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Ida Bell (Minard) Cole



Ida Bell and Clark Cole

Ida Bell (Minard) Cole was born on Sept. 30, 1859 at Gambier, Knox County, OH, the daughter of Nathan W. and Sarah Jane (Woodruff) Minard. She and her parents were pioneer settlers of Iowa and Missouri.

In 1865, when Ida was six, her father returned from the Civil War. The following year, at age seven, she migrated with her family to Cedar County, IA. From there, in 1872, they moved to Caldwell County, MO. 

While in Missouri, she met Henry Harrison "Clark" Cole (1852-1935), the son of Harry and Candace Love (Hathaway) Cole of Watertown, NY. [Clark's mother was born in Ellisvillage, NY in 1830, and married Harry Cole in 1850.]

On Sept. 15, 1878, at the home of her parents near Kingston, Grant Township, Caldwell County, Ida and Clark were married. She was age 19 at the time, and he was 26. N.T. Brown, a minister of the gospel, performed the ceremony. Their original marriage is on file today at the county courthouse in Kingston. Almost immediately, the newlyweds moved to Nebraska to begin married life.


The Coles' marriage license, on file today in Caldwell County, MO



Pleasant Hill Cem, Berryton

The Coles produced a family of 14 children -- born over a quarter-century, spanning the years 1881 and 1906 -- including Clarence Wilbur Cole, Clyde Francis Cole, William Cole, Florence Lenora Metsker, George Nathan Cole, Candace Naomi Thurber, Alice "Myrtle" Nelson, Harry Leonard Cole, Artemus Ward "Art" Cole, Laura Mae Forrest McKimmey, Ruby Elnora Murphy, Ernest Kenneth Cole, Ida Isabel "Bell" Cook and Frank Leslie Cole.

Sadly, son William Cole died at the tender age of one month on Feb. 5, 1884, and son George Nathan Cole passed away a dozen years later, at age 10, on Jan. 6, 1896. Small grave markers for both boys are placed side by side in what became the Cole family plot at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Berryton, Shawnee County.

When the federal census enumeration was made in 1880, the young, childless couple made a home in the Upper Loup District of Sherman County, NE. That year, they dwelled next door to his parents. Both Clark and his father were listed as farmers.

A memoir by the Coles' granddaughter, Bernice (Cole) Wilson -- entitled Meeting of the Grandparents -- describes the voyage that Ida Bell and Clark made during their trek from Missouri to Nebraska:

...[They] left Missouri in a covered wagon for a homestead area in Nebraska. When they got there they had to build a sod house. They lived there until the 1894 drouth… Grandmother Cole struggled and didn't complain about the hardships. Grandpa [Cole] would run a wagon from Grand Island, Neb. to Loup City, Neb. With supplies and was caught in prairie fires and with great danger and gusto he came through without a mishap…. They used oxen to farm with and my father … told how the oxen learned to turn with two words, 'gee' and 'Haa' and this worked.


Above: Clark and Ida Belle (2nd row, far left) and their grown children, with Clark's elderly mother Candace 2nd from right. Below: Clark and Ida Belle with son Artemus ("Art"). Right: the couple beside their farmhouse, in later years.




Clark and Ida's anniversary

Adding to their pioneer story is extensive narrative in W. Flora Shepherd's book, Family Records of Baxley and Hilliard, Cole and Hathaway. The book also is known as Genealogy, History and Biographical Records of the Families of Christopher Columbus Baxley and Frances Hilliard, Harry Cole and Candace Hathaway and Allied Families, with an introduction by Damon Dale Hupp, published in 1979 by Capitol City, Inc., of Topeka.

The book states that after marriage, "Clark … went with his father and family to Sherman County, Nebr., homesteading the Loup City area. Nine of their children were born in Arcadia, Neb. In [1894], they traveled by wagon to Kansas, settling in the Richland area where five more of their children were born."

The Coles are thought to have moved in with Ida Bell's parents in Richland until they could find a place of their own. 

Clark's widowed mother, Candace Love (Hathaway) Cole, joined the family in Richland in about 1889 following the death of her husband in New York. In about 1922, she fell and broke her hip, and remained bedfast for the remaining seven years of her life. She died in late February 1929, and is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, where her son, daughter in law and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren later would join her in eternal rest.

Little is known about the rest of the Coles' lives, other than the fact that they experienced the ups and downs of raising children, earning a living by toiling the earth and running a household. 

In September 1928, Ida and Clark celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a large gathering of family and friends.


Family reunion celebrating Clark and Ida Bell's 50th wedding anniversary, 1928



Topeka Daily State Journal

Clark passed away at home on Sept. 2, 1935, at the age of 83. In a very brief newspaper obituary, the Topeka Daily State Journal reported that "Word has been received by Mrs. Laura Forest of the death of her father, Harry Harrison Clark Cole, 85, who died Monday at his home in Richland, Kan. No funeral arrangements have been made." 


Topeka Daily Capital, 1941

Despite further searching by the founder of this website in September 2010, at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, no additional new obituaries have been found adding any more detail of knowledge of Clark's life.

Ida Bell outlived her husband by six years, and moved into the home of daughter Florence Metsker in Lone Star near Lawrence, KS. 

She died in the Metsker residence on Jan. 29, 1941, at the age of 82. Following funeral services, held at the United Brethren Church in Richland, she was laid to rest beside her beloved husband in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Berryton. Her obituary was published in the Topeka Daily Capital


The Coles' burial place

At the time of her death, Ida Bell was survived by a sprawling brood of 12 children, 24 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Circa 1941, the Coles' dozen adult children were scattered across the United States. Sons Clarence, Clyde and Ernest lived in San Bernardino, CA; Harry and Art in Richland, KS; and Frank in Jerome, ID. Their daughters Florence and Candace resided in Florence, KS; Alice in Fort Peirce, FL; Laura Mae in Topeka, KS; Ruby in Overbrook, KS; and Bell Cook in Fair Oaks, CA. 

In September 2010, the founder of this website, and cousin-research Eugene Podraza, visited and paid their respects at the Cole graves at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, taking photographs of each Cole marker as an archival record. The cemetery is located just south of the intersection of S.E. 85th Road and Ratner Road, southeast of the Forbes Field Airport in Berryton, and to the northwest of the town of Richland.


Minerd.com founder Mark Miner pauses at the grave of
Clark and Ida (Minard) Cole near Berryton, KS.


~ Son Clarence Wilbur Cole ~

Clarence Wilbur Cole (1881-1960) was born in 1881 in Nebraska. 

In about 1905, he married Mary "Helen" Ahlstrom (1885-1955), the daughter of Hannah H. Ahlstrom of Indiana. They resided in Kansas and California and had two children -- Harriett Valerie Cole and Ernestine Ahlstrom "Bub" Finkle. 

When the federal census was taken in 1910, Clarence and Helen resided in Topeka, Shawnee County, KS, on Chester Street. Helen's sister Ora Ahlstrom and widowed mother Hannah Ahlstrom lived under their roof. Clarence's occupation that year was as an electrician in the local railroad shops.


Rail station in San Bernardino, CA


The census of 1920 shows Clarence, Helen, their daughters and Helen's widowed mother making their home together on Seventh Street in San Bernardino. Clarence's employment continued to as an electrician for the railroad.


San Bernardino business

Clarence also owned and operated a small grocery and gasoline filling station in San Bernardino, at what is now 3998 Mt View Avenue. At that time, the locale was considered "out in the country." He sold meats, cold drinks, ice cream and other products that would appeal to motorists. The building is seen here, with son in law Theodore Junous Pilcher posed in front, seated on a bench. 

(Other distant cousins making their home in San Bernardino in the early 1900s, whom Clarence likely did not even know, were Luther Minerd Sr. and Opal "Faye" (Shinneman) Sides.)

The Coles made a comfortable home on Genevieve Street, and were there in 1930 at the time of the census. Clarence remained employed as a railroad technician. Unfortunately, despite the income from boarders such as Lawrence and Laurla Miller, they had to sell it during the Great Depression. They then moved into an apartment above, or behind, the store. The building, sold out of family ownership, later became Eddie's Used Cars. It was still standing in the 1970s. 

From time to time, Kenneth and Helen sent one or both daughters to the Kansas farm of Clarence's parents. The girls did not enjoy farm life, so this was not regarded as a positive experience.


Another view of the family store, with the name "Cole's" decorating the arch above the front door.



Helen Pilcher McQueen

Helen passed away in 1955 in San Bernardino. 

Clarence outlived her by six years and died on May 18, 1960, at the age of 79. They are buried in San Bernardino.


Ernestine "Bub" Finkle

Daughter Harriett Valerie Cole (1910-1953) was born on Nov. 22, 1910 in Kansas. She and her parents migrated to Southern California when she was a child. Harriett was married twice, first to Theodore Junous Pilcher (1890-1943), a native of Washington State. They were two decades apart in age. She was a heavy drinker, and even during her only pregnancy, did not stop her habit. The couple's son, Theodore "Teddy" Pilcher Jr., was handicapped and is believed to have contracted his disability in the womb from his mother's alcoholism. Teddy lived at the Atascadero State Hospital. Sadly, Theodore Sr. died on St. Patrick's Day 1943, at the age of 53, in San Bernardino. Harriett married again, to her second husband, (?) McQueen ( ? - ? ). She died at the untimely age of 42 in San Bernardino on Nov. 9, 1953, just 13 days before her birthday. The cause of death was given as acute alcoholism.

Daughter Ernestine Ahlstrom "Bub" Cole (1915-1990) was born on June 17, 1916 in San Bernardino County. Ernestine was nicknamed "Bub" as she always seemed to be in a hubbub about something. She married George Thurston Finkle, Sr. ( ? - ? ). The wedding took place on Sept. 28, 1938, when Ernestine was age 23. They had three children, including George Thurston Finkle Jr. and twins Bethanne Viola "Beth" Finkle and Reynold Roy Finkle. The family made its permanent residence in San Bernardino County. George was employed as a locomotive engineer with the Santa Fe Railroad in San Bernardino, retiring in 1977. On Sept. 28, 1988, the couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with a family gathering in Las Vegas, NV. Ernestine passed away on Jan. 7, 1990, at the age of 74.


The Cole sisters relaxing at a quiet lake -- Harriett in the back, and Ernestine closest to the camera


~ Son Clyde Francis Cole ~

Clyde Francis Cole (1882-1960) was born in in 1882.

He married Amy Banker ( ? -1960) at Topeka, KS. She was a native of Richland, then known as Twin Mound, Douglas County.

They lived in San Bernardino and had three children -- Robert Dale Cole, Albertus Cole and Norma Cole. 

Clyde passed away on Oct. 16, 1960, and Amy only lived for two more days, dying on Oct. 18, 1960.

Son Richard Dale Cole (1915- ? ) was married and had a son named Robert Cole. They made their home in LaMirada, CA.

Son Albertus Cole (1917- ? ) wed Norma Lee ( ? - ? ).

Daughter Norma Cole (1919- ? ) 


Florence and Andrew Metsker

~ Daughter Florence Leola (Cole) Metsker ~

Daughter Florence Leona Cole (1885-1979) was born in 1885. 

She married Andrew Elmer Metsker (1864-1953) and had three children -- John Philip Metsker and twins Ruth Elizabeth Josefiak and Ida Barbara Swank. 

Andrew passed away on March 27, 1953, at the age of 89, and is buried at Washington Creek Cemetery in Lawrence, KS. 

Florence died on Feb. 1, 1979. She joined her husband in eternal repose at Washington Creek.

Son John Philip Metsker (1916-2007) was born on Feb. 17, 1916. He married Bettielou Grant (1919-2007), daughter of Dabney and Rose (Phillips) Grant. They had six children -- Barbara Ellen Metsker, John Andrew Metsker, Philip Arthur Metsker, Margaret Rose Kalb, David Dabney Metsker and Merrie Lenore Metsker. Sadly, daughter Barbara Ellen died at the age of five and one-half on April 14, 1956. They lived for many years in Lawrence, Douglas County, KS. John passed away on Feb. 4, 2007, at the age of 91. Bettielou only survived for 10 months longer, and died in Baldwin City, Douglas County on Dec. 16, 2007. They also rest in Washington Creek Cemetery.


Bird's-eye view of Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS, early 1900s


Daughter Ruth Elizabeth Metsker (1918-1987) was a twin with her sister Ida Barbara Metsker. Ruth married Herman Harvey Josefiak (1917-2006), son of Joe and Rosie Josefiak, in Rush County, KS. They did not reproduce. Ruth passed away at the age of 69 on Feb. 13, 1987. Herman married again twice, first to Doris (?) and second to (?). He died in Beaumont, Riverside County, CA on Oct. 31, 2006.

Daughter Ida Barbara Metsker (1918-  ? ) wed Glenn H. Swank (1917- ? ) on Nov. 11, 1944 in Topeka. They had four children -- David Warren Swank, Gregory Howard Swank, Deborah Leonore Swank and Paul Allan Swank. The Shepherd book states that "They are members of the Meridan Methodist Church. Glenn is an engineer for the State Department of Transportation and Ida is on the board of education in Meridan."Circa 2012, they lived in a retirement community in Topeka.

  • Grandson David Warren Swank was born in Garnett, Anderson County, KS. He married Kathy Arlene Fanning on Sept. 4, 1974 in Lakin, Kearny County, KS. Their two children are Nathan Warren Swank and Aaron Caleb Swank. David and Kathy resided on the Swank family farm in Meriden, KS. He was a longtime employee of the Kansas Department of Transportation, including service for two decades as a supervisor. Kathy has worked as a foster care specialist in the state's foster care program for children and parents.
  • Grandson Gregory Howard "Gregg" Swank was born in Topeka. He married Sherri King and had two children -- Thomas Benjamin Swank and Jennifer "Jenny" Swank. Gregg and Sherri reside in Dallas, TX and their professional specialty is business computer programming.
  • Granddaughter Deborah Swank was born in Topeka. She was a minister in the United Methodist Church for two decades. Today she is an information security specialist with the Federal Reserve System.
  • Grandson Paul Alan Swank was born in Topeka. He married Brenda Bauman in Topeka on May 21, 1983. Their four children are Leah Elizabeth Swank, Joseph Paul Swank, Hannah Ruth Swank and Rebekah Cole Swank. Paul taught mathematics for 15 years at Washburn Rural High School for 15 years and today is a financial management specialist. Wearing many hats, Brenda has been a piano accompanist for Royal Valley School Systems, worked in accounting and billing for physician groups, and as an executive director for a retirement community in addition to raising children.


~ Daughter Candace Naomi (Cole) Thurber ~

Candace Naomi Cole (1888- ? ) was born in 1888. She was named for her maternal grandmother, Candace (Hathaway) Cole.

She married LeRoy Thurber (1882-1969) on Dec. 9, 1908. LeRoy was born on Feb. 13, 1882 in Twin Mounds, Douglas County

Early in their marriage the Thurbers lived at Mound City (Richland). Later, they moved to Douglas County, where they spent most of their lives farming. They were members of the Presbyterian Church of Clinton, KS.

They had one daughter, Ida "Marie" Parker Rudnick, born in 1910, and a foster son, Jean Corwin Miller. 


Obituary, 1969

In 1968, LeRoy moved into a nursing home in the town of Lawrence, Douglas County. He passed away there at the age of 87 on Sept. 7, 1969.  He was interred in the Clinton Cemetery. At the time of his death, he and Candace were survived by three grandsons and 10 grandchildren.

Circa 1979, Candace resided with her married daughter Marie in Lawrence, Douglas County. In 1984, when mentioned in the newspaper obituary of her brother Artemus "Art" Cole, she was still in Lawrence. Her final fate is not yet known.

Daughter Ida Marie Thurber (1910- ? ) was married twice. Her first husband was Kenneth Parker ( ? - ? ) and they had three sons, Kenneth Parker, Robert Parker and Jack Parker. After the couple divorced, Ida married again to Sam Rudnick ( ? - ? ). Circa 1969, the Rudnicks lived in Barstow, CA. Sam passed away at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego. By 1979, Marie was making her home in Lawrence, KS.


~ Daughter Alice "Myrtle" (Cole) Nelson ~

Alice "Myrtle" Cole (1890- ? ) was born in 1890.

She wedded Roy Nelson on Sept. 1, 1912 at Topeka, KS.

They had two children -- Ruby Chastain and Elizabeth "Betty" Nelson. 

Circa 1979-1984, the Nelsons are known to have lived in West Palm Beach, FL. Their fates are being researched.

Daughter Ruby Nelson (1913- ? ) married James Chastain ( ? - ? ). 

Daughter Elizabeth "Betty" Nelson (1928- ? )


Cole gathering, L-R: Harry (left), Florence Metsker 
(3rd); Ruby (4th), Myrtle and Art (5th and 6th)

~ Son Harry Leonard Cole ~

Harry Leonard Cole (1892- ? ) was born in 1892.

He was joined in wedlock wih Hazel Rachel Goff (1896- ? ), the daughter of George William and Mary (Mitchell) Goff. The wedding took place on New Year's Eve 1916 at Lone Star near Lawrence, Douglas County, KS.

They had two children: Viola Bernice Wilson and Imogene May "Jean" Anderson. 

Harry was a member of the International Order of Odd Fellows in Richland, KS, and he and Hazel belonged to the West Side Presbyterian Church in Lawrence. 

Harry passed away on New Year's Eve 1977 -- their 61st wedding anniversary -- and is buried in Clinton Cemetery.

Hazel's fate will be added here when learned.

Daughter Viola Bernice Cole (1919- ? ) was born in 1919. She married Fred Howard Wilson (1915- ? ). Their two children were Sonja Jean Ross and Marilyn Ilene Beason. Fred served in the U.S. Army infantry during World War II, while Viola was employed by the Boilermakers-Blacksmith National Pension Trust in Kansas City, KS. Bernice was a historian of the Minard family and wrote the following in the 1979 family history:

Family memoir

A brief addendum of the MINARD family ... may substantially be of help to others in their search of this particular Minard family. The family name was originally Von Minard-Minarde-Minard. Originating in France, they left going into Germany. We record here 3 generations with their several children: John Minard, b. 1790, d. 1894, lived to be 104 years of age, wife's name unknown. Their children were, Sophia, Mary, Samuel, Solomon, John, Burger and George; Solomon Minard, son of John, had a wife Rachel Little. They were Dunkards and had a family of 13 children: Andrew, Wesley, Joseph, NATHAN, C.C., Mary, Elizabeth, Electra, Maggie, Barbara, Jason, Albert and Forbes. Nathan Minard, b. Aug. 8, 1838, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, m. Sarah Jane Woodruff, b. June 9, 1839. Her father was from the House of Lords in Scotland. He married a commoner and changed his name to Woodruff. This is all that has been found on her side.

Imogene May Cole (1923- ? ) was born in 1923. She was united in matrimony with Arthur C. Anderson (1918- ? ) on Jan. 27, 1945, at Lawrence, KS. Their two children were Stanley Dean Anderson and Elizabeth Lea "Becky" Campbell. Arthur was a teacher at Haskell Institute in Lawrence circa 1979.


Artemus Cole

~ Son Artemus Ward "Art" Cole ~

Artemus Ward "Art" Cole (1893-1984) was born on July 6, 1893 in Loup City, Sherman County, NE. He apparently was named after "Artemus Ward," pen name of Charles Farrar Browne, a popular American author of the 19th century, favored by President Lincoln, and editor of Vanity Fair.

As a boy, he and his parents and siblings relocated to Richland, south of Topeka, Shawnee County, KS. He attended the Twin Mound School southwest of Clinton, Shawnee County.


Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Art married Flora Clare Gress (1898-1975) at Richland, KS on April 20, 1919. He was age 26 at the time, and she was 21.

They had four children -- Lawrence Cole, Wilbur Cole, Arlene Zima and Ervin Arthur "Irvin" Cole. 

Heartache blanketed the family when son Irvin died in his first year of life on Feb. 9, 1930. A small inscribed stone marks his final resting place in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

The Coles were longtime farmers of Richland. They were members of the Shawnee Heights United Methodist Church. 

In retirement, Art and Flora went to live in Tecumseh, Shawnee County, at 6830 S.E. 45th Street.


Obituary, 1975

As her health failed, Flora was admitted to a Topeka hospital on Christmas Day 1974. There, after a little more than a month of suffering, she passed away on Jan. 30, 1975. She rests for eternity in the old Cole family plot at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Berry, KS. 

Art outlived his wife by nine years. He died in a local hospital on Feb. 12, 1984, at the age of 90. Following a funeral held at the family church, followed by services at the Tibbits-Griffin Highland Chapel, he was interred beside his wife. The family requested that memorial gifts be made to the building fund of the church.


Obituary, 1984

Son Lawrence E. Cole (1920- ? ) was born in 1920. At the age of 29, he married 21-year-old Dolly Luscombe (1928- ? ) on May 6, 1949.They lived at Berryton, KS and had five children -- Martha Ann Cole, Karen Jean Sewell, Susan Marie Berry, Judy Lee Cole and Jennifer Gail Cole. In 1975, he lived at 6820 S.E. Berryton Road.

Son Wilbur Cole (1924-2009) was born in 1924. He was united in matrimony with Esther M. Utick (1921-2002). He was three years younger than his wife. They were farmers of Pomona, KS. They had no children. In 1975, his address was 7429 S.E. 89th Road in Berryton. Esther died on Oct. 5, 2002. Wilbur followed her to the grave on July 5, 2009. They rest together in the Cole family plot of graves at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Daughter Arlene V. Cole (1926- ? ) was born in 1926. She married Joseph Ray Zima (1923- ? ) on Oct. 5, 1946. They had four children -- Joseph Wayne Zima, Janet Elaine Zima, Nancy Lorraina Liska and Kathy Arlene Zima. Joseph was a veteran of World War II and employed circa 1979 in the field of real estate in Topeka. In 1984, she made her home in Tecumseh, Shawnee County.


Art and Flora's red granite grave marker at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery


~ Son Laura Mae (Cole) Forrest McKimmey ~

Laura Mae Cole (1895- ? ) was born in 1895 and was married twice. 

Her first spouse was John Forrest ( ? -1950), the son of John William and Mary Ann (Seifert) Forrest of Fort Smith, AR. They had four children -- Ida Mary Mitchell McConnel, John Clark Forrest, Myrtle Bell Forest and Marjorie May Dwyer. John "was a mechanic by trade and a member of the United Brethren Church," said the Shepherd book. John died in 1950 and is buried at Topeka's Memorial Park Cemetery. 

Laura wed her second husband, Frank McKimmey (1888-1977) on July 27, 1936. He was the son of Charles Montrose and Olive Imo (Hook) McKimmey. Said the Shepherd book, Frank "was employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Santa Fe Railroad. He died Feb. 3, 1977 and is buried at San Antonio, Texas." 

Laura Mae survived him and belonged to the United Brethren Church, and later in life joined the Church of Christ. In 1984, she made her residence in San Antonio. Her fate is not yet known.

Daughter Ida Mary Forrest (1916- ? ) married Harry Mitchell ( ? - ?  ) in 1933 and and three children -- Larry Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell and Lerna Mitchell. Ida Mary's second husband was Warren McConnel (1915- ? ), a native of Earle, AR, who worked in the carpet industry in Wichita. 

Son John Clark Forrest (1918- ? ) married Jessie McAlexander (1929- ? ), a native of Leavenworth, KS. John was employed as an automobile mechanic. They were Protestant. They did not reproduce.

Daughter Myrtle Bell Forrest (1923- ? ) wed Harold Dunn (1920- ? ), a native of Holyoke, MA and the son of John and Delia Bridget (Mullery) Dunn whose roots were in County Mayo, Ireland. The Forrest-Dunn wedding took place at Amarillo, TX, where they resided circa 1979. They had six children -- Kathleen Dunn, Brian Dunn, Stephen Dunn, Kevin Dunn, Eileen Dunn and Michael Dunn.

Daughter Marjorie Mae Forrest (1925- ? ) married Douglas Dwyer (1925- ? ), a native of Brooklyn, NY. Douglas owned an automobile shop. They had no children.


~ Daughter Ruby Elnora (Cole) Murphy ~

Ruby Elnora Cole (1898-1999) was born in 1898. 

At the age of 19, she married James Phillip Murphy ( ? - ? ) on Feb. 22, 1917 at Topeka. Their three children were Delbert Murphy, James Murphy Jr. and Lois Ann Murphy. 


Topeka Capital Journal, 1999

Circa 1984, when her brother Artemus "Art" Cole died, she was living in Overbrook, KS and was mentioned in the obituary in the Topeka Capital Journal.

Ruby passed away at the age of 100, on Jan. 26, 1999, in a retirement community in Topeka. A very brief obituary was printed in the Capital Journal. Per her instructions, her body was donated to medical science. 

Son Delbert Murphy (1918- ? )

Son James Murphy Jr.  (1920- ? )

Daughter Lois Ann Murphy (1924- ? )

Topeka's Kansas Avenue, looking south


~ Son Ernest Kenneth Cole ~

Ernest Kenneth Cole (1899-1927) was born on June 22, 1899 in Kansas.

He married Edith Burbank ( ? - ? ) in about 1923. At some point, he and his brothers Clarence and Clyde migrated to San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, CA.

They had one son, Cecil Norman Cole, and apparently remained in San Bernardino for the rest of their lives.

A year before his death, in 1976, Kenneth and Edith signed an affidavit to amend the State of California birth record of their niece, Ernestine Ahlstrom (Cole) Finkle, whose name originally had been grossly misspelled as "Earnstian Ahlstern Cole."

Ernest passed away on April 17, 1977 of causes not yet known. He is buried at San Bernardino, CA. 

Son Cecil Norman Cole (1924- ? ) married Phyllis Eleanor (?). They had two children: Annette Sue (Laing) Stonesifer and Roger Norman Cole.


~ Daughter Ida Isabelle (Cole) Cook ~

Ida Isabel "Bell" Cole (1901- ? ) was born in 1901.

She married Clinton William Cook Sr. ( ? - ? ) in Richland on Aug. 3, 1924.

They bore one son, Clinton William Cook Jr. 

Bell resided in Fair Oaks, CA, and "has contributed largely to the records of the early Cole family," said the Shepherd book. Circa 1984, she lived in Sacramento, CA. Nothing more is known.

Son Clinton William Cook Jr. (1925- ? ) married Jannice (?) and had three children. 


~ Son Frank Leslie Cole ~

Frank Leslie Cole (1906-1975) was born in 1906, the the youngest of 14 brothers and sisters. A full quarter century separated him in age from his eldest brother Clarence. 

Frank married Velma Miller ( ? - ? ), daughter of Charles F. and Ada I. (Johnson) Miller, at Overbrook, KS. They had two children -- Judith Darlene Broumand and Dennis Ray Cole. 

Frank was a construction worker. They resided at Wendell, ID and later moved to Jerome, ID. The Coles were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Jerome. 

Frank died in Jerome at the age of 69 on June 13, 1975. Velma outlived Frank and maintained her home in Jerome.

Daughter Judith Darlene Cole ( ? - ? ) married Hauskang Broumand ( ? - ? ).

Son Dennis Ray Cole (1948- ? ) was born in 1948. He married Carol Ann Kulm ( ? - ? ), daughter of Albert and Elsie Kulm, on June 17, 1967.

Copyright © 2001-2003, 2003, 2008-2009, 2012, 2019-2020 Mark A. Miner

Group photographs reprinted from Family Records of Baxley and Hilliard, Cole and Hathaway by W. Flora Shepherd (Topeka, KS: 1979). Thanks to Jennifer Brackeen for providing material for this biography.