near Mertztown. Sarah died at home at the age of 77 in March 1931. Burial was in Longswamp Cemetery, with Rev. William L. Meckstroth officiating. An obituary printed in the Allentown Morning Call said that her survivors included four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

  • Grandson Jacob Long lived at home with his parents in Longsdale near Mertztown in 1931.
  • Grandson Amandus Long made his residence in the early 1930s in Mertztown.
  • Granddaugter Clara Long married (?) Boyer. She dwelled in Mertztown in 1931.


Old organ in Huff's Union Church
Historical Souvenir of the Huff's Union Church

Daughter Mary "Amanda" Pilgert (1857-1936) was born on Jan. 7, 1857. She married John Brensinger (June 12, 1848-1921), son of Harry and Hettie (Oswald) Brensinger. Their only known children were Jennie H. Derr and Willoughby H. Brensinger. John earned income over the years as a carpenter. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1880, the Brensingers resided in Longswamp Township, Berks County, and their 12-year-old nephew Harris Hammel (or "Hummel") lived under their roof. Circa 1901, their home was in Palm, PA and in 1916-1931 in Bally/Huff's Church. Sadly, suffering from heart valve disease, John died at age 72 on April 21, 1921. His remains were placed into rest in Huff's Church Cemetery. As a widow in 1936, she dwelled in Huff's Church. She became senile in her final years and died at age 79 on Feb. 21, 1936. Burial was in Huff's Church Cemetery, and daughter Jennie Derr of Barto was the informant for the death certificate.

  • Granddaughter Jennie Brensinger (1880-1946) was born on March 4, 1880 in Longswamp Township. She married Charles A. Derr ( ? - ? ). The couple produced three daughters, Reta Frey, Ida Gehris and Dorothy Houck. In about 1935, they moved to a new home in Barto, also known as Huff's Church. They were members of the Lutheran wing of Huff's Union Church, and Jennie volunteered with its Ladies Aid Society. Burdened with chronic heart disease, she passed away on May 23, 1946 at the age of 66. Interment was at Huff's Church Cemetery, with the funeral co-officiated by Rev. W.H. Hartzell and Rev. James H. Kratz. Daughter Reta A. Frey of Emmaus signed the death certificate.
  • Grandson Willoughby Brensinger ( ? - ? ) was born in (?) in Longswamp Township and was named for his mother's father. He wedded Minnie E. ( ? -1957). They were the parents of one son, Nelson Brensinger. For decades, they were farmers near Herberts, Hereford Township and members of Huff's Union Church. Sadly, Minnie passed into eternity in 1957. Willoughby survived her by four years and spent his final time in Perkiomenville. He died at home at the age of 76 on Dec. 15, 1961. Funeral services were held in the family church.

Son John James Pilgert (1860-1936) was born in 1860. He lived in Henningsville, Berks County in 1901 and at Pilger School House in Mertztown in 1916. By 1931, he had moved to a new home in Allentown and in 1935 was in Henningsville.

Daughter Ida Jane Pilgert (1861-1901) was born on Valentine's Day 1861 in Longswamp Township. At the age of less than two months, she was baptized by Rev. William Barly, with Francis and Mary Reeser serving as sponsors. On Sept. 25, 1879, when she was age 18, she was united in matrimony with David G. Fisher (Nov. 4, 1859-1947), a native of Hancock, Berks County and one of eight children of Amos and Eva (Ginginger) Fisher. Their wedding ceremony was presided over by Rev. B.E. Kramlich. The couple bore eight children, of whom two sadly died in infancy. The surviving six offspring were Morris Sylvester Fischer, Annie Collins, Silas L. Fisher, William H. Fisher, Mary Esther Schweyer and Ralph Emerson Fisher. Circa 1900, they lived in South Bethlehem at 724 East Fourth Street, and David earned a living as a day laborer. On the first of February 1901, as she approached her 40th birthday, Ida Jane contracted a deadly case of pneumonia. Said the Allentown Morning Call, "she grew gradually worse, although under the best medical care, until she sank to her last sleep." Death swept her away on Feb. 4, 1901. An obituary in the Morning Call referred to her as "esteemed." David outlived his bride by almost half a century and apparently never remarried. He belonged to the Mertztown Church, and moved to Allentown in about 1927. He worked for Bethlehem Steel as an ingot foreman. His final address was at 225½ North 14th Street in Allentown. At his 71st birthday in 1930, his daughter held a roast turkey dinner for the family, and the following year the birthday meal was a rabbit dinner. Burdened with acute heart disease and senility, he passed away at age 86 on March 10, 1947. Burial was in Mertztown Cemetery, with an obituary published in the Allentown Morning Call. He was survived by 16 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

  • Grandson Morris Sylvester Fischer (1879-1913) was born on New Year's Eve 1879 in Topton. In 1900, unmarried, he lived at home and made a living as a day laborer. At the age of about 21 or 22, in 1901, he is believed to have married Florence (1880- ? ). They made a home in 1910 in Fountain Hill, Lehigh County, where he toiled as a bartender in a hotel. Over-exertion and alcoholism led Morris's heart to fail in the spring of 1913, and he was admitted to the Station House in Columbia, Lancaster County, PA. There, at the age of 33, he succumbed on May 27, 1913. His remains were transported for burial to South Bethlehem.
  • Granddaughter Anna "Annie" Fisher (1881-1940) was born in May 1881. At the age of 19, she lived at home and worked as a silk winder. Annie was united in matrimony with Patrick Collins (June 11, 1877-1936), son of Dennis and Mary (Turner) Collins, immigrants from England. Their children were Marion Hipple, Terrence Collins, Harold Collins, Ralph Collins and Beatrice Collins. Circa 1914, they relocated from South Bethlehem to Allentown, where their address in the late 1930s and 1940 was at 430 Chesnut Street. They were members of the Immaculate Conception Church. Patrick was employed as an engineer with the Bethlehem Steel works in Allentown. In about 1932, he was diagnosed with asthma and then in 1934 with chronic heart disease. He died just four days before his 59th birthday on July 7, 1936. Burial was in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, with daughter Marian Hipple signing the Pennsylvania death certificate. Annie's health failed during the Christmas holiday of 1939, and she became bedfast on New Year's Day 1940. A little more than four months later, on April 11, 1940, she died at home.
  • Grandson Silas L. Fisher (1882-1957) was born on Sept. 6, 1882 in Topton. He was wedded to S.F. Fisher ( ? - ? ). Silas worked as a silk winder at the age of 17 in 1900. Eventually he learned how to operate cranes and worked for Bethlehem Steel. Silas suffered a fall from a crane at the Bethlehem works and fractured a rib in October 1905. He eventually moved to Covington, KY, where he was located in 1923, and in about 1929 moved to South Charleston, Kanawha County, WV, where he was employed as an electrician at a naval ordnance plant. His address in the 1950s was 16 Rhodes Avenue in South Charleston. He became ill in 1956 with hardening of the cerbral blood vessels and spent the final year of his life in Highland Nursing Hospital, where death cut him away at the age of 74 in Nov. 1957. An obituary was printed in his old hometown newspaper, the Allentown Morning Call. He was laid to rest in Cunningham Memorial Park in St. Albans, WV.
  • Grandson William H. Fisher (1887- ? ) was born in April 1887. He earned income at the age of 13 as a silk winder in South Bethlehem. By 1909, he worked as a clerk. In June 1909, at the age of 22, he was joined in holy wedlock with Lillian A. Hein ( ? - ? ), daughter of Oscar Hein granddaughter of Jacob Rohrbach of Topton. Rev. J.O. Henry officiated at the nuptials held in the Rohrbach home. Lillian was employed prior to marriage at the Hartley silk mill. Their address in 1947 was 125 North 10th Street in Allentown.
  • Granddaughter Mary "Esther" Fisher (1891-1967) was born in Feb. 1891 in Topton. She married John O. Schweyer ( ? -1951), son of John O. and Elmira (Shankweiler) Schweyer of Topton. Their two offspring were Marie E. Wismer and William Schweyer. John was an alumnus of Allentown Business College and in 1902 of Kutztown State Teachers College. For 33 years, John built a career as a bookeeper for the planing mill of A. Albright and Sons. In his spare time, he enjoyed singing over the span of 28 years as a member of the Bach Choir of Bethlehem and the Arion Society, performing as "a tenor soloist with various local church choirs for many years," among thyem Christ Lutheran Church, said the Allentown Morning Call. John belonged to the Jordan Lodge of the Masons. Their address in 1947 was 225½ North 14th Street in Allentown, and they belonged to St. Stephens Evangelical Lutheran Church of Allentown. Sadly, John suffered a heart attack at home and was rushed to Allentown Hospital, where he succumbed on July 9, 1951 at the age of 66. Esther outlived her spouse by 16 years, and relocated to 725 Pennsylvania Avenue in Bethlehem. As her health declined, she became a resident of Reinmiller Convalescent Home in Emmaus. She died at the age of 77 on June 12, 1967. Daughter Marie wedded Claude B. Wismer of Bethlehem.
  • Grandson Ralph Emerson Fisher (1893-1937) was born on April 27, 1893 in Topton and may have been named for the famed American transcendentalist poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. As a teenager, he joined the U.S. Navy and in 1915 was a midshipman aboard the U.S. Patapasco. He remained with the Navy for a quarter of a century, and at one point spent a year serving on President Woodrow Wilson's presidential yacht Mayflower. At some point he married Marjorie Morrison ( ? - ? ). They were the parents of Ralph Emerson Fisher Jr. and Sarah Jane Fisher. His Navy assignments over the years took him to China for three years, Siberia for a year and on board the ship circa 1927 which accompanied Naval aircraft on a round-the-world flight. "During the World War he convoyed troop ships through submarine zones," said the Allentown Morning Call. "For this work he received a decoration from the Naval department." After retiring from the military with the rank of chief petty officer in about 1931, he returned to his native Pennsylvania. He joined the Midvale Steel Company, working as a rigger at its Nicetown plant near Philadelphia, located at Wissahickon Avenue and Bristol Street. Their home in 1937 was at 4853 North Bouvier Street. Tragically, Ralph suffered a serious accident at work in mid-January 1937 when a bolt broke while he was operating a winch, causing some sort of reaction which struck and fractured his skull. He was admitted to Germantown Hospital, but nable to recover, he died there on Jan. 19, 1937. A coroner's inquest ruled the death accidental. His remains were placed into eternal repose in National Cemetery in Philadelphia. Marjorie, who signed her husband's death certificate, gave her mother-in-law's maiden name as "Pilgred."

Daughter Annie Maria Pilgert (1866-1935) was born on July 26, 1866. She was joined in wedlock with Peter Miller (Dec. 20, 1856-1923), son of William and Catherine (Hilbert) Miller of Longswamp. The couple produced three offspring, Ella Miller, Ida Miller and Harvey Miller. They dwelled in Longsdale in 1901, Topton in 1916 and Mertztown in 1923, where Peter earned a living as a laborer. From about 1917 to his death six years later, Peter worked as a sexton for the Mertztown Church. The Millers were members of the Lutheran wing of St. Paul's Church in Mertztown. Grief swept over the family when Peter, already stricken with influenza, was felled by a stroke of apoplexy at the age of 66 and passed away on March 16, 1923. Funeral services were held in the family home, led by Rev. W.S. Dry, with interment in the Mertztown Cemetery. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said he was survived by two brothers, four step-brothers, one sister and one step-sister. The widowed Annie outlived her husband by a dozen years. She spent her final time in Mertztown. Having contracted chronic heart disease, she suffered a heart attack and died at age 69 on Sept. 25, 1935. Interment was in Mertztown, following funeral services again preached by Rev. W.S. Dry. An obituary appeared in the Allentown Morning Call. Daughter Ida Miller of Mertztown was the informant for the official certificate of death.

  • Granddaughter Ella Miller resided at home in Mertztown circa 1935.
  • Granddaughter Ida Miller was unmarried and lived with her mother in the mid-1930s.
  • Grandson Harvey Miller dwelled in Shamrock, Berks County.

Daughter Emma C. Pilgert (1868-1945) was born in 1868. She married Horace R. "Harry" Yoder ( ? - ? ). Their known children were Henry W. Yoder, Mahlon Yoder, Paul W. Yoder, Eva Croll, Helen Warmkessel, Jennie Sell, Evelyn Heiter and Neida Reppert. Their home in 1901 was in Wellerstown and in 1916-1935 in Mertztown. The couple were members of the Lutheran congregation of the Longswamp Church, where Horace served as an officer. The Yoders are known to have attended the third annual reunion of the Yoder family at Mertztown on Aug. 31, 1912. After his death, Emma went to live with her married daughter Mrs. Floyd Warmkessel in Alburtis. She died in the daughter's residence at the age of 77 on Nov. 10, 1945. Rev. Wilson Hartzel led the funeral service and burial at the Longswamp Church Cemetery. In an obituary, the Allentown Morning Call said she was survived by 15 grandchildren and 18 grandchildren.

  • Grandson Henry W. Yoder ( ? -1969) was born in Longswamp Township. He wedded Annie L. Gehringer ( ? - ? ). Their only daughter was Mae E. Erb. They lived in Topton, where for many years he operated a grocery store, retiring in 1951. They were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Mertztown. Later, they resided with their married daughter and son-in-law George F.R. Erb at 204 Noble Street in Kutztown. Sadly, Henry died at home at the age of 79 on May 18, 1969.
  • Grandson Mahlon Yoder resided in 1945 in Topton and in 1949 in Mertztown.
  • Grandson Paul W. Yoder (1898-1949) was born in about 1898. He married Mary Landis ( ? - ? ). The couple bore two children, Keith L. Yoder and Beverly D. Yoder. Paul made a living as a machinist with Caloric Gas Stove Corporation in Topton. The family were members of the Lutheran wing of the Longswamp Church, and Paul belonged to the fire companies of Topton and Lyons. They made a home in the 1940s in Topton. Sadness enveloped the family on Dec. 10, 1949 when Paul went deer hunting with 14 other men at a camp about 18 miles south of Dushore, Sullivan County. After arriving, but before the hunt could begin, the 51-year-old suffered a heart attack and died before help could arrive. The Allentown Morning Call printed an obituary.
  • Granddaughter Eva Yoder dwelled in Allentown in the late 1940s. By 1969, she had married Archer Croll ( ? - ? ) and dwelled in Allentown.
  • Granddaughter Helen Yoder married Floyd A. Warmkessel (1907-1956), son of Aaron and Neda (DeLong) Warmkessel. The couple did not reproduce. In the 1940s and '50s, they lived in rural Alburtis and were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Mertztown, and Floyd served on the church council. He also belonged to the fire departments in Alburtis, Lyons and Topton, the Eagles Club, the rod and gun clubs of Rockland and Mertztown, the Alburtis Fire Fighters and the American Legion in Topton.. Floyd became deathly ill and was admitted to Allentown Hospital, where he died on June 16, 1956. Funeral services were held in the family church.
  • Granddaughter Jennie Yoder (1902-1978) was born in about 1902 in Longswamp Township. She wedded Simeon C. Sell ( ? - ? ). He brought a son to the marriage, Delano V. Sell. Jennie and Simeon did not have any children of their own. Their residence in the mid-1940s was in Topton. Later, for more than two decades, they owned and operated the American House Hotel in Alburtis, retiring in 1973. Jennie was a member of the Longswamp United Church of Christ in Mertztown. She spent her final years as a widow, living in the home of Milton Wetzel in rural Alburtis. She succumbed at the age of 76 on Sept. 29, 1978. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call numbered among her survivors four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
  • Granddaughter Evelyn "Eva" Yoder was married twice. She first was united in matrimony with Adam Heiter. Their home was in Topton. Later, by 1969, she was joined in marriage with Max Croddy ( ? - ? ) and continued to reside in Topton.
  • Granddaughter Neida Yoder was joined in holy wedlock with Warren Reppert. They dwelled in 1945 in Mertztown.

Daughter Ella Pilgert ( ? - ? ) wedded Morgan Sheridan (or "Schroeder") ( ? - ? ). She resided in Orwigsburg, PA in 1901 and in Allentown in 1916-1931.


~ Son Henry Edwin Pilgert ~

Son Henry Edwin Pilgert (1830-1917) was born on June 6, 1830.

He married Maria Schmidt (1838-1891), Americanized to "Smith."

They dwelled in Longswamp Township, Berks County and were the parents of Sarah A. Pilgert, Helena Ketterer, Henry Payne Pilgert, Kate A. Ketterer, George S. Pilgert and Maria Isabella Fritch.

Sadly, Maria passed away in 1891.

Henry survived her as a widower for more than a quarter of a century. He went to live with his married daughter Maria Isabella Fritch in Mertztown. He became bedfast in the early months of 1917 and remained so for the last 14 weeks of his life. Already burdened with kidney disease, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was swept away by the Grim Reaper at the age of 86 on May 27, 1917. Daughter Isabella of Mertztown was the informant for the death certificate. Burial was in Mertztown Cemetery, with Rev. Bernd and Brensinger co-officiating. An obituary was printed in the Allentown Morning Call.

Daughter Sarah A. Pilgert (1858-1873)

Daughter Helena Pilgert (1862-1906) was born in 1862. She married (?) Ketterer.

Son Henry Payne Pilgert (1864-1947) was born in 1864. He made a home in Mertztown in 1917.

Daughter Kate A. Pilgert (1868-1961) was born in 1868. She wedded (?) Ketterer (or "Kettinger"). She dwelled in Reading in 1917.


Allentown, PA, 1876, on North Seventh Street as seen from Center Square.
History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania


Son George S. Pilgert (1874-1947) was born in 1874. His home in 1917 was in Allentown.

Daughter Maria Isabella Pilgert (1876-1970) was born in 1876 in Longswamp Township. On Nov. 8, 1902, she was united in marital union with Luther Fritch ( ? - ? ), son of Tilghman Fritch. The news was reported in the Allentown Leader. The couple raised a foster son, Arthur B. Miller. They were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Mertztown. Luther passed away in 1950. Isabella survived him by two decades. Toward the end of her life, she went to reside in Berks Heim near Reading. She died at age 94 on Aug. 30, 1970.


~ Daughter Isabella (Pilgert) Wetzel ~

Daughter Isabella Pilgert (1833-1921) was born on Oct. 4, 1833.

She was united in marriage with farmer Washington Wetzel (1836-1910), believed to have been the son of John and Hetty Wetzel of Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County.

They were the parents of a son, George Washington Wetzel.

Evidence suggests that the couple divorced soon after the birth of their son, between 1864 and 1867. Isabella book back her maiden name, and in 1870, with her six-year-old son, lived in the household of 72-year-old farmer Daniel DeLong (or "Dolong") in Longswamp Township, Berks County. The census-taker spelled her name "Pilliard."

Ex-husband Washington married in 1867 to Catharine A. "Kate" Fegley (Sept. 20, 1844-1900), daughter of George F. and Anna (Lichtenwalner) Fegely. The Wetzels lived in Maple Grove in Longswamp in 1870-1900, with Washington laboring in a local coal mine and farming. They had more children of their own, James A. Wetzel, Henry Wetzel, Martha A. Miller and Mrs. Benjamin Roth.

Isabella was diagnosed with a tumor and in June 20 underwent surgery. The gossip columns of the Allentown Leader reported that the operation had been conducted by Dr. J.A. Brobst and Dr. D.D. Fritch.

Isabella lived in Longswamp in 1917 and in Boyertown in the early 1920s, using the surname "Pilgert." In 1920, federal census records show her at the age of 86, boarding in the household of Luther and Maria Fritch.

Suffering from heart disease and rheumatism, she died at age 88 on Nov. 8, 1921. David Moyer of Boyertown signed the official Pennsylvania certificate of death. Interment was in St. Paul's Union Cemetery in Mertztown.

Son George Washington Wetzel (1864-1954) was born on April 23, 1864 in Longswamp Township. In about 1886, when he would have been age 21 or 22, he married Emeline Trexler (April 23, 1862-1936), daughter of John and Marie (Geist) Trexler of Longswamp. They were the parents of John Oscar Wetzel and Frank Erwin Wetzel. The family belonged to the Lutheran wing of the St. Paul's Union Church of Mertztown. George was employed by D.D. Fritch Milling Company for 39 years, retiring at the age of 70 in 1934. He was a charter member of the Washington Camp of the Patriotic Order of America lodge in Macungie. Emeline was considered "a highly respected resident of Macungie." Sadly, Emelinewas burdend with arthritis and heart disease. She was felled by a heart attack and passed away at the age of 74 on Nov. 1, 1936. An obituary said that "Although in failing health for six years, Mrs. Wetzel had been able to be around and attended to some of her household duties. At 10:30 yesterday morning she complained of feeling ill and collapsed soon afterward." Rev. William Dry preached her funeral sermon. George outlived her by 18 years and resided with his son John at 44 Locust Street in Macungie. When he celebrated his 90th birthday, he was pictured in a local newspaper article, which reported that he "is a great reader, enjoying his daily newspaper, and is a television fan." At the age of 90, George died in Macungie on Nov. 10, 1954. His remains were lowered into repose in St. Paul's Union Cemetery in Mertztown.

  • Grandson John Oscar Wetzel (1887-1972) lived in Macungie in 1936 and at 44 Locust Street in Macungie in 1954.
  • Grandson Frank Erwin Wetzel (1892-1978) resided in 1936 in Macungie.


~ Son George M. Pilgert ~

Son George M. Pilgert (1835-1881) was born on Sept. 28, 1835.

He was joined in holy matrimony with Maria Hohe (1834-1906), daughter of William and Magdalena (Miller) Hohe.

The couple is not known to have reproduced.


Old atlas map of Longswamp showing the farm of "G.M. Pilger," 1876, south of Shamrock and west of Red Lion Station.


He may have served as an elected supervisor of Longswamp Township, Berks County, and to have been arrested in December 1878. The cause of his arrest was failure to comply with a judge's ruling in a case involving "trover and conversion" (where George unlawfully took possession of his brother Willoughby's personal property and sold it for gain, and the brother sued to recover the money but not the item).

Sadly, George passed away at the age of 45 on April 8, 1881. He rests under a broken stone in St. Pauls Union Cemetery in Mertztown.

Maria outlived her spouse by a quarter of a century. She joined him in death in 1906.


~ Daughter Judith Pilgert ~

Daughter Judith Pilgert (1838- ? ) was born in about 1838.


~ Son Reuben F. Pilgert ~

Son Reuben F. Pilgert (1842-1912) was born on Aug. 4, 1842. In infancy, he was baptized in the Lutheran Church.

He married Sarah A. "Sallie" Schoedler (1845-1904). The couple made a home in Shamrock near Longswamp Township, Berks County and were members of St. Paul's Church in Mertztown.

Their four known offspring were Ida R. Romig, S. Elizabeth "Lizzie" McCollum, Ellen "Ellie" Pilgert and George Pilgert. Sadness blanketed the family when their on ly son George died at the age of seven.

Reuben was once referred to by the Reading Times as "a well known citizen of Shamrock."

At the age of 70, having been burdened earlier with an attack of acute articular rheumatism (strep throat), which led to heart valve failure, he died on Sept. 8, 1912. Daughter Ella Pilgert of Allentown signed the Pennsylvania certificate of death. The remains were laid to rest in Mertztown's St. Pauls Union Cemetery, following funeral services in the church led by Rev. F.K. Bernd of Kutztown. An obituary appeared in the Times.


Old covered bridge in Allentown


Daughter Ida R. Pilgert (1869-1954) was born in 1869. She was united in wedlock with Milton Romig ( ? - ? ). They lived in Shamrock in 1912.

Daughter S. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pilgert (1871-1948) was born in 1871. She married George McCollum ( ? - ? ). They resided in 1912 in Allentown.

Daughter Ellen "Ellie" Pilgert (1874-1944) was born in 1874. She was unmarried and made a home in Allentown in 1910. With her father's health failing, she lived with her parents in Shamrock in 1912.


~ Daughter Rebecca (Pilgert) Jacobs ~

Daughter Rebecca Pilgert (1844-1905) was born in Sept. 1844.

She married widower William H. Jacobs (1834-1898). He had been married previously to (?) Heisinger ( ? -1870?), daughter of Peter Hensinger. Thus he brought these offspring to the second marriage -- Henry Jacobs, John Jacobs, James Jacobs, Frank Jacobs and Oswin Jacobs.

Rebecca and William produced these additional children of their own -- Mrs. George Smith, Mrs. William Reinert, Clara Jacobs and Victoria Jacobs.

Their home was between Maple Grove and Alburtis, Lehigh County.

Sadly, William suffered a stroke, lingered for seven weeks and died at the age of 65 in Oct. 1898. Funeral services were held in the Jacobs home, with Rev. Dr. Horne officiating. Interment was at Lehigh Church. Obituaries were printed in the Allentown Leader and the Allentown Democrat, the latter of which referred to him as "a well known citizen of Lower Macungie."

Rebecca lived for another seven years. She was swept away by the Grim Reaper of Death in 1905. She rests in Lehigh Zion Cemetery in Alburtis, Lehigh County.

Stepson Henry Jacobs migrated to Oelwein, IA by 1898.

Stepson John Jacobs relocated by 1898 to Oelwein, IA.

Stepson James Jacobs lived in Wilmington, DE.

Stepson Frank Jacobs moved to Wilmington, DE.

Stepson Oswin Jacobs dwelled in Boyertown, PA.

Daughter (?) Jacobs married George Smith. They lived in Rittenhouse Gap, PA in 1898.

Daughter (?) Jacobs wedded William Reinert. They dwelled in Maple Grove, PA.

Daughter Clara Jacobs ( ? - ? )

Daughter Victoria Jacobs ( ? - ? ). On Dec. 16, 1899, she is believed to have married William C. Erb ( ? - ? ) of Pennsburg, PA, with Rev. A.R. Horne officiating, and news published in the Allentown Democrat.


~ Son James Pilgert ~

Son James Pilgert (1847- ? ) was born in about 1847.


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