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Mary L. Minard
(1832- ? )


Mary L. Minard was born in 1832 in either Harrison or Tuscarawas County, OH, the daughter of Solomon and Rachel (Little) Minard Sr. Little about her life is known.

It's believed after her mother's death, sometime in the years leading up to 1845, young Mary went to live with an uncle and aunt, Nathan and Sarah Little, in Warren Township, Tuscarawas County. She remained there until adulthood. In fact, the 1850 census of Tuscarawas County shows Mary, age 18, in the Littles' dwelling, along with their children James (age 11), Margaret (9), Isabella (8), Mary E. (3) and Stephen C. (1). The census-taker erroneously spelled Mary's last name as "Minord."

In 1858, a few months after her father died, Mary resided in Tuscarawas County. Her name is listed as an heir in her father's estate papers, on file today at the county courthouse in Mt. Vernon, Knox County, OH.

About the time of the death of another uncle, Robert Smith of Tuscarawas County, Mary moved into the household of the widowed aunt, Elizabeth (Little) Smith. Mary, age 28, is shown in her aunt's household in the census of 1860, along with cousins James "Harvey" Smith (age 20), David Smith (19) and Jane Smith (13). The census-taker that year recorded her name as "Smith" so she may well have adopted that surname.

Mary apparently never married.

More will be added here when learned.

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