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Photo of the Month
August 2003
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Quilting was one of the most popular activities for 19th century American women, providing an outlet for creativity to produce a household item that would have long-lasting, everyday use. It spawned a diversity of wonderful, unique styles and patterns that are purely American. The particular pattern of this quilt is believed to be a Pine Tree pattern. 

This image, taken in the 1890s, is labeled "Quilting at Aunt Jane's." The woman is thought to be Amy (Minerd) Tilbury-Thorne of Chicago. The photograph was taken inside the home of her brother and sister-in-law, James and Martha 'Jane' (Sheehan) Minerd, near Monroeville, IN, on a farm directly on the Indiana-Ohio border. Note the hat and coat hanging from pegs on the back wall.


Copyright 2003 Mark A. Miner