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Mahala (Burgoyne) Woods


Mahala (Burgoyne) Woods was born in February 1821 in Ohio, likely Muskingum County, the daughter of James and Mary (Miner) Burgoyne.

On Aug. 6 or 7, 1845, in nuptials held in Wayne County, IN, the 24-year-old married William Woods (March 20, 1820- ? ), a native of Wayne County, IN and the son of Benjamin and Mecca (Boon) Woods.

They were the parents of William Woods, Mary Woods, Willard B. Woods, Arthur Woods, Allie Woods and one other who died young.


William's profile, Counties of Howard and Tipton, Indiana, 1883
Courtesy Google Books


As a boy, William was raised on his parents' farm and was educated in the common schools. He taught school at the age of 19 and then went on to study law and in 1844, at the age of 24, was admitted to the Indiana Bar. But he found farming and teaching more to his liking.

In 1850, the year that the United States Census enumeration was made, the family moved to a farm in Wayne, Wayne County. Said Charles Blanchard's 1883 book Counties of Howard and Tipton, Indiana: "He started in a log cabin, but now has 204 acres of fine land, with good, comfortable frame buildings, wich he has accumulated through labor and economy."

Sadly, Mahala died on March 3, 1859 at the age of 38.

After just under a year of grieving, on Feb. 24, 1860, William was joined in wedlock with his wife's younger sister Matilda. See her bio for more on this couple.


~ Son William H. Woods ~

Son William H. Woods (1847- ? ) was born in about 1847 in Wayne County, IN. 

Research by Cindy Mitchell suggests that he was deceased by 1860.


~ Daughter Mary H. Woods ~

Daughter Mary H. Woods (1853- ? ) was born in about 1853. She was a girl when her mother died.

In 1870, at the age of 18, Mary lived with her father and step-mother in Liberty Township, Howard County, IN and worked as a seamstress.

Evidence suggests she was deceased by 1883.


North side of the public square in Kokomo, IN


~ Son Willard B. Woods ~

Son Willard B. Woods (1854-1907) was born on Jan. 22, 1854. At the age of 15, in 1870, Willard attended school and also helped his father on their farm in Liberty Township, Howard County, IN.

He appears to have been married twice. The identity of his first bride is not known. They were the parents of Harry D. Woods, Blanche Woods and Mabel Woods.

Later, in about 1899, he was united in holy matrimony with Martha A. (?) (Sept. 1864-1950).

They bore a daughter of their own, Madge Woods.

Circa 1900, when the federal census enumeration was made, the Woodses lived in Liberty, where he was proprietor of a saloon in Greentown, nine miles east of Kokomo. Willard's business was the subject of controversial protests by prohibitionists. He was successful in overcoming their objections and secured a retail license in Sept. 1902. But the following year his opponents prevailed, and in September 1903 the saloon was closed, generating a mention in the Indianapolis News.

For several years, Willard suffered from "tabes dorsalis," causing an inability to coordinate movement and the bowels, often a result of an infection of syphilis in the spinal cord. He was admitted to the Central Hospital for the Insane in Indianapolis, where he died at the untimely age of 52 on Jan. 11, 1907. Burial was in Greenlawn Cemetery in Greentown.

Martha survived for another 43 years. She entered eternity on Christmas Eve 1950.

Son Harry D. Woods (1880- ? ) was born in Aug. 1880. When he was age 19, in 1900, he earned a living as a day laborer in Liberty Township, Howard County.

Daughter Blanche Woods (1882- ? ) was born in March 1882. In 1900, when she was age 18, she worked as a clerk in a Liberty Township dry goods store.

Daughter Mabel Woods (1885- ? ) was born in Feb. 1885.

Daughter Madge Woods (1899- ? ) was born in about 1899 in Indiana.


~ Son Arthur F. Woods ~

Son Arthur F. Woods (1857-1935) was born in June 1857 in Howard County, IN.

On April 22, 1890, in nuptials held in Vermilion County, he was joined in wedlock with LueElla Hawkins (1869-1940).

Among their children were Walter H. Woods and Bessie Luella Woods.

The Angel of Death carried Arthur away on Nov. 2, 1935. Burial was in Oakridge Cemetery.

Son Walter H. Woods (1894-1973).

Daughter Bessie Luella Woods (1896- ? )


~ Daughter Allie Woods ~

Daughter Allie Woods ( ? - ? )


Copyright © 2006, 2019 Mark A. Miner

Cindy Mitchell has researched this family and generously shared her findings.