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Arvilla (Minard) Marshall


George and Arvilla Marshall

Arvilla (Minard) Marshall was born in 1874 in Brown Township, Knox County, OH, the daughter of Clenon C. and Mary Ann (Kunkle) Minard.

On March 22, 1894, Arvilla married George B. Marshall (1873-1938), the son of Levi and Elizabeth (Ruby) Marshall. The ceremony was performed by J.H. Hamilton, a Minister of the Gospel in Knox County.

They bore nine children -- Virgil Leon Marshall, Ethel Edna Haire, Melissa Mary Doup, Albert Edison Marshall, Grace May Walters Marray, Florence A. Bowers, Levi Marshall, Kenneth Eugene Marshall Sr. and Asia Clennon Marshall.


Son Asia's obituary

Tragedy struck in 1913, when five-and-a-half year-old son Asia, a "school boy," died "after a very short illness of acute indigestion," said a local newspaper. "On Sunday afternoon shortly after dinner the child was seized with the attack and could not be relieved. He continued to grow worse up until the time of his death." He was laid to rest in the Bigelow Cemetery.

The Marshalls resided in Brown and Pike Townships, Knox County, and in Butler, Richland County, OH. They were members of the Jelloway Wesleyan Methodist Church in Knox County. Their home was located about two and a half miles southwest of Jelloway, Knox County.

When Arvilla's father died in 1912, she received an inheritance of "35 acres of the home farm" which she was to keep or sell at her discretion. This was part of the acreage once owned by Arvilla's grandfather, Solomon Minard Sr.


Bigelow Chapel Cemetery

When the federal census was taken in 1930, George and Arvilla were marked as farmers residing on Township Road. Teenage sons Levi and Kenneth, and eight-year-old grandson Lewis N. Marshall, resided in their home that year.

George died in 1938, at the age of 55. He was laid to rest at the Bigelow Chapel near Jelloway, Knox County. The specific date of his passing, and cause, are not known, but will be reported here when learned.

Arvilla outlived George by two decades, and resided at Jelloway.

She passed away on April 9, 1958, at the age of 84. She is buried with her husband. Their red granite stone is still legible today, as photographed in August 2005.


East side of Grant Street, Butler, from Five Points North


~ Son Albert Edison Marshall ~

Son Albert Edison Marshall (1901- ? ) was born in 1901.

He married Ethel M. (?) (1900- ? ).

The federal census of 1920 shows them as newlyweds and farmers residing in Brown Township, Knox County, in the neighborhood of his parents' home.


~ Daughter Ethel Edna (Marshall) Hare ~

Daughter Ethel Edna Marshall (1897- ? ) was born in 1897.

She married (?) Hare. Their fates are lost to history, but will be reported here when known.


~ Daughter Melissa Mary (Marshall) Doup ~

Daughter Melissa Mary Marshall (1898 -1968 ) was born in 1898.

She was united in matrimony with William Henry Doup ( ? - 1964).

They were farmers and resided in Butler, OH.

The Doups had five children -- Aleta Fern Kirkpatrick, George William Doup, Edna Crowner, Dorothy DeLong, and Betty Brennstuhl.

Melissa and William rest for eternity at Sand Ridge Cemetery.

Daughter Aleta Fern Doup (1919-1996) married Earl Kirkpatrick ( ? - ? ). She was "a cafeteria cook for the Butler Schools and retired from Clear Fork High School with 27 years of service," said an Ohio newspaper. She died on Jan. 29, 1996 and is buried at Bunker Hill Cemetery in Butler.

Son George William Doup (1926-1999) was a farmer, following in his parents' footsteps. He married Marjorie Mae Lane (1932-1992). From age 40 to age 62, he also worked at Mansfield Plumbing Products. They had five children -- Barbara Ann Doup, Susan Marie Doup, Kathleen Melissa Doup, Cheryl Lynn Doup and Thomas George Doup.

Daughter Dorothy Doup married Donald DeLong.

Daughter Edna Doup wedded Gerald Crowner

Daughter Betty Doup ( ? - ? ) married Robert Brenstuh.


Grace Marshall

~ Daughter Grace Marshall ~

Daughter Grace Marshall (1902 - ? ) was born in 1902.

Little is known about her life.

She is seen here in a photo taken the same day as the image below of her sister Florence. 


Florence Bowers

~ Daughter Florence (Marshall) Bowers ~

Daughter Florence Marshall (1906- ? ) was born in 106.

She married a man named Bowers.

She is seen here in an undated photograph.


~ Son Levi Marshall ~

Son Levi Marshall (1912-1983) was born in 1912.

He married Helen Bowman ( ? - ? ).

They had five children -- Gaye Lawhorn, Bonnie Bowen, Lorraine Schwab, Richard Marshall and Steve Marshall.

Levi worked for the F.E. Myers Co. in Ashland, OH for nearly two decades, retiring in 1976. They resided at 131 West Butler Street in Loudonville, OH.

He passed away at age 71, and was laid to rest in Greenlawn Cemetery in Perrysville, OH.


~ Son Kenneth Marshall ~

Son Kenneth Marshall (1917-1992) was born in 1917.

He wedded Virginia L. Conrad (? - 1990), the daughter of Glenn and Lucille (Berry) Conrad. They resided in Columbus, Franklin County, OH.

The couple produce one son, Kenneth E. Marshall Jr.

Kenneth Sr. served in the US Army during World War II, and worked for more than a quarter century as a store manager for the Ohio Department of Liquor Control, retiring in 1983. He was a member of American Legion Post 82 of Columbus, OH.

Virginia died at age 71 on Jan. 12, 1990.

Kenneth passed away at age 74, on Jan. 5, 1992, after a short illness. They are buried together at Greenlawn Cemetery in Perrysville.


~ More ~

We are grateful to cousin and longtime genealogist, the late Mary Jane (Armstrong) Henney (granddaughter of Samantha "Jennie" [Minard] Armstrong), for much of the information in this biography.


Copyright 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2020 Mark A. Miner