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Sarah 'Sally' (Younkin) 
Weimer King

(1807- ? )

Sarah's headstone (flat) and footstone lettered "S.K.," (foreground)

Sarah “Sally” (Younkin) Weimer King was born on Feb. 10, 1807 (or Jan. 8, 1808) in Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA, the daughter of Johannes "Frederick" and Catherine (Patton) Younkin. She was christened in baptism on July 3, 1808. 

At about the age of 19, in or before 1826, she married her first husband, Michael Weimer (1799-1828), son of John and Maria Margaretha (Schneider) Weimer of Milford Township. To them were born four children over the span of just a few years – Aaron Weimer, Joanna Weimer, Adeline Weimer and Michael Weimer. 

Fate and heartache rocked this family on Sept. 15, 1828, when Michael died at the age of 29. 

Sally remained a widow for about two years and then in the mid-1830s, she was joined in holy matrimony with widower Thomas R. King (1807-1861), son of John Christopher and Delilah “Hiley” (Rush) King, also of Turkeyfoot Township. (The Younkin and King clans were close, and Sally’s brother Henry married Thomas’ sister Mary.) 

Grave of Thomas' 1st wife Susannah who died 1834

Thomas' first wife Susannah (1811-1834) tragically had died Nov. 27, 1834, at the age of 23 years, 6 months and 23 days, with burial in the Younkin family cemetery. On her grave marker, which survives today despite being cracked in half, contains this epitaph: "Vain world farewell to you, Heav'n is my native air. I bid my friends a short adieu, Impatient to be there."

Their eight known children were Freeman King, Susan Elder, Alexander King, Amanda Rodman, Nancy King, Sarah A. King, Josephine King and Anna A. King.

Sally's father passed away in August 1843. A few weeks later, an estate sale was held to dispose of inventory from his farm and home. Thomas attended the event and purchased a shovel, bees (second choice), hogs (first choice) and a beef cow.

When the federal census was taken in 1850, the Kings resided as farmers in Upper Turkeyfoot. All seven of the children were in the household, ranging in age from 18 to 2. Michael Weimer, a 21-year-old blacksmith, also lived under their roof that year. Their near neighbors included 82-year-old widow Rebecca King and, several farms away, Sally's widowed mother and married brother Frederick F. Younkin and his family.

Sadly, having borne 11 children, Sally died at age 46 on July 29, 1854. She was laid to rest in the family cemetery on the Younkin farm.

Thomas survived another seven years. He is believed to have married again, to Catherine (?) (1812- ? ), a talented spinner. They are thought to have had a son of their own, Martin King (born 1856). The combined family is listed together on the 1860 census of Upper Turkeyfoot.

Thomas died at the age of 54 on Dec. 11, 1861. He is presumed to be buried in the same cemetery as his wives, but this is not confirmed.

Tree line and partial stone fence mark boundaries of the Younkin family burying ground where Sally King was laid to rest in July 1854.

~ Son Aaron Weimer ~

Son Aaron Weimer (1826-1909) was born on Jan. 7, 1826 in Somerset County. He was a farmer and resided circa 1858 in Listonburg, Somerset County. 

He is believed to have married Elizabeth Clark ( ? - ? ). They had one known daughter, Mattie Weimer, who never married. In later years, he made his home in Confluence. 

Afflicted with lesions of his heart valves, added to a severe cold, he died at the age of 83 on April 15, 1909. He was buried in Addison Cemetery. Mattie Weimer of Harnedsville, Somerset County was the informant for his Pennsylvania death certificate.

~ Daughter Joanna Weimer ~

Daughter Joanna Weimer ( ? - ? ) was born in Somerset County.

~ Daughter Adeline Weimer ~

Daughter Adeline Weimer ( ? - ? ) was born in Somerset County.

~ Son Michael Weimer ~

Son Michael Weimer (1828-1911) was born on March 18, 1828 in Somerset County. 

At the age of 25, on June 2, 1853, he married Anna McMillen ( ? - ? ). 

They eventually migrated to Iowa, where they made their home in Defiance, Shelby County. 

Michael died in Defiance on Aug. 21, 1911.

~ Son Freeman King ~

Son Freeman King (1832- ? ) was born in 1832. Nothing more is known.

~ Daughter Susan (King) Elder ~

Daughter Susan King (1834- ? ) was born in 1834. She married Dr. (?) Elder. They migrated to Illinois, where they made their home in Fisher, Champaign County.

~ Son Alexander King ~

Son Alexander King (1837- ? ) was born in 1837. At age 23, he resided at home with his father and step-mother and helped with farming chores. 

As with his older sister Susan Elder, Alexander moved west to Illinois. He settled in McLean, McLean County. He is believed to have had a son, William King.

~ Daughter Amanda King ~

Daughter Amanda King (1839- ? ) was born in 1839. She was a seamstress. Amanda married (?) Rodman, and they lived in McLean, McLean County, IL.

~ Daughter Missouri E. King ~

Daughter Missouri E. King (1840- ? ) was born in 1840. She was educated at home as a seamstress.

~ Daughter Nancy King ~

Daughter Nancy King (1841- ? ) was born in 1841. Nothing more is known.

~ Daughter Sarah A. (or "Sabina") King ~

Daughter Sarah A. (or "Sabina") King (1844- ? ) was born in 1844. She learned the art of sewing at a young age and in 1860, at age 16, was considered a seamstress. Her story has faded from view.

~ Daughter Josephine King ~

Daughter Josephine King (1848- ? ) was born in 1848 in Upper Turkeyfoot. She is lost to history.

~ Daughter Ann A. King ~

Daughter Ann A. King (1852- ? ) was born in 1852.

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Research for this page graciously shared by the late Donna (Younkin) Logan, Marian (Smith) Posey, Laurel Posey, Loretta (Adams) Kelldorf, Blair E. "Junior" Younkin Jr. and Kay Lynn Younkin.