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Thomas Ream Sr.


Ream Cemetery, Ursina

Thomas Ream Sr. was born in 1786 in Ursina, Somerset County, PA, the son of John and Anna Rosina (Weitzel) Ream, and the stepson of (?) (Minerd) Ream. The first name of his stepmother is unknown.

At the age of four, Thomas moved with his parents and siblings to Draketown, Somerset County. He was only six years of age when his mother died from the bite of a poisonous snake.

He married Barbara Haines ( ? - ? ).

They had six known children -- Jacob Ream, John Ream, Moses Ream, Thomas Ream Jr., Christina Jennings and Mary Flanagan. All were deceased by 1884 except for Thomas Jr.

Thomas Sr. is described in the 1884 History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties: Thomas was a miller, and ran the old gristmill at Draketown. He was killed by the falling of a tree one stormy night while returning from a visit to a sick girl. He married Barbara Haines, and was the father of Jacob, John, Moses, Thomas, Christina (Jennings) and Mary (Flanagan). Thomas is the only survivor. He lived at Draketown since his fourth year, farming and milling. He has been justice of the peace twenty years, and was recruiting officer of this township during the late war.


Thomas Sr. died on Feb. 14, 1840, at the age of 53 years, 11 months and eight days. In an obituary, the Somerset Herald amplified the cause of his death as "killed by a limb falling from a tree, as he was walking through his wheat field in which there was deadened timber." His mortal remains were returned to the earth in the Ream Cemetery in Confluence.


Ream Cemetery, Ursina

~ Daughter Christina (Ream) Jennings ~

Daughter Christina Ream (1811- ? ) was born in about 1811. 

She wed Thomas Jennings (1805-1872), one of a dozen children of Capt. Benjamin and Rhoda (Spencer) Jennings.

In a section about the family, the 1884 book History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties said that: "Thomas was born in 1805, and died in 1872. He married Christina Ream...." 

They had three children -- John Rayman Jennings, Jerome B. Jennings and Sarah Bookman.


Somerset Herald, 1872

When the 1850 census was enumerated, the family dwelled in Lower Turkeyfoot Township, where Thomas was a farmer. Tragically, though, the census-taker marked Christina as "insane." The nature of her disability is not yet known. Among their neighbors that year were kinsmen Israel and Susan Jennings. 

Sadly, Christina is believed to have died during the decade of the 1850s. Her burial site is not known. If she rests in the Ream Cemetery in Ursina, the grave is unmarked.

In 1860, federal census records show Thomas heading a household with his three children including his 18-year-old daughter in law Martha Jennings, a "spinster." Their neighbors in 1860 included William and Sarah Ream, uncle and aunt Samuel W. and Mary (Rheims) Ream and first cousin Levi and Hily (King) Ream.

By 1870, when the census enumeration again was made, the 65-year-old Thomas dwelled in the Lower Turkeyfoot Township home of his son and daughter in law, John Rayman and Martha (Knight) Jennings and their four children. Thomas had no occupation that year although his son John was marked as a farmer. As the son was in the midst of a tumultous marriage which later ended in divorce, the living arrangement may well have been very uncomfortable for the old man.

On June 24, 1872, Thomas passed away at the age of 67 years, five months and 19 days. A short obituary was printed a month later in the Somerset Herald. Later that year, their son John advertised in the Herald that he was serving as estate administrator, calling in IOUs and offering to pay an outstanding financial claims.

~ Son Thomas Ream Jr. ~


Thomas' grave, Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery

Son Thomas Ream Jr. (1819-1885) was born on Sept. 9, 1819. 

At the age of 24, on July 23, 1843, he was among 53 individuals and 11 Reams who joined the Jersey Baptist Church and were baptized that day. The following year, he was elected a trustee, and his parents joined the church. 

Reported the Somerset Herald, he "was known as a kind, accommodating neighbor, always ready to respond to any worthy cause. He served as Justice of the Peace in Lower Turkeyfoot township for about 25 years." 

He was married three times and produced children with all three wives.

Thomas' first bride was Hester "Esther" Stull (1825-1850). Their four children were Susan Ream, Rebecca Ream, Albert Ream and Huldah Hester Popey. In 1850, this family dwelled in Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, where Thomas was a flour miller.


Hester's grave, Jersey Church

Sadly, Esther died on Nov. 4, 1850, at the untimely age of 26 years, eight months and 20 days. Her death occurred just one and a half months after the birth of their daughter Huldah, and could have been due to post-partum health complications.

Her remains were placed into eternal repose in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. The plot where she was laid became the Ream family burying area where Thomas himself later would be interred along with a number of their family. Her grave marker stills stands tall and erect, perfectly legible when photographed in July 2016 by the founder of this website.

Esther's demise left Thomas with four young mouths to feed and in need of a mother figure.

Within less than three months, Thomas married again. His second wife was Sarah McMillen ( ? -1865), and they were joined in wedlock on Jan. 20, 1851, by the hand of Rev. John Harned of Harnedsville, Somerset County.

They went on to produce six children -- Austin Ream, Jane Ream, John Ream, George Ream, William Ream and Sarah Ream.

When the census again was taken in 1860, Thomas and Sarah headed a household of nine children, age 14 and under, with three others living under their roof -- 26-year-old domestic Barbary McMillen, 25-year-old mistress Elizabeth Nicklow and 68-year-old house carpenter Thomas McMillen. 


Sarah's grave, Jersey Church

Further heartache visited the family when Sarah passed away on or about the second day of the new year in 1865, aged 45 years, one month and 15 days. Her mortal remains were lowered to the earth at the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, in a row including the first wife and other Reams. At the base of her grave marker -- still erect and legible today -- was carved this epitaph:

Kind Angels watch her sleeping dust,

Till Jesus comes to raise the just.

Then may she wake with sweet surprise

And in her Savior's image rise.

Her death left Thomas as a two-time widower with many young mouths to feed in addition to his own. 

Thomas' third spouse was Adaline Shaulis (1844-1925), who was 24 years younger than he. She was born on May 12, 1844, the daughter of Levi and Barbara (Berkey) Shaulis.

The couple went on to produce five more children, of whom four have been identified -- Ida Amelia Porterfield, Bertha Ream, Irvin Scott Ream and Joseph Ward Ream


Somerset Herald, 1885

In 1880, Thomas served in the elected position of justice of the peace for Lower Turkeyfoot. That same year, he and A.S. Hyatt and Eli Conn were the first trustees of the newly built Draketown Methodist Episcopal Church, "a tasty and beautiful church," said the 1884 History, "erected... at a cost of eleven hundred dollars." 

He died on June 9, 1885, at the age of 65 years and nine months. Burial was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery near Ursina. An epitaph was inscribed on the base of the grave marker, reading as follows:

Dear father with a reverent hand,

This to thy memory given.

While on by one thy household band

God reunites in Heaven.

Adaline survived her husband by a remarkable four decades and made her home during those many years in Lower Turkeyfoot. In her final years, she suffered from heart valve disease.

She passed away on Sept. 13, 1925 in Lower Turkeyfoot. Burial was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, but the location of the grave is not yet known, and it may well not be marked. Her son Joseph Ward Ream signed her official Pennsylvania certificate of death.


Thomas Jr.'s gristmill, Draketown, 1876 Somerset County Atlas


Daughter Susan Ream (1843- ? ) was born in 1843.

Daughter Rebecca Ream (1845- ? ) was born in 1845.

Son Albert Ream (1847-1877) was born in about 1847. He married Barbara "Ellen" Dull (1952-1938), daughter of Frederick and Margaret "Peggy" (Faidley) Dull. See their biography for more.

Daughter Huldah Hester Ream (1850-1914) was born on Sept. 20, 1850. She married D.H. Popey ( ? - ? ). They relocated to Washington County, PA, where they lived in Eldora, near Monongahela, Carroll Township. Suffering from heart problems, Hulda died at the age of 63 on Aug. 20, 1914. Burial was in Monongahela Cemetery.

Son Austin Ream (1851-1861) was born on Oct. 4, 1851. He died at the age of 10 on Oct. 25, 1861, with burial in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. The cause of death is not yet known. A stone was inscribed and erected at the site of his grave. Over the years it has broken in half and the upper half cemeted back into place. The lettering was somewhat legible when photographed by the founder of this website in July 2016.

Daughter Jane Ream (1854- ? ) was born in 1854.

Son John Ream (1850- ? ) was born in 1855.

Son George Ream (1857-1871) was born in 1857. He lived into his teenage years. At the age of 13, he passed away on March 28, 1871. Burial was in the plot of Ream family graves in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, including his mother's. A marker was erected at the grave, and is somewhat legible in the center although worn down on the left and right hand edges.


Graves of young Austin, 1861 (left) and George, 1871


Son William H. Ream (1859-1943) was born on March 25 1859 in Draketown. At the age of 21, in 1880, he lived at home and earned a living as a flour miller. Later, he became a self-employed carpenter until age forced him to retire. He married Rhoda Anderson ( ? -1945), daughter of Rev. Noah Anderson of Drakedown. They moved to Confluence in about 1899, and remained there permanently. Their known offspring were Mary Shipley Coughenour, Jane Leckemby, Nell Lamison, Pearl Felt, Verna Semple, William H. Ream Jr., Rose Ream, Albert R. Ream, Stella P. Ream and Mildred V. Ream. The 1910 federal census enumeration shows the family living in Confluence, with their married daughter Mary Shipley and her children among those under their roof. At the age of 84, suffering from heart disease of two decades' duration, added to chronic kidney problems, he died on May 20, 1943. Daughter Rose Ream of Confluence was the informant for his death certificate. Burial was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, following a funeral sermon preached by Rev. Henry Knoell, and with an obituary appearing in print in the Meyersdale Republican. Rhoda only lived for two more years after her husband's death. She suffered a heart attack and died on Aug. 14, 1945. The Republican listed her surviving brothers as Bruce Anderson and John Anderson of Claysville, PA; Lloyd Anderson of Cameron, WV; and Harvey Anderson of Aleppo, PA.

  • Granddaughter Mary E. Ream (1872-1973) was born on Aug. 2, 1872 near Confluence. In about 1899, at the age of 27, she was first married to Andrew Shipley (1875- ? ). They had two sons -- Stanton "Clifford" Shipley and Raymond "Kenneth" Shipley. The couple first dwelled in Ohiopyle, Fayette County in 1900 but appears to have separated by 1910, and Mary moved back into her parents' home with her sons. Later, she married for a second time to widower James B. "Big Jim" Coughenour (1856-1932), son of the late Gilbert and M. L. Coughenour of Connellsville. They lived in the west end of Confluence. At the age of 18, said the Meyersdale Republican, "he entered the service of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as a helper in the Connellsville shops. After a years' service with the B. & O., he became an apprentice in the shops of the National Locomotive Company. In 1878, at the age of 22, he returned to the service of the Baltimore and Ohio, entering the service as a locomotive fireman. After fourteen months service, he was promoted to locomotive engineer, and served in this position both on freight and passenger runs...." After the death of his first wife, James returned to Connellsville, and then in 1917 came back to Confluence, "entering the passenger service between Connellsville and Cumberland. He served later as engineer on a work train out of Confluence, followed in turn by service on the C. & O. Branch and in service on Passenger Train 43 between Cumberland and Connellsville, in which service he was when he retired in 1921" In retirement, he was twice elected justice of the peace and served from 1924 to his death. In 1931, he was named as weighmaster of Confluence Borough. James was a member of the Confluence Baptist Church, the Elks Lodge of Connellsville, the B&O Veterans Association, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (Lodge No. 50, of Connellsville) and the "last surviving member of Co. C, Connellsville Grays, a company of the Pennsylvania National Guard" said the Republican. "In politics he was a consistent and outstanding Democrat." James passed away following two successive strokes at the age of 75 on Aug. 11, 1932. Interment was in the cemetery of the Confluence Baptist Church, with  services officiated by Rev. Leslie Magargee, supply pastor of the church. Mary lived for another 41 years as a widow. She dwelled in Confluence in 1943 and in Smithfield, PA in 1945. She spent her final years in the Somerset County Home for the Aged in Berlin and died there at the age of 93 on Jan. 15, 1973. Burial was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. Circa 1973, her son Stanton lived in Confluence and son Ray in New Kensington.


B&O Railroad in Confluence, early 1900s


  • Granddaughter Jane Ream was wedded to (?) Leckemby and lived in Smithfield, Fayette County.
  • Granddaughter Nell Ream was united in marriage with (?) Lamison. In 1943, their home was in Tarentum, PA.
  • Granddaughter Pearl Ream was married to (?) Felt. They lived in Chicago.
  • Granddaughter Verna Ream was joined in wedlock with (?) Semple. They resided in Warren, PA. In 1974, she made her home in Bridgeville, south of Pittsburgh.
  • Grandson William H. Ream Jr. lived in Stockton, CA in 1943.
  • Granddaughter Rose Ream (1886-1974) was born on Aug. 31, 1886. She never married. At some point she gave birth to a son, Cecil Benning. Rose made her home with her parents for many years until their deaths. She continued to live in Confluence for the remainder of her life. she died at the age of 97 in March 1974. Burial was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery with Rev. Larry Dean officiating. At the time, her son Cecil made his residence in Confluence.
  • Grandson Albert R. Ream (1891- ? ) was born in about 1891. In his early 20s, he was employed at Connellsville as a railroad brakeman. When age 24, in 1915, he and Violet Linderman applied for a marriage license. There is no record that the marriage took place.
  • Granddaughter Stella P. Ream (1895- ? ) was born in about 1895.
  • Granddaughter Mildred V. Ream (1898- ? ) was born in about 1898.

Daughter Alice C. Ream (1860- ? ), sometimes known as "Sarah," was born in about May 1860.


James Porterfield, right, with brother in law Joseph Ward Ream (left) and Nolan Kimmel

Daughter Ida Amelia Ream (1866-1941) was born on Nov. 21, 1866. She married James Porterfield ( ? - ? ). James apparently brought a son to the marriage, Roosevelt Porterfield. They made their residence in the rural outskirts of Confluence. Among their offspring were Albert J. Porterfield, John Porterfield, Lloyd Porterfield and Susan Redrick. Less than a few weeks before her 75th birthday, Ida suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died on Nov. 8, 1941. She was laid to rest in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery.

  • Grandson Albert J. Porterfield (1905-1977) was born on Sept. 16, 1905 near Confluence. He married Dolly Lytle and had five children -- Nancy Bigam, Shelda Jean Porterfield, Betty Harford, Nettie Sue Sloan and James Porterfield. Albert died at age 72 in Somerset Community Hospital. Interment was in Sugar Loaf Cemetery near Ohiopyle, and the Meyersdale Republic published an obituary.
  • Grandson John G. Porterfield (1902-1987) was born on March 5, 1902 near Confluence. He married Clara J. Nickelson ( ? - ? ) and lived in Confluence. They did not reproduce. John died on April 17, 1987, at the age of 85 in Somerset Community Hospital. He was placed into eternal repose in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery with Rev. Thomas Charles and Rev. Vernon Witt co-officiating. The Daily American printed an obituary.
  • Grandson Lloyd C. Porterfield (1908-1984) was born on Sept. 26, 1903 near Confluence. He married Grace (Nickelson) Watkins. She brought these children to the marriage -- Alden Watkins, Donald Watkins, Wanda Cameron and Jacob Conn. The Porterfields resided in Confluence, where Lloyd was a longtime section hand with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. During World War II, he served with the U.S. Armed Forces. In retirement, with all of the children living in Lorain, OH, the Porterfields relocated there to spend their final years. Lloyd passed away in Lorain at age 76 in St. Joseph Hospital on Oct. 20, 1984. His remains were returned to Somerset County for interment in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. Rev. Raymond Schermerhorn preached the funeral service, with an obituary appearing in the Daily American.
  • Granddaughter Susan "Sue" Porterfield ( ? - ? ) was wedded to Ralph Ray Rederick Sr. ( ? -2002).  They lived in Confluence and produced these known children -- Ralph Ray Rederick Jr., Ronald R. Rederick, Charles Rederick, Eugene Rederick, James Redereick and Phyllis Jane Conn. Sue lived in Confluence circa 1987 and passed away on Dec. 2, 1990. She rests in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery.

Great-granddaughter Phyllis Jane Rederick (1916-1999) was born on March 29, 1916 in Confluence. She as united in marriage with Adrian Conn (1912-1994), son of Edward and Minnie (Hyatt) Conn. (Adrian's brother, Lester Conn, was married to Lucinda "Mae" Shroyer of the family of Laura Belle [Younkin] Shroyer.) Their six children were Barbara Conn, Paul Conn, Richard "Skip" Conn, William Carl Conn, Sara Gallentine and Ann Meehan. The family dwelled in Confluence. Phyllis worked for many years at the Humbert Funeral Home and Furniture Store. They attended the Draketown Church. Sadly, Adrian passed away at the age of 82 in 1994. Phyllis survived him by five years. She joined him in death on Nov. 24, 1999. An obituary in the Somerset Daily American reported that she was survived by 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Burial was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery with Rev. James Monticue preaching the funeral service.

Great-grandson Charles Rederick lived in Bullhead City, AZ.

Great-grandson Eugene Rederick made his residence in Electric City, WA.


Ronald Rederick

Great-grandson James Rederick lived in Warren, Trumbull County, OH.

Great-grandson Ralph Ray Rederick Jr. (1923-1987) was born on Dec. 5, 1923. He married a step-cousin, Virginia Elaine Sands (1931-2002), daughter of Robert A. and Alma (Ream) Sands. Ralph was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. The couple had one daughter, Mary Jane Black. Ralph and Virginia divorced within a year of their marriage. He lived for several more decades and passed away in Madison, OH at the age of 64 on Christmas Eve 1987. His remains were returned to Somerset County for interment in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. Former wife Virginia later married twice again, first to James Martin (1932-living) in 1954 and then to Marvin Lemmon ( ? - ? ). Virginia made her home in Perry, OH and died on Nov. 10, 2002, at the age of 71.

Great-grandson Ronald R. Rederick (1935-1954) was born on Aug. 16, 1935. Sadly, his life was short, by his own choosing. Despondent over a failed love affair, the 18-year-old student decided to end his life and, in the late hours of Jan. 16, 1954, shot himself in the head, dying instantly. Interment was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery.

Daughter Bertha Ann Ream (1869-1938) was born on Oct. 21, 1868. In about 1884, when she was 15 years of age, she married 18-year-old Francis S. Gerhard (1866- ? ). They lived in Confluence, where Francis earned a living as a lumberman. Their 11 known children were Harry J. Gerhard, Flora A. Gerhard, Sarah F. Gerhard, Russell M. Gerhard, Mayme Ellen Kurtz, Roy Gerhard, Lloyd Gerhard, Roy Gerhard, Lloyd Gerhard, Clarence Gerhard, Charles E. Gerhard, Esther M. Gerhard and Reba Catherine Johnson Firestone. Bertha was afflicted with heart and kidney failure and died at age 70 on Nov. 1, 1938. Interment was in the Jersey Church Cemetery.

  • Grandson Harry J. Gerhard (1886- ? ) was born in about 1886. He earned a living as a laborer as a young adult. On Sept. 15, 1905, at the age of 19, he was married to Alma G. Ash (1885- ? ), age 20, daughter of Jacob and Martha M. Ash of Somerset Township. Rev. John W. Wilson led the nuptials in Somerset.
  • Granddaughter Flora A. Gerhard (1889- ? ) was born in about 1889.
  • Granddaughter Sarah F. Gerhard (1891- ? ) was born in about 1891.
  • Grandson Russell M. Gerhard (1894- ? ) was born in about 1894.
  • Granddaughter Mayme Ellen Gerhard (1896- ? ) was born in about 1896 in Draketown. Two days before Christmas 1915, the 19-year-old Mayme was united in wedlock with 25-year-old foreman Benjamin Francis Kurtz (1890- ? ), son of Henry and Rebecca (Miller) Kurtz of Confluence. Rev. Lu W.  LePage officiated at the ceremony. At the time of marriage, Mayme was employed as a clerk in Confluence.
  • Grandson Roy Gerhard (1898- ? ) was born in about 1898.
  • Grandson Lloyd Gerhard (1900- ? ) was born in about 1900.
  • Grandson Clarence Gerhard (1903- ? ) was born on Sept. 24, 1902 in Lower Turkeyfoot. He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II and later belonged to the Confluence Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He married Mary Ruth Rinehart ( ? - ? ). They did not reproduce. Clarence died at the age of 78 in Somerset Community Hospital on July 21, 1981. Burial was in the Confluence Baptist Cemetery with Rev. Allen Kinsey officiating. An obituary was printed in the Meyersdale Republic.
  • Grandson Charles E. Gerhard (1906- ? ) was born in about 1906.
  • Granddaughter Esther M. Gerhard (1908- ? ) was born in about October 1908. She married (?) Rinehart and lived in Confluence in 1981.
  • Granddaughter Reba Catherine Gerhard (1912-1995) was born on May 13, 1912 in Confluence. When in her early 20s, she worked as a telephone operator in Confluence. At the age of 23, on Nov. 28, 1935, she was wedded to 30-year-old school teacher Frank A. Johnson ( ? - ? ). He was a native of Ohiopyle, Fayette County, and the son of attorney William R. and Addie L. (Cunningham) Johnson. Rev. Francis M. Kees officiated. The couple produced two children -- Harry Johnson and Barbara Conn. Reba was a member of the Ursina American Legion Auxiliary and the Confluence United Methodist Church. Later, she married again to Stanton A. Firestone (1892-1972), son of Isaac and Mahala (Growall) Firestone. He brought a daughter to the marriage, Pauline Bowers. They resided in Ursina. Stanton died at age 79 in Somerset Community Hospital on Jan. 27, 1972. Rev. Arthur Gotjen preached the funeral service followed by burial in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. Reba survived him by 23 years. In 1981, her home was in Confluence. She passed away at age 83, in the Meyersdale Medical Center, on Nov. 21, 1995. Her remains were lowered to eternal repose in the Jersey Cemetery, with Rev. David Lee leading the service. The Daily American published an obituary. In 1995, her son Harry lived in Baltimore, daughter Barbara Conn in Hollywood, FL and stepdaughter Pauline Bowers in Lancaster, OH.

Son Irvin Scott Ream (1871-1926) was born on Nov. 16, 1871 (or 1873) in Draketown. At the age of 26, in about 1897, he married 23-year-old Lyda S. Weyant (1874-1912), daughter of Simon and Sarah (Yates) Weyant. Their known children were Harry S. Ream, Edna M. Ream, Adda E. "Addie" Ream, Willis C. Ream, Russell T. Ream and Helen G. Ream. Irwin was a tannery worker in Confluence in 1910 and later a railroad laborer and coal miner. Heartache rocked the family on Sept. 14, 1912 when 38-year-old Lyda died suddenly from an infection following childbirth ("puerperal"). Interment was in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery. The federal census enumeration of 1920 shows Irvin and his children and grandson Robert Moon living in Confluence. Among their near neighbors that year were his nephew Cyril "Edgar" and Nora Pearl (Harbaugh) Ream as well as widow Phoebe Ann (Burkholder) Younkin of the George A. and Charlotta (Younkin) Younkin family. In the mid-1920s, he lived and apparently worked at a mine in Fairchance, Georges Township, Fayette County. At the age of 55, he suffered a stroke and died on Dec. 7, 1926. Burial was in the Jersey Cemetery. After Irvin's death, many of his children relocated to Westmoreland County, PA where they resided in and around New Kensington.

  • Granddaughter Edna M. Ream (1896-1972) was born on Oct. 26, 1896. At the age of 23, unmarried, she lived at home with her widowed father and siblings near Confluence. She was united in wedlock with John H. Hecker (1881- ? ), who was 17 years her senior. They made their home for decades in New Kensington, Westmoreland County. Their known children were Robert M. Hecker, Elvie V. Hecker, Rebecca I. Hecker, David T. Hecker, Genevieve L. Hecker, Virgil R. Hecker, Donald L. Hecker and William E. Hecker. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1940s, the Heckers were listed in New Kensington, with John employed as a machinist for a window glass company, and 25-year-old son working as a machinist for an aluminum manufacturer. Edna passed away at the age of 75 in August 1972.
  • Grandson Harry S. Ream (1899-1969) was born in about 1899. When he was age 20, he was employed as a laborer for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Confluence and later transferred to the B&O's operations in Connellsville. He resided at 132 West Peach Street in Connellsville in 1926. He married Grace (Myers) Hartman (1897-1942), the daughter of David and Barbara (Maust) Hughes of Fayette County. Grace had been married once before and brought three sons to the marriage -- James Hartman, Douglas Hartman and Fred Hartman. In 1926, they dwelled in High House near Smithfield, Fayette County. Near tragedy occurred on the morning of March 28, 1941 at their home in Fairchance. Grace, age 44, had been ill with cancer of the uterus for about a year and was considered a "semi invalid." With Harry already having gone to work, she awoke early that morning to allow Bell Telephone workmen into the house to make repairs. "As she reached across the stove for a coffee pot the sleeve of her kimono caught fire," reported the Connellsville Daily Courier. "She tore it off and stomped it with her bedroom slippers. In the meantime the flames scorched the nightgown. To counteract the flames as they communicated to her sleeping garment, Mrs. Ream effectively used a heavy towel. Neighbors later came to her aid." The Courier said she only suffered some singed hair and that her flannel nightgown helped her avoid serious burns. Sadly, Grace died the year following her accident, at the age of 45, on Nov. 29, 1942. She was interred in Smithfield Cemetery. At the time of her death, sons James lived in Cleveland, Douglas in Smithfield, Fayette County and Fred in Morgantown, WV. Harry married again to Eleanor Myers ( ? - ? ). In all, six children were involved with the second marriage -- Ralph Ream, Harry Ream, Albert S. Ream, Judy Ream, Michael Ream and Dale Ream. Harry died at the age of 70 on Aug. 4, 1969 with burial in Mt. Moriah Baptist Cemetery in nearby Smithfield. Great-grandson Albert S. Ream served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.
  • Granddaughter Adda E. "Addie" Ream (1902- ? ) was born in about 1902. She married (?) Walkins ( ? - ? ).
  • Grandson Willis C. Ream (1905-1972?) was born in about 1905. He resided in Fairchance in 1969. He may be the same Willis Ream who died in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA in May 1972.
  • Grandson Russell T. Ream (1908- ? ) was born in about 1908. At the age of 19, on May 4, 1927, he was united in matrimony with Catherine H. Dougall ( ? - ? ). The ceremony took place in Westmoreland County, PA. He dwelled in New Kensington, PA in 1969.
  • Granddaughter Helen G. Ream (1910-2002) was born on March 21, 1910 in Draketown. She would have been age 16 when her father died, leaving her an orphan. She was wedded to Chester Vosnak ( ? - ? ). They resided in the Allegheny River Valley community of Arnold near New Kensington, Westmoreland County. The couple had one daughter, Betty Goldsboro. Helen spent her final years in Columbiana, OH, where she resided in the St. Mary Alzheimer's Center. She died there at the age of 92 on Dec. 16, 2002. An obituary was printed in the Valley News Dispatch of Tarentum. Interment was in Greenwood Memorial Park in Lower Burrell, Westmoreland County.

~ Daughter Mary (Ream) Flanagan ~

Daughter Mary Ream (1812-1860s?) was born in about 1812. 

She married farmer Job Flanagan (1806- ? ). Job was six years older than his bride.

They had at least five children -- Annabel Burnworth, Missouri Flanagan, Thomas Flanagan, Marcellus Flanagan and Howard Flanagan.

When the federal census was enumerated in 1850, the family dwelled in Henry Clay Township, Fayette County. That year, other Flanagan families living next door were John and Margaret Flanagan and Andrew and Isabella Flanagan. The Flanagans remained in Henry Clay through the decade of the 1850s and are shown there in the 1860 census, receiving their postal mail at Somerfield, Somerset County.

Mary is believed to have died during the 1860s. The census of 1870 shows the 63-year-old Job heading a household with his youngest three children between the ages of 15 and 23. That year, their mail was delivered at Fayette Springs, Fayette County. 

In 1880, at age 76, Job dwelled with his married daughter Mary and her husband Thomas McNear in the Grant District of Preston County, WV. 

Nothing more is known.

Daughter Annabel Flanagan (1845- ? ) was born in about 1845. She married Ziba Burnworth ( ? - ? ). They resided in Henry Clay Township during their family-raising years. Their known children were Harry Palmer Burnworth, Jonathan L. Burnworth, William Albert Burnworth, Norman Burnworth and Mrs. J.W. Wilson. They were members of Johnson Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1919-1921, Annabel lived in Confluence. That year, in February, her younger brother Marcellus traveled from his home in Iowa for a two-month's visit.

  • Grandson Harry Palmer Burnworth (1875-1931) was born three days before Christmas in 1875 on the old family farm in Henry Clay Township. He received higher education at California State Teachers College and Lock Haven State Normal School, and taught school locally for several years. He then went on to a better-paying career as a farmer and in the lumber business. In about 1901, he married Anna Butler, daughter of Thomas L. Butler. They produced two sons, Wade Burnworth and Fred Burnworth. The family lived near Johnson Chapel in Henry Clay Township, about two miles from Confluence. Harry died at the age of 55 in April 1931. An obituary was published in the Meyersdale Republican.
  • Grandson Jonathan L. Burnworth resided in Confluence in the 1930s and '40s.
  • Grandson William Albert Burnworth (1872-1943) was born on Sept. 26, 1872 near Johnson's Chapel on the outskirts of Confluence. He spent 46 of his 70 years in the area. On Christmas Day 1896, he married Bertha Reiber ( ? - ? ). They had three daughters -- Ruth Burnworth, Mrs. Carl Beck and Lucille Burnworth. For three decades, William was employed as a clerk and agent by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, retiring in 1937. He was prominent in community activity, and was secretary of the Odd Fellows Lodge, where he was a member for 42 years, and belonged to the Maccabees Lodge. He also was president and a board member of the Confluence Methodist Church and belonged to the men's Bible class. He died on Aug. 5, 1943, with burial in the Jersey Church Baptist Cemetery. Pallbearers included Grant Pyle, Sam Downs, Sam Firestone, Elliot Beggs, Ray Hyatt and Scott Smith. In an obituary, the Meyersdale Republican reported that the honorary pallbearers were Tome Reynolds, Dr. George Hopwood, Dr. Milton Brooke, Robert Black, Homer Rush and Ralph Van Sickle.
  • Grandson Norman Burnworth lived in Uniontown.
  • Granddaughter (?) Burnworth married James W. Wilson and made their residence near Dunbar.

Daughter Mary Missouri Flanagan (1847-1913) was born on April 24, 1847. Her name also has been spelled "Masonia." She married Thomas McNear (1846- ? ), also spelled "McNair," a native of West Virginia. Between 1878 and 1880, the couple relocated to a farm in the Grant District of Preston County, WV. Their known children were Mary McNear, Francis McNear, Lloyd McNear, Dillworth McNear and Orral McNear. In 1880, Mary's aged father resided under their roof. Sadly, Thomas died sometime in the 20-year span between 1880 and 1900. Mary then relocated her family to Dunbar, Fayette County, where all four sons obtained employment with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Stricken with chronic bronchitis, and an invalid, Mary made her home in her final years in East Liberty near Vanderbilt, Fayette County. She succumbed a day after her 66th birthday on April 25, 1913. A one-paragraph obituary in the Connellsville Daily Courier noted that the funeral was held at the home of her son Lloyd in East Liberty, with Rev. H.A. Baum, of the Cochran Memorial Church, preaching the service. Her remains were shipped by rail for burial in the Fairview Cemetery in Confluence. Son Lloyd, residing at Dickerson Run, signed the official Pennsylvania death certificate.

  • Granddaughter Mary McNear (1868- ? ) was born in 1868 in Pennsylvania.
  • Grandson Francis W. "Frank" McNair (1873-1945) was born on Aug. 7, 1873 in Pennsylvania or West Virginia. His name also has been spelled "McNear." At the age of 22, he wed Clara W. (?) (1877- ? ), a native of Maryland. As newlyweds, they lived with Francis' mother in Dunbar, and he earned a living as a railroad laborer. In retirement, Frank resided in Russelton, Allegheny County. He suffered a heart attack at the age of 72 and died in Allegheny Valley Hospital on Sept. 3, 1945. His remains were placed into repose in East Union Cemetery in Allegheny County. Hazel Gisey of Russelton was the informant for the death certificate.
  • Grandson Lloyd H. McNear (1875-1943), also spelled "McNair," was born on Jan. 2, 1875 in Confluence. At age 25, unmarried, he lived at home in Dunbar and worked as a brakeman for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Lloyd eventually was married and had at least one son, Lloyd W. McNear. In about 1908, he relocated to West Newton, Westmoreland County, PA, and also spent time in Dickerson Run, Fayette County.. Having contracted pancreatic cancer, he suffered for six months and died in Rostraver Township at the age of 68 on Oct. 19, 1943. Interment was in the Dickerson Run Union Cemetery. T.G. Kemper of McKeesport signed the death certificate. Their son Lloyd H. married Anita Matilda Klein in October 1940 in Grantsville, MD.
  • Grandson Dilworth McNair (1877- ? ) was born in November 1877 in Fayette County. Single at age 22, he resided at home and earned income as a railroad brakeman in Dunbar. By 1902, he had relocated to Dickerson Run, Fayette County. On May 21, 1902, when he was 26 years old, Dilworth was united in holy matrimony with 22-year-old Anna McCune (1884- ? ). The ceremony was officiated by Rev. F.J. Coyle in Dawson, Fayette County. Anna was the daughter of Thomas and Mary McCune. They dwelled in North Bessmer, Penn Township, Allegheny County, PA, in 1904-1920, with Dilworth continuing his career as a railroad brakeman. The couple produced four known children -- Irene M. McNair, Sarah "Sadie" Clegg, Bernadeth McNair and William McNair. In 1920, Dilworth's unmarried, 25-year-old sister in law (?) McCune dwelled under their roof in Penn Hills. Their daughter Sadie married (?) Clegg and was a waitress in Verona near Pittsburgh. 
  • Grandson Orval R. McNear (1879- ? ) was born in November 1879 in the Grant District of Preston County, WV. When he was age 21, in 1900, he dwelled with his mother and siblings in Dunbar and labored as a railroad brakeman with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

Son Thomas Flanagan (1849-1908) was born on Feb. 11, 1849 in Henry Clay Township. He was married. As an adult, he resided in Confluence and worked in the lumber business. When he was age 58, in August 1907, he gave a deposition on behalf of his first cousin, Sarah (Jennings) Bookman, in her effort to secure her late husband's Civil War pension. He died tragically the following year, at the age of 59, when struck by a moving locomotive while walking along railroad tracks. The horrific accident occurred on April 11, 1908. His broken remains were placed at rest in the Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery near Ursina.

Son Marcellus Flanagan (1851- ? ) was born in about 1851 in Henry Clay Township. Unmarried at the age of 18, in 1870, he lived on his widowed father's farm in Henry Clay Township. He eventually migrated westward and settled in Iowa, in the town of Manila. He returned to Confluence for a two months' visit in February 1919. He returned in December 1920 and stayed for several weeks. Both visits were fodder for the gossip columns of the Connellsville Daily Courier.

Son Howard Flanagan (1852- ? ) was born in about 1852 in Henry Clay Township.


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