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Isabelle 'Belle' 
(McKnight) Longfoot



James and Isabelle, 1930

Isabelle "Belle" (McKnight) Longfoot was born in January 1879 in Fayette County, PA, the daughter of Arthur and Elizabeth Jane (McGovern) McKnight.

She spent her adult life in blindness, but raised six children, and with her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

At the age of 21, in 1900, Belle was unmarried and made her home with her parents near the old family farm in New Salem, Menallen Township, Fayette County. She helped her mother keep house.

She married James H. Longfoot (1878-1957) whose birth year may have been 1879. They were wed on Nov. 23, 1904, when she was age 25 and he was 26.

James was a native of England, and had migrated to the United States at age 14 in 1892. He had become naturalized as an American citizen a few year prior to marriage, on Nov. 11, 1901.

The couple produced six children -- Laura Marie Walker, John Henry Longfoot, Sophia Jane "Jennie" Westland, James Arthur Longfoot, Anna Rebecca Smallcomb and William C. Longfoot. 

In the early years of marriage, James is believed to have been a coal miner in and around Belltown, a mining town built in Gray, Somerset County, PA. In about 1908, the couple migrated from Uniontown to New York State, settling in Cuylerville, Leicester Township, Livingston County. There, James obtained employment as a laborer in a salt mine. Except for their eldest daughter, all of their children were born in New York. 

They most likely made this move so far away from Isabelle's family because of two factors -- James' two half brothers lived in Perry, NY, just a few miles from the mine in Cuylerville; and when the Western Pennsylvania mines closed, employment would have been immediately available in New York.


Longfoot-Ireland reunion, circa 1907, with Belle and James at far right, and their children on her lap and at her feet. Note her downcast eyes, suggesting she had already lost her sight.



James and Isabelle with daughter Jane

Tragedy rocked the family in February 1928 when married daughter Laura Marie, wife of Alfred Walker, died suddenly in her home. She was survived by her husband "and three small children," reported the Mt. Morris (NY) Picket Line Post. Following a funeral in the United Presbyterian Church in Cuylerville, led by Rev. William J. Robb, she was interred in Leicester Cemetery.

James and Isabelle are seen here with their daughter Jane Westland.

In 1930, Isabelle and James lived along Sterling Road in Cuylerville, Livingston County. In addition to five of their children, two of their motherless grandchildren Alfred Walker Jr. and Elsie Walker lived under their roof. James continued to labor as a miner in a local salt mine, while son John (age 22) was employed as a driver of a milk truck and daughter Jane (20) as a machine operator in a knitting mill. Son James (18) was a farm laborer, boarding with Clarence H. and Gladys L. Sliker on Lower Valley Road in Livingston County. Interestingly, son William, age 10, was only two years older than his nephew under the same roof, Alfred Walker Jr.


Isabelle, 1930 -- click for an enlarged view

The following year, said the Picket Line Post, James and Isabelle relocated to Kingston, near Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, PA, following the closure of the salt mine in Cuylerville.

In 1932, their home was at 278 High Street in Wilkes-Barre, and in the 1940s was near the downtown area of Wilkes-Barre. They were members of the First Spiritualist Church.

Again the Longfoots were plunged into grieving when their married daughter Anne Rebecca Smallcomb died in childbirth in September 1936.

As they aged, they went to live in the home of a married granddaughter, Elsie (Walker) Suchowieski. 

Isabelle and James died three weeks apart in May-June 1957. She passed first, on May 21, 1957, at the age of 78, but her details are not yet known. She was laid to rest in Leicester, NY.

Shortly after her funeral, James suffered a heart attack and was treated at Mercy Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, where he died on June 10, 1957. Following funeral services at the McLaughlin Funeral Home, his remains were sent to Leicester, NY for interment beside his wife. His Wilkes-Barre Record obituary noted that he was a "retired mine employee whose wife Isabel (sic) died three weeks ago." At the time of his death, a half-brother was still alive, Joseph Ireland of Perry, NY. 

Minerd.com is grateful to Isabelle and James' grandson, who has graciously shared these images and stories for our information and understanding.


Isabelle (right) and James with her sister Mahala "Hallie" McKnight, a nurse at Uniontown Hospital in Pennsylvania


~ Daughter Laura "Marie" (Longfoot) Walker ~


Marie and Alfred with their children

Daughter Laura "Marie" Longfoot (1905-1928) was born on 1905.  

She was united in the bonds of matrimony with Alfred G. Walker, Jr. (Feb. 25, 1898-1937), a native of Portsmouth, England and the son of Alfred and Nellie (Clarke) Walker.

At the age of about 24, in 1922, Alfred had emigrated to the United States following the end of World War I. 

The Walkers went on to produce a family of three children -- Alfred G. Walker III, Elsie Walker Suchowieski and James Athur Walker, renamed to John "Sonny" Menzies.

The family made their home in the 1920s in or near Cuylerville, Livingston County, NY.

Tragedy rocked the family in February 1928 when Marie died suddenly in her home. The cause of her death is not yet known, but is believed to have been in childbirth with her son James.

She was survived by her husband "and three small children," reported the Mt. Morris (NY) Picket Line Post. Following a funeral in the United Presbyterian Church in Cuylerville, led by Rev. William J. Robb, she was interred in Leicester Cemetery. 

The children were immediately taken into the home of their maternal grandparents, Isabelle and James Longfoot, where they appear together in the 1930 census and were raised to adulthood. Son James was adopted by John Menzies and his wife of Perry, Wyoming County, NY, and renamed "John Arthur 'Sonny' Menzies."

In 1930, when the federal census was taken, Alfred lived alone on Brown Road in Cuylerville, with his occupation marked as "miner - salt mine." Age 33 at the time, he was marked as widowed.

Alfred by 1932 had moved into Pennsylvania where he obtained work in Wilkes-Barre as a mine laborer at the Glen Alden Colliery (coal works). He worked there for five years until death. Brother-in-law James Arthur Longfoot also earned a living at Glen Alden, known for mining hard anthracite coal.

For a decade, Alfred was burdened with chronic heart valve disease apparently caused by rheumatic fever as well as chronic kidney problems. As the issues worsened, he was admitted to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. There, just two weeks before his 39th birthday, Alfred succumbed. An autopsy was conducted to confirm the cause of death. Burial was in Leicester, Livingston County, NY. Wade Smalcomb was the informant for the Pennsylvania certificate of death.

Alfred's untimely death left his three children as orphans ranging in age from 12 to nine.



Alfred Walker Jr. and Elsie Suchowieski with Elsie's baby son, David. Right: the Suchowieski children Michael, Nancy and David.


Son Alfred G. Walker II (1925-1960) was born in 1925 in Cuylerville. Who would have raised him to adulthoos is not known. He married Katherine I. Mulrooney (1926- ? ), daughter of Dennis and Sarah (Brennan) Mulrooney, on April 23, 1947. At the time, he was age 22, and a laborer, and she 21. Alderman Felix W. Schwartz of Wilkes-Barre performed the ceremony. His home circa 1947 was at 72 Market Street in Wilkes-Barre. Alfred and Katherine had several sons born in the late 1940s and early '50s. Alfred died in 1960 at the age of 35.

Daughter Elsie Walker (1926-1965) was born in 1926 in Cuylerville. During World War II, she gained employment as a defense worker in Wilkes-Barre, and resided at 9 Constine Court. At the age of 22, on Dec. 23, 1944, she wed 27-year-old Stanley Suchowieski (1917- ? ), son of Polish immigrants Tofil and Stella (Krovka) Suchowieski. He was a native of Sayreville, NJ and was a laborer at the time. Justice of the peace William H. Roberts of Kingston, PA led the nuptials. Elsie passed away in 1965 at the age of 39.


Sonny Menzies

Son James Arthur Walker (1928-2002) was born on Jan. 28. 1928 in Cuylerville, Livingston County, NY. He was a newborn when his mother died and age nine when his father passed. He was adopted by Scottish immigrant John W. Menzies and his wife Florence of Perry, Wyoming County, NY, and renamed "John Arthur 'Sonny' Menzies." The federal census enumeration of 1940 shows the 12-year-old John in the Menzies household, with the father working as a laborer for the contracting firm of Potter & DeWitt. John in adulthood made his home in Rochester, Monroe County, NY. He was joined in holy wedlock with Grace (Riley) White ( ? - ? ). She was divorced from F. Raymond White ( ? -1993) and brought two children to the second union, Deborah Tausch Brozak and Gregg White. John passed away in Rochester at the age of 74 on July 19, 2002. Interment of the remains was in Falls Cemetery. His death notice was printed in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Grace outlived her husband by two years. She succumbed to the spirit of death on Oct. 8, 2004.

  • Step-granddaughter Deborah White was married twice. Her first spouse was Stephen Tausch. They bore two offspring, Justin Tausch and Melissa Tausch. Her second husband was Leonard "Len" Brozak
  • Step-grandson Gregg White wedded Brenda. Their home in 1993 was on Long Island.


Jane Westland

~ Daughter Sophia Jane "Jennie" (Longfoot) Westland ~

Daughter Sophia Jane Longfoot (1910-1986) was born in 1910.

She was employed prior to marriage as a machine operator in a knitting mill in the Cuylerville area, circa 1930.

In 1935, when she was 25 years of age, she wedded 31-year-old George Westland (1904-1977).

They bore one son, William J. Westland.

The Westlands lived in Geneseo, NY, where George was employed as a linotype operator and foremen of the Livingston Republican newspaper printing office. In 1955, he began a new job at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, and the family relocated to Greece, a suburb of Rochester, Monroe County, NY. 


Bill, seated, at a linotype machine

Said the Picket Line Post, "Mr. Westland, except for a short period immediately following World War II, has been employed in the Livingston Republican for about 30 years, having first learned the trade in the office of the Livingston Democrat." He retired in 1970.

Linotype was a form of typesetting used in the publishing industry. The technology could produce an entire line of type at one time, rather than the previous laborious method of setting type a letter at a time. Also known as "hot metal" typesetting, it also revolutionized the printing field, allowing newspapers to expand to many more pages in a fraction of the cost and time.

George is seen here, seated at a linotype machine at the Livingston Republican. Standing at left is the Republican's owner, Reed Scott, and fellow employee Bill Burke. 

George died in mid October 1977, at the age of 73. 

Jennie outlived her husband by nine years. She passed away in November 1986, at the age of 76.

Son William J. Westland followed his father's footsteps in the printing trade. He married Lynn Rickard in 1973. They had two children -- Lori Reynolds and Christopher Westland.

  • Granddaughter Lori Westland married Scott Reynolds.
  • Grandson Christopher Westland wedded married Sarah Reno and resides with their two daughters Julia and Abigail in the Pittsburgh suburb of South Park, PA.


George and Jane Westland with their son Bill


~ Son John Henry Longfoot Sr. ~


John Longfoot Sr.

Son John Henry Longfoot Sr. (1907-1987) was born in 1907 in Perry, Wyoming County, NY. 

He lived at home with his parents in his early 20s, and was employed as s truck driver on a mail route in Cuylerville near Leicester, Livingston County, NY. He is shown in the 1930 census, at age 22, living under his parents' roof.

He made the move to Wilkes-Barre with his parents in about 1931 and, circa 1932, was a laborer in Wilkes-Barre.

On Dec. 12, 1932, at the age of 25, John married 15-year-old Dorothy Esser (1917-1989), daughter of Anthony and Etta (Nagle) Esser of Oregon Street in Wilkes-Barre. Because Etta was legally underage, her mother signed consent to the union. The nuptials were led by Rev. William Herberg Sugden. 

The Longfoots went on to bear a large family of 10 or 11 known children, among them John Henry "Jack" Longfoot Jr., Joseph Longfoot, Jane Longfoot, Dorothy Janusziewicz, Betty Ann Longfoot, Robert Longfoot, Elizabeth "Tess" Dudkiewicz, Joan Marie Michalow, Rita Jacobs, Paul Longfoot and Edward Longfoot.


Three Longfoot generations,
L-R: James, John Sr., John Jr.

John spent 54 years laboring in the anthracite coal mines in and around Wilkes-Barre.

The federal census enumeration of 1940 shows Dorothy's widowed father living under their roof. The family were members of the First Assembly of God on South Main Street.

Sadly, John died in October 1987 in Wilkes-Barre, at the age of 80. The Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice ran an obituary.

Dorothy outlived him by a little more than a year, maintaining her home on Broadhead Avenue in the Sugar Notch community. She passed away unexpectedly at the age of 71 on Jan. 25, 1989. An obituary in the Citizens' Voice noted that her survivors included 25 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Rev. Merv Horst preached the funeral sermon, followed by interment in Memorial Shrine Cemetery.

Some of their descendants reside in the Wilkes-Barre area today.


Jack Longfoot

Son John Henry "Jack" Longfoot Jr. (1933-2019) was born in about 1933 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, PA. He dwelled in Wilkes-Barre and wedded Rita Jane Drozda (1933-2000), daughter of Nicholas and Pauline (Hussar) Drozda, also residents of Wilkes-Barre who had moved there from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Five children were born into this family -- John Edward "Jack" Longfoot, Thomas Michael Longfoot, Michael Longfoot, David Longfoot and Paulette Pietrzykoski. Rita was an active organizer of the class reunions of the Wilkes-Barre Township Class of 1951. She also held a membership in the First Assembly of God Church on South Main Street. The couple divorced by the mid-1970s. Rita wedded again in about 1976 to Burton Roberts ( ? - ? ) of Dallas, Luzerne County. She supported herself through her work at L.A. Dress Manufacturing Company. Grief enveloped the family at the death of their son Jack in a housefire in June 1987, and again at the passing of their son Thomas in September 2016. John Jr. died at the age of 85 on April 9, 2019. A terse obituary was published in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice. Former wife Rita was hospitalized at the end of her life, in Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, and was gathered in by the angel of death on Jan. 16, 2000. Her pastor Rev. Kenneth Wiggins preached the funeral sermon, with interment of the remains following in Maple Hill Cemetery in Hanover Township. The Citizens' Voice printed her obituary.

  • Grandson John Edward "Jack" Longfoot (1956-1987) was born on April 25, 1956 in Wilkes-Barre. He married Ann Warman ( ? - ? ). Their two daughters were Shalon Longfoot and Jennifer Longfoot. resided at 498 North Main Street in the city. He was employed by Carter Footwear. On the deadly day of June 6, 1987, when he was age 31, a fire broke out in his residence. John was unable to escape the smoke and died of asphyxiation. His funeral mass was sung at St. John the Evangelist Church in Wilkes-Barre, officiated by Msgr. Edward Sullivan. An obituary was published in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice.
  • Grandson Thomas Michael Longfoot (1960-2016) was born on Aug. 8, 1960 in Wilkes-Barre. He was the father of Matthew Longfoot. Thomas served in the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division. Later, he earned a living in Plains Township as a warehouse supervisor with the federal government. His home circa 2000 was in Wilkes-Barre. At the end, he was admitted to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Plains Township and succumbed to death there at the age of 56 on Sept. 23, 2016. An obituary appeared in the Times Leader.
  • Grandson Michael Longfoot was in Kingston, PA in the later 1980s and in Tennessee in 2000.
  • Grandson David Longfoot made a home in Wilkes-Barre Township in 1987-2000.
  • Granddaughter Paulette Longfoot was joined in wedlock with (?) Pietrzykoski. She lived in Hanover Township circa 1987 and Bear Creek in 2000.

Son Joseph G. Longfoot (1935-1969) was born on March 11, 1935 in Wilkes-Barre. In young manhood he joined the U.S. Air Force Reserves and served in-country during the Korean War from 1952 to 1956. In about 1956, he was united in holy matrimony with Estella J. Bryce (March 9, 1939-2001), a native of Wilkes-Barre and the daughter of George and Roberta (Hartman) Bryce. Seven offspring were born into the family -- Jacob Longfoot, Charles Longfoot, Edward Longfoot, George Simon, Estelle Longfoot, Susan Longfoot and Debra Jannuzzi. At one time the family dwelled on Blackman Street and later moved to 101 North Grant Street in Wilkes-Barre and belonged to St. Patrick's Church on Parrish Street. He earned income after the war as a waiter in several local hotels. He ran into trouble with the law in April 1961 for an illegal entry and theft of alcoholic beverages in Falkowski's Cafe on East Market Street. Later that year, he was arrested for hit-and-run driving while under the influence of alcohol. He was found guilty and sentenced to county prison for a term of 11 to 23 months. The 30-year-old Joseph appears to have relocated to Milwaukee, WI by the mid-1960s, possibly without his family. He once was questioned by law enforcement in connection with a friend's vagrancy and alleged theft from a Kansas City hotel, but nothing more resulted. He is known to have been treated at a Milwaukee veterans' hospital in early 1969. On the fateful day of Aug. 11, 1969, while in Milwaukee, Joseph at age 34 was stricken by a heart attack and died. His remains were transported to Wilkes-Barre to rest for all time in the City Cemetery, with the funeral led by Rev. D.J. Paglia of the Pentecostal Assembly of God Church. After a period of grieving, Estella married again to Edward Albert ( ? - ? ). Toward the end, Estella suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and was admitted to the Lakeside Nursing Center in Dallas, Luzerne County, PA. She succumbed there at the age of 62 on Aug. 29, 2001. Rev. John J. Kilpatrick sung the funeral mass at the family church, followed by interment of the remains in Chapel Lawn Memorial Park in Dallas. An obituary was published in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice. Several months later, in November 2001, her daughters Susan and Debra took part in a candlelight vigil, organized by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, held at the Luzerne County Courthouse, to elevate awareness of the illness.

  • Grandson Jacob Longfoot (1962- ? ) is believed to have been born in about 1962. He made a home in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Grandson Charles Longfoot lived in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Grandson Edward Longfoot resided in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Grandson George Simon was in Wilkes-Barre in 2001.
  • Granddaughter Estelle Josephine Longfoot (1956-2002) was born on Dec. 9, 1956 in Wilkes-Barre. She made her residence in Wilkes-Barre. At the age of 45, she succumbed to the spectre of death on April 13, 2002. Burial was in Chapel Lawn Memorial Park in Dallas, Luzerne County, PA.
  • Granddaughter Susan Longfoot made her home in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Granddaughter Debra Longfoot was joined in wedlock with Michael Jannuzzi. In 2001, they dwelled in Edwardsville, PA.


Sun Ship Building's docks, Delaware River, Chester County


Daughter Dorothy Jane Longfoot (1937-1975) was born in about 1937. Prior to marriage, she bore a daughter, Rita Ann Longfoot. Dorothy later entered the bonds of marriage with Frank Janusziewicz ( ? -1994), son of Francis and Mary (Mazalewski) Janusziewicz of Hunlock Creek. Their surname also has been Americanized and misspelled as "Genasavage." Frank had served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, with deployment to the Pacific Theatre. He earned a living over the years at the Sun Ship Building yards in Chester. Circa 1967, she relocated to Chester, with an address of 1112 Brown Street. Sadness cascaded over the family when Dorothy died at the age of only 38 on June 25, 1975 as a patient in Crozer Medical Center in Chester. A mass of Christian burial was celebrated at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Lake Silkworth, with her remains laid to eternal rest in the parish cemetery in Pikes Creek. An obituary was printed in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. Frank outlived his wife by almost two decades. In about 1984, he moved to Sweet Valley, where his final years were spent in the Updike Trailer Park. He passed into the realm of the eternal at the age of 69 on Dec. 8, 1994. Burial was in The Mt. Carmel parish cemetery, with an obituary appearing in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice.

  • Granddaughter Rita Ann Longfoot was in Wilkes-Barre in 1975 at the time of her mother's passing.

Daughter Betty Ann Longfoot (1940- ? ) was born in 1940. Nothing more about her is known.

Son Robert Longfoot (1942-2017) was born in about 1942. He was united in marriage with Cynthia (Coutant) Chapman ( ? - ? ). Their brood of children were Tommy Longfoot and Shelly Longfoot. Cynthia also brought two of her own offspring to the union, Michele Rathof and Scott Chapman. During the Vietnam War, Robert served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Later, after his return home, he was a construction laborer for Local 315 in Wilkes-Barre. The family made its residence in Sugar Notch. Robert held memberships in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Dupont, the Marine Corps League and the Wilkes-Barre post of the American Legion and Lions Club. A lover of dogs, he was a supporter of the Society for Provention of Cruelty to Animals. Later in life, they relocated to Mantua Township, NJ. Death carried him away at the age of 75 on Oct. 19, 2017. His obituary appeared in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice and Camden (NJ) Courier-Post.

  • Grandson Tommy Longfoot
  • Granddaughter Shelly Longfoot
  • Step-granddaughter Michele Chapman married Richard Rathof.
  • Step-grandson Scott Chapman wedded Paula.

Daughter Elizabeth "Tess" Longfoot was joined in matrimony with Anthony Dudkiewicz Jr. ( ? -1999), son of Anthony and Josephine (Koneski) Dudkiewicz Sr. of Sugar Notch near Wilkes-Barre. The surname also has been Americanized and misspelled as "Dudekich" and "Dudick." They were the parents of two daughters -- Linda Dudkiewicz and Tara Lee Dudkiewicz. Anthony Jr. earned a living as a contractor and then for 14 years as a coal miner in addition to employment by the Susquehanna Steam Electric plant. Circa the 1980s and 1990s, they made a home on Broadhead Avenue in Sugar Notch. The family belonged to the Holy Family Church. Sadly, Anthony Jr. passed away in Mercy Hospital on Christmas Day 1999. His photograph accompanied the obituary narrative in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice. His funeral mass was sung in the Holy Family Hall, with Rev. John Terry presiding, and burial in St. Mary's Cemetery.

Daughter Joan Marie Longfoot married Michael Simon Sr. ( ? - ? ). Children born to this union were Kelley Ann Lopez, Richard Simon and perhaps others. After a divorce, Joan married again in about 1980 to George E. Michalow ( ? - ? ). She has lived in Chester, PA and in Wilkes-Barre, on Madison Street.

  • Granddaughter Kelley Ann Simon (1966-2008) was born on June 15, 1966 in Wilkes-Barre. After graduation from high school, she attended Luzerne County Community College. She worked for Keystone Rehabilitation and belonged to the Assembly of God Church in Dickson City. She married (?) Lopez and bore three children -- Delaina Walkowiak, William (?) and Anthony (?). Kelley Anne died at home on March 18, 2008. An obituary in the Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice said that funeral services were led by Rev. Ron Liples of the family church.
  • Grandson Richard John Simon Sr. married Julie Wren ( ? - ? ). Their offspring were Richard John Simon Jr., Graeson Simon and Sydnei Marie Simon. The family lived in Nanticoke and Wilkes-Barre. After a divorce, Richard wedded again to Hope ( ? - ? ). Heartbreak spread throughout the family when Sydnei's daughter Raelyn Marie Randall died on Nov. 20, 2016 at the age of just nine days.

Daughter Rita Longfoot ( ? -living) was united in wedlock with Eric J. Jacobs ( ? -living), son of Joseph T. and Frances B. (Dress) Jacobs. They produced at least two children, Jonathan Jacobs and Jamie Jacobs. Their residence was in Wilkes-Barre in 1987-2009, Bath, PA in 2014 and Nanticoke in 2019. The couple has been involved with parent/counselor teams over the years with Children's Service Center.

  • Grandson Jonathan Jacobs was a companion or spouse of Kristin Linker, daughter of Donald and Cory Linker. They dwelled in Nanticoke in 2019 and were the parents of Aubrey Jacobs and Roman Gabriel Jacobs.
  • Granddaugher Jamie Jacobs has dwelled in Wilkes-Barre and is the mother of Joshua Ryan Jacobs and Rachel Joy Jacobs.

Son Paul Longfoot (1952-living) was born on Jan. 31, 1952 in Wilkes-Barre. At the age of 17, on June 2, 1969, he was joined in the bonds of marriage with Debra Mae Madara (Oct. 12, 1952-2010), the daughter of Harry and Mae (Palmer) Madara and a native of Elizabeth, NJ. Their family was comprised of Betinna "Tina" Longfoot, Paula Jean Longfoot, Keith Elliot Longfoot, Dorothy Mae Seniuk and Crystal Lynn Longfoot. The couple resided in Wilkes-Barre in the mid-1970s but separated in 1975 and divorced in January 1976. They re-united and were married again on June 2, 2004. Debra earned a living for 24 years as a technician with the Procter & Gamble facility in Mehoopany, PA. The Longfoots dwelled Hanover Township in the 1980s at the address of Woodbury Street in Lee Park. Sadly, at the age of 57, Debra passed into the realm of the eternal on March 20, 2010, as a patient in the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Township. An obituary was published in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. Following Debra's death, Paul became a longtime companion of Melissa Wisnewski.

  • Granddaughter Betinna "Tina" Longfoot (1968-living) was born in 1968 in Wilkes-Barre. She married John Bennett (1969- ? ). They have resided in Lee Park. Their two daughters are Amy Lynn Bennett and Jamie Leigh Bennett.
  • Granddaughter Paula Jean Longfoot (1970- ? ) was born in 1972 in Wilkes-Barre. She and Richard "Rick" Cartwright produced a daughter, Heather Ann Cartwright. At Heather's ninth birthday in 1997, she was pictured in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.
  • Grandson Keith Elliot Longfoot (1971- ? ) was born in 1971 in Wilkes-Barre. He and Marsha Zamber ( ? - ? ) bore a daughter, Amanda Longfoot. On July 24, 1999, he wedded Lori Marie Sando (1970- ? ). She brought two children into the union, Christopher Rushton and Kyle Eppler. Their home in 2010 was in Wilkes-Barre.
  • Granddaughter Dorothy Mae Longfoot (1981- ? ) was born in 1981 in Wilkes-Barre. She and Michael Hendrick had a son together, Gavin Michael Longfoot. On Aug. 30, 2013, she was united in matrimony with Robert Seniuk (1987- ? ). He brought a daughter into the marriage, Faythe Micehlle Seniuk. Dorothy and Robert went on to bear a daughter of their own, Nevaeh Mae Seniuk. She dwelled in Lee Park in 2010.
  • Granddaughter Crystal Lynn Longfoot (1982- ? ) was born in 1982 in Wilkes-Barre. She and John Denay are the parents of a son, John Paul Longfoot. Her residence circa 2010 was in Lee Park.

Son Edward Longfoot (1946-2017) was born on Dec. 2, 1946. He lived in Wilkes-Barre and was wedded to Kimberly Smith ( ? - ? ), daughter of Phyllis E. Smith. The couple's brood of children included Michael Longfoot, Fawn Longfoot, John Longfoot, Antoinette Longfoot, Alice Longfoot, Edward Longfoot and Ashley Longfoot. Edward was employed as a truck driver for more than two decades for Fullmer Trucking and North Penn Transfer. He was a member of the Teamster's Local 401. Edward also was a licensed insurance agent for Western-Southern Life Insurance Company. In retirement, he was a courier for Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. His free time was spent playing and coaching baseball and watching football. He passed into eternity in Wilkes-Barre at the age of 70 on Feb. 20, 2017. Rev. Ron Swanson officiated at the funeral service. The Wilkes-Barre Citizens' Voice printed an obituary.

  • Grandson Michael Longfoot was united in marriage with Jillian.
  • Granddaughter Fawn Longfoot
  • Grandson John Longfoot
  • Granddaughter Antoinette Longfoot
  • Granddaughter Alice Longfoot
  • Grandson Edward Longfoot
  • Granddaughter Ashley Longfoot


James A. Longfoot Jr.

~ Son James Arthur Longfoot Jr. ~

Son James Arthur Longfoot Jr. (1912-1981) was born on Jan. 12, 1912 in Leicester, Livingston County, NY. 

He is seen here in a stylish suit, vest and hat. As a young man of age 19, in 1931, he moved with his parents to Wilkes-Barre, and labored as a coal miner in and around the town. 

At the age of 30, he married 25-year-old Mary Anna Keithline, daughter of Harry and Mary (Gordon) Keithline of Wilkes-Barre. Alderman Michael J. Schappert of Wilkes-Barre performed the ceremony on June 15, 1942. At the time of marriage, James lived at 56 Shiber Lane in Wilkes-Barre.

James married again in the 1950s to Rita Skapura ( ? -1976). She had been married once before, and brought two children to the marriage -- John Skapura and Rita Skapura.

In all, James had three children -- James Arthur Longfoot III, Caroline Ann Biebel and David Joseph Longfoot. They resided in 1957 in Wilkes-Barre, at 258 North Pennsylvania Avenue and were members of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. 


Glen Alden colliery operation

Following in the family coal mining tradition, James was employed with the Glen Alden Coal Company at its South Wilkes-Barre colliery for many years, retiring in 1968. In addition to Wilkes-Barre, the company ran coal plants in Nanticoke, Pittston and Plymouth. Glen Alden was known for mining anthracite coal and spraying it blue to differentiate it from competing products.

Sadly, Rita passed away on Jan. 23, 1976.

James outlived her by five years. he died in Wilkes-Barre in January 1981, at age 69. Funeral services were held in a local funeral home, led by Rev. Charles Hooker Jr. of the family church. Burial was in Oak Lawn Cemetery in Hanover Township.

Some of James' offspring still live in Wilkes-Barre today.

Son James Arthur Longfoot (1952-2000) was born in 1952. He never married and had no children. He died in 2000. 

Daughter Caroline Ann Longfoot married John Biebel in 1973 and had one daughter, Caroline Kriton. The couple later divorced. 


Bird's-eye view of Wilkes-Barre, looking north from the Miners Bank building, showing the Irene Temple and county courthouse


Son David Joseph Longfoot married Maureen Teresa Riley of Wilkes-Barre in 1959. They have six children -- Michael Longfoot, Ryan Longfoot, Sarah Blat, Matthew Longfoot, Kristyn Longfoot and Sean Longfoot. 

Stepson John Skapura made his home in 1981 in Tucson, AZ. 

Stepdaughter Rita Skapura lived in Wilkes-Barre in 1981.


Anna Smallcomb

~ Daughter Anna Rebecca (Longfoot) Smallcomb ~

Daughter Anna Rebecca Longfoot (1915-1936) was born in 1915 near Cuylerville in Leicester Township, Livingston County, NY. She moved to northeastern Pennsylvania with her parents in 1931.

At the age of 18, two days before Christmas 1933, Anna married 21-year-old Wade Carl Smallcomb (1912-1974). He was the son of Hazen and Margaret (McGovern) Smallcomb of Wilkes-Barre. Alderman C.P. Heckman of Wilkes-Barre performed the marriage ceremony. When the marriage took place, she lived at 278 Hazle Street, and because she was underage, her father signed his consent to the union. 

Wade was an "elevator runner" in Wilkes-Barre at the time of marriage.

The couple produced at least two known children -- Robert Smallcomb (born 1932) and Janet Smallcomb (born 1936).


Robert & Janet Smallcomb

Tragically, Anna died at the age of 21 on Sept. 14, 1936, in Wilkes-Barre. As with her sister Laura Marie Walker, she did not survive the after-effects of childbirth, but fortunately the baby daughter survived.

Her death left behind her husband and the two young children. He earned a living during that period as a building superintendent in Wilkes-Barre.

Wade married again just a little more than a year later to 25-year-old widow Antoinette (Sodik) Walski (1907-1982) of Plymouth, PA, daughter of Polish immigrants John and Anna Sodik. The ceremony was held on Oct. 27, 1937, Wilkes-Barre. Antoinette's first husband had died on May 3, 1932, and she brought a son to the marriage, Alex Walski. 

They had one daughter of their own, Jean Loraine Smallcomb.

Wade died in November 1974, at the age of 62.

Antoinette outlived him by eight years, and passed away in Wilkes-Barre in December 1982.

Son Robert Smallcomb (1934- ? ) was born in about 1934.

Daughter Janet Smallcomb (1936- ? ) was born in 1936. She was but 20 days old at the death of her mother.


William C. Longfoot

~ Son William C. Longfoot ~

Son William C. "Bill" Longfoot (1919- ? ) was born on Jan. 4, 1920 in Leicester County, NY. 

He married Dorothy (?) (1923-2011).

They had no children. 

He served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II.

The couple lived in Louisiana in the 1950s, in the community of Alexandria. They later moved to Pineville, Rapides Parish, LA.

Sadly, Dorothy died on April 30, 2011, at the age of 88.

William only survived for another 18 months as a widower. He passed away in Pineville on Oct. 21, 2012.


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Glen Alden Colliery postcard originally published by the Wilkes-Barre News Agency