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Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider


Good Hope Church Cemetery

Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider was born on Oct. 22, 1853 in either Brownsville, Licking County or Glenford, Perry County, OH, the daughter of Seth R. and Isabel (Minor) Johnston.

On April 24, 1872, when she was 19 years of age, Alvaretta married 25-year-old Alva Lewis Cooperrider (1847-1923), son of Lewis and Dorcas (Spencer) Cooperrider. 

Their seven children were Arthur Johnston Cooperrider, Isabelle "Belle" Ice, William Roland "Rod" Cooperrider, Flora Boring, Lewis Herbert Cooperrider, Gussie Edwin "Gus" Cooperrider and Ethel Shrider.

The Cooperriders settled on a farm in Hopewell Township, about two miles north of Glenford, Perry County, where they were longtime farmers. They also owned four tracts of land across the county line in nearby Bowling Green Township, Licking County. Among the Licking properties, in what is called the "Refugee Tract," were 101.45 acres in Township 18, Range 16, Half Section 26; and 52.5 acres in Half Section 28 of the same township and range.

One of Alva's farms had been settled by his grandfather, John Cooperrider Sr., (originally spelled "Kieffreiter") who with fellow German Peter Walser Sr. first traveled there on horseback from Uniontown, Fayette County, PA in 1800. Their initial intent was to evaluate and buy land, which they did off and on until they had amassed thousands of acres. In the year 1812 -- as the War of 1812 was nearing its end -- and when Cooperrider and Walser moved there for good, Cooperrider built a house on the farm which grandson Alva later inherited.


Church history naming
the Cooperriders

Alvaretta and Alva were active for decades in the Good Hope Lutheran Church of Glenford, a place of worship which had been founded by Alva's pioneer ancestor. They all are mentioned in the 1919 volume, History of The Good Hope Ev. Lutheran Congregation, published by the Lutheran Book Congern, and reprinted in the 1993 book, 175 Years of Good Hope. In 1919, they were listed in the book as communicant members of the congregation. 

One of the church pastors, Rev. A.H. Dornbirer, who baptized their daughter Ethel in 1891, agreed to come to lead the congregation on an interesting qualification. Said the 1919 History of Good Hope Ev. Lutheran book:

He accepted the call on condition that he be permitted to preach German fix or six times a year in order that he might keep in practice in the use of that language. The congregation granted him the privilege of preaching German on moonlight evenings so as not to interfere with the regular English services; but as only a few could understand German at all, and not more than two or three could understand German better than English, the German was soon discontinued.

It's said that the Cooperriders' farm in Glenford was in a flood plain near the railroad tracks and Jonathan Creek. Following a torrential rainstorm in 1913, thy had to deal with four feet of water that had accumulated in their dwelling. 

Circa 1910, Alva and his son Rod formed a sand company, filling railroad cars by hand to ship locally mined sand to Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH. They also leased oil wells on their property to Ohio Fuel Supply Company.

The Cooperriders suffered the lingering poor health and eventual tragic death of son Arthur, who was unmarried, in 1911, at the age of 36. More details are below.


News obituary, 1944

A longtime sufferer from organic heart disease, Alva died on May 13, 1923, at the age of 75. He is buried at the Good Hope church graveyard. 

Under the terms of Alva's will, their son Rod inherited one-half of the following: 15 head of horses and three head of mules; wagons; harnesses; farming utensils; three gasoline engines; oil stock; hay, grain and feed; and hogs. Son in law Virgil Neel Boring received 90 acres of farmland, as well as all of the livestock, feed and farming utensils on that tract. Four tracts of land in nearby Licking County were bequeathed to Alvaretta. 

A public sale was held at Alva's farm on Sept. 20, 1923. Among the livestock sale items were a 1,500 lb. draft horse, four cows, three heifers, three calves, one sow, seven pigs, two shoats, 25 sheep and lambs and 50 chickens. Included in the sale of grain and implements were wheat in the granary and hay in mow, 225 shocks of corn, a wagon, soring tooth harrow, corn planter, drill and corn sheller. Hardware for sale included a molasses pan, three iron kettles, grindstone, vise and Iowa cream separator. When tallied up, the proceeds of the sale were $995.02.

Alvaretta survived her husband by more than two decades. She made her home "among her children," said a newspaper. Her last residence was with her son Herbert in Johnstown.

She passed away at the age of 90 on Jan. 9, 1944, in a rest home in Columbus, Franklin County, OH. She was laid to rest with Alva following a funeral led by Rev. G.S. Stengel. An obituary in the local newspaper reported that she was survived by 14 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren.

They and their offspring are referenced in Joseph L. Cooprider's 1952 book, Chronicles of the Families of Cooperider, Cooperrider and Cooprider and Their Descendants. 

(In an interesting twist, Cooprider also was the author of Harbaugh History, the standard reference work which includes details of cousins Leonard and Martha (Minerd) Harbaugh and their offspring in Southwestern Pennsylvania.)


~ Son Arthur Johnston Cooperrider ~


Somerset (OH) Press, 1911

Son Arthur Johnston Cooperrider (1874-1911) was born on March 15,1874.

Arthur contracted a debilitating nervous condition at age seven which caused seizures. He lived with the condition for nearly two decades. 

A correspondent for the Somerset Press eulogized that "So far as I know he had not a single enemy in the world." 

He never married, and resided with his parents.

On Jan. 16, 1911, at the age of 36, Arthur died in his sleep.


~ Daughter Belle (Cooperrider) Ice ~

Daughter Isabelle "Belle" Cooperrider (1876-1947) was born on March 1, 1876 in Glenford.

She married John Ice (1875-1936), son of Joseph and Susan (Leffenbaugh) Ice. They were wed on Nov. 19, 1896. 


Obituary, 1925

Their four children were Mary Rozella Cooperrider, Oscar Cooperrider Ice, Joseph "Wayne" Ice and Harold Ice. Sadly, son Harold died in childbirth on March 15, 1910, and was buried in the cemetery of their family church, the Good Hope Lutheran Church.

John was said by the New Lexington Daily News to be "one of the best-known farmers in that section of Perry County." He and his wife Belle owned a 75-acre farm in the northeast quarter of Section 4, Township 17, Range 16. 


Good Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Ices' son Wayne was an active member of the Good Hope church. Although the congregation had purchased a pipe organ a few years earlier, Wayne volunteered with others to help pump it, for a month at a time, in services during the years 1921 and 1922. Tragically, though he met a violent death in January 1925 at age 21, when crushed while chopping down a tree. He was cutting timber with his brother in law James "Ivan" Cooperrider near the Ice residence Glenford. The New Lexington Herald said the tree was 30 inches in diameter and "it fell to the left instead of the right, as had been anticipated by the wood cutters. Ice was directly under the falling tree and could not escape, it fell so quickly... The victim was crushed through the abdomen and hips and sustained fractures of both legs. Death was almost instantaneous." 

They owned a 1930 Model-A Ford and were active in the Good Hope Church near Glenford. They all are mentioned in the 1919 volume, History of The Good Hope Ev. Lutheran Congregation, published by the Lutheran Book Congern, reprinted in the 1993 book, 175 Years of Good Hope, published by the church. In 1919, they were listed in the book as communicant members of the congregation.

Sadly, John died in Hopewell on April 10, 1936, at the age of 60, after suffering from the flu complicated by bronchitis.

Belle spent the final 11 years of her life as a widow. She passed away at the age of 71 on Sept. 16, 1947. She had suffered three earlier strokes, and died of a fourth and final one while in the Phillips Rest Home in Newark, Licking County, OH. She was laid to rest at Good Hope Church Cemetery.

Their names adorn the bottom of a memorial stained glass window in their church today, seen here.


The Ice family grave, Good Hope

Daughter Mary Rozella Ice (1897-1985) was born on Aug. 19, 1897 in Glenford, Perry County, OH. On Oct. 10, 1897, when she was not quite two months old, she was baptized in the Good Hope church by Rev. C.W. Bachman, who had been called to lead the church upon graduation from Columbus Theological Seminary. At the age of 20, on Aug. 18, 1917, she married a cousin, James Ivan Cooperrider (April 9, 1898-1967), son of Adam Leroy and Sarah Catharine (Orr) Cooperrider. Their wedding was held at Somerset. The couple's five children were Genevieve Louise Crist, Katheryn Belle Phillips, Virginia Lee Cooperrider, Robert Ivan Cooperridrer and Mary Eloise Botimer. Sadness blanketed the family at the death of daughter Virginia Lee on Nov. 28, 1924. They moved about during the early years of marriage, beginning with Linnville (1917 to 1922); Newark (1922 to 1924) and thence to a farm in Glenford. In addition to farming, James was employed as a boiler fireman at Central Silica Company in Glassrock. He also was an elder in the Good Hope Lutheran Church. Sadly, James died in 1967. Mary Rozella died in Zanesville at the age of 87 on April 26, 1985. Burial of the remains was in Highland Cemetery in Glenford.

  • Granddaughter Genevieve Louise Cooperrider (1918-2005) was born on May 13, 1918 in Bowling Green Township, Licking County, OH. She was joined in wedlock with Dorse Eugene "Dode" Crist (1915-1997), son of Allen and Bertha (Bradshaw) Crist. They were wed in the parsonage of the Good Hope Church on May 20, 1939. Dode was employed at Owens Corning and then in 1947 joined Pure Oil Company of Heath, OH. They were members of the Neal Avenue Methodist Church and enjoyed singing. Their four children were Marianne Crist, Nancy Lee Crist, David Allen Crist and Joe Douglas Crist. Their home circa 1952 was 214 Boylston Avenue in Newark. Dorse was employed for 23 years as an engineer with Pure Oil and went on to work for Quaker State in West Virginia, retiring in 1981. On Feb. 15, 1997, Dorse passed away in Fremont, Sandusky County, OH. Genevieve died in Phoenix at the age of 87 on June 24, 2005. Her remains were shipped back to her native Licking County to sleep eternally in Newark Memorial Gardens.
  • Granddaughter Katheryn Belle Cooperrider married Glenn Harold Phillips. She was a beauty school graduate, and he was employed as a brakeman with the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Their home was at 750 Maple Avenue in Newark, and they had two daughters: Cynthia Sue Phillips and Linna Lee Phillips.
  • Grandson Robert Ivan Cooperrider (1924-2016) was born on Dec. 23, 1924 in Glenford, Perry County. He grew up learning the farming business and generally made this his life's work. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Navy, and again during the Korean War. In 1949, he was united in matrimony with Geraldine Mae "Jerry" Steinman (Sept. 14, 1928-2005). Their marriage endured for an exceptional 56 years. Upon his graduation from Ohio State University, he secured a position with Pure Oil Company, while Geraldine was an alumna of Miami University. Their home in 1952 was 260 Granville Road in Newark. The Cooperriders were the parents of two daughters plus an infant who died in 1950. Robert liked to play cards and bingo, fish and garden. He was a member of the local Masons temple and American Legion post. Geraldine passed into the realm of eternity at the age of 76 on April 8, 2005. Robert outlived her by nearly 11 years. He succumbed to death in Newark's SharonBrooke Senior Living, at the age of 91, on Feb. 23, 2016. Interment of the remains was in Newark Memorial Gardens.
  • Granddaughter Mary Eloise Cooperrider married Jack Warner Botimer in 1949. She played clarinet and was a member of the good Hope Lutheran Church. Jack served as a yeoman second class  in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and was involved with the Philippine Liberation. Afterward, he became a mortician and licensed cosmetologist. They lived at 1885 East 79th Street in Cleveland, and had one daughter, Brenda Ann Botimer.

Son Oscar Cooperrider Ice (1899- ? ) was born on Nov. 7, 1899. In 1914, at the age of 15, he was a member of the confirmation class in his family's home church, under the pastorate of Rev. Oscar Ice. He and the class are pictured in the booklet, 1993 book, 175 Years of Good Hope. On June 16, 1922, at age 22, he wed 21-year-old Orpha Margaret Orr, daughter of George Lee and Emma Jane (Cooperrider) Orr. They resided at 420 Spring Street in Evansville, IN. Their two children were Rev. Oscar Junior Ice and Betty Jane Ice. 

  • Grandson Rev. Oscar Junior Ice (1924- ? ) was born on Jan. 6, 1924. He married Martha Louise Long (1926- ? ), daughter of Rev. Harry Priest and Cora Sophia (Libble) Long. Feeling the call to ministry, Oscar received a degree from Capitol University in 1945 and seminar in 1948, and was named pastor of the Christ Lutheran Church of El Cerrito, CA. He also was president of the International Luther League in 1944-1947. They had two known sons, Mary Edward Ice and Jonathan Eric Ice. Oscar is mentioned as "an inspiration to others, but especially to our own youth" in the 1919 volume, History of The Good Hope Ev. Lutheran Congregation, published by the Lutheran Book Congern.


~ Son William Roland "Rod" Cooperrider ~

Son William Roland "Rod" Cooperrider (1880- ? ) was born on June 30, 1880 in Glenford. He was of medium height and stout build, with blue eyes and dark hair. 

He was twice married. His first bride was Wilda Shaw (1885-1907). They were wed on Oct. 12, 1905, when he was age 25 and she 20. They had one daughter, Marjorie. But tragedy rocked the young family in August 1907, when both mother and daughter died days after childbirth, the daughter first on Aug. 5, 1907, and the mother second on Aug. 7, 1907. 

After three years of grief as a widower, the 30-year-old Rod later wed his second wife, 17-year-old Emma Teal (Jan. 15, 1893-1976) on Sept. 28, 1910. She was the daughter of W.C. and Arabella (Van Dyke) Teal.

They lived as farmers in in Bowling Green Township, Licking County, Glenford and Thornville. When he registered for the World War I military draft in September 1918, Rod noted that he was employed by his father in Glenford, and that Emma was his next of kin. 

When his father died in 1923, Rod served as co-administrator of the estate, along with W.A. Hite. Rod inherited one-half of the following of his father's farm estate: 15 head of horses and three head of mules; wagons; harnesses; farming utensils; three gasoline engines; oil stock; hay, grain and feed; and hogs.


Grave of Rod, Emma and son Gus, Highland Cemetery, Glenford



Story about Rod's accident

They bore at least six children, Bernice Louise Cooperrider, Forrest Teale Cooperrider, Beulah Fern Cooperrider, Maurice "Guss" Cooperrider, Robert Roland Cooperrider and Joseph C. Cooperrider. 

The Grim Reaper continued its deadly work in this family thrice in three years when daughter Beulah died of colitis at the age of seven months on April 26, 1919; daughter Bernice died of appendicitis at the age of seven, on March 24, 1921, both occurring in Bowling Green Township; and son Robert died at birth on Dec. 15, 1923.


Somerset (OH) Press, 1964

One day, as he unloaded mail sacks from a B&O Railroad train at Glenford in 1911, Rod lost a finger from his left hand and suffered deep cuts on the other hand. While trying to "secure the mail sacks ... before the local engine pulled across the tracks," said the Somerset Press, "he slipped and fell toward the engine when his hands became entangled in the cross head of the engine."

Rod was a communicant membersof the Good Hope Lutheran Church congregation in Glenford circa 1919.

Rod spent the final two and a half years of his life in Arlington Nursing Home in Newark, Licking County. 

He died there at the age of 84 in mid-October 1964. His remains were returned to Glenford for interment in Highland Cemetery, following a funeral service in the Thornville Methodist Church led by Rev. Earse Mauler.The Somerset Press published an obituary.

Emma survived her husband by a dozen years, and apparently spent that time in Columbus, Franklin County, OH. She joined him in eternity in November 1976.

Son Forrest Teele Cooperrider (1915-1983) was born on June 15, 1915 near Glenford. Circa 1952, he was single and lived at home with his parents. He eventually married Jean Chalmers ( ? - ? ). They produced two children, Denise Cooperrider and Thad Cooperrider. They owned a farm in the Thornville area and were members of the Thornville United Methodist Church. Sadly, Forrest died at their home near Thornville at the age of 67 on May 16, 1983. Funeral services were held in the Charles R. Boring Funeral Home, with Rev. Doyal McCune officiating. Burial was in Highland Cemetery in Glenford.

  • Granddaughter Denise Cooperrider (1954- ? ) was born on June 9, 1954. On May 7, 1978, she wedded Kenneth Tobin ( ? - ? ). Their home in 1983 was in Glenford.
  • Grandson Thad Cooperrider (1958- ? ) was born on Jan. 3, 1958. He is married and has two children, Dylan Cooperrider and Lindsay Cooperrider. They lives on his parents' farm. He owns several small businesses, including Tri County Grower's Cooperative and Deere Valley Farm Supply along State Route 204 NW,. Circa 2008, he was elected as a Perry County Commissioner.



Son Maurice "Guss" Cooperrider (1922-1950) was born on April 7, 1922 in Thornville. He was a veteran of World War II, during which he was stationed in China. Upon returning home after the war, he labored as a farmer. He married Norma Bennett ( ? - ? ) on Jan. 15, 1949. Tragically, at the age of 28, he was killed a year later on Jan. 31, 1950 when the automobile in which he was a passenger collided with a stalled coal truck on route 204 near Thornville. Guss's broken remains were laid to rest in a Highland Cemetery grave in Glenford where he later would be joined by his father, mother and brother Joseph. He left behind no known children. Norma's fate is not yet known.


Highland Cemetery, Glenford

Son Joseph C. Cooperrider (1926-1990) was born on Sept. 4, 1926. He served in the U.S. Army as a radio operator in 1060 Base Unit during World War II. At the age of 24, in May 1951, he was united in matrimony with 24-year-old Ruth (Donovan) Cheesman (Sept. 10, 1926-2014). The month after their marriage, Joseph's mother held a shower in Ruth's honor, with each guest embroidering a tea towel for the bride. In reporting on the party, the Newark Advocate said that Mrs. G.A. Crist was in charge of the contest and that prizes were awarded to Mrs. Neel Lynn. Ruth had been married before and brought a daughter, Barbara Grear, to the second union. The couple went on to produce three offspring of their own -- JoAnn Berlin Nelson, Joe "Eddie" Cooperrider and James "Jim" Cooperrider. In 1964, the Coooperriders made their residence in Reynoldsburg and by 1983 were in San Jose, CA. Tragically, Joseph lost his life in an automobile accident on Nov. 11, 1990, at the age of 64. Ruth lived for another nearly quarter century after her spouse's death. To generate income, she obtained employment at McDonald's and stayed there for 21 years. She resided with her daughter in Fremont, CA until about 2013, when she relocated to Mesa, AZ. Suffering with dementia, she went to livein Courtyard Towers. She succumbed in Mesa at the age of 87 on Feb. 26, 2014. An obituary in the East Bay Times reported that she was survived by eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

  • Granddaughter JoAnn Cooperrider (1952-living) was born on June 5, 1952. She has been married twice. Her first spouse was David Berlin ( ? - ? ), whom she wed in 1971. The couple had one daughter, Tina Berlin. After a divorce, JoAnn married a second time, in August 1977, to Bruce Nelson Sr. ( ? - ? ). They are the parents of a son, Bruce Nelson Jr.


Joe Cooperrider and the Silverware Inc. website


  • Grandson Joseph "Joe" Cooperrider (1958-living) was born on Aug. 12, 1958 in Newark. On Nov. 9, 1979, he was joined in wedlock with Helen Powell (Sept. 19, 1961-living). They have one daughter, Bethany Riordan. They reside in Phoenix, where since 1994 Joe has served as director of information technology with Silverware, Inc., a firm specializing in implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Joe has more than 30 years of experience and manages e-commerce for Silverware's Sage Pro product as well as NAV install and support. According to his professional biography, "He is a self-starter and is most proud of the fact that a lot of his technical training was self-taught. Joe has been interested in computers for as long as he can remember. He started in the programming side while working in Silicon Valley at a division of Xerox as a production control planner. Joe has been living in Arizona since 1987 and resides in San Tan Valley with his wife. When Joe’s not tinkering with computers or learning about 3D printing, he can be found officiating weddings on the weekends."
  • Grandson James Cooperrider (1963-2017) was born on Sept. 11, 1963. He married Elizabeth Wilson ( ? - ? ). They produced a son, Christopher Cooperrider. Sadly, while making his home with his sister in Fremont, CA, James suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 53 on Dec. 15, 2017.


~ Daughter Flora (Cooperrider) Boring ~

Daughter Flora Cooperrider (1883-1969) was born on July 30, 1883. 

At the age of four months, on Nov. 25, 1883, she was baptized in the family's Good Hope Lutheran Church in Glenford by Rev. Adam Pflueger, who had been called to the church from Circleville, Ohio the year before.

Flora married Virgil Neel Boring (1885-1972) on Oct. 4, 1908, when she was age 25 and he 23. Virgil was the son of William Allehn and Esther Ann (Neel) Boring. He was of medium height and slender build, with light blue eyes and black hair.

They resided as farmers in Thornville and had five children -- Charles Richard Boring, Marjorie B. Kreager, William Russell Boring, Arthur Lewis Boring and Kermit Arthur Boring. 

As the United States entered World War I, Virgil registered for the military draft in September 1918. He declared that he was a farmer of Thornville and that Flora was his nearest relative.

The Boring residence was at 77 South Main Street in Thornville. They were communicant members of the Good Hope Lutheran Church congregation in Glenford circa 1919, and Flora was a member of the church's Ladies Circle. At the death of Flora's father in 1923, they inherited 90 acres of his farmland in Hopewell Township, Perry County, as well as all of the livestock, feed and farming utensils on that tract.


Thornville's Town Hall and town block


In July 1950, Virgil and their son Charles co-purchased a funeral home in Thornville, Perry County.  The home later was known as Baker-Boring Funeral Home and today is the Boring-Sheridan Funeral Home. Active in the community, Charles served on the Northern Local School Board of Perry County, OH, circa 1958. Virgil was a member of the Lutheran Reformed Church Cemetery board of directors.


Newark Advocate, 1969

He and his family are profiled in the 1980 book, History of Perry County, Ohio, Illustrated, and in the 1977 volume, History of Thornville

Flora passed away on Sept. 8, 1969, at the age of 86 in the Thornville Nursing Home. Her obituary in the Newark Advocate reported that funeral services were led by Rev. Robert Pflueger in the Grace Lutheran Church, followed by burial in the church cemetery. 

Virgil died at the age of 86 in the LPN Geriatric Nursing Center in January 1972. Rev. Robert Pflueger preached the funeral sermon, in the Grace Lutheran Church of Thornville, followed by interment in the church cemetery. The Newark Advocate noted that his survivors included 22 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.


Kermit Boring

Son Kermit Arthur Boring (1909-2003) was born on Feb. 22, 1909 near Glenford, Perry County. At the age of 22, on New Year's Eve 1931, he was united in the bonds of wedlock with 24-year-old Dorothy Ellen Cooperrider (1907-1991). Their nuptials were held in Kentucky . She was the daughter of Frank L. and Edna (Kendall) Cooperrider. The Borings went on to produce a large family of eight offspring -- Lowell D. Boring, Philip L. Boring, Barbara Ann Bauer, Cynthia Boring, Sandra Lee McBride, Susan Boring, Elaine Given and Steven Boring. Their home in the 1970s was Mt. Gilead, OH. Kermit farm salesman and grain elevator inspector. Said the Columbus (OH) Dispatch, "He was employed by the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture, Mike Clum Auctions of Rushville, and was active in antiquing and the chair caning business." He is pictured and profiled in the May 1984 volume, A Touch of the Past: The People and Places of Perry County. Dorothy was an elementary school teacher in the area for 31 years, and a member of Grace Lutheran Church and Women's Missionary Society of Thornville. Suffering from amiotrophic lateral sclerosis, Dorothy passed away at the age of 83 on Feb. 17, 1991. Kermit outlived her by a dozen years. He and his daughter Barbara entertained a visit from cousin-researchers Eugene Podraza and the founder of this website in late August 1998, and together they toured family homesites and graves in and around Glenford and Thornville. In retirement, Kermit enjoyed spending time in Kannapolis, NC. He died there at the age of 94 on July 4, 2003. His remains were returned to Ohio for interment in the Lutheran Reformed Cemetery in Thornville. 

  • Barbara Bauer at our 2007 reunion
    Granddaughter Barbara Ann Boring ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She wedded Karl "Don" Bauer (1933-2013) in South Salem Presbyterian Church of Ross County, OH. They went on to bear four children -- Paul Donald Bauer, Kristine Ann Blakeman, Karen Kay Bocock and Anna Noelle Watson. Don received a bachelor of business administration degree from Capital University in 1954 and, after serving in the U.S. Army, was employed for more than four decades with Lazarus/Macy Department Stores. Said his wife, "Don loved bringing smiles to people and singing in the Capital University Chapel Choir, the Reynoldsburg Methodist Church Choir and the Singing Buckeyes Barbershop Chorus and Quartets. Barbara has been a volunteer with the Palatines to America Library in Columbus, OH. She has done extensive research into our family's German roots, and has authored three excellent summaries on our website -- The Immigrant Brothers: Meyndert and Carsten Fredericksen -- The Immigrants: Jacob and Anna Elisabethe Weber -- and The Kochertal Party. Some may recall that Barbara attended our 2007 national reunion and was our guest speaker on the theme of Our German Roots. Sadly, Don died after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease at the age of 80 on July 3, 2013. Following a funeral at the Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church, he was laid to rest in Sunset Cemetery in Galloway.
  • Grandson Philip Larry Boring (1935-1990) was born on July 7, 1935. He was a graduate of Capital University and became a certified public accountant. In his career, he was vice president of the North American National Life Insurance Company, and was a member of the American Institute of CPAs, Controller's Club, Chartered Life Underwriters and Capital University Men's Club. He married Barbara Ann McNeal and had four daughters -- Ross Boring, Brenda Fisher, Winifred Boring and Kathleen Boring. They were members of Messiah Lutheran Church. Suffering from cancer, Philip died at the age of 54 on April 15 (Tax Day), 1990. Funeral services were held at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Reynoldsburg. 
  • Grandson Lowell Don Boring (1936-2004) was born on Oct. 7, 1936 in Thornville. He married Linda S. McBride in 1967, and they had two daughters -- Laura Tranter and Valerie Boring. They were members of the First English Lutheran Church of Marysville. Lowell served in Germany with the U.S. Army following the Korean War, and later was employed in the retail management and greenhouse fields. Lowell passed away at age 67 on Aug. 4, 2004. He was placed into eternal rest in the Lutheran Reformed Church Cemetery in Thornville. 

Son William Russell Boring (1911-1994) was born on April 1, 1911. On Feb. 11, 1939, at the age of 28, he wed 20-year-old F. Louise Detwiler (Aug. 10, 1919-2009), a native of Basil, OH and the daughter of H.C. and Lettie (Snider) Detwiler. They remained married for 55 years. The Borings had three children -- Nancy Karen Erickson, Beverly Sue Story and William Russell Boring Jr. For many decades, they lived in Groveport, OH. Said the Zanesville Times Recorder, William was a retired Bexley High School teacher and also taught at Millersport, Hebron, Liberty Union and Thornville. He also was a member of the Groveport Zion Lutheran Church, Groveport lodge of the Masons. The family was plunged into grief at the death of their son William in 1967. William died on June 4, 1994, at the age of 83. burial was in the Lutheran Reformed Cemetery in Thornville, following a funeral service in his home church. Louise survived her spouse by 15 years. She was swept away by the spectre of death at the age of 89 on June 2, 2009.

  • Granddaughter Nancy Karen Boring married (?) Erickson.
  • Granddaughter Beverly Sue Boring wed (?) Story.

Son Arthur Lewis "Fuzz" Boring (1913-1983) was born on May 29, 1913 in Thorn Township, Perry County. He was joined in holy wedlock with Margaret Shrimplin (Dec. 28, 1917-1991) on April 17, 1936. She was a native of Millersport, OH and the daughter of George Nathan and Grace E. (Wilhelm) Shrimplin. The five children they bore together were Jeanne Ann Boring, Linda Lou Boring, James Lewis Boring, Georgianna Boring and Mary Beth Boring. Their residence in the early 1970s was in Fredericktown, Holmes County, OH. Arthur passed away on Jan. 2, 1983, in Fredericktown. Burial was in Oak Hill Cemetery in Millersburg, Holmes County. Margaret lived as a widow for another eight-plus years. She died on May 17, 1991.

  • Granddaughter Jeanne Ann Boring
  • Granddaughter Linda Lou Boring
  • Grandson James Lewis Boring
  • Granddaughter Georgianna Boring
  • Granddaughter Mary Beth Boring

Daughter Marjorie B. Boring (1917-2003) was born on June 11, 1917 in Thornville, Perry County. Marjorie received a bachelor's degree in education from San Diego State University. At the age of 25, on Valentine's Day 1942, she married 25-year-old Raymond Frederick Kreager (1917-1996). He was the son of Russell Ray and Goldie Ellen (Priest) Kreager and a native of Newark, OH. Their two known sons were Thomas Lee Kreager and Timothy Ray Kreager. Marjorie earned a living as an elementary school teacher for three decades. The family were members of Grace Lutheran Church. Sadness cascaded over the family when Raymond passed away in Newark at age 79 on Oct. 25, 1996. At the age of 86, Marjorie succumbed to death in Lancaster's Lanfair Center for Nursing on Dec. 23, 2003. Interment of the remains was in the Lutheran Reformed Cemetery in Thornville, following funeral services led by Rev. Robert Gibson. The Lancaster Eagle printed an obituary.

  • Grandson Thomas Lee Kreager resided in Delaware, Delaware County, OH in 2003.
  • Grandson Timothy Ray Kreager wedded Janet. They relocated to New Mexico and circa 2003 lived in Boswell, NM.


Boring-Sheridan Funeral Home, Thornville


Son Charles Richard Boring (1921-2004) was born on May 10, 1921 in Perry County. On Aug. 22, 1942, when he was 21 years of age, he was united in matrimony with 24-year-old Blanche Eugenia "Jean" Fisher (1918-2020), the daughter of Fred and Hazel (Post) Fisher of Corning, OH. The couple produced a family of five children: Charlene Ann Roberts, Robert Eugene Boring, Charles "Richard" Boring Jr., David Lee Boring and Fred Boring. They were members of Grace Lutheran Church. Early in his working career, Charles was employed as a substitute postal mail carrier in a rural route near Thornville. He also did part-time work for local undertaker Dorris S. Baker. After obtaining a degree from Cincinnati College of Embalming, he and his father purchased the funeral home from Baker in 1959. Charles continued in this occupation until he retired in 1985. He also was an insurance agent for Motorists Mutual and ran a farm raising Belgian horses and angus cattle. In 1972, he was president of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association. He received an award as Outstanding Businessman by the Southeast Ohio Chamber of Commerce. He also was a member of the Thornville Township Fire Department for half a century and for 30 years served on the Northern Local School Board. He also was a state trustee and Perry County Board member of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD), a 35-year secretary of the Thornville Masons, and a founding member of the Thornville Lions Club. Jean was widely accomplished in her own right. She had obtained a degree in home economics from Ohio State University. She went on to teach home economics in the high schools in Thornville and Pleasantville. She also assisted in the management of the funeral homes. She belonged to the Thornville Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star, Thornville Lions and Lioness club, Carnation Mothers Club and was a leader with the 4-H organization. She was also a member of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association. Charles and Jean celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in August 1992 with a reception at the Grace Lutheran Church in Thornville. Charles died on Sept. 3, 2004, at the age of 83, in Riverside Hospital in Columbus. Burial was in the Lutheran Reformed Cemetery in Thornville. Jean outlived her husband by 16 years and remained in Thornville. She reached her 100th birthday in 2017. Death swept her away in Health, OH at the age of 102 on Dec. 16, 2020. She was survived by nine grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren. In an obituary, the family asked that any memorial donations be made to Grace Lutheran Church.

  • Granddaughter Charlene Ann Boring married Larry Roberts.
  • Grandson Robert Eugene Boring wedded Sally.
  • Grandson Charles "Richard" Boring Jr. was joined in wedlock with Joy.
  • Grandson David Lee Boring was united in matrimony with Donna Hines, daughter of William and Arlene Hines. They produced two offspring, David Todd Boring and Tami Loughman.

Great-grandson David Todd Boring (1970-2018) was born on Dec. 16, 1970 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, OH. He received a bachelor's degree in engineering and surveying from Ohio State University. He was employed by Central Surveying of Reynoldsburg and owned and operated his own firm, Boring Land Surveying. He dwelled in Lancaster, Fairfield County, OH. In his free time he closely followed drag racing and often was found at the National Trails Raceway in Hebron. He also liked to take walks and hang out with a group of high school friends, the "Spanky Gang." Sadly, at the age of 47, he died without warning at home on May 6, 2018. An obituary in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette said that he was survived by Megan Keller, a "special daughter."

Great-granddaughter Tami Boring ( ? - ? ) was born in (?). She wedded Donald Loughman ( ? - ? ). Their two children were Ashley Loughman and Gunner Loughman.

  • Grandson Fred Boring entered into marriage with Janine.


~ Son Herbert Lewis Cooperrider ~

Son Herbert Lewis Cooperrider (1885-1961) was born on Sept. 4, 1885. 

At the age of five months, on Feb. 11, 1886, he was baptized in the family's Good Hope Lutheran Church in Glenford by Rev. J.P. Lentz, a supply pastor who had come for a six-month stay from Germantown, Ohio. 

In adulthood, Herbert was of medium height and small build, with brown eyes and black hair.

He was married twice. His first bride was Esther O. Baker (1893- ? ), with whom he was joined in matrimony on April 21, 1916. 

With Europe aflame during World War I, the 33-year-old Herbert registered for the military draft in September 1918. He declared that he was a self-employed merchant in Johnstown, Licking County, and that Esther was his next of kin. (He also declared his age as 35, exaggerating this figure by two years.)

His second wife was Dorothy Williams (1900- ? ) on Aug. 20, 1929. 

He had a son Jon Herbert Cooperrider and an infant son who died in childhood. 

Herbert made his home in Johnstown, OH. He died at home on May 19, 1961, at the age of 75. Burial was in Green Hills Cemetery in Johnstown. 

Son Jon Herbert Cooperrider made his home in Worthington, OH in 1961.


~ Son Gussie Edwin "Gus" Cooperrider ~

Son Gussie Edwin "Gus" Cooperrider (1888-1967) was born on April 7, 1888 in Glenford. 

On Aug. 28, 1887, at the age of four-and-a-half months, he was baptized in the family's Good Hope Lutheran Church in Glenford by Rev. M.R. Walter, who had transferred there from Somerset, Ohio. 

At the age of 22, on Nov. 7, 1910, he married 19-year-old Lena Naomi Courson (1891-1916), daughter of George and Edna (Orr) Courson. 

They lived in Bowling Green Township and had one son, Donald Eugene Cooperrider. 

As a young man, Gus as of medium height and build, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. With World War I raging in Europe, he registered for the military draft in June 1917, and stated his occupation as a self-employed hardware merchant in Johnstown, Licking County.

He later served in World War I and worked for the Clark Grave Vault Company of Columbus, OH. He was a member of the Masons Lodge of Johnstown and the Good Hope Lutheran Church.

Tragedy struck the family after just six years of marriage. Expecting their second child, but suffering from acute nephritis at the age of 24, Lena died on Feb. 19, 1916. Her remains were buried in Good Hope Cemetery. 

After three years in widower-hood, Gus married again, to Grace J. Edwards, on Feb. 8, 1919. They are believed to have produced a daughter, Michelle Cooperrider.

Circa 1952, his residence was in Johnstown, OH. Gus died at home in April 1967. He was laid to rest in the Maplewood Cemetery in New Albany, with Rev. Werner Stuck officiating.

Son Donald Eugene Cooperrider 1913- ? ) was born on March 15, 1913 near Glenford. He was but a boy of three when his mother died. He received education at Ohio State University and became a tool maker. He also was a Mason. Donald married Ruth Elberta Robinson (1911- ? ), a native of Bellville, OH and the daughter of Jacob M. and Blanche H. (Snyder) Robinson. The wedding took place on Aug. 14, 1937 at Mansfield, Richland County, OH. The Cooperriders had two sons -- Robert Eugene Cooperrider and Gary Edwin Cooperrider. Their home in 1952 was at 989 East 17th Avenue in Columbus.

Daughter Michelle Cooperrider ( ? - ? ) made her home in Columbus, Franklin County, OH.


~ Daughter Ethel (Cooperrider) Shrider ~

Daughter Ethel Cooperrider (1890- ? ) was born on Aug. 29, 1890. 

As she neared her first birthday, on Aug. 9, 1891, she was baptized in the family's Good Hope Lutheran Church in Glenford by Rev. A.H. Dornbirer, a student who had been called to the congregation.

On April 8, 1915 she married Emmet L. Shrider (1890- ? ), the son of Lanny V. and Martha Luella (Zartman) Shrider. He was of medium height and slender build, with brown eyes and black hair.

Their two children were Miriam Ellen Shrider and Herbert Emmet Shrider. 

Emmet registered for the military draft in June 1917, during World War I, and stated that he had a wife and child as dependents. They resided for many decades in Glenford, where Emmet was a merchant salesman dealing in railroad goods.

Circa 1969, Ethel made her home in Glenford.

Daughter Miriam Ellen Shrider

Son Herbert Emmet Shrider


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