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Charles 'Herbert' Minor


Charles "Herbert" Minor was born on Jan. 3, 1863 in Columbus, Franklin County, OH, the son of Daniel and Jane Ann (Duff-Langdon) Minor Jr.

When he was age 25, in about 1888, Herbert married Lillian LaFontaine (1868-1959), a native of Michigan and the daughter of Sarah LaFontaine.

They were the parents of two daughters -- Hazel Minor and Helen Minor -- plus one who died young.

The newlyweds lived in Michigan circa 1890, but returned to Columbus by 1895. They resided at 1524 East Long Street in Columbus.

In 1895, Herbert was a bookkeeper with the P. Haydon Saddling Hardware Company, owned in part by his multi-millionnaire brother in law William Buck Hayden. He also worked for the Haydens' automatic concrete block machine company in the early 1900s.

A September 1908 article in Cement World, a trade journal, reported that "Herbert Miner" along with  W.B. Simpler, George Fuil and Walter McGlenchy as representatives of Hayden Automatic Concrete Block Machine Company, attended the Ohio State Fair to demonstrate the technology's capabilities. They "were there to look after the machine, but they had little to do but talk with the people, for the machine did it all with an alacrity that made even the chickens take notice."


Busy High Street in Columbus, north of Gay Street


In 1909, when Edward's mother died, he inherited all of her stock in the Hayden Stone Block Machine Company. Daughter Hazel inherited a garnet pin and an "Autumn" landscape painting. Hazel and her sister Helen also inherited $500 each "to be used as an assistance in [their] education."


Obituary, 1940

The 1910 United States Census shows the family in Columbus, with Lillian's widowed mother under their roof. Herbert's occupation that year was as an bookkeeper in a foundry.

In 1920, Herbert was a clerk in an automobile company. 

At the time of his death, in 1940, he was vice president of the Hayden Concrete Block Machine Company.

At age 77, Herbert passed away of cancer on March 9, 1940. He was buried in the famed Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus.

Lillian outlived her husband by 19 years. She died in 1959, and is buried beside her husband.


Graves of Herbert and Lillian at Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus


~ Daughter Hazel Minor ~

Daughter Hazel L. Minor (1890-1979) was born in about 1890 in Michigan.

She moved to Columbus, Franklin County, OH in her youth.

She never married.

Hazel and her single sister Helen resided together at 1524 East Long Street.

Both died in the same year -- Helen on March 7, 1979 and Hazel on Sept. 21, 1979.


~ Daughter Helen Minor ~

Daughter Helen Minor (1899-1979) was born in about 1899 in Ohio.

She never married.

She earned a living as a sales clerk for the Union and Lazarus Department Stores.

She and her maiden sister Hazel dwelled together at 1524 East Long Street in Columbus.

The sisters died in the same year -- Helen on March 7, 1979 and Hazel on Sept. 21, 1979.


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