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Frederick Younken Jr.


Frederick Younken Jr. -- also spelled "Youngkin" -- was born on April 20, 1790 or 1793 in Bucks County, PA, the son of Johannes "Frederick" and Maria Barbara (Dieter) Younkin


The baby Frederick was baptized in the Kellers Lutheran Church on Aug. 22 [year?], with John Klinker and Elizabeth (?) of Nockamixon Township standing up as sponsors. 


Sadly, his mother died an untimely death in young adulthood. The precise date and details are not known. The boy apparently was taken in by relatives, possibly a grandmother, and remained in Nockamixon for the rest of his life. He did not accompany his father in a relocation to Somerset County, PA.


Bucks County Intelligencer, Nov. 21, 1838

Frederick Jr. married Elizabeth Wolfinger (1796-1883), perhaps also known as Elizabeth"Krause."

The couple together produced these known offspring Anna Margarethea Youngkin, Matilda Sterner, Charles Younkin, Hannah Elizabeth Eilenberger, Jonas Youngkin, Nicholas Younkin, Henry H. Younkin, Mary Younkin, Sarah Oyer and Catharine Wilson. 

Frederick Jr. earned a living as a millwright in Nickamixon Township.

Tragically, he died accidentally at the age of 48 in Nickamixon Township on Nov. 6, 1838. Burial was in St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery. The incident generated news coverage in the Nov. 21, 1838 edition of the Bucks County Intelligencer

Elizabeth outlived her husband by many years. In 1870, at the age of about 75, she resided in the farm household of her married daughter Matilda Sterner in Springfield Township, Bucks County. 

She died in the Oyer home in or near Williamsburg, Bucks County on Jan. 3, 1883. 

A century after his death, he was mentioned in the April 30, 1938 edition of the Younkin Family News Bulletin.

~ Daughter Anna Margarethea Youngkin ~

Daughter Anna Margarethea Youngkin (1818-1886) was born on Nov. 30, 1818.

Evidence suggests that she did not marry. 

In 1870, when the federal census enumeration was made, the 52-year-old Anna lived by herself, next door to her married sister Matilda Sterner and widowed mother.  

She surrendered to the angel of death at age 68 years and 10 days on Dec. 10, 1886. Her remains were lowered under the sod of Springtown Cemetery in Bucks County, and a marker erected at the grave, which still stands today.

~ Daughter Matilda (Youngken) Sterner ~

Daughter Matilda Youngken (1821-1874) was born on Feb. 12, 1821.

She was joined in wedlock with Aaron Sterner (April 1821-1903).

Their brood of offspring included Titus Sterner, Emma Steeley, James Sterner, Adeline Hess, Justina "Tina" Sterner, Reading Sterner, Minerva Stine, Henry/Harry Sterner and Anna E. Sterner.

Joy turned to heartache ahen daughter Anna died on Oct. 5, 1865, at the age of 20 months. Her tender remains were lowered into the gentle arms of the earth in Springtown Cemetery. 

The Sterner farm near Springtown was comprised of 54 acres of land. 

Sadly, census records for 1870 show that Matilda at age 50 had become blind. She continued to keep house for the family in Springfield Township, Bucks County, likely assisted that year by their eldest daughter Emma, age 23 and unmarried. Matilda's 75-year-old mother also lived in the household that year, along with 20-year-old farm laborer Frederick Wambold. 

Matilda died at the age of 53 on April 28, 1874. Burial was in Springtown Cemetery in Bucks County. 

Aaron survived her by nearly three decades. He remained on their farm in Springfield Township as of 1880. His eldest daughter Emma, age 32 and single, lived under his roof, providing "domestic work" as marked by a census-taker. By 1900, now 79, he and 45-year-old unmarried daughter Tina shared their farmhouse.

He passed away on Oct. 5, 1903, at age 82. The Allentown Morning Call reported in an obituary that he was "an aged wheelwright" and that death was due to "old age and general debility." The remains were lowered into the sleep of ages in Union Cemetery, with Rev. O.H. Melchor officiating. Within several months, the farm was dold to Jordan Stover of Reigelsville, who paid $2,400.

Easton, PA, where the Titus Sterner family dwelled 

Son Titus Sterner (1845-1924) was born on Aug. 23, 1845. He earned a living as a laborer, also known as a "yeoman." He was joined in matrimony with Sarah "Catherine" Morey (1852-1938), daughter of Jacob Morey of Mount Bethel. Two daughters borne of this union were Estella "Stella" Walker and Fannie Snyder. Their initial home was in Easton. Then in 1885 they moved to Allentown as he began a new position with American Steel and Wire Company. He worked for the company until retiring in about 1909. In retirement, he drew a pension from the company. He held memberships in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Order of American Mechanics and in 1907 chaired the Committee of Arrangements for the Allen Branch of the Grand Fraternity, held at Runk's Hall. They belonged to the Westminster Presbyterian Church. The Sterners were in the news when Catherine's aged father died at their home in January 1904, said in an Allentown Leader obituary to have been "the oldest of 13 children and was also the oldest man in Upper Mt. Bethel Township." Their address in 1924 was 207 South 14th Street. Toward the end Titus suffered from heart disease, hardening of the arteries and paralysis on his left side. Death enveloped him in Allentown at the age of 78  on April 5, 1924. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery in Allentown. The Morning Call said he was "one of this city's aged residents." Catherine lived on for another 14 years. At her death at age 86, on Nov. 29, 1938, a death notice was printed in the Allentown Morning Call. Burial was in Fairview Cemetery.

  • Granddaughter Estella M. "Stella" Sterner ( ? -1966) grew to adulthood in Allentown. She was employed as a young woman for 15 years as a cashier with the John Hancock Life Insurance Company. On Nov. 12, 1924, she married Paul G. Walker ( ? - ? ), a native of Bellows Falls, VT. The ceremony was held in the parsonage of the Brainard Presbyterian Church in Easton, by the hand of Rev. W.W. Edge. In announcing the happy event, the Allentown Morning Call said "The happy couple left on Saturday morning for Miami, Florida, where they will spend the winter, returning in the spring to make their home in Bellows Falls." They did not reproduce. Stella died in Orlando, FL on Dec. 1, 1966, with the Morning Call printing an obituary.
  • Granddaughter Fannie Sterner ( ? - ? ) resided at 917 Tilghman Street in Allentown in 1910. She entered ito marriage with Elias G. Snyder ( ? -1953), a native of Frackville, PA and the son of Henry C. and Elizabeth (Smith) Snyder. News of their marriage license was published in the Allentown Leader. They dwelled in Allentown for decades. One son of this union was E. Frederic Snyder. Elias was employed for nearly 52 years as a salesman and sales manager for Allentown Paint Manufacturing Company. In April 1951, he received honors from the company and co-workers for half a century of service. Burdened with ill health, he retired in about 1952. They were members of the St. James United Church of Christ. Elias was a charter membeer of the WUG class of Seibert Evangelical Christian Church, the Greenleaf lodge of the Masons, Lehigh Consistory, the John Hay Republican Club and the Franklin Fire Company. He died at the age of 70 on Nov. 21, 1953. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said he "had been in ill health for two years." In widowhood, Fannie lived at 207 South 14th Street. She died at the age of 94, in the Liberty Nursing Center in Allentown, on Aug. 13, 1980. Her obituary appeared in the Morning Call.

    Great-grandson E. Frederic Snyder ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). On April 13, 1942, he tied the knot with Anne F. Dell ( ? - ? ), daughter of William C. Dell of 1512 Union Street, Allentown. Performing the marital rites was Rev. Roland L. Rupp of the St. James Evangelical and Reformed Church. The marriage was announced in the Allentown Morning Call. Frederic dwelled with his parents in Allentown in 1953.

Springtown Cemetery. Courtesy Tom Myers
Daughter Justina "Tina" Sterner (1855-1938) was born on Nov. 19, 1855. She never married and earned a living over the years as a housekeeper. In 1900, at age 45, she and her father shared a residence in Springfield Township, Bucks County. Her home in the late 1930s was with her presumed brother Harry A. Sterner at 3744 Sydenham Street. Having contracted degeneration of the heart muscle, she died of heart failure at the age of 82 on April 2, 1938. The remains were interred in Philadelphia's Greenmount Cemetery. 

Son Reading Sterner (1857- ? ) was born in about 1857. He settled across the Delaware River in Trenton, NJ. 

Daughter Emma Sterner (1847-1893) was born on June 30, 1847. She did not marry until later in life, staying with her father and blind mother well into her 30s. She wed Peter Steeley ( ? - ? ). Sadly, at the age of 45 years, 11 months and nine days, she passed into the arms of the angels on June 9, 1893. Her remains were lowered under the sod of Springtown Cemetery in Bucks County. 

Son James Sterner (1850-1923) was born on Jan. 28, 1850. He earned a living as a cleaner. Having developed an infection of the arm, an infection of septicemia set in, and he passed away in Philadelphia's Stetson Hospital on July 15, 1923. Harry Sterner signed the official Pennsylvania certificate of death. Burial was in Greenmount Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Springtown Cemetery. Courtesy Tom Myers
Daughter Adeline "Addie" Sterner (1854-1931) was born on Nov. 19, 1854 in Springtown, Bucks County. On Oct. 18, 1876, at Springtown, she married Isaac "Milton" Hess (June 30, 1855-1924), son of Owen B. and Catherine (Sloyer) Hess. Together, they produced a trio of children -- Delilah S. Sarson, Horace Morgan Hess and Clark W. Hess. Sadly, they endured the death of son Clark at about age one in 1894. Circa 1902-1911, they were tenant farmers in Springtown, with Milton constructing a barn on the property in September 1902. The Hess residence in 1924 was in Easton, PA, at the address of 219 Philadelphia Road. The family belonged to Easton's First Methodist Episcopal Church, with Addie attending the ladies Bible class. Sadly, having become senile and contracting chronic kidney disease, Milton passed away just nine days before his 69th birthday on June 21, 1924. As a widow, she lived with her married daughter and son in law Delilah and Howard Sarson at 511 Cattel Street in Easton. In later years she became senile and was felled by cerebral apoplexy. She was cleaved away by the angel of death in the Sarson residence on Oct. 25, 1931, at the age of 76. Interment of the remains was in Springtown Cemetery. In an obituary, the Allentown Morning Call said she "had resided in Phillipsburg and Easton for the past 28 years."

  • Granddaughter Delilah S. Hess (1883-1951) was born in 1883. She married Howard Sarson ( ? - ? ). the only known daughter of this marriage was Bernice M. Jensen. They lived in Philiipsburg and then in about 1921 relocated to Easton. In 1931-1951, their address was 511 Cattel Street in the College Hill section of Easton. They were involved with the First Methodist Church, with Delilah singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School and an attendee of the Easton-Philipsburg Dinner Club. At the age of 68, Delilah passed away in Betts Hospital in Easton, having been ill for a year-plus. Her obituary appeared in the Allentown Morning Call.

    Great-granddaughter Bernice M. Sarson married (?) Jensen and established a home in Broomall, Delaware County, PA. 

  • Grandson Horace Morgan Hess (1887-1978) dwelled in Ragland, AL in 1931 and Jeffersonville, IN in 1951.

Daughter Minerva Sterner (1861- ? ) was born in about 1861. Single at the age of 20, in 1880, she dwelled with her widowed father in Springfield Township, Bucks County, and furnished "domestic work" to the family. She married (?) Stine/Stein. She put down roots in Durham and Quakertown, PA.

Son Henry/Harry Sterner (1864- ? ) was born in about 1864. He grew up working on the family farm in Springfield Township, Bucks County. He was in Philadelphia in 1924-1931.

Charles' grave, 1902.Courtesy Tom Myers
~ Son Charles Youngkin ~

Son Charles Youngkin (1823-1902) was born on April 20, 1823.

He first entered into marriage with Lovina (1827-1857).

Evidence suggests that the pair bore known daughter, Mary Younkin.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1850, the couple dwelled in Springfield Township, Bucks County. At that time, Charles' occupation was as a carpenter. The census-taker spelled the family surname as "Yonkin."

Sadly, Lovina succumbed to the spectre of death in 1857, when she would have been about 30 years of age. The cause of her untimely passing may be lost to the ages.

Charles appears to have remained in Springfield Township for the rest of his long life. His second bride was Lucinda Dilgard/Dilgart (Nov. 12, 1840-1923), also spelled "Dilgarth" and "Gildard," and the daughter of Abraham and Mary (Funk) Dilgard. They were about 17 years apart in age. Both husband and wife knew how to read and write.

Their known brood of children were Arlandes ("Arland" or "Landes") Youngkin, Abraham Youngkin, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hoffert, Charles Youngken and Frank Youngkin plus two others who died young.

The United States Census of 1860, showing occupants of Springfield Township, lists the family as next-door neighbors to Edward and Elizabeth Dilgart, likely kin of Lucinda's. Charles continued to ply his trade that year as a carpenter.  

By 1870, remaining in Springfield, Charles had turned to farm labor as his primary occupation. The family of Abraham Dilgard lived in an adjacent dwelling, as were the families of John and Mary Jane Youngken and Jerome and Catharine Youngken.

Charles' farm near Bursonville and Gallows in Springfield Twp., Bucks County, 1891, next to the farm of "J. Youngken" - Library of Congress

Farms of C. "Youngkin" and J. "Youngken," 1891
Courtesy Library of Congress
When the federal census enumeration again was made in 1880, in Springfield, both Charles and his son Arlandes earned their income as carpenters. Everyone in the immediate family that year swas described as "healthy" by the census-taker.  

An atlas map of Springfield Township was made in 1891 showing the location of farms, churches and other landmarks. It depicts the farms of Charles and "J. Youngken" close to each other, east of Bursonville and north of Gallows, along the eastern edge of the township at the border of Nickamixon Township.

The Youngkins were retired and their nest empty at the time of the U.S. Census of 1900. That said, their married daughter and son-in-law, Lizzie and Daniel Hoffert, were their next-door neighbors that year in Springfield. 

Death swept Charles away at the age of 78 on Feb. 11, 1902. His remains are asleep in Durham Cemetery in Bucks County.  

Lucinda outlived her husband by more than two decades. Her final home was near or with her married daughter Elizabeth Hoffert in Forks Township in nearby Northampton County, PA.

Suffering from asthma and chronic heart and kidney disease, at the age of 82, she was cleaved away by the angel of death on Feb. 12, 1923. The body was brought back to Bucks County for burial in Durham Cemetery. Son-in-law Daniel Franklin Hoffert of Easton signed the official Pennsylvania certificate of death. Her obituary was published in the Allentown Morning Call.

Presumed daughter Mary Younkin (1850- ? ) was born in about 1850. She grew up in Springfield Township, Bucks County. 

Arlandes' grave, 1902.Courtesy Tom Myers

Son Arlandes "Landes" Youngkin (1858-1932) -- also spelled "Landes" and "Arland" -- was born on Oct. 3, 1858. He learned the carpentry trade from his father and worked in this occupation in 1880, when he was 22 years of age. On Oct. 23, 1883, when he was 25 years of age, he wed Emma George (Feb. 21, 1864-1908), daughter of Jacob and Lydia (Frankenfield) George. Rev. D. Rothrock officiated. An announcement of the marriage was printed in the Bucks County Intelligencer. Together they bore a family of four -- Elizabeth F. Scheetz, Clarence George Youngkin, Esther Watkins and Ruth Ella Petty. Circa 1908, they dwelled in Reigelsville in Durham Township, Bucks County. Emma was diagnosed with what a doctor called a general debility resulting from a tuburcular affliction of the lymph system. Sadly, at the age of 44 years, she died on Nov. 20, 1908. Burial was in Nockamixon. Arlandes survived for another 24 years. As of 1923, at the death of his mother, he lived in Easton, PA. He eventually gave up carpentry and in his latter years worked as a trolley conductor. His final residence was with Linford Youngkin at 15 Ralston Road in South Ardmore, Delaware County. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver and kidney disease, and in 1929 contracted cancer of the stomach. Three years later, he died on Sept. 28, 1932, just five days shy of his 74th birthday. The remains were interred in the Union Cemetery of Nockamixon, with Linford Youngkin providing details for the death certificate.

  • Granddaughter Elizabeth F. Youngkin (1891-1990) married (?) Scheetz.
  • Grandson Clarence George Youngkin (1893-1967)
  • Granddaughter Esther Yougnkin (1896-2000) wed (?) Watkins. 
  • Granddaughter Ruth Ella Yougnkin (1898-1968) was joined in wedlock with (?) Petty. 

Son Abraham Youngkin (1860-1927) was born on Dec. 19, 1860. In 1880, when he was 21 years of age, he boarded in the household of Edwin and Emma Keiser in Springfield Township, just a few doors away from his parents, and earned a living as a merchant's clerk. He married Phoebe "Melinda" (Mumbower) Kiser (Feb. 26, 1861-1940), widow of Harvey B. Kiser. Their one son may have been Frank Younken. In 1900, they dwelled in Nockamixon, with Abraham working as landlord of a hotel, and a number of boarders in the residence, among them Raymond Kiser. Oddly, the Bucks County Gazette in June 1900 reported that his application for a hotel license had been refused. As of 1923, their home was in Kintnersville, a small community in Bucks County. After developing diabetes and then when stricken by apoplexy, death cleaved him away at the age of 66 on May 17, 1927. The remains were lowered under the sod of Nockamixon Union Cemetery in Ferndale, Bucks County.  

  • Presumed grandson Frank Younken (1882- ? ) was born in April 1882. 

Daughter Elizabeth "Lizzie" Youngkin (1868-1967) was born on July 2, 1868 in Haycock Township, Bucks County. She wed Daniel Franklin Hoffert (1871-1932), son of Robert Morris and Madeline (Grogg) Hoffert. The couple's one son was Charles Robert Hoffert. They dwelled in 1923 in Forks Township, Northampton County, PA. She held a membership in the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Springfield. Daniel earned a living over the years with the Q&D Railroad. In about 1931, he suffered the first of three strokes to occur within the next year. Sadly, after enduring the third, Daniel died at the age of 60 on June 20, 1932. A newspaper said he was "a highly esteemed resident of town." Funeral services were conducted in the family home and then the Springfield Union Church, jointly led by Rev. H.S. Rhoads and Rev. W.J. Kohler. the remains were laid to rest in Springfield Cemetery. Elizabeth survived him by 35 years. She also endured the death of her son Charles in 1958. Her final dwelling-place was in the Good Shepherd Home of Allentown, where she spent the final seven years of her life. At the age of 98, Elizabeth passed away on May 20, 1967. Burial was in Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Bucks County.  

  • Grandson Charles Robert Hoffert (1897-1958) was born in 1897 in Stoney Point, Bucks County. He was twice-married. His first bride was Emma Litzenberger (1897-1941). They became the parents of Charlene Lauchnor of Quakertown, PA. His second spouse was Carretta Riegel ( ? - ? ). Charles was socially active with the local lodges of the Masons, Owlls, Moose and Harleysville Beneficial Society. They dwelled at 146 North Hellertown Avenue in Quakertown. Sadly, Charles died at the age of 60 in Quakertown Community Hospital.

Son Charles Youngken (1874- ? ) was born in about 1874 in Springfield Township, Bucks County. He is known to have made his dwelling-place in 1923 in Camden, NJ.

Son Frank Youngkin ( ? - ? ) lived in Scribner, NE in 1923. 

~ Daughter Hannah Eliza (Youngken) Eilenberger ~

Daughter Hannah Eliza Younkin/Youngken (1827-1921) was born in 1827.

Her home as a young woman was in Upper Mt. Bethel near Stroudsburg, Northampton County, PA. 

Jeffersonian Republican, 1852
Courtesy Library of Congress
On Dec. 13, 1852, in Upper Mt. Bethel, she was joined in wedlock with Jacob Deitrich Eilenberger ( ? - ? ), formerly of Stroudsburg. Rev. P.D. Schory officiated, and the union was announced on the pages of Stroudsburg's The Jeffersonian.

The trio of children born into this family were Almon Eilenberger, Howard Eilenberger and Mary Eilenberger.

For reasons not yet known, Jacob was not in the household in 1860 at the time of the U.S. Census of Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County, PA Hannah supported herself and the family through her work as a cigar-maker. Also living under her roof that year were 22-year-old Catharine Younken and Lorenzo and Harrison Eilenberger, all cigar makers. Her married sister and brother-in-law, Sarah and Alfred Oyer, lived next door, with Alfred also engaged in making cigars.

The 1870 census shows Hannah (listed as "H.E.") and daughter Mary, continuing to dwell in Upper Mount Bethel. 

When the federal census enumeration again was made in 1880, Hannah shared a home with her 24-year-old son Howard in Williamsburg, Northampton County, and was marked as "widowed."  

Hannah died in 1921. Her remains were laid to rest in Mount Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery.  

Stroudsburg, home of the Eilenberger family 

Son John "Almon" Eilenberger (1853-1929) -- sometimes known as "Allen" and "Alvin" -- was born on Oct. 24, 1853 in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County. Circa 1877, he entered into marriage with Emma Frutchey (1855- ? ). A family of nine was born to the pair -- Mame Eilenberger, Edna Eilenberger, Hanna Bronner, Grace Zimmerman, Louise Wright, John A. Eilenberger, Wilmont B. Eilenberger and Marion Eilenberger and one other. Almon continued with the family trade of cigar-making and plied this trade in Williamsburg, Northampton County in 1880 and Stroudsburg, Monroe County in 1900. In early 1929, now widowed, he moved in with his son W.B. Eilenberger at 208 North Seventh Street in Easton. He was felled by a stroke and died suddenly at the age of 76 on Aug. 5, 1929. Burial was in Stroudsburg. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said he was survived by 10 grandchildren. It's possible that Emma had been married once before and brought a stepson to this union, John Wilcox, who later lived in Gastonia, NC.

  • Granddaughter Mame Eilenberger (1878-1949) was born on Dec. 21, 1875 or 1878 in Mt. Bethel, PA. In young womanhood she make her dwelling-place in Philipsburg, NJ. She did not marry and devoted her career to a practice of medical dentistry. In 1920, at the age of 42, she dwelled with her aunt Mary Bogardus and aged grandmother Hannah Eilenberger in Philipsburg, Warren County, NJ. She held a membership in the Easton chapter of the Business and Professional Women's Club. Her final home was at 208 North Seventh Street, Easton, where her brother W.B. also was residing. For the last six years, she endured hardening of the arteries. She was admitted to Easton Hospital and died there from heart failure at age 72 on March 29, 1949. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said "she resided in Easton for 30 years." Burial was in Easton Cemetery.
  • Granddaughter Edna Eilenberger (1885- ? ) was born in 1885. She grew to womanhood in Stroudsburg. 
  • Granddaughter Hanna Eilenberger (1888- ? ) was born in Feb. 1888. She wed Walter Bronner. They put down roots in Stroudsburg, PA, where she is known to have lived in 1971-1987.
  • Granddaughter Grace Eilenberger (1882-1971) was born in Dec. 1882. She married Oscar Zimmerman ( ? -1966)., a native of Paquarry, NJ and the son of Hiram and Susan (Bunnell) Zimmerna. The pair did not reproduce. They settled in East Stroudsburg, PA, where they spent the balance of their lives. Oscar worked in young manhood as a builder and contractor and later was a longtime clerk in the East Stroudsburg Post Office. They are known to have belonged to the Grace Lutheran Church. Oscar held memberships in the Stroudsburg MORA Club and Carpenters Union, and for 33 years was treasurer and board of governors member of the Elks. Sadly, at the age of 83, Oscar was stricken and rushed to Monroe County General Hospital, on Sept. 26, 1966, and pronounced dead on arrival. The Pocono Record published an obituary. Later in life, she lived in Bethlehem, PA. At the age of 89, while visiting relatives in Gastonia, NC, she suffered a heart attack and died on Nov. 27, 1971. The remains were transported back to Stroudsburg for funeral services led by Rev. William F. Wunder. Interment was in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Minisink Hills. An obituary appeared in the Pocono (PA) Record.
  • Purple Heart 
    Granddaughter Louise Eilenberger (1892-1987) was born in in June 1892 in Stroudsburg. She entered into marriage with Ebon Roy Wright Jr. (April 19, 1896-1984), son of Ebon Roy and Susan (Ruppell) Wright Sr. Five offspring of this family were Ebon Roy Wright III, Jayne Anthony, James A. Wright, Warren Wright and Robert O. Wright. During World War I, Ebon served in the U.S. Army with Battery B of the 77th Field Artillery, 4th Division. He attained the rank of corporal and was wounded in action in the Battle of the Meuse-Argonne, and for that sacrifice he received the Purple Heart medal. Their home in 1949-1984 was in Bethlehem, PA, with an address in 1945 of 254 East Ettwin Street and 1431 Center Street. Ebon earned a living with Hess's in Allentown and retired in about 1969. They belonged to St. Peter's United Church of Christ in Allentown, with Ebon elected commander of the Disabled American Veterans. At President John F. Kennedy's horrific assassination in 1963, Ebon gave a prayer at a special ceremony at Memorial Park in Bethlehem, in his role as chaplain of the World War I Veterans, saying "We are especially grateful in this sad hour that Thou didst also send into this world our beloved President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that he too might give unto us a living example of how all men throughout the entire civilized world should live. Teach us, that as he gave comfort to us, we likewise can give comfort to others that we might forget our own tasks and our own trouble as he would."  Ebon surrendered to the angel of death on Feb. 20, 1984. As a widow, Louise also bore the loss of her son Ebon Jr. just three months later. Toward the end, she was admitted to live in the Lutheran Manor in Easton, later known as the Leader Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. At the age of 95, she passed away there on Aug. 9, 1987. The remains were laid to rest in Memorial Park in Bethlehem. In an obituary in the Allentown Morning Call, it was requested that any memorial contributions be made to the family house of worship.

    Great-grandson Ebon Roy Wright III (1921-1984) was born on (?) in Bethlehem, PA. He joined the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II and in 1945 was stationed in France. He was twice-wed. His first spouse was Lorraine Thomas ( ? -1975), daughter of Robert H. and Arline (Hunsicker) Thomas Sr. of Bethelem. They made a homeplace in Reynoldsville, OH. Their two children were Laura Wright and Warren O. Wright. Sadly, she died at age 50 on March 18, 1974. The remains were shipped to Bethelem for burial in the local Memorial Park. Later, he married Geneva (Mann) Holter. For three decades, he served in the U.S. Air Force. Then for 15 years he was employed as an accountant by American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), believed to have been in Columbus, OH. They dwelled in Johnstown, OH at 175 Saratoga Drive. Ebon died at the age of 62, on May 16, 1984, in University Hospital in Columbus, just three months after his father's passing. His obituary was printed in the Allentown Morning Call.

    Great-granddaughter Jayne Wright (1924-2004) was joined in wedlock with William Anthony. They were in Bethlehem, PA in 1984.

    Great-grandson James A. Wright (1924-2017) was born in 1924. He also joined the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II and trained as a crew chief on a B-29 bomber based at Peeterson Field in Colorado. Later, he put down roots in Bethlehem, PA.

    Great-grandson Warren Willard Wright (1925-1945) was born in 1925. He attended Liberty High School and worked in his youth as a shipping clerk with the Laros Silk Company textile mill. He was a member of the Wilbur Chapter of the Order of DeMolay and the Sunday School of St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed Church of Bethlehem. During World War II, he joined the U.S. Army and was placed in Company F of the 254th Infantry. He took basic training at Camp Walters, TX and then Camp Van Dorn, MS, and was deployed to Europe on Nov. 23, 1944. Tragically, he was killed in action in Germany on April 9, 1945, less then a month before the enemy surrender. His family received two telegrams five minutes apart, the first saying he had gone missing in action, and the second saying he had died. A memorial service was held in the family church, led by Rev. Chester L. Brachman, with the choir performing "Lord I Call Upon Thee." On behalf of the American Legion, Fred Amigo presented the family with an American flag. The body was brought back home to sleep in honored rest.

    Greeat-grandson Robert O. Wright moved to Stafford, VA. 

  • Grandson John A. Eilenberger (1891- ? ) was born in March 1891, a twin with his brother Wilmer.
  • Grandson Wilmont "W.B." Eilenberger ( ? - ? ) -- also known as "Wilmer" -- was born in March 1891, a twin with his brother John. Wilmont resided in a home at 208 North Seventh Street in Easton, PA in 1929-1940s. Wilmont was charged in 1946 with assault and battery, assault with intent tokill and assault with intent. He and his single sister Mame shared living quarters in 1949 in Easton.
  • Grandson Marion Eilenberger (1896- ? ) was born in Oct. 1896. He made his dwelling in 1949 in Stroudsburg, PA. 

Son Howard A. Eilenberger (1855-1933) was born on Oct. 17, 1855/1857 in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County. He married Jane Merrill (March 1859-1937), one of 11 offspring of Judge Richard Nye and Jane (Shull) Merrill of Northampton County. Their trio of offspring were Howard A. Eilenberger Jr., J.C. Merrill Eilenberger and Emma R. Thomas. Several of their children were born in New Jersey in the 1880s. Howard was a longtime cigar-maker of Easton, with the family there in 1900-1910. Said the Allentown Morning Call, "He was well known as a singer and was a member of the choirs of the Second Presbyterian and Brainerd Union Presbyterian churches, this city, and was also a member of the Orpheus club and Oratorio society." Later in life, he moved to Philadelphia, making a home with his son Howard Jr. at 2508 South Carlisle Street. Suffering from an enlarged prostate and heart valve failure, he died at the age of 78 on Aug. 18, 1933. On his death certificate, the name of his father was written as "John Eilenberger" and the mother "Don't know." Burial was in West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd.

  • Grandson Howard A. Eilenberger Jr. (1886-1969) was born on Jan. 17, 1886. He dwelled in Philadelphia for decades. The 1940 federal census enumeration shows him, without employment, lodging with Grace Leadbetter and her offspring on Christian Street.. He died at the age of 83 on Sept. 20, 1969. His remains sleep for eternity in West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Wynwyd, Montgomery County, PA.
  • Grandson J.C. Merrill Eilenberger (1887- ? ) was born in Sept. 1887 in Pennsylvania. He resided in Philadelphia in 1933.
  • Granddaughter Emma Remmey Eilenberger (1884-1956) was born in March 1884 in Philipsburg, NJ. In 1910, living in Easton, PA, she was employed as a stenographer with a national bank. She married Howard B. Thomas ( ? - ? ). The three children they bore together were Virginia Thomas, Mrs. Arthur E. Matzke and Hugh Thomas. They spent many years in Spring Lake, NJ, with Emma serving as a trustee of the Spring Lake Public Library and as a member of the women's auxiliary of Fitkin Hospital of Asbury Park. She also held a membership in the Church of the Saint Uriel the Archangel Episcopal Church of Seagirt, NJ.. In 1953, they moved to Florida, establishing a residence in Naples at 723 21st Avenue South. After what the Fort Myers News-Press called "a long illness," she passed away in Naples Community Hospital at the age of 72 on May 26, 1956.

    Great-granddaughter Virginia Thomas was unmarried and in Naples, FL in 1956.

    Great-granddaughter (?) Thomas wed Arthur E. Matzke and settled in Huntington, Long Island, NY.

    Great-grandson Hugh Thomas migrated to Chicago. 

Daughter Mary Emma Eilenberger (1858-1943) was born on March 12, 1858 in or near Stroudsburg, Monroe County, PA. She was joined in holy matrimony with Dr. Ephraim Bogardus (June 24, 1852-1916), a New Jersey native and the son of Stephen and Elmira (Rose) Bogardus. The only son of the marriage was Willmot Bogardus. Ephraim studied under his father's tutelage to become a dentist. The federal census enumeration of 1880 places the couple in Williamsburg, Northampton County. At that time, Ephraim practiced medicine as a surgeon dentist. A 21-year-old apprentice, William Bowers, lived in the household at that time. Ephraim took over his father's practice in 1889 with a move to Philipsburg, Warren County, NJ. Their address there was 142 Main Street. With his health apparently in decline, Ephraim asked his cousin Conover Burlew of Frenau, a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Dentistry in Philadelphia, to take over the business. Sadly, Ephraim died at the age of 60 on Jan. 17, 1916. A brief notice of his death appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, which said he had been the "Democratic candidate for State Senator in Warren county a few years ago, and [was] one of Philipsburg's best-known citizens." The Newark (NJ) Star-Eagle noted that he was "one of the best known dentists of this section." As a widow, Mary continued to dwell in Philipsburg, and she belonged to the local First Presbyterian Church. The 1920 U.S. Census shows her heading a household which included her widowed mother and nieces Mamie (a dentist) and Louise (bank bookkeeper). Her last years were spent in the home of her nephew W.B. Eilenberger of Easton. She died in Warren Hospital in Philipsburg at the age of 85 on Oct. 14, 1943. An obituary was published in the Allentown Morning Call.

  • Grandson Willmot Bogardus (1877-1888) was born on June 6, 1877. Sadly, he died at the age of 11 on July 25, 1888. His tender remains were placed into eternal sleep in Rose Hill Cemetery in Matawan, NJ. In covering the sad story, the Keyport (NJ) Enterprise said that:

    Seldom have we had occasion to record the death of an individual under circumstances more affecting and sad than that of little Willie, the 11 years old son of Dr. E. Bogardus. Willie left his home in Easton, PA., to visit friends residing in Cliffwood. Here he contracted a cold which gradually assumed a more alarming and fatal type; and to which the little fellow finally yielded at two o'clock last Sunday afternoon. A dispatch which had been sent to his father failed to reach him, and when that gentleman alighted from the train at 10 o'clock Sunday morning it was with an elastic step and happy heart, and without the least idea of the heavy tidings that awaited him in regard to his beloved and only child. In his home and community Willie was much beloved, and already gave a promise of a useful and brilliant career. He consequently much esteemed by friends and neighbors, and greatly beloved by his parents. His Sunday school teacher and others came to Keyport to attend the funeral, which was held at the house of his uncle, Dr. O.C. Bogardus, at 2 o'clock last Tuesday afternoon. From the text "It is I, be not afraid". Rev. E. Mead, of the Reformed Church, preached an interesting and comforting discourse. Re. Mr. Crozier, of St. Mary's Church offered prayer, and Mr. Stiner, of Easton, a friend of the afflicted family, sang two beautiful solos. At the grave, in Rose Hill Cemetery, by request of Willie's teacher, Miss Young, the sweet hymn, "Safe in the arms of Jesus" was very touchingly rendered by Mrs. Mead, Mr. Stiner and Master Chauncey Hillyer, little Willie's schoolmate.

~ Son Jonas Youngken ~

Son Jonas Youngken (1828-1909) was born on Nov. 14, 1828, or possibly in September of that year.

He and Elizabeth M. Plummer (1829-1883) entered into marital union.

The children they produced together were Mary Elizabeth Snyder, James H. Youngkin, Samuel P. Youngkin, Lana Ann Linville, Frank P. Youngkin and Sarah B. Melick.

As a widower, Jonas went to live with his married daughter Sarah Melick in New Jersey. Their home in 1900 was in Pohatcong, Warren County, NJ, with him earning a living as a wheelwright. 

He passed away at the age of 80 on May 16, 1909. Burial was in St. James Lutheran Cemetery in Greenwich Township, Warren County, NJ.  

Daughter Mary Elizabeth Youngkin ( ? -1936) was born on (?).  She was joined in wedlock with (?) Snyder ( ? - ? ). They bore two children -- Elada Snyder and Floyd W. Snyder. In about 1888, they migrated west to Kansas and put down roots in Kansas City. She was a member of the First Christian Church. Her final residence, which she shared with her son and daughter, was 2223 Richmond Avenue, Kansas City. She died in her residence at the age of 75 on Nov. 13, 1936. An obituary in the Kansas City Times noted that she was a resident of the town for 48 years.

Son James H. Youngkin (1855-1909) was born on July 2, 1855. He relocated to the Kansas City area. Death enveloped him at the age of 54 on Sept. 9, 1909. Interment was in Oak Grove Cemetery in Kansas City, KS.

Son Samuel P. Youngkin (1857-1941) was born on June 25, 1857. He too migrated to the Kansas City area and was a longtime farmer. He was the father of Mrs. Charles A. Boyce and Mrs. John E. Edlund. His final address in 1936-1941 was 4430 Prospect Avenue. At the age of 84, he passed away on Oct. 23, 1941. Interment was in Oak Grove Cemetery in Kansas City, KS, with an obituary appearing in the Kansas City (MO) Times.

  • Granddaughter (?) Youngkin wed Charles A. Boyce. They dwelled with her father in 1941 at 4430 Prospect Avenue. 
  • Granddaughter (?) Youngkin married John E. Edlund. Their home in 1941 was at 2001 West 39th Street, Kansas City. 

Daughter Lana Ann Youngkin (1859-1948) was born in Sept. 1859 in New Jersey. She learned the art of dressmaking and in 1880, with that as her occupation, dwelled with her aunt and uncle, Catharine and Jerome Wilson, in Easton, PA. By 1900, Lana Ann had migrated to Kansas City, KS. In about 1893, at the age of 34, she married Civil War veteran James Allen Linville (Aug. 1845- ? ), a native of Indiana. Two known children were Elmer J. Linville and Ethel Linville. During the war, James had served with the 123nd Indiana Infantry, Company K. He was awarded a military pension for his wartime service. [Invalid App. #844.108 - Cert. #602.809]. When the federal census enumeration was made in 1900, they lived in Kansas City, with James working as a millwright, and his brother Thomas living under their roof. James died in 1904, with his remains interred in Oak Grove Cemetery, Kansas City, KS. After his death 1904, Lana began receiving the pension payments. [Widow App. #800.295 - Cert. #821.755]. A year later, their children were given the pension, with Laura Linville assigned as guardian. [Minor App. #832.725 - Cert. #600.978, XC 2.692.203] She made a dwelling in Kansas City in 1936 at 1307 North 22nd Street and in 1941 at 1307 North 22nd Street. Death swept her away in 1948. Interment took place under the sod of Mount Hope Cemetery in Kansas City.

  • Grandson Elmer J. Linville (1896- ? ) was bornin July 1896 in Kansas.
  • Granddaughter Ethel Linville (1899- ? ) was born in Aug. 1899 in Kansas.

Son Frank P. Youngkin (1865-1892) was born on Jan. 8, 1865. He too relocated to the Kansas City area. He succumbed to the spectre of death at the age of 27 on Nov. 16, 1892. A red barre granite stone marks his final resting place, with burial next to his brother James, in Kansas City's Oak Grove Cemetery. No obituary has been located for Frank.

Daughter Sarah B. Youngkin (1869-1961) was born in Oct. 1869. She wed Francis Marion "Frank" Melick (April 1869-1954), a New Jersey native. Three known sons of this family were Raymond H. Melick, Jesse Carter Melick and Clarence Samuel Melick. The Melicks lived in Pohatcong, NJ in 1900, with Frank employed as a grocer salesman. Sarah's widowed father resided in their household in 1900. At the death of Sarah's brother Samuel in 1941, in Kansas City, she was named in the obituary. Sarah died on Nov. 23, 1961. Burial was in St. James Lutheran Cemetery in Warren County.

  • Grandson Raymond H. Melick (1887-1966) was born in June 1887 in New Jersey.
  • Grandson Jesse Carter Melick (1890-1965) was born in Nov. 1890 in New Jersey.
  • Grandson Clarence Samuel Melick (1892-1956) was born in Sept. 1892 in New Jersey.

~ Son Nicholas Younkin ~

Son Nicholas Younkin (1829- ? ) was born in about 1829 in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County.

He appears in a list of offspring compiled by the late Donna (Younkin) Logan. 

~ Son Henry H. Younkin ~

Son Henry H. Younkin (1831-1848) was born on Jan. 16, 1831.

Sadly, he died at the age of 17 on July 1, 1848.

His remains were lowered under the sod of St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Ferndale, Bucks County. 

~ Daughter Mary Younkin ~

Daughter Mary Younkin (1834- ? ) was born in about 1834 in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County.

~ Daughter Sarah (Youngkin) Oyer ~

Daughter Sarah Youngkin (1836- ? ) was born on May 20, 1836 in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County.

At her infant baptism, she was sponsored by Lawrence Sasseman and Catharine. 

She tied the marital knot with Alfred Oyer (1831-1900).

Together, they bore the following children -- William Howard Oyer, Franklin Alonzo Oyer, Kate May Christman, Mrs. Frank W. Piatt, Elizabeth Rosanna Bryan, Herbert Allen Oyer, George A. Oyer and Harry A. Oyer. 

When the United States Census enumeration was mad ein 1860, the Oyers lived in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County, PA. Alfred earned a living there as a cigar maker. Their next-door-neighbors were Sarah's sisters Hannah Eilenberger and Catharine Younken.  

Alfred succumbed to the spectre of death in Feb. 1900.   

Sarah outlived her spouse by 24 years.

Her final address in Easton was at 1208 Northampton Street. Having become senile and fractured her femur, Sarah suffered for 18 days and passed away on Feb. 2, 1924, at the age of 87. Frank A. Lyer of 326 North Ninth Street was the informant for the death certificate. Her remains were lowered into repose in Easton Cemetery in Northampton County. A stone was erected at the grave and stands upright and legible today.

Son William Howard Oyer (1859-1933) was born on New Year's Day 1859 in Mount Bethel, Northampton County. In 1885, he wed Margaret Hess (Nov. 1865-1932), and they dwelled in Easton. Their foursome of offspring included Myrtle Smith, Floyd Walter Oyer, Grace Charlotte Buzzard and Russell H. Oyer. William was employed as cashier of the Pen-Argyl National Bank, holding the title vice president. He held a membership in the local lodges of the Masons and Odd Fellows. Their dwelling-place in the early 1930s was 501 Pennsylvania Avenue, Pen Argyl. At the age of 75, he underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. The operation led to hemorrhaging, and he died on April 3, 1933. His son Floyd Oyer was the informant for the official Pennsylvania certificate of death. The body was lowered under the sod of St. John's Cemetery in Bangor, PA, with his Masonic brothers providing rites. His obituary was published in the Allentown Morning Call.

  • Granddaughter Myrtle Oyer married (?) Smith. 
  • Grandson Floyd Walter Oyer ( ? - ? )
  • Granddaughter Grace Charlotte Oyer wed (?) Buzzard 
  • Grandson Russell H. Oyer ( ? - ? )

Son Franklin Alonzo "Frank" Oyer (1862-1951) was born on Aug. 10, 1862 in Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County. He was joined in matrimony with Annie Frutchey (1863-1945). They made their residence in Easton. One known son of the pair was Harold F. Oyer. Alfred is said to have been a grocer in Easton and later joined the employ of the First National Bank and Trust Company as a security guard, staying until its closure in 1943. He held memberships in the Masons and Order of United American Mechanics. Now widowed, Frank became senile in his later years and suffered from hardening of the arteries. His address in 1951 was at 326 North Ninth Street, Easton. Three weeks after fracturing a hip, the spirit of death whisked him away at age 89, in Easton's Betts Hospital, on Oct. 13, 1951. Son Harold F. Oyer of New York City provided vital information for the death certificate. The remains were lowered into the sacred soil of Easton Cemetery.

  • Grandson Harold F. Oyer moved to New York City and was there in 1951.  

Daughter Kate May Oyer (1865-1949) was born in March 1865 in Mount Bethel Township. She married Adam Eckhart Christman (1853-1943). The two known children they produced together were Grace A. Bachman and Earl Oyer Christman. They dwelled in Easton and belonged to the Olivet Presbyterian Church.  Her address in 1949 was 1307 Washington Street, Easton. She became seriously ill in 1948 which began a yearlong descent in health. She passed into the arms of the eternal on March 5, 1949, while in the home of her son Earl in Wilson Borough. The Allentown Morning Call ran an obituary. The couple sleeps for the ages in Easton Cemetery. Daughter Grace wed Walter Bachman and lived in Easton. 

  • Granddaughter Grace A. Christman wed (?) Bachman. 
  • Grandson Earl Oyer Christman 

Daughter Sadie Oyer ( ? -1943) was born on (?). She tied the marital knot with Easton native Frank W. Pyatt (April 29, 1876-1957), also spelled "Piatt" and the son of David and Susan (Kichline) Pyatt. They appear not to have reproduced. Frank spent his career as a merchant and at one time operated a pottery shop on the 400 block of Northampton Street. They lived in Easton, with an address in 1943 of 31 South 7th Street. The couple joined the College Hill Presbyterian Church. Sadly, after contacting a serious illness, Elizabeth died three weeks later in BEtts Hospital on Jan. 17, 1943. In 1957, they were in Easton, at the address of 716 Porter Street. In his later years, Frank was burdened with hardening of the arteries and heart disease. Sadly, at the age of 81, after developing an intestinal obstruction, Frank was admitted to Easton Hospital, and died there in June 25, 1957. Interment was in Easton Cemetery. His obituary was carried in the Allentown Morning Call.

Daughter Elizabeth Rosanna Oyer (1868-1943) was born on June 22, 1868 in Upper Mount Bethel Township. She wed Morris T. Bryan (1869-1941), sometimes spelled "Brian." The pair did not reproduce. Their address in the early 1940s was 21 South Seventh Street, Easton. They held a membership in Calvary Methodist Church. Morris died in 1941. Elizabeth spent her final two years as a widow. Sadly, after suffering from a serious illness for three weeks, Elizabeth surrendered to the angel of death at age 74 on Jan. 17, 1943. An obituary was printed in the Allentown Morning Call. The remains sleep in eternal repose in Easton Cemetery.  

Son Herbert Allen Oyer (1871-1935) was born in April 1871 in Upper Mount Bethel Township, PA. He planted himself in Easton, where he earned a living for decades with Ingersoll-Rand Company. He and Susan Catherine Allen (1875-1953) were united in matrimony. The pair did not reproduce. Their address in the mid-1930s was 1342 Lehigh Street, Easton. The family belonged to the Brainerd Presbyterian Church, and he was a member of the Dallas lodge of the Masons, the Eastern Forest of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon and the Tatamy Council of the Order of United American Mechanics. Sadly, at age 65, Herbert passed away on Sept. 19, 1935. Burial was in Easton Cemetery. The Allentown Morning Call said in an obituary that he "had resided in Easton for 50 years." 

Son George A. Oyer (1878-1933) was born on Nov. 21, 1878. He entered into marriage with Florence E. Purdy (March 21, 1886-1915), daughter of John and Alice Purdy. The one known daughter born of this union was Grace Oyer. The family dwelled in the Fairview Hotel, located at 1028 Butler Street in Easton, owned by Florence's father. Tragically, on Oct. 29, 1915, Florence "fell five feet down a short flight of steps to the brick paving," said the Allentown Morning Call, "and died within fifteen minutes from a bursted blood vessel at the base of the brain." The examining physician ruled the death accidental. John K. England of the hotel address provided details for the death certificate, and burial was in Easton Cemetery. George outlived his wife by 18 years. Death claimed him in Easton on Sept. 12, 1933.

  • Granddaughter Grace Oyer ( ? - ? ) 

Son Harry A. Oyer (1881-1963) was born on July 1, 1881 in Mount Bethel Township. He wed Bertha E. Derhammer (May 22, 1881-1963), originally from Easton and the daughter of George M. and Mary (Laros) Derhammer. Harry made his career as a grocer. Their two children were Mrs. M.E. Bishop and George A. Oyer. Their membership was at Peter's Lutheran Church, Easton. Ironically, both died in the same year. She passed away first, in Mimlitsch Nursing Home, on Valentine's Day, 1963. He died at age 82 on Dec. 3, 1963. Burial was in Easton Heights Cemetery. An obituary in the Allentown Morning Call said that they were survived by three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

  • Granddaughter (?) Oyer was joned in wedlock with M.E. Bishop and relocated to Waynesboro, VA. 
  • Grandson George A. Oyer lived in Bethlehem, PA circa 1963. 

~ Daughter Catharine (Youngkin) Wilson ~

Daughter Catharine Younkin (1839-1914) was born in Jan. 1839 in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County, some two months after the accidental death of her father.

At the age of 22, in 1860, she lived with her sister and extended family in Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County, PA, earning a living as a cigar-makeer.  

She wed Jerome N. Wilson (Oct. 23, 1838-1906). 

They became the parents of Ida L. Williams, Lizzie Wilson, Edwin Wilson, Lillian B. "Lillie" Wilson and Samuel E. Wilson.   They became the parents of Ida L. Williams. 

In 1870, when the federal census enumeration was made, the family made its dwelling-place in Easton. Jerome earned income at that time working as a moulder.

Jerome and his brother [Jacob?] were longtime owners of Wilson Brothers, operating a foundry and machine shops in Easton. Said the Allentown Leader, "The firm does a business all over the country and in foreign countries."

The U.S. Census again was taken in 1880, with the family continuing to dwell in Easton, Jerome working as a machinist, and 20-year-old niece Lana Youngkin, a dressmaker, living under their roof. 

A fire alighted in their foundry in March 1888, destroying their patterns and damaging the electric railway building and dynamo engine. The Philadelphia Times said that the fire "was in reality a benefit to the city, for Mr. Wilson has already contracted for a large three-story brick building to take the place of his old two-story frame shell. His heaviest loss was in patterns."

Jerome continued to play his occupation as a machinist into 1900, as shown by that year's census. 

The Williams family memorial, Easton Cemetery
Courtesy "R.E.H." - Find-a-Grave
At the age of 67, Jerome died on March 26, 1906. In an obituary, the Leader said that "For many years he has been a prominent in the manufacturing business..."    

The angel of death cleaved her away at the age of 74 on Nov. 2, 1914. Burial was in Easton Cemetery. 

Daughter Ida L. Wilson (1866-1940) was born on Dec. 17, 1866. Circa 1887, she married Charles Koffman Williams (1862-1944), a native of Jarrettown, Montgomery County, PA, the son of Joseph T. and Margaret Jane (Butler) Williams. Their trio of offspring included Myra Jeanette Davies, Horace R. Williams and Morris R. Williams. They lived for decades at the corner of 14th and Bushkill Streets in Easton. Sadly, they endured the death of son Horace at about a year of age in 1897. The Allentown Morning Call said he was a "pioneer Easton industrialist, whose interests became international in their scope... In addition to his extensive business interests, he was prominent in civic affairs." Charles got his start in his working career as an apprentice in a Doylestown machine shop for four years. Then in 1878, he and his father joined forces in a talc-production firm in Easton. The business grew to become C.K. Williams and Co., with mills operating in Easton, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York and Ohio. In time Charles became chairman of the company's board. Said the Allentown Morning Call, "The Easton plant is one of the most active industrial plants in the area." He also was a founder of Papermakers Chemical Company, which in 1931 was acquired by Hercules Powder Company. As well, he held the posts of treasurer of Easton Explosive Company, National Milling and Chemical Company and Papermakers Importing Company.

In his philanthropic life, Charles was a co-founder and onetime president of the Easton YMCA and served on its board for years. He was an original director of Easton Hospital and president of First Presbyterian Church. During World War I, he was active in the Liberty Loan campaigns as well as a food administrator in the community. He held membershiops in the Rotary Club of Easton, Masons lodge, Northampton Country Club, Pomfret Club of Easton and the Manfacturers Club of Philadelphia. He co-founded the Easton Board of Trade and in 1912 served a term as its president. Ida passed away at age 74, in Easton, on Dec. 29, 1940. Interment was in the sacred soil of Easton Cemetery. Charles endured as a widower for another four years. Death swept him away on Oct. 12, 1944.

  • Granddaughter Myra Jeanette Williams (1890-1977) was born in 1890. She married Ewart G. Davies ( ? - ? ). They established their residence in Easton. 
  • Grandson Morris R. Williams (1898-1987) was born in 1898. His home was in Easton in 1944. He died in 1987. 

Daughter Lizzie Wilson (1868- ? ) may have been deceased by 1907.

Son Edwin Wilson (1870- ? ) may have been deceased by 1907.

Daughter Lillian B. "Lillie" Wilson (1872- ? ) was born in May 1872. Evidence is underway to confirm whether or not she died at the age of 31, on Oct. 9, 1902, with interment in Easton Cemetery.

Son Samuel E. Wilson (1874-1907) was born on April 10, 1874. He was married to Anna A. ( ? - ? ) and the father of Janet Catherine Fackenthal. Samuel was employed as a machinist and a salesman. Their address is believed to have been 48 Delaware Street in Easton. Tragically, at the age of 33, he developed a case of typhoid fever accompanied by intestinal problems. Over the next month, his health declined, and he succumbed to the spectre of death on Aug. 6, 1907. Burial was in Easton Cemetery. The Allentown Leader said in an obituary that he "was a native of Easton and had a large circle of friends."

  • Granddaughter Janet Catherine Wilson ( ? - ? ) was born on (?). She was an alumna of Drexel Institute of Philadelphia. On July 17, 1929, she entered into marriage with John Douglas Fackenthal ( ? - ? ), son of John S. and Annie F. Fackenthall. The nuptials were held in the Easton residence of her married aunt, Ida Williams, led by Rev. H.M. Prentiss of the First Presbyterian Church and in front of about 60 relatives and friends. In announcing the happy event, the Allentown Morning Call said that John "was graduated from Lafayette college in 1924 and completed a course in the law school of Columbia university in June, 1928. He was admitted to the Northampton county bar on September 10, 1928, and is now associated with the law firm of C?hidsey, Maxwell and Frack, Jones building, Easton.


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