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Maria Catherine (Younkin) May


Maria "Catherine" (Younkin) May was born on July 28, 1798, the daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Nicola) Younkin Sr. Her father died when she was 13 years old. In December 1813, her uncle Frederick was assigned as her and her brother Samuel's legal guardian.

Catherine was wedded to Leonard May (1795?-1889), son of Daniel and Elizabeth May.

The Mays originally dwelled in Somerset County, where their son Silas is known to have been born in 1833, but later settled on a farm in Juniata Township in nearby Bedford County, PA.

Their children were John L. May, Mary Ann "Anna" Kellerman, Elizabeth Tipton Metzger, Daniel May, Samuel May, Louise Beltz, Marcus May, Hiram May and Silas May.

During the Civil War, five of their sons and one son-in-law served in the Union Army, with their youngest son Silas, who was underage, not taking part.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1860, the Mays dwelled on a farm in Juniata Township. In addition to children Samuel, Mark, Hiram and Silas, three-year-old Mary Mull also lived under their roof. Residing nearby were Leonard and Catherine’s sons John and Daniel and their families.

They remained in Juniata during the decade of the 1860s and are shown there in the 1870 census. It appears that in 1870, all of the children had left the home except for their youngest, 20-year-old Silas. But also in the household were 13-year-old George Tipton and 13-year-old Mary Kellerman, presumed grandchildren.

The 1880 census, also of Juniata, shows that they provided a home for 17-year-old Sarah Beltz.

Leonard passed away in Juniata on Feb. 2, 1889.

Catherine died in Juniata Township on Aug. 22, 1892, at the age of about 94. They rest for eternity in the local Dry Ridge Cemetery, also known as Trinity United Church of Christ Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave]


Five sons of Leonard and Catherine (Younkin) May, all Civil War veterans. Front, :-R: Samuel, Daniel, Marcus. Back, L-R: Hiram, Silas. Courtesy Suzanne Smith Chutis.


~ Son John L. May ~

Son John L. May (1827-1902) was born on Jan. 11, 1827.

He was united in matrimony with Elizabeth Holler (1818- ? ).

Their known children were Kasiah May, Samuel C. May and James M. May.

When the federal census was taken in 1860, they made their home next to John’s parents and brother Daniel and family in Juniata Township, Bedford County.

At some point they resided in or around Berlin, Somerset County.


Main Street looking east from Lower Diamond in Berlin, PA


He passed away on April 9, 1902. In an obituary in its "Berlin" column, the Meyersdale Republican noted that he was "formerly of this community, [and] died at Fossilville, Bedford county, aged about 70 years. He was a veteran of the civil war."

Daughter Kasiah May (1852- ? ) was born in about 1852.

Son Samuel C. May (1853- ? ) was born in about 1853.

Son James M. May (1856- ? ) was born in about 1856.

"Many descendants live in the Berlin, Somerset County area," wrote researcher Suzanne Chutis.


~ Daughter Mary Ann "Anna" (May) Kellerman ~

Daughter Mary Ann (1828-1872) was born in 1828.

She wedded James Lewis Kellerman ( ? - ? ), also spelled "Kelman."

They produced one known daughter, Mary Kellerman.

They reputedly "moved west."

Circa 1870, their 13-year-old daughter Mary resided with aged grandparents in Juniata Township, Bedford County.

More will be added here when learned.

Daughter Mary Kellerman (1857- ? ) was born in about 1857. At the age of 13, in 1870, she lived with her grandfather and grandmother May in Juniata Township, Bedford County.


~ Daughter Elizabeth (May) Tipton Metzger ~

Daughter Elizabeth May (1829-1883) was born on Aug. 25, 1829.

She was joined in holy wedlock with Noah Tipton ( ? - ? ), who is thought to also have been known as “Thomas N. Tipton.” Her husband was the namesake of his ancestor Noah Tipton, who had come to America from England in 1760, arriving in Baltimore, MD.

The couple's known children were Leonard Tipton, George Tipton, Ellen May, Emma Leach, Elizabeth Shirey and two other brothers and one sister.

Circa 1862, when their son Leonard was born, they made their home in Bedford County, PA.

During the Civil War, Noah enlisted in the Union Army on Aug. 29, 1862 and was assigned to the 138th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company F. At some point he may have left his regiment without permission, as he was listed as a “deserter” in the History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania. He mustered out of the 138th Pennsylvania on March 18, 1863. He went on to serve in the 11th Minnesota Infantry, Company C. We are researching whether he was drafted into the 61st Pennsylvania Infantry, Company G, on Sept. 26, 1864, with a muster-out date of June 20, 1865.

In 1870, her 13-year-old son George lived with her aged parents in Juniata Township, Bedford County.

While in Illinois in 1890, Noah filed for a military pension [Invalid App. #952.750].

Elizabeth later is believed to have married Daniel Metzger ( ? - ? ).

Son Leonard Tipton (1862-1936) was born on July 1, 1862 in Bedford County. He grew up in Elk Lick Township and Salisbury, Somerset County. Reported the Meyersdale Republican, "he was well liked and esteemed as an honest and industrious young man." He married Alice McCloskey ( ? - ? ), a daughter of Jacob McCloskey. Her father operated a small farm and fulling mill on Tubmill Run, where in 1936 a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp was located during the Great Depression. They made their home in Lincoln Township, Somerset County. They produced six children -- Mrs. Charles Brant, Mrs. John Hay and Mrs. Edward Fritz and two other sons. Leonard died at home at the age of 74 on Oct. 1, 1936. A distant cousin, Rev. William Mullen Minerd, preached the funeral sermon in Grace United Evangelical Church in Somerset, followed by burial in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Salisbury. An obituary in the Republican noted that his survivors included 15 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Son George Tipton (1857- ? ) was born in about 1857. At the age of 13, in 1870, he lived with his grandfather and grandmother May in Juniata Township, Bedford County. As an older adult, he resided in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD in 1936.

Daughter (?) Tipton married Charles Brant ( ? - ? ). Their home in the mid-1930s was in Boswell, Somerset County.

Daughter (?) Tipton was wedded to (?) Leach. She resided in Nemacolin, Greene County, PA circa 1936.

Daughter (?) Tipton was united in matrimony with (?) Shir4ey ( ? - ? ). She dwelled in Ohio in 1936.


~ Son Daniel H. May ~


Daniel H. May

Son Daniel H. May (1833-1931) was born on Aug. 4, 1833 in Somerset County. He was one of five brothers who were veterans of the Civil War.

He was twice married. His first bride was Julia Ann "Julian" Ringler (March 19, 1838-1891). They were united in matrimony on May 20, 1855, when Daniel was age 21 and Julia Ann 17.

Their 10 known children were Rachel "Jane" Shuck, Millard Fillmore May, Edward May, Nancy Catherine "Kate" Wahl, George May, Sarah Meyers, Annie Smith Harding, James May, Louisa Thomas and Theodore Humphrey (or "Umphrey") May.

Circa 1860, he made a living as a day laborer, and they dwelled near his parents and brother John and family in Juniata Township, Bedford County. He eventually became a carpenter and supported himself through his craft.

During the latter part of the Civil War, on Nov. 14, 1864, Daniel joined the Union Army and was a member of the 82nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Company C. He was promoted to corporal. On July 13, 1865, he received an honorable discharge. In all, he served for eight months.

Daniel eventually learned that he was eligible for a military pension. On Oct. 17, 1877, he filed his paperwork, and the pension was awarded. [Invalid App. #243.434 - Cert. #240.627]

When the U.S. Census again was enumerated in 1880, the Mayses dwelled in Summit Township, Somerset County.

The special U.S. Census of 1890, of Civil War veterans and their widows, shows Samuel making his home in Fossilville, Bedford County.

He retired in about 1891, the same year that his wife died on Sept. 27, 1891. Her remains were placed into eternal repose in the Lybarger Cemetery in Madley, Bedford County. [Find-a-Grave]

Later, in about 1894, he wed his second wife, Anna Delilah "Annie" Mull (Sept. 7, 1862-1920). She was 29 years younger than her husband.

Daniel and Annie produced these additional six children -- Earl May, Thomas "Scott" May, Hobert Earl May, Martha Ritenour, Olive McNamara and Ross May. Sons Earl and Ross are believed to have died in infancy.


Bird's eye view of Hyndman, PA


Their home in 1910, as shown by the census, was in Londonderry Township, Bedford County. Circa 1926-1931, they resided at Fossilville near Hyndman, Bedford County.

Daniel spent four decades in retirement, a longer period than some people work. Sadly, he endured the passing of his second wife Annie on Feb. 6, 1920. She too was lowered into repose in Madley Cemetery. [Find-a-Grave]

He outlived Annie by 11 years. He succumbed on Dec. 5, 1931, at the age of 98, due to what a physician noted as "general debility." Son Scott May of Cumberland, MD signed the death certificate. An obituary in the Meyersdale Republican noted that his burial was in the Madley Cemetery.

Daughter Rachel "Jane" May (1855- ? ) was born in about 1855. She married (?) Shuck.

Son Millard Fillmore May (1857- ? ) was born in about 1857.

Son Edward May (1859- ? ) was born in about 1859.

Daughter Nancy Catherine "Kate" May (1863- ? ) was born in about 1863. She wedded (?) Wahl.

Son George May (1865- ? ) was born in about 1865.

Daughter Sarah May (1867- ? ) was born in about 1867. She married (?) Meyers.

Daughter Annie May (1871- ? ) was born in about 1871. She was twice married, first to John Wesley Smith (April 22, 1867-1896). They produced two sons -- Oscar Daniel Smith and John "William" Smith. Sadness enveloped the family when John Wesley died at the age of 29 on Oct. 6, 1896. The cause of his untimely passing is not yet known. Annie's second spouse was Robert Elton Harding (Aug. 10, 1873-1951). They did not reproduce. Robert died on July 17, 1951.

  • The Smiths' great-granddaughter Suzanne (Smith) Chutis was researching this family circa 2010.

Son James May ( ? - ? )

Daughter Louisa May (1873- ? ) was born in about 1873. She was joined in wedlock with (?) Thomas.

Son Theodore Humphrey (or "Umphrey") May (1879- ? ) was born in 1879,

Son Thomas C. "Scott" May (1893- ? ) was born in about October 1893. He grew up in Londonderry Township, Bedford County and, at the age of 16, worked in a local brickyard circa 1910. He resided in Cumberland, Allegany County, MD in 1931.

Son Hobert "Earl" May (1895- ? ) was born in July 1895. At the age of 14, he and his brother Scott labored in a brickyard in or near Londonderry Township, Bedford County.

Daughter Martha May (1898- ? ) was born in May 1898. She married (?) Ritenour

Daughter Olive "Ollie" May (1900- ? ) was born in about 1900. She wedded (?) McNamara.

Son Ross May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?).


Samuel M. May

~ Son Samuel M. May ~

Son Samuel M. May (1839-1926) was born on March 15, 1839 in Bedford County, PA.

He married Mariah Beltz (April 1844- ? ).

They produced nine offspring, among them Alice Gustin Holler, Calvin Samuel May, Charles M. May, Harvey J. May, Norman L. May, James A.G. May and William H. May, plus several who died before 1926.

Daniel and four of his brothers joined the Union Army during the Civil War, "rallying promptly to the call for troops to preserve the Union," said the Meyersdale Republican. He was assigned to the 2nd Maryland Infantry, Company K.

Some six-plus decades after the war's end, the Republican summarized his military career this way:

Samuel May was a good soldier, and during the years he was in the army saw much hard service... After two years of service he was taken captive, and after being confined in Belle Isle and Libby prisons for a short time, he was transferred to that hell on earth known as the Andersonville prison, where he suffered from hunger and hellish treatment for a year and three days. The happiest moment of his life, Mr. May used to say, was when the news came to him that the war was over. He was always popular among his army comrades, and also numbered many other people among his personal friends, as he was a man of genial disposition, who readily made friends wherever he went.

In 1870-1880, he and Mariah were farmers and resided next to his parents’ home in Juniata Township, Bedford County.

Later, for many years, the Mays made their home at Boynton, Somerset County. Later in life, they lived in Sand Patch, Summit Township, Somerset County.

Census records for 1900 show them in Elk Lick Township, Somerset County, with four sons, grandson Ross S. Darrah and boarder Albert Rob in the household.

Noted the Republican, Samuel "was a man of rugged health during most of his long life, and was a member of a family noted for longevity." But as he aged, he was burdened with heart and kidney disease.

Samuel died in Sand Patch at the age of 87 years, five months and 20 days on either Sept. 5, 1926. Reported the Republican, "his remains were taken to his native county and interred in Dry Ridge cemetery, near Buffalo Mills. The obsequies were conducted by Rev. H.M. Couchenour pastor of the Berlin and Salisbury M.E. congregation." He was survived by 16 grandchildren. Son Calvin signed his official Pennsylvania certificate of death.

Daughter Alice Gustin May (1866- ? ) was born in about 1866. She married Ross Holler (1862- ? ). Their known offspring were James Holler, Leona Holler, Alice Holler, Amanda Holler and Hiram Holler. They lived in Elk Lick Township, Somerset County in 1920 and in Boynton, Somerset County in 1926. Ross was a longtime coal miner in and around Somerset County.

  • Grandson James Holler (1902- ? ) was bon in about 1902. At age 18, he lived at home and worked in local coal mines.
  • Granddaughter Leona Holler (1904- ? ) was born in about 1904.
  • Granddaughter Alice Holler (1906- ? ) was born in about 1906.
  • Granddaughter Amanda Holler (1908- ? ) was born in about 1908.
  • Grandson Hiram Holler (1912- ? ) was born in about 1912.

Daughter Ida May (1868- ? ) was born in about 1868.

Son Calvin Samuel May (1870- ? ) was born in May 1870. Unmarried at age 30, he lived at home in 1900 and earned a living as a coal miner. His home in the mid-1920s was Larimer Township, Somerset County.

Son Charles M. May (1872- ? ) was born in about 1872. He dwelled in Salisbury, Somerset County in 1926.

Son Harvey J. May (1873- ? ) was born in about 1873. He worked as a coal miner in and around Elk Lick, Somerset County in 1900.

Son Norman L. May (1876- ? ) was born in about 1876. He resided in 1926 in Davidsville, Somerset County.

Son James A.G. May (1880- ? ) was born in September 1880. He lived in 1926 in Davidsville, Somerset County. At the age of 19, he earned income as a coal miner.

Son William H. May (1882- ? ) was born in June 1882. Circa 1926, his home was in West Salisbury, Somerset County. When he was age 17, he labored in local coal mines in Elk Lick, Somerset County.


~ Daughter Louisa (May) Beltz ~

Daughter Louisa May (1842- ? ) was born on Dec. 26, 1842.

She was joined in matrimony with Samuel Beltz ( ? - ? ), also spelled "Belts."

She is believed to have produced a daughter, Sarah Beltz, born in 1862 or 1863.

Sadly, Louisa died young, at the age of 19, on March 6, 1862. Evidence suggests that she may have died in childbirth with Sarah.


Marcus May

~ Son Marcus "Mark" May ~

Son Marcus "Mark" May (1842-1930) was born in about October 1842.

He wedded Mary E. Sheirer (April 25, 1850-1938), also spelled "Shirey," the daughter of George and Sarah (Troutman) Shirey of Bedford County.

Marcus served in the Union Army during the Civil War. His regiment is believed to have been the 138th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F.

After the war, on March 2, 1877, Marcus filed to receive a military pension, and it was awarded. [Invalid App. #231.978 - Cert. #216.273]

They were farmers for decades.

In the mid-1920s, their home was in Hyndman, Bedford County.

He suffered from "general debility" in his later 80s and, at age 87, entered eternity on Jan. 5, 1930. Burial was in Lybarger Cemetery in Madley, PA.


Another aerial view of Hyndman, PA, early 1900s


Now widowed, Mary applied to the federal government to receive her late husband's pension. She filed her application on Feb. 20, 1930, and the government granted her request. [Widow App. #1.661.262 - Cert. #A-4-2-30]

Mary spent her final years in Jennerstown, Somerset County, PA. Stricken with cancer of the right ear, and lobar pneumonia, she passed away at the age of 87 on March 4, 1938. John L. Philson of Jennerstown signed her death certificate.

The Civil War pension then was awarded to a younger member of the family. [XC #894.762]


Hiram May

~ Son Hiram C. May ~

Son Hiram C. May (1848-1929) was born on Feb. 26, 1848.

He was united in wedlock with Carrie M. Holycross ( ? - ? ).

During the height of the Civil War, on June 5, 1863, Hiram joined the Union Army. He was assigned to the 138th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company F, the same unit containing his brother Marcus. While in action, he received an artillery shell wound in both feet, and was disabled for the remainder of the war. He was transferred to the 20th Veterans Reserve Corps (VRC), Company A, on April 1, 1865, having served in total for two years, one month and nine days.

Immediately upon his return home, Hiram filed to receive a federal pension as compensation for his wounds. [Invalid App. #94.546 - Cert. #69.548]

Hiram was a longtime carpenter. He stopped working in about 1909, and spent 20 years in retirement.

Circa 1890-1926, he made his home in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, OH.

With Hiram suffering from hardening of the arteries at the age of 81, while in Hyndman, Bedford County, the Grim Reaper of Death cut him away on Aug. 31, 1929. Burial was in Lybarger Cemetery in Madley, PA. Brother Marcus May of Hyndman signed the official death certificate.

A short obituary appeared in the Republican.


~ Son Silas May ~


Silas May

Son Silas May (1849-1944) was born on Dec. 23, 1849 in Bedford County, PA

He was married to Anna Elizabeth Sheirer ( ? -1939). They were longtime farmers.

Their eight children were Laura Holler, Stella Duniker, Sally Newman, Louise Robertson, Theodore May, Harry May, George May and John O. May.

Silas was employed as a stable boss at the Hamilton coal mine in or near Boynton. In about 1914, said the Meyersdale Republican, "he returned to his farm near Buffalo Mills" and stayed there for most of the remainder of his life.

Elizabeth died at the age of 91 on Sept. 1, 1939.

Silas lived for another five years as a widower and spent most of his final years by himself on his Buffalo Mills farm. In the fall of 1943, with his health failing, he moved into the residence of a neighbor Roy Holler near Buffalo Mills.. Stricken with kidney failure, he died at the age of 94 on July 26, 1944. Roy Haller of Buffalo Mills was the informant for the Pennsylvania death certificate, spelling the maiden name of Silas' mother as "Yonkon." Interment was in Dry Ridge Cemetery in Bedford County, following funeral services held in the Holler residence.

A longer obituary appeared in the Bedford Gazette, and a shorter one in the Republican.

Daughter Laura May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She married (?) Holler. They lived in 1944 in Cresaptown.

Daughter Stella May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She wedded (?) Duniker. In 1944, they resided in Grove City, PA.

Daughter Sally May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She was united in holy wedlock with (?) Newman. Their home in the mid-1940s was in Salisbury, Somerset County.


Homer and Helen Robertson, 1991 Younkin Reunion, Kingwood, PA


Daughter Louise May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She joined in matrimony with (?) Robertson. They dwelled in 1944 in Akron, OH. They are believed to have been the parents or grandparents of Homer Robertson. Homer was married to Helen, and in 1991 they attended the Younkin Reunion in Kingwood, Somerset County, PA.

Son Theodore May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He lived in Oregon in 1944.

Son Harry May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He resided in Bedford in 1944.

Son George May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). In 1944, he made his home in East Freedom, PA.

Son John O. May ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). He dwelled in Boynton, PA in 1944.


~ More ~

Circa 1982, Homer and Ruth Robertson of Provo, Utah were researching this family. [See Thomas/Cross Papers, pp. 631-634.] They were in correspondence with Younkin researchers Elaine (Lauter) Murphy and Joseph Warren Thomas III, trying to make connections among the disparate family branches.


Copyright 2016-2017 Mark A. Miner

Research for this page graciously shared by the late Olive (Rowan) Duff and the late Donna (Younkin) Logan. May brothers image courtesy Suzanne (Smith) Chutis.