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George Frederick Sr.


George Frederick Sr. -- originally spelled "Friederich" -- was born on April 4, 1811 in Rockland Township, Berks County, PA, the son of George "Adam" and Sarah (Meinder) Friedrich.

He wedded Rachel Rohrbach (1814-1876). Her mother is believed to have been Anna Rohrbach.

The couple produced these known children, Mary Ann Freidrich, James Frederick, Jonathan Frederick, George Frederick, Susannah Folk and Lucyann Fredereich. One of the daughters married David H. Koch.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1850, the family dwelled on a farm in District Township, Berks County. Anna Rohrbach, age 50, lived in the household that year.

The Fredericks' home in 1870
The family worried during the Civil War when son James served in the Union Army. Judging from census records, the old German spelling of Friedrich evolved more permanently into the Americanized "Frederick" during the 1860s.

Circa 1870, U.S. Census records show the family near the town of Lyons in Rockland Township. George and his son James worked as farmers. Rachel, age 56, was listed as unable to write. Nancy Rohrbach, age 70, lived under their roof that year.

Rachel passed into eternity in 1876.

George survived his wife by decades. In 1880, he dwelled with his married son Jonas in Rockland Township.

He is believed to have died on the next-to-last day of 1893 at the age of 82. Burial was in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Dryville, Berks County.


~ Daughter Mary Ann Freidrich ~

Daughter Mary Ann Freidrich (1837- ? ) was born in about 1837 in Berks County.


~ Son James Frederick ~

Son James Frederick (1839-1924) was born on March 13, 1839 in Rockland Township. An entry of his birth was made in the record of his church.

He never married but spent his lifetime as a farmer. James had a red complexion, grey eyes and brown hair, standing 5 feet, 8½ inches tall and weighing 150 lbs.

On Oct. 27, 1862, he enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War as a member of the 167th Pennsylvania Infantry Company K. He was detached from his regiment and sent to Fort Halleck during the winter months of 1862-1863. During the summer months of 1863, while stationed in the District of Columbia, he contracted typhoid fever leading to rheumatism and chronic diarrhea, and was sent on Aug. 3, 1863 to a hospital in Georgetown for treatment. He was honorably discharged at Reading on Aug. 12, 1863. He probably returned home, only to be drafted on Feb. 25, 1865, and placed within the 57th Pennsylvania Infantry, Company E. Stationed at Alexandria, VA, he incurred a hernia on the left groin while performing some sort of military duty. He received another honorable discharge while in Washington, DC on June 29, 1865.

After the war, he returned to Berks County and helped his father farm near the town of Lyons, Rockland Township. He bore a hernia of his left groin in 1885 while working at Fredericksville, Berks County. In November 1891, he was awarded a military pension as compensation for wartime illnesses. [Invalid App. #1.074.016 - Cert. #837.512] When examined by military physicians in 1896 and 1900, they noted that he had no upper teeth and only the front teeth of the lower jaw, and also suffered from a double hernia and exzema of the legs and feet. One physician wrote that the right-hand hernia was the size of a duck's egg and could "be retained by a properly fitting truss."

He spent most of his final years sharing a home with his brother Jonathan. After the brother's passing in early 1924, James moved into the home of his nephew George Frederick in Lyons, Berks County. He died there on Aug. 27, 1924, with an obituary printed in the Reading Times.


~ Son Jonathan "Jonas" Frederick ~

Son Jonas "Jonathan" Frederick (1843-1924) was born on Dec. 15, 1843.

Jonathan married Emma Heffner (Aug. 23, 1856-1935).

Their known offspring were Katie A. Frederick and Amelia Frederick.

They lived on a farm in Rockland Township, and in 1880 provided a home for his widowed father, bachelor brother James and 16-year-old servant Ellen Frederick.

He passed away at the age of 80 on March 16, 1924. He rests in Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Dryville, Berks County. A one-sentence obituary in the Reading Times called him "a life-long resident of Rockland township..."

Emma outlived him by 11 years. She passed on Dec. 4, 1935.

Daughter Katie A. Frederick (1876- ? ) was born in 1876 in Rockland Township.

Daughter Amelia Frederick (1878- ? ) was born in 1878 in Rockland Township.


~ Daughter Susannah (Friedrich) Folk ~

Daughter Susannah Friedrich (1848-1917) was born on Sept. 11, 1848 in District Township, Berks County.

In about 1870, at the age of 22, she wedded Samuel Thomas Folk (1848-1916).

On April 8, 1917, at the age of 68, she passed away in Kutztown, Berks County. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery in Kutztown.


~ Daughter Lucyann Frederich ~

Daughter Lucyann Frederich (1852- ? ) was born in about 1852 in Berks County.

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