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Annabelle Nabors Buchanan: 
A Survivor's Story of Childhood Tragedy
By Annabelle (Nabors) Buchanan

Author Annabelle Nabors Buchanan and her husband Fred

In my late sixties, I am finishing a story that happened long ago.

Memories have a way of emerging when we least expect. We may think we have shielded ourselves very well from those memories that hurt. However, history has a way of repeating itself that bring back all those memories that were so long ago buried.

I have been able through the information released in recent years to understand more the disease that conquered my father.

Sometimes I think one should only live in the present. The past can be a heavy burden to carry with you. Even so, it is the past that formed the person we become throughout our lifetime.


~ Contents ~

Chapter I: The First Five Years, 1923 to 1928
Chapter II: Life with Grandma 1928-1938
Chapter III: Grandma Nabors and Lottie
Chapter IV: My New Home 1939-1942
Chapter V: Washington, D.C., June 1942
Chapter VI: My Navy Life
Chapter VII: Back to Civilian Life


Copyright 1984 Annabelle Nabors Buchanan

Republished on Minerd.com with permission.  Reproduction forbidden without written consent of Minerd.com.