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Duanna (Burgoyne) Hawkins


William B. Hawkins
Courtesy Cindy Mitchell

Duanna (Burgoyne) Hawkins -- also spelled "Duana," "Duanah" and "Duannah" -- was born on Aug. 20, 1835 in Muskingum County, OH, the daughter of James and Mary (Miner) Burgoyne.

She moved with her family to Indiana and in 1850, at the age of 15, lived on her father's farm in Center Township, Wayne County, IN.

On March 26 or 28, 1855, when she was about 19 years of age, Duanah married 24-year-old William B. Hawkins (Jan. 1, 1831-1921) in nuptials held Catlin Township, Vermilion County, IL. He was the son of Nathan and Sarah Hoover (Wright) Hawkins of Wayne Conty, IN.

The couple bore four daughters -- Lizzie Patterson, Nora Church, Ella Hawkins and Etta Hawkins.

After the outbreak of the Civil War, William joined the Union Army on Aug. 11, 1862. He was assigned to the 125th Illinois Infantry, Company G. With the exception of Chickamauga in September 1863, he served in all of his regiment's battles -- Mission Ridge, Buzzard's Roost, Perryville and Atlanta, and took part in Sherman's famed, devastating march to the sea. 

 When profiled years later in a local county history book, the entry said that "At Dallas, Ga., while on picket duty, he came near being captured, but he cunningly managed to elude the rebels. His gallant conduct in the face of the enemy, received merited commendation from his superior officers and he was promoted to the rank of sergeant before his honorable discharge at Washington, DC."


William Hawkins' profile, 1889
Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion
and Edgar Counties Illinois
, Vol. 1.

William returned home to Illinois after the war. The family farm in the 1880s was in Catlin Township, Section 7, Township 18, Range 12. In 1889 their farm was so well admired in the community that it was pictured in the book Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion and Edgar Counties Illinois, Vol. 1, by Chapman Brothers. The Portrait book profiled William in the space of nearly a page, and said:

He is actively engaged in tilling the soil and raising stock... as finely improved and well cultivated a farm as is to be found throughout the length and breadth of this rich agricultural region.... He of whom we write was the eldest of the family, and was bred to the life of a farmer, and habits of industry and frugality were early taught him by precept and example. He engaged in farming, tending sawmill, and in other occupations till he had obtained man's estate, and in the spring of 1860 sought the fertile prairies of Vermilion County, this State, accompanied by his wife and child, with a view of establishing a home here permanently. He has since been a valued resident of Catlin Township, with the exception of the bitter years spent on Southern battlefields, when with true patriotism he heroically gave up home and tore himself from his loved ones to aid his country in the time of her greatest trial... [For] three long and weary years [he] served faithfully and efficiently through many hard campaigns and suffered the hardships and privations of a soldier's life without a murmur... He owns 170 acres of choice, ell-tilled land, on which he has erected a fine set of buildings, including a roomy, substantially built residence, a view of which with the surrounding lawns, beautified by lovely shade trees, is an attractive addition to this volume.... Mr. Hawkins is a velued member of this community, and his loyalty to his country is as marked as in the days when he courageously took his life in his hands and marched forth to do battle for its honor and the preservation of its integrity.

In addition to the Portrait book, Duanah is named in the 1879 book History of Vermilion County, authored by H.W. Beckwith, and the 1883 book by Luther B. Hill, A History of the State of Oklahoma, Vol. 1.

They were members of the local Presbyterian Church, where, said the Portrait book, they were "zealous workers in the cause of religion, seeking to promote the moral and social elevation of this community." William voted the Republican ticket in politics.

Unlike hundreds of his wife's Miner relatives, no evidence has been found indicating that William was awarded a Civil War pension by the government.


The Hawkins farm, circa 1889
Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion and Edgar Counties Illinois, Vol. 1.


Duanah passed away at the age of 60 on Nov. 23, 1895. Her remains were lowered into eternal repose in Oakridge Cemetery in Catlin. [Find-a-Grave]

William survived his wife by more than a quarter of a century. He succumbed to death at the age of 90 on April 13, 1921.


~ Daughter Lizzie (Hawkins) Patterson ~

Daughter Lizzie Hawkins ( ? - ? ) was born in (?).

She married George Patterson ( ? - ? ).

Nothing more is known.


~ Daughter Nora Belle (Hawkins) Church ~

Daughter Nora Belle Hawkins (1867- ? ) was born in 1867.

She wedded Thomas A. Church (1860-1911).

They made a home in Danville, Vermilion County and produced a family of at least 10 children -- Ross H. Church, Ralph A. Church, Ray W. Church, Clyde W. Church, James Merle Church, Lowell T. Church, Willard Church, Fannie B. Church, Edith Belle Puzey and Alfred Vivan Church.

Thomas died in 1911.

On Oct. 5, 1925, Nora Belle passed away in Danville. Her remains were interred in Oakridge Cemetery in Catlin.

Son Ross H. Church (1887-1963)

Son Ralph A. Church (1890-1964)

Son Ray W. Church (1892-1956)

Son Clyde W. Church (1893-1953)

Son James Merle Church (1895-1961)

Son Lowell T. Church (1897-1973)

Son Willard Church (1899-1958)

Daughter Fannie B. Church (1903-1970)

Daughter Edith Belle Church (1905-1965) was born in 1905. She married (?) Puzey.

Son Alfred Vivan Church (1907-1999)


~ Daughter Luella "Ella" (Hawkins) Woods ~

Daughter Luella "Ella" Hawkins (1869- ? ) was born on Jan. 12, 1869.

She was joined in holy marital union with Arthur E. Woods (1857-1935).

Sadly, James passed into eternity on Nov. 2, 1935, at the age of 78.

Luella outlived him by five years. At the age of 71, she died on Oct. 9, 1940. Burial was in Oakridge Cemetery in Catlin.


~ Daughter Marietta "Etta" (Hawkins) Taylor ~

Daughter Marietta "Etta" Hawkins (1871-1940) was born on June 28, 1871 in Catlin Township, Vermilion County.

She was united in wedlock with Gail Hamilton Taylor (May 15, 1871-1947), son of Thomas A. and Mary B. (Acree) Taylor.

They were the parents of Hester L. Rouse, Russell H. Taylor, Thomas A. Taylor, Mary Etta Elgin, Margaret D. McGee and Elizabeth I. Van Allen.

Marietta died at the age of 69 on July 10, 1940.

Gail lived for another seven years and joined his wife in death on April 14, 1947. They rest together in Oakridge Cemetery in Catlin.

Daughter Hester L. Taylor (1895-1959) married George Clinton Rouse.

Son Russell H. Taylor (1897-1966)

Son Thomas A. Taylor (1899-1901)

Daughter Mary Etta Taylor (1902-1953) wedded (?) Elgin.

Daughter Margaret D. Taylor (1906-1989) was joined in marriage with (?) McGee .

Daughter Elizabeth I. Taylor (1911-1993) was united in wedlock with (?) Van Allen.


Copyright © 2006, 2019 Mark A. Miner

Cindy Mitchell has researched this family and generously shared her findings.