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Evan Burgoyne


Evan Burgoyne was born on Nov. 9, 1824 in Muskingum County, OH, the son of James and Mary (Miner) Burgoyne.

He came to Indiana as a young boy in company with his father/parents.

At the age of 25, in 1850, Evan labored as a farmer and lived with his widowed father in Center Township, Wayne County, IN.

On Jan. 8 or 9, 1853, Evan wedded Elizabeth Ann Taylor (May 20, 1828-1909) in Richmond, IN. She was a native of Dover, DE. She had been converted to Christianity at a "very young age and united with the church," said a newspaper, "living a consecrated Christian life unto the end."

The couple produced these known children -- John L. Burgoyne, James Harris Burgoyne, Sarah J. Sowers, William Henry Burgoyne, Mary A. Gucker, Charles W. Burgoyne, Elizabeth Bell "Lizzie" Burgoyne and Nancy B. "Nannie" McNemar.

The family moved to Illinois during the 1850s. They dwelled in 1860 and 1870 in Catlin, Vermilion County, IL. In 1860, census records show that Evan's brother Robert and 19-year-old Joseph Walker boarded in their home and provided farm labor. In 1870, Evan's brother James, a Civil War veteran, was a next-door neighbor.

During the decade of the 1870s, the Burgoynes pulled up stakes and migrated to Richland Township, Labette County, KS. They are shown there in the 1880 census.

When Luther B. Hill's book A History of the State of Oklahoma, Vol. 1, was published in 1883, Evan was named.

Evan passed away in at the age of 96 just three days after Christmas in 1890. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery in Melrose, Cherokee County, KS. [Find-a-Grave]

Elizabeth lived on as a widow for 19 years. In her final years, she dwelled in Guthrie, OK.

On Dec. 16, 1909, at the age of 81 years, six months and 26 days, she succumbed to death in Guthrie. An obituary was printed in the Columbus (KS) Weekly Advocate, which noted that her last words were "All is well" and that "Well may it be said of her, 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, they rest from their works do follow them'." All of her children attended the funeral, except for John and William who lived away at great distances. Also there were "a very large congregation of neighbors and friends." Rev. Thomas J. Caldwell preached the service, held in the Methodist Episcopal Church.


John L. Burgoyne
Courtesy Cindy Mitchell

~ Son John L. Burgoyne ~

Son John L. Burgoyne (1854-1911) was born in 1854 in Indiana. He moved with his parents during the 1870s to Kansas and in 1880, unmarried at the age of 26, helped on their farm in Richland, Labette County.

At some point, John relocated to Buffalo, NY, where he secured employment as a "compounder" in a distillery, likely the one superintended by his uncle, Robert L. Burgoyne.

In October 1893, in nuptials held in the rectory of St. Ann's Church on East 12th Street in New York City, John married Marguerite "Maggie" Diller (July 1863- ? ), daughter of Bavarian-born Francis X. Diller. Reported the Buffalo Sunday Morning News, it was a "very pretty wedding.... Miss Katherine Diller and Andrew B. Diller, sister and brother of the bride, acted as bridesmand and best man respectively. A wedding dinner was held at the residence of the bride's father, only relatives and a few intimate friends being present." He was nine years older than his bride.

They became the parents of three -- Robert F. Burgoyne, Kathryn E. Burgoyne and J. Evan Burgoyne.

The United States Censuses of 1900 and 1910 show the family living at 14 Auchinvole Avenue. John was a member of the Revere Council of the Royal Arcanum.

Sadly, John died at home in Buffalo on Nov. 18, 1911, of causes not yet known. An obituary in the Buffalo Evening News reported that funeral services were held in the Church of the Annunciation. An obituary also appeared in the Black Rock (NY) International Gazette.

Now widowed, Margaret moved her family to the Bronx, New York, and is shown there in the 1920 census. That year, she had no job, but depended on income from her son and possibly rents from her sister Kathryn Diller who lived in the household.

Son Robert F. Burgoyne (1894- ? ) was born in Aug. 1894 in Buffalo, NY. Unmarried at the age of 26 in 1920, he resided with his mother in the Bronx and worked as an office clerk for Marine Insurance,

Daughter Kathryn E. Burgoyne (1895- ? ) was born in Aug. 1895 in Buffalo, NY. In 1920, single and at home at age 24, she was employed as a typist for Marine Insurance. In about 1921, when she was 26, Kathryn was wedded to 27-year-old Italian immigrant Benedict Bini (1894- ? ). They dwelled in the Bronx, where he operated an independent accounting practice, and provided a home for her widowed mother. That year, Kathryn worked as a bookkeeper for a bank.

Son J. Evan Burgoyne (1904- ? ) was born in about 1904 in Buffalo, NY.


~ Son James Harris Burgoyne ~

Son James Harris Burgoyne (1855-1872) was born on Sept. 2, 1855 in Wayne County, IN and grew up in Catlin, Vermilion County, IL.

Sadly, he only lived to the age of 16 and was gathered in by the spirit of death on May 4, 1872.

His remains rest under a tall shaft marker in Mount Vernon Cemetery in Catlin.


~ Daughter Sarah J. (Burgoyne) Sowers ~

Daughter Sarah J. Burgoyne (1857- ? ) was born in about 1857 in Indiana.

She married (?) Sowers.

She lived in Guthrie, OK in 1909.


~ Son William Henry Burgoyne ~

Son William Henry Burgoyne (1859-1917) was born on June 4, 1859 in Catlin, Vermilion County, IL. After he relocated to Kansas with his parents, he provided labor on their farm in 1880, at the age of 20.

He never married. Over the years, in addition to "William," he went by the names "W.H." and "Will." William migrated to Montana, where he is believed to have lived in Butte circa 1886 when his name was printed in the Butte Miner newspaper for having not claimed his mail at the post office. At various other times his letters went unclaimed and his name was printed accordingly, including in 1888 and 1901, suggesting he spent significant time away from Butte.

He is known to have had connections in the Pacific Northwest and in 1909-1910 was in Spokane, WA, where he lodged in the home of Robert Grinnell. The 1910 U.S. Census shows him working as a teamster for a Spokane constracting business. By 1917, he had returned to Montana, where he lived in or near the town of Gardiner. The town held the unique distinction for its location on the northern border of Yellowstone National Park and as the original and only year-round entrance to the park. From Gardiner it was a trip of five miles to Mammoth Hot Springs and 56 miles to the Old Faithful geyser.


Gardiner, MT, (with Yellowstone entrance), home of William H. Burgoyne


William died in nearby Livingston, MT at the age of 57 on Feb. 7, 1917. An obituary in the Anaconda (MT) Standard said that "Shipment of the remains of William Burgoyne was made from here this morning to Faulkner, Kan., his former home. Burgoyne, a prominent rancher residing near Gardiner, died here a few days ago following a brief illness. He has a brother and sister residing in Kansas." Another obituary in the Miner said that he was "a pioneer resident of Gardiner" and that the cause of his passing was "leakage of the heart."

Officials compiling his death certificate information did not know his marital status and could only guess his age at 52 (instead of 58). His remains were shipped back to Kansas to be placed into repose in Fairview Cemetery in Melrose, Cherokee County. Inscribed at the base of his grave marker are the words "At Rest."


~ Daughter Mary Ann (Burgoyne) Gucker ~

Daughter Mary Ann Burgoyne (1861- ? ) was born in about 1861 in Catlin, Vermilion County, IL. She was joined in wedlock with Jacob H. Gucker (1853-1922). Their four known children were Ethel Goforth, L. Edith Helf, Ana Estella Housh and William Evan Gucker. In the 1890s, the family resided in Melrose, KS and in Guthrie, Logan County, OK in 1909. Their address in Guthrie in 1922 was 320 South First Street. Jacob was the first of the couple to die, in Guthrie, on Oct. 10, 1922. A brief death notice was printed in the Guthrie Daily Leader. His remains were placed under the sod in Summit View Cemetery. Mary Ann outlived him by nearly two decades. She joined him in eternity in 1941.

Daughter Ethel Gucker (1885-1928) married (?) Goforth.

Daughter L. Edith Gucker (1891-1973) was born in 1891 in Melrose, KS. She grew up in Guthrie, Logan County, OK. On Sept. 1, 1910, in nuptials held at the United Presbyterian Church of Oklahoma City, she wedded Julis Helf ( ? - ? ). A story about the wedding in the Oklahoma City Daily Oklahoman said that Rev. Fred G. Wright led the ceremony, and that the couple made a wedding trip to Baxter Springs, KS to see relatives. They bore two daughters, Lorene Parnell and Mrs. McMichael. At the age of 38, in 1929, she moved from Guthrie into Oklahoma City. They were members of the First Methodist Church. Edith's home in her final years was in Oklahoma City at 11 Northeast 3. As her health failed, she was admitted to Mercy Hospital where she succumbed to death at the age of 81 on Sept. 11, 1973. An obituary in the Daily Oklahoman said that she was survived by her daughter Lorene of the home, daughter Mrs. McMichael of San Bernardino, CA and her brother William of Houston, TX.

Daughter Ana Estella Gucker (1894-1956) was joined in matrimony with (?) Housh.

Son William Evan Gucker (1897-1981) was born in 1897. He made a home in Houston, TX in 1973.


~ Son Charles Wesley Burgoyne ~

Son Charles Wesley "Charlie" Burgoyne (1864-1928) was born on Aug. 14, 1864 in Catlin, Vermilion County, IL.

His residence in 1901-1909 was in Guthrie, OK, and he is believed to have been active with the May Council of the Knights and Ladies of Security.

At the age of 63, he succumbed to death on Feb. 5, 1928. Interment was in Fairview Cemetery in Melrose, Cherokee County, KS.


~ Daughter Elizabeth Bell Burgoyne ~

Daughter Elizabeth Bell "Lizzie" Burgoyne (1870- ? ) was born in about 1870 in Catlin, Vermilion County, IL. Heartache shook the family when she died at the age of two on April 14, 1872. Her tender remains are in repose in Mount Vernon Cemetery in Catlin. Her brother James, who died the same year, rests in the same grave plot under the same upright shaft.


~ Daughter Nancy B. (Burgoyne) McNemar ~

Daughter Nancy B. "Nannie" Burgoyne (1872-1952) was born on July 6, 1872 in Danville, Vermilion County, IL.

She wedded Albert Sidney Johnston McNemar (Jan. 31, 1865-1951), a native of Parkersburg, Wood County, WV who was born near the end of the Civil War and named for the famed Confederate general.

The couple put down roots in Kansas. They were the parents of Maude B. Bull, Ruth Nash, John Edward McNemar, Homer Evan McNemar, Paul W. McNemar, Margaret Elizabeth DeHart, Virginia Lucille McNemar and Clarence Charles McNemar.

Their home in the early 1950s was in Melrose, Cherokee County.

The Grim Reaper cut Albert away on April 11, 1951.

Nancy died at the age of 80 on Aug. 28, 1952, in Columbus, Cherokee County. Burial was in Fairview Cemetery in Melrose.

Daughter Maude B. McNemar (1898-1982) was born in 1898. She was joined in marriage with Clinton Bull ( ? - ? ). In 1926, they were in Salisburg, MO. Sadness swept over the family when three-year-old son Meryl Bull died on April 2, 1928, with a notice printed in the Columbus High School Record.

Daughter Ruth McNemar (1900-1991) wedded (?) Nash.

Son John Edward McNemar (1902-1990) was born in 1902. He lived in Columbus, KS in 1923.

Son Homer Evan McNemar (1905-1972) was born in 1905. Circa 1923, he dwelled in Columbus, KS.

Son Paul W. McNemar (1907-1967) was born in 1907. At the age of 40, in 1947, he resided in Columbus, KS and worked at a job where he handled ammonia. He accidentally got some in his eyes and had to be off work for several days. Reported the Baxter Springs (KS) Jayhawker, "While the accident was quite painful no permanently serious consequences resulted from it."

Daughter Margaret Elizabeth McNemar (1909-2003) was born in 1909. She married (?) DeHart.

Daughter Virginia Lucille McNemar (1911-1997) was born in 1911. At the age of 19, in 1930, she made a home in Melrose, KS.

Son Clarence Charles McNemar (1918-2008) was born in 1918.


Copyright © 2006, 2019 Mark A. Miner

Cindy Mitchell has researched this family and generously shared her findings.