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Christina (Younkin) Nedrow



Christina and John Nedrow
Christina "Tena" (Younkin) Nedrow
was born on Nov. 11, 1859 near Casselman, Somerset County, PA, the daughter of Eli and Mary Ann (Rose) Younkin. She and her husband were pioneer settlers of Nebraska and Kansas before finally landing for good in Missouri.

As a girl, Christina and her parents moved west to Illinois for "a few years," possibly for the sake of her mother's failing health. Her unfortunate mother did not recover, and died and was buried at Franklin Grove, IL. The mourning family then returned home to Somerset County, leaving the young Christina motherless. 

Christina's father married again after a few years, but the relationship between the new wife and her stepdaughters is not believed to have been happy.

On Jan. 17, 1876, at the age of 16, Christina married 23-year-old John Wesley Nedrow (1853-1933). He was a fellow Somerset County native, and the son of Josiah ("Joseph") and Mary Nedrow. Records suggest the Nedrows' roots were in Cattaraugus County, New York State. 

Obituary, 1942
The Nedrows together went on to become the parents of nine children -- Josephine Georgia Nute, Harry Joseph "Dick" Nedrow, Pearl Maple, Walter J. "Tim" Nedrow, Maude Katherine Degen, Martha Ellen "Ella" Cartier, Frank Floyd Nedrow, Gladys Marie Murray and Kenneth Leroy Nedrow. 

When the federal census was enumerated in 1880, Christina and John and eldest children Josephine (shown as "Georgia") and Harry lived in South Milford Township, Somerset County, where John was a farmer. Living nearby were Christina's distant cousins David and Maria (Culver) Younkin, Fremont and Malinda (Countryman) Younkin and Benton Younkin.

Christina and John
Christina and John must have had a strong craving to pursue "the wonderlust" or perhaps the promise of flat farmland in the Midwest being promoted to farmers in the East. While their first two children were born in Somerset County, they soonafter migrated westward. 

In 1881, they moved to Falls City, Richardson County, NE. They then migrated to Marshal County, KS (by 1888), then back to eastern Nebraska (by 1891) and ultimately settled in Maitland, Holt County, MO (by 1896). 

The federal census of 1900 shows the family residing in Maitland, on Second Street. John, and eldest son Harry, worked as day laborers at that time. On March 1, 1901, John purchased two lots from Edward L. and Fannie M. Hart in block six of the original town of Maitland for $600 -- believed to be their house on Third Street, where they remained for many years.

Christina joined the Christian Church of Maitland in 1916, having transferred her membership from the United Brethren Church where she had belonged since childhood. A newspaper said "She remained a sincere and steadfast member of that congregation through her long and courageous life." 

Maitland Cemetery
In about 1927, when John was 74, he became blind. He petitioned the Probate Court of Holt County for a pension as provided for by state law. The paperwork was referred by the court to Henry Guhleman, of the Scrubbs-Guhleman Lumber Company in the state capitol of Jefferson City, who in  turn forwarded the material to the Missouri Commission for the Blind.

In his application, he noted that his wife could see but derived "only income $3.00 per week earned by washing." He also agreed to undergo medical treatment or surgery if an eye specialist found a treatment that might work. Son in law Bert Maple signed the document as a witness.

John lived with his blindness for about six years. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage on Feb. 6, 1933, at the age of 79. He was interred at the Knights of Pythias Cemetery in Maitland.

Book naming the family
Christina outlived her husband by nine years. Having endured the death of their adult daughter Josephine Nute in 1908, she also suffered the loss of daughter Ella Cartier in 1941.

On July 2, 1942, after many years of "excellent health," Christina fell and broke her hip, and died shortly after, on Aug. 15, 1942.  She was buried beside John at the Maitland Cemetery. Pallbearers were her six grandsons: Elwood Lyle, Gordon Roberts, Lester Hall, Logan Duke, Vincent Bumbacher and Gerald Gifford. 

Nearly four decades after Christina's death, she and John and many of their children were remembered in the 1981 book Gone Home: A Directory of the Deceased and Items of History of Holt County Missouri, published by Eileen Derr. Christina's maiden name of "Younkin" appears in several family entries in the book, which was reprinted in 2007. A copy today is in the Minerd.com Archives.

~ Daughter Josephine Florence (Nedrow) Nute ~

Daughter Josephine Florence Nedrow (1878-1908) was born on Sept. 17, 1878 in Somerset County, PA and migrated with her parents to Nebraska as a three-year-old. 

After living with her family in girlhood in Kansas and eastern Nebraska, they finally settled for good in Maitland, Holt County, MO. 

Maitland Cemetery
At the age of 20, Josephine wed 24-year-old Charles W. Nute Jr. (1874-1950) on Dec. 15, 1898. The ceremony was led by Henry T. Alkire, Judge of the Holt County Probate Court, and the original marriage license is on file today at the Holt County Courthouse. Charles was the son of Charles William and Alice L. (Bartram) Nute Sr. of Maitland, and had migrated together to Missouri from Fleming County, KY.

They had three children -- Charles "Albert" Nute, Mildred Nute and Florence "Clematis" Roberts. 

Charles was a United States postal carrier for rural mail. Josephine, said a newspaper, "joined the M.E. church in 1896 and in 1906 transferred to the U.B. church."

Sadly, suffering from an incurable case of tuberculosis (or "consumption" as it was then known), Josephine died at the age of 30, on Jan. 18, 1908. Her obituary in a local newspaper noted that she left behind her husband, three children, parents, four brothers, four sisters, two grandmothers and one grandfather.

Final resting place of the Nedrows
The 1910 census shows the 35-year-old widower making his home with 12-year-old son Albert on Third Street in Maitland. Charles outlived his first wife by a remarkable 41 years. 

He married again to Cornelia L. (?) (1883-1949). She passed away in 1949.

Charles died of a stroke at the age of 75, on May 17, 1950, in Mercy Hospital in St. Joseph, Buchanan County. He was laid to rest with both of his wives in the Maitland Cemetery (then known as the Knights of Pythias Cemetery). The informant on his death certificate was his married daughter Clematis Roberts of Maitland.

The Nutes, along with daughter Clematis, are named in the 1981 book Gone Home: A Directory of the Deceased and Items of History of Holt County Missouri, by Eileen Derr.

Daughter Florence "Clematis" Nute (1902-1974) married Gordon Roberts (1904-1981), the son of Ellis and Ida (Thompson) Roberts. She was two years older than her husband. The Robertses made their residence in Maitland. Clematis died on May 24, 1974, at the age of 72. Gordon outlived her by seven years, and passed away in 1981. They rest together at Maitland Cemetery.


~ Son Harry Joseph "Dick" Nedrow ~

Son Harry Joseph "Dick" Nedrow (1881-1957) was born in March 1880 in Somerset County, and migrated west with his parents as a young boy. At the age of 25, he married Nebraska native Ida Bonnau (1880- ? ) on Nov. 7, 1906. They had five children -- Theda Turner, John Edmond Nedrow, Harry Nedrow, Perry Octave Nedrow and Helen Dora Palmer. 

Dick and Ida migrated to Oregon sometime about 1910, and all of their children were born there. The federal census of 1930 shows the Nedrows living on North Road in the Sale Lake Precinct of Polk County, OR, where Dick labored as a farmer. 

Dick died in Polk County at the age of 76 on July 24, 1957.


~ Daughter Pearl (Nedrow) Maple ~

St. Joseph Gazette
Daughter Pearl Nedrow (1887-1973) was born in May 1885 in Nebraska. 

In about 1908, when she was age 21, Pearl wed Elbert G. Maple (1886-1951), the son of Jacob and Alice (Broadbeck) Maple. 

The pair produced one daughter, Helen Gifford. 

Elbert is listed in the registry of students enrolled in 1905 at the University of Columbia, Missouri. Following marriage, they resided in Oregon, Holt County in 1920-1930 and moved from there to 2201 Felix Street in St. Joseph, Buchanan County. 

St. Joseph, or "St. Joe," was famed in American history for two notable events -- the endpoint of the Pony Express circa 1860; and as the home of deadly outlaw Jesse James where he was shot and killed in 1882.

Bert was an agent for Standard Oil Company in 1920, a farmer on a poultry farm in 1930 and later a custodian for a light and power company. He died of a heart attack at the age of 64 on Nov. 10, 1951, with burial at Maple Grove Cemetery in Oregon. 


Quiet Main Street in Oregon, Missouri, circa 1908, from a postcard published by druggist E.O. Phillips


Pearl outlived her husband by more than two decades. She passed away at the age of 85, in a hospital in Oregon, Holt County, on Jan. 24, 1973. Her obituary in the St. Joseph Gazette reported that Rev. William G. Rhoades led her funeral, with interment at Maple Grove. 

In the 1981 book Gone Home: A Directory of the Deceased and Items of History of Holt County Missouri, by Eileen Derr, Bert is pictured as a child with his parents and siblings, and he and Pearl are listed with their birth and death data.


~ Son Walter J. "Tim" Nedrow ~

Son Walter J. "Tim" Nedrow (1887-1959) was born in Kansas in March 1887.

He married Bess Kistner (1892- ? ) in about 1908, when he was age 23 and she 18.

They had three children -- Geneva Nedrow, Pearl Nedrow and William Glenn "Billy" Nedrow. 

The Nedrows first lived in Maitland, where in 1910 the census shows that he worked as a carpenter-for-hire. By 1920, they moved to Sabetha, Nemaha County, KS, where they lived on Jefferson Street and spent many years. Circa 1920-1930, Tim continued his trade as a house and general construction carpenter. Tim died in Sabetha on July 14, 1959, at the age of 71.


Maitland Cemetery
~ Daughter Maude (Nedrow) Degen ~

Daughter Maude Katherine Nedrow (1890-1982) was born in October 1889 in Kansas.

She married Otto John Degen (1888-1982) on Jan. 18, 1910, when she was age 19 and he 22.

The pair begat three children -- Geraldine Marie Bumbacher, Madeline Nona Lindsay and Clematis Dorothy Duke Newton. 

The Degens made their home on Main Street in St. Joseph, Buchanan County. Otto spoke German -- his mother was an immigrant from Germany -- and he was a salesman for a dairy in 1920. By 1930, he was a foreman for a local packing company. 

St. Joseph Gazette, 1982
Said the St. Joseph Gazette, Otto "retired from Swift & Co. in 1952 after 29 years with that company, and had worked in the Protection Department three for the last 17 years prior to retiring. He was a 50-year member of the former Third Street Presbyterian Church and was currently a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church."

Otto and Maude died in St. Joseph within just a few months of each other -- he at age 94 on May 9, 1982; and she at the age of 91 on July 27, 1982. They are buried together at St. Joseph Memorial Park, with obituaries published in the St. Joseph Gazette.

Daughter Geraldine Degen ( ? - ? ) married (?) Bumbacher. They resided in St. Joseph in 1982.

Daughter Madeline Nona Degen ( ? - ? ) married (?) Lindsey. Their home circa 1982 was in Lighthouse Point, FL.

Daughter Clematis Dorothy Degen ( ? - ? ) apparently was married twice, first to (?) Duke and later to (?) Newton. In 1982, she lived in Des Moines, IA.

St. Joseph's famed waterfront along the Missouri River


~ Daughter Martha Ellen (Nedrow) Cartier ~

Daughter Martha Ellen "Ella" Nedrow (1891-1941) was born in September 1891 in Nebraska.

She married (?) Cartier.

Sadly, Ella died in 1941, at age 52. Nothing more is known.

~ Son Frank Floyd Nedrow ~

1981 obituary
Son Frank Floyd Nedrow (1893-1981) was born in August 1893 in Salem, NE. 

He married Anna Clardy (1895-1975), a native of Butler, Bates County, MO in about 1915. 

The three known children of this couple were Frank Wesley Nedrow, Malvry C. Cousins and Leroy Randolph Nedrow. 

The Nedrows resided at several addresses in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO, including on North Second Street and 427 North 17th Street (circa 1930). When the 1920 and 1930 censuses were taken, Frank worked as an ice cream maker for the local Western Dairy company. He retired from that position after many years of service. Anna was a member of the Christian Church in Liberty, MO.

Sadly, son Frank Wesley was a premature baby and died a day after birth on June 3, 1927. The precious infant was placed at rest in the St. Joseph Memorial Park. 

Anna passed away at age 85 in 1975, having resided in St. Joseph for 61 years, said the St. Joseph News-Press. Her funeral was led by Rev. John Burnham, followed by interment at the memorial park.


Bird's-eye view of bustling St. Joseph in the early 1900s


Frank survived her by six years. He died on Feb. 20, 1981, at the age of 87, in St. Joseph. He was laid to rest beside his wife at St. Joseph Memorial Park. At the time of his passing, Frank and Anna were survived by three grandsons and one great-granddaughter.

Frank and Anna are named in the 1981 book Gone Home: A Directory of the Deceased and Items of History of Holt County Missouri, by Eileen Derr.


Grave of Frank and Anna (Clardy) Nedrow in St. Joseph, MO


Daughter Malvry C. Nedrow (1915-1987) married Lloyd L. Cousins (1908-1997). She was seven years younger than her groom. They resided in St. Joseph. Malvry died in 1987, at the age of 72. Lloyd lived for another decade following Malvry's death, and passed away in 1997, at the age of 89. They rest in St. Joseph Memorial Park, directly beside the graves of Malvry's parents.

Son Leroy Nedrow (1919-2009) married Josephine "Jo" (?) and had two sons. At the age of 20, Leroy left St. Joseph and moved to Shawnee, KS, where he spent the remainder of his life. He trained to be a funeral director, but was attracted to the growing air travel and defense field. Said the St. Joe News: "He retired from the Federal Aviation Administration in 1974 after 31 years as a control tower operator in St. Joseph, Sioux City, Iowa, Kansas City and the Fairfax control towers. He was also a controller watch supervisor in the ARTCC when it was located at old Municipal Airport. [He] spent six years in the FAA Central Regional Office in Kansas City from 1959 to 1966 as Chief, Military Activities Staff, working closely with the various Military Command Headquarters and their respective bases. Following this assignment he served as Chief of the Great Falls, Mt. ARTCC. He served in this capacity until his retirement in May of 1974. In 1965 he was honored by the late General Curtis Lemay CINCSAC for his assistance in the development of many military exercises and training routes, with a formal presentation at Strategic Air Command Headquarters with letters of appreciation and a hand painted SAC insignia... As well as being a rated pilot himself, he was invited to fly in most military aircraft in the various commands ... for the purpose of checking mission and operational routes developed." After his retirement in 1974, Leroy returned to his original profession as a funeral director, spanning 22 more years, and traveling more than 128,000 miles with his wife and son to conduct out of town services and transports. He passed away at the age of 89 on Feb. 15, 2009, at Shawnee, with burial at Resurrection Cemetery in Lenexa.


Obituary, 1969
~ Daughter Gladys (Nedrow) Murray ~

Daughter Gladys Marie Nedrow (1896-1969) was born in August 1896 in Maitland. 

In 1913, at the age of about 17, Gladys wed Guy Raymond Murray (1894-1988), the son of Willis D. and May C. Murray of Maitland. 

They had six children -- Alberta Maxine Lyle, Leland Norwood "Bill" Murray, Dorothy Hope Pennington, Betty Jean Hilbert, Mary Louise Root and Jack Raymond Murray. 

Maitland Cemetery
The 1920 census shows Guy working as a "laborer - about town" and in 1930 as a "laborer - odd jobs." In 1930, the Murrays resided beside Gladys' parents on Third Street in Maitland. 

Gladys died in Maitland at the age of 72 on Jan. 20, 1969. The funeral was led by Rev. R.G. Deed at the Maitland Christian Church, where she had been a longtime member. Said the St. Joseph News-Press, "She had been in ill health for some time."

Guy survived her by almost two decades. He passed away in 1988, at the age of 95, and rests for eternity beside Gladys at the Maitland Cemetery.

In the 1981 Eileen Derr book Gone Home: A Directory of the Deceased and Items of History of Holt County Missouri, Gladys and Guy are listed along with her birth and death data. (Guy was still living at the time.)

daughter Mary Louise Murray (1928-1968) was married twice -- first to (?) Root, and second to Francis Lynn Bowland (1923-2008). Stricken with cancer, Mary Louise died at the untimely age of 40 in 1968. Francis outlived her by four decades, and died on May 24, 2008, at the age of 85. The Bowlands are buried together at Maitland Cemetery.

son Leland "Bill" Murray (1918-2000) was stationed at the Wilbur Wright Air Academy of Aeronautics in New York (training for World War II service) and was unable to get home for his grandmother's funeral. He married Fay (Haught) Murray (1919-2009) who had three daughters from a previous marriage -- Senta Jueller, Betty Collins and Judith Stanton. Fay received both bachelor's and master's degrees from Northwest Missouri State University and taught school for 30 years in and around St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO. After retirement, Fay managed Village East Towers and the Chatsworth Apartments in St. Joseph, said the St. Joe News. Bill and Fay are pictured in the January 1996 issue of the Younkin Family News Bulletin, published by the late Donna (Younkin) Logan. Fay provided Minerd.com's founder with much of the basic information about this family in the late 1990s. At his death on July 1, 2000, Bill became the very first passing recorded when this website's official "In Lasting Memory" count began that very day. Ironically, Fay died on Aug. 13, 2009, just a few weeks before this website's founder visited Maitland on a research trip.

Five grandchildren of Tena (Younkin) Nedrow at the 80th birthday of Leland "Bill" Murray (center) -- L-R: Marilyn (Nedrow) Knechtenhofer, Madeline (Degen) Lindsey, Helen (Maple) Gifford and Geraldine (Degen) Bumbacher


~ Son Kenneth Leroy Nedrow ~

Son Kenneth Leroy Nedrow (1900-1975) was born in May 1900 in Maitland.

At the age of 19, he lived with his married sister and brother in law, Maude and Otto Degen, on Second Street in St. Joseph, Buchanan County. that year, he was employed as a linotype operator for a dry goods retail store. 

Obituary, 1975
Kenneth married Fern B. Groves (1906-1965) in 1910, when he was age 20 and she 16. They had two children -- Robert Maurice Nedrow and Marilyn Knechtenhofer, and established their home in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO. 

The federal census of 1930 and that year's St. Joseph City Directory both show the Nedrows living at 2404 St. Joseph Avenue, with Kenneth continuing his employment with a dairy company as a milk salesman. Said the St. Joseph News-Press, Kenneth "was a member of the Maitland Christian Church. [He] was a past president of the South Side Lions Club. he was employed as a wholesale manager for Meadow Gold Dairy. he retired in 1965 after 35 years of service."

Fern passed away at the age of 62 on June 4, 1965, and was buried at St. Joseph Memorial Park. 

Kenneth survived her by a decade. In later years, he resided with his married daughter Marilyn Knechtenhofer on West Valley Street in St. Joseph. He died of a heart attack in St. Joseph at the age of 74 on March 20, 1975, and rests beside her for eternity. 

The book Gone Home: A Directory of the Deceased and Items of History of Holt County Missouri, lists Kenneth and Fern along with their birth and death data. 

Son Robert Maurice Nedrow (1923-2008) married Wanda Gayle Bridges ( ? - ? ). They had four children -- Robert Nedrow, Charles Nedrow, Randy Nedrow and Gayle Strachan. Robert was a "retired chemical coordinator from Honeywell who also served our country in the Army Air Corps," said the St. Joe News. "Known as Bob, Mr. Nedrow, Nob, Papa or Papadoodles, Bob was loved and adored by his family, friends and all who knew him." He resided in Phoenix, AZ circa 1975 and died there at the age of 85 on Nov. 10, 2008.

Daughter Marilyn Nedrow (1931-2001) married William Knechtenhofer. They made their home in St. Joseph. She passed away on Nov. 6, 2001, at the age of 70.

Grave of Kenneth and Fern Nedrow, St. Joseph Memorial Park


Copyright 2000, 2008-2009 Mark A. Miner

Many thanks to the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society in St. Joseph and the St. Joseph Public Library for their vast resources that have added significantly to this biography.