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Samuel H. Behme


Samuel Behme

Samuel H. Behme was born in 1879 near Tontogany, Wood County, OH, the son of Nathaniel A. and Rebecca (Minerd) Behme. He appears to have been named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Minerd.

When Samuel was a boy, he and his parents migrated westward, settling in Iowa. After his parents separated there, in about 1898 Samuel's mother moved west to Washington State, and Samuel remained behind with his father.

In Iowa, Samuel boarded with his brother. They worked together "in the shingle mill. He packs shingles. He gets 2.75 a day. His rent and wood is free."

Though not living together, Samuel's parents must have remained on somewhat good terms. In a letter to relatives in Ohio, Samuel's mother wrote: "Samie & his Father [are well]. They all live in Custer."

In 1899, his mother wrote that "Samie is in Lynch, Neb. -- was well the last I heard from him. He did intend to go back home but has not gone yet."


A rare streetscape photo of Lynch, looking west, circa 1909


However, in an interesting twist, Samuel and his father also moved to Washington State at some point before 1903, and settled in the town of Custer. 

In 1906, Samuel's mother wrote a letter from Seattle, saying: 

Samie was down to see Clara & has just goen back to work. He has a felon on his finger. he says if he has good luck he will save money & let us go east some time on a visit.

At some point in time, in Portland, OR, Samuel married Albertine Clementine Stimpfling ( ? -1970). She brought three children to the marriage -- Lucille, Lorene and Lillian. 

In the mid 1920s, Samuel and Albertine resided in Portland, Mutnomah County, OR, at 1655 Brandon Street. 

Sadly, Samuel passed away at age 48 on or about Oct. 5, 1927. His funeral arrangements were provided by St. Johns Undertaking Company, and he was laid to rest in Rose City Cemetery. 

Later, Albertine married Edward Sanders ( ? - ? ). They lived at 5325 Southeast 65th Street in Portland. She passed away on Nov. 19, 1970, and was buried at Lincoln Memorial Park. At the time, she had four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. 


~ Son Thornton Behme ~

Son Thornton Behme (1905-1981) was born in 1905.

He married Clara (?) in 1933. He worked for Georgia Pacific for 42 years prior to retirement.

They had three children -- John Conner Behme, Diane C. Scansen and Myra Olson. 

He passed away at age 76 on June 2, 1981. 

Son John Conner Behme ( ? -1986) died at age 51 on Aug. 22, 1986.


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