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Cousin Voices

Unique Writings, Memoirs, Poetry and Essays 
Authored By Members of the Extended Family


With tens of thousands of lives represented in the extended family of ours', there are an equal number of voices, each with myriad stories to tell. The authorship of memoirs and autobiographies is an outstanding way to let future generations know about your life experiences, and memories of the lives and times of other loved ones. 

This special page on our website is devoted to providing an outlet for these voices to express views on a wide variety of topics. It contains a list of the writings that our cousins have entrusted to Minerd.com for publishing. It is arranged in alphabetical order by the authors' last names.


By Dorothy (Carson) Baber

The Story of Berniece Dora (Pelsma) Carson

 By the late Laura (Brown) Barnum

Chills, Fever, Friends and Good Times

The "Run of 1889"

By the late Barbara (Boring) Bauer

By Thomas Ray Beck

By Elaine (Monticue) Brawdy

Praying Billy (Rev. William M. Minerd)

By Melinda (Swope) Brooksher

Come Back to Pennsylvania!

By Linda (Miner) Bryan

Lessons from the Hobo Express

The Raspberry Patch

The Springhouse

By the late Elizabeth Bryan-McCabe
(Edited by the late Aimee Walker-McCabe)

My Mother's Journal

By the late Annabelle (Nabors) Buchanan

By the late Betty Jo (Workman) Canter

History of Clara Jane Freed and Edwin Thomas Thorpe

A Four Generation Saga: The Story of Phoebe (Thorpe) Workman

A 21 Story Salute

By Erin S. Cleary

My Grandpa Albert Philip McCabe

By the late Frieda (Wyandt) Everett

Report to the Class of 1921, Hiram College


By the late Winfield I. Flanigan

The Great White Fleet


By Victoria Sherrill (Smith) Clingman Gunderson

Our Family History Trip to Ohio 
By Rev. Dr. William "Bradford" Harbaugh

By Doris (Sands) Hawker

By Cassandra L. Holiday

Carol Adams: The Voices Never Heard

By the late Gordon Sykes Jones

A Few Words from My Experiences in My Life

As I See It

By the late Nellie (Brown) Jones

By Sharon (Sheldon) Kern

By Brandon Scott Long

By the late Aimee McCabe-Walker

Albert Philip McCabe

Grandmother Blanche Minerd-McCabe

By Rebecca Mendez

By the late Armena (Cain) Miner-Marshall

A Conversation - Dec. 26, 1971

By Douglas Edwin Minerd

100th Anniversary Greetings from the Grandson of Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd

By the late Elsie (Lynn) Miner

Don't Be Buffalowed

By the late Jessica Minerd-Massey

I'm Planning Rational Suicide. Here's Why

By Mae (Horne) Miner

When I'm Ready to Die, Let Me Go

By Mark A. Miner

By the late Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd

Keep Sweet! How the Lives of Philadelphia Orphan Boys and Their Teacher Were Forever Changed

By the late Hart Moore

Looking Backward: Memories of Gracious Revival, Held in the White Schoolhouse, January 1894, Conducted by the Rev. David E. Minerd

By Cynthia (Minerd) Moringiello

An Open Letter to You'ins

By Sandra Ammerman-Paser

A Memoir of Del and Ella May (Cornell) Ferguson - Pioneers of Near Kirksville, Missouri

By James M. Phebus
By Donald E. Plants

By Alan Rose

Eulogy for Dad - Albert J. Rose

By Paula (Scofield) Schrock

My Legacy

By Carol Smith

Papa's Gone Home

By Christine (Minerd) Smith

Chess Table

By Ruth (Van Horn) Snyder

Edward J. Van Horn: A Memoir of Early Southern California Life

By the late Earl T. Steiner

By the late Corinna (Leydig) Talbot

By the late David Walker

Visits with "Uncle Ol" Farabee

By Patricia Walker
By the late Jean Flanigan Wetherbee
My Dad: Jean Flanigan Wetherbee’s Memories of her Father, Winfield I. Flanigan
By the late James Melvin Younkin and 
his daughter, the late Diana (Younkin) Egan:

World War II Through a Porthole: A Four-Part Memoir of Wartime


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