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1886 Marriage License
Certifying the Wedding of Rachel Ruamy Long
and John B. Pritts of Normalville, PA


Rachel Ruamy Long, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Minerd) Long, lost her father when she was age 12. Her grandfather, Jacob and Rachel (Ansell) Minerd III, helped care for and raise her to adulthood. 


When she married John B. Pritts on July 18, 1886, at the age of 26, Rachel arranged for the ceremony to be held at her grandfather's home in Normalville, Fayette County, PA. Rachelís cousin Lawson Minerd is said to have "stood up for them" at the wedding. Rachel and John later would purchase the grandfather's home and raise their own brood of eight children there.

The couple's ornate marriage certificate is seen here, with the notation that the wedding was held "at the residence of Jacob Miner" and officiated by James A. Martin, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


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