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William Gaumer


Son William Gaumer (1833-1906) was born on March 7, 1833 in Macungie township, Lehigh County, PA, the son of Johann "Adam" and Christiana (Wesco) Gaumer. He spent his entire life in the community.

He married Eliza Ettinger (1845-1910).

They were the parents of Priscilla Weidner, John A. Gaumer, Clinton Gaumer, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gaumer, William C.H. Gaumer and Rosa Bella "Aurora" Landenfelt.

Their farm was located about a mile northwest of Macungie. They were members of the Reformed Church in Zionsville. In 1870, the couple provided a home for Eliza's brother Hiram Ettinger, also spelled "Edinger."


Reformed Church sanctuary in Zionsville.


Over time, Eliza became "mentally unsound" and remained so for years, reported the Allentown Leader. She was admitted to the Pennsylvania State Asylum for the Chronic Insane facility in Wernersville.

At the age of 73, afflicted with kidney and congestive heart failure, William passed away at home on March 27, 1906. Funeral services were followed by burial in the Lehigh Zion Church Cemetery in Alburtis, with an obituary appearing in the Leader. Son Clinton was the informant for the certificate of death.

The afflicted Eliza survived her husband by four years, remaining institutionalized. She contracted pulmonary tuberulosis and passed away on May 19, 1910. Her remains were transported to Alburtis to be lowered into repose. The Allentown Morning Call said that "Many relatives and friends assembled to view the remains. Her sons and sons-in-law were the pall bearers."


~ Daughter Priscilla (Gaumer) Weidner ~

Daughter Priscilla Gaumer (1864-1925) was born on April 27, 1864 in Macungie.

In about 1884, when she would have been 20, she wedded Charles H. Weidner (1863- ? ).

They lived in South Allentown and were the parents of 12 -- Edna S. Kuder, Hattie Weidner, Stella Weidner, Harvey Weidner, Rachel F. Polster, Helen Weidner, Charles A. Weidner, Ada Routzah, Roland Weidner and Paul William Weidner.

The family home was near the Lehigh Country Club. Circa 1910, Charles was employed as a foreman in a local furniture factory.

At the age of 60, while at home on Jan. 2, 1925, Priscilla died of chronic heart disease. Roland Weidner of Allentown was the informant for the death certificate. Interment was in Schoenersville Cemetery. The Allentown Morning Call printed an obituary.

Daughter Edna S. Weidner ( ? -1952) was born in (?) in Allentown. She married Edwin H. Kuder ( ? - ? ). The couple produced these offspring -- Mildred Gegenheimer and Althea Neagley. They lived in Allentown, where Edwin was proprietor of the Kuder Coal and Supply Company. They were members of the Bethany E.C. Church, and she belonged to the New Temple Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star and the auxiliary of Beauchiant Commandery. Their address in 1952 was 133 West 12th Street. She succumbed on Feb. 1, 1952. The Allentown Morning Call said that burial would be in Greenwood Cemetery.

Daughter Hattie L. Weidner (1890- ? ) was born in 1890. She lived in Allentown in 1925.

Daughter Stella Weidner (1892- ? ) was born in about 1892. She was unmarried and made a residence in Allentown in 1952.

Son Harvey C. Weidner (1893- ? ) was born in about 1893. He lived in 1925 in Bethlehem and in 1952 in Allentown.

Daughter Rachel F. Weidner (1895- ? ) was born in about 1895. She was wedded twice. Her first spouse was Floyd Litz. Sr. ( ? - ? ). They lived at 641 Sherman Street in Allentown and bore two sons, Floyd Litz Jr. and Chester Litz. Later, she was joined in marital union with her second husband, Warren Polster ( ? - ? ). As a widow, Rachel made a home in 1981 at 320 North 16th Street. She died the age of 86 on Oct. 7, 1981. An obituary appeared in the Allentown Morning Call.

Daughter Helen Weidner (1897- ? ) was born in about 1897.

Son Charles A. Weidner (1899- ? ) was born in about 1899. Circa 1925, his home was in Trenton, NJ. Later, he relocated to Melbourne, FL.

Daughter Ada M. Weidner (1903- ? ) was born in about 1903. She married Edwin Routzahn ( ? - ? ). They dwelled in 1925 in Philadelphia and in 1981 in Norristown, PA.

Son Roland Weidner (1906- ? ) was born in about 1906. His home in 1925 was in Philadelphia and in 1933 at 1936 West Broad Street in Bethelehem. By 1952, he had moved to Baltimore, MD.

Son Paul William Weidner (1909-1982) was born in about 1909. For four years, from about 1938 to 1942, he was employed as a machinist by Mack Manufacturing Company. Then during World War II, he joined the U.S. Army on April 1, 1942. He became a ham radio operator at Fort Knox, KY. In September 1942 he was shipped to Ireland and from there was sent to North Africa. He was captured by the German army and reported missing in action on Feb. 16, 1943 in North Africa. He was sent to a prisoner of war camp in Stalag VII-A, Germany's largest POW camp, located north of Moosburg in southern Bavaria. Word was telegraphed to his sister Rachel Litz in Allentown. He remained a prisoner for the balance of the war and was liberated in April 1945. He was sent stateside to Camp Kilmer, NJ. His first wife was R. Helen Nonnemacher (May 5, 1906-1954), daughter of Paul and Rose Nonnemacher of Fountain Hill. They did not reproduce. The couple were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Fountain Hill, and Helen belonged to the Letter Carriers Auxiliary and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. Sadly, she died unexpectedly at home on May 4, 1954. Said the Allentown Morning Call, he "worked for the U.S. Postal Service in Bethlehem and Allentown before retiring in 1974 after 25 years of service." He was united in matrimony with beautician Elizabeth C. "Nina" Horvath ( ? -1996), daughter of Joseph and Mary (Kranitz) Horvath. She had been married previously and brought three children to the second marriage -- Julia Fogel, Joan M. McNeal and Steve W. Horvath. Earlier in her adult years, Elizabeth had auditioned for a Rockette position in Radio City Music Hall in New York, and was one of the first fan dancers at Lyric Theater in Allentown. They lived in Whitehall Township in 1981. Paul became ill while visiting his stepdaughter Julia in Bartlett, TN in the late summer/early autumn of 1982. He was admitted to Methodist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, where he died on Sept. 21, 1982. An obituary was printed in the Morning Call.


~ Daughter Eliza "Lizzie" (Gaumer) Hohl ~

Daughter Eliza "Lizzie" Gaumer (1879-1975) was born in 1879 in Macungie.

She married Joshua C. Hohl (Aug. 27, 1881-1951), a native of Weisenberg Township and the son of Philip C. and Emma (Bennecoff) Hohl.

They produced three offspring, Clarence W. Hohl, Marie Miller and Charles Hohl.

The couple were farmers and lived circa 1910 in Schweyers, PA. They eventually relocated to Kutztown, Berks County and established a home at 449 West Walnut Street. They were members of the New Bethel Zion's Church in Krumsville, PA.

Stricken with cirrhosis of the liver, Joshua passed away at the age of 69 on July 24, 1951. Burial was in their church's cemetery. Son Clarence signed the death certificate.

Eliza survived her spouse by 24 years. She was a member of the New Jerusalem Zion's United Church of Christ in Krumsville. Living with her widowed daughter, she succumbed at the age of 96 on Nov. 1975. Rev. Alvin J. Forry and Rev. Dean A. Allen officiated at the funeral service. [Find-a-Grave]

Son Clarence W. Hohl (1903-1965) was born on Sept. 17, 1903 in New Smithville, Berks County. He married Mamie M. Wartzenluft ( ? - ? ). Their two children were Neil L. Hohl and Fern Rausch. Over the years, Clarence earned a living as a crane operator with Kutztown Foundry and Machine Corporation, an iron foundry. The family belonged to the New Bethel Zion Lutheran Church of Grimville, PA. Their home in the mid-1960s was at 449 West Walnut Street in Kutztown. Suffering with lung cancer, Clarence died in Reading Hospital at the age of 61 on April 27, 1965. His remains were lowered into repose in their church cemetery, and an obituary was printed in the Allentown Morning Call.

Daughter Marie Hohl ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). On New Year's Eve 1932, she wedded Curtis Miller ( ? - ? ), son of Preston G. Miller of Mulberry Street in Reading. The nuptials took place at the home of Rev. A.L. Brumbach on College Hill. Their residence in 1965 was in Boyertown, PA.

Son Charles Hohl ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). In 1928, he was united in holy wedlock with Pearl Grim ( ? - ? ), daughter of George Grim of Wensenberg. They dwelled in Kutztown in 1965.

~ Son William C.H. Gaumer ~

Son William C.H. Gaumer (1876-1955) was born on Sept. 27, 1876 in Macungie. He was a longtime farmer, residing in the Macungie area.

He married Hattie Miller ( ? -1936).

They were the parents of Charles F. Gaumer and Annie Adam.

Sadly, Hattie passed away in about 1936.

William outlived her by 19 years. He was a Lutheran and attended the Longswamp Union Church. Later in life, he made a home in Kutztown, Berks County at 246 Chestnut Street. After suffering bleeding into the brain, he was admitted to Allentown Hospital. A week later, he died at the age of 78 on Aug. 1, 1955. Charles F. Gaumer of Kutztown signed the death certificate. Burial was in Longswamp Church Cemetery, with an obituary appearing in the Allentown Morning Call.

Son Charles F. Gaumer ( ? - ? )

Daughter Annie Gaumer ( ? - ? ) wedded (?) Adam ( ? - ? ).


~ Son Clinton J.A. Gaumer ~

Son Clinton J.A. Gaumer (1881-1914) was born on April 8, 1881. He never married.

Clinton lived in Palm, PA, where he earned a living as a farm laborer.

His mental health declined, and a physician attributed it to "insanity." He was admitted to the Lehigh County Home. There, he succumbed to acute pulmonary tuberculosis on Nov. 11, 1914, at the age of 33. William H.F. Kuhns of Wescosville was the informant for the Pennsylvania certificate of death. His remains were lowered into peaceful repose in Trexlertown Cemetery.


~ Daughter Rosa Bella "Aurora" (Gaumer) Landenfelt ~

Daughter Rosa Bella "Aurora" Gaumer (1883-1979) was born on July 2, 1883.

On Oct. 20, 1906, in nuptials held in New York City, the 23-year-old Aurora was joined in marriage with August "Gust" Landenfelt (Oct. 19, 1880-1955), sometimes misspelled as "Lentenfield." The couple did not reproduce.

Their residence in 1910 was in Allentown. 

At one time, August was employed by the Lehigh Valley Transit Company. He also made a living selling kindling wood of all lengths.

Evidence suggests that, demonstrating mental illness which her mother had endured, Aurora was admitted to the State Hospital in Lehigh County. Circa 1914, August paid $52 for her care there, as reported in the Allentown Leader. She remained in the hospital for more than six decades.

Living alone and destitute at 432 North 15th Street in Allentown, the 62-year-old August was found dead on March 9, 1943 by neighbors who had stopped by. Officials gave the cause of death as acute dilatation of the heart, exposure and starvation. Burial was held in Greenwood Cemetery. Funeral director Luther Grim knew that Aurora was August's only closest relative and placed an article in the Allentown Morning Call seeking other relatives to arrange for funeral services. Later that year, the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County held a hearing for someone to be assigned as Aurora's guardian, noting that she was "a feeble minded person."

She outlived her husband by 24 years. In 1975, C.T. Noonan and F.H. Bernecker handled the administration of her legal estate through the Orphans Court Division. She succumbed at the age of 95 in Feb. 1979.


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