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Ella Amaret (Miner)
Stillman Holt Morris



Ella's grave, Tampa

Ellen "Ella" Amaret (Miner) Stillman Holt Morris was born on Sept. 6 or 16, 1852 in Loomis, Belmont County, OH or in Columbus, Franklin County, OH, the daughter of Francis and Myra (Jordan) Miner

She was a pioneer settler of Illinois, and later resided in Pennsylvania and Florida as an adult. Surviving three husbands, her first one was a prominent lawyer in Illinois; her second was a Pennsylvania farmer, justice of the peace and postmaster; and her third was her widowed brother in law.

When Ella was a young girl in Columbus, her mother and several sisters tragically died around the same time. In about 1857, when Ella was five, her father moved with her and several sisters to Illinois, settling in Lewistown, Fulton County. Ella was raised in the household of her grandfather Joseph Jordan in Elmwood, Peoria County, IL, as shown in the 1860 federal census.

At the age of 17, on June 13, 1869, Ella married her first husband, 48-year-old lawyer Henry B. Stillman (1821-1879). She was 31 years younger than her new spouse. 


~ Henry's Life Before Marrying Ella ~

Henry was born on June 27, 1821, the son of Isaiah and Hannah (Harwood) Stillman, and a native of New York State. His first wife was Elmina N. Landis (1828-1875), the daughter of Abraham N. and Maria (Pickle) Landis of Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA. He and Elmina had three children, only one of whom lived to adulthood -- Harriet D. "Hattie" Beggs Stitzel. Of the other two, daughter Hannah M. Stillman (1853-1854) died at the age of nine months in 1854, and son Harry L. Stillman died at the tender age of four days in September 1855.


Book naming Henry

Henry received his legal training when he "read law in 1843 and '44, went to the northern part of the State and became Prosecuting Attorney," said the History of Fulton County, Illinois, published in 1879 by Chas. C. Chapman & Co., Peoria. "He was a good lawyer but unfortunately he drank hard during much of his life." 

He was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois in 1842, at the age of 21. He is known to have spent some years practicing in Whiteside County, and made appearances in court in Henry County, as noted in the 1899 book, The Bench and Bar of Illinois, Historical and Reminiscent, Vol. II, edited by John M. Palmer. He served as State's Attorney for the Whiteside County Circuit Court from 1853 to 1857, and is mentioned in the 1877 volume, History of Whiteside County, Illinois, edited by Charles Bent.


Book listing Elmina's
children & grandchildren

Moving to Lewistown during the Civil War, in 1863, Henry set up a private law practice. "He was an honored and trusted lawyer, the truest of friends, full to the brim with kindness and sympathy, and lavish in deeds and charity," reported the Fulton County Ledger. "Long will he be remembered most kindly, by hosts of family in many places." 

Elmina's family covering five generations is listed in detail in the 1925 book, Partial Genealogy of the Landis Family, compiled by Beulah F. Mumma. A copy of the book is preserved today in the Minerd-Minard-Miner-Miner Archives.

While this needs to be confirmed, evidence suggests that Henry and Elmina divorced sometime in the late 1850s or during the 1860s.

Sadly, Elmina died on Oct. 1, 1875, in Sterling, Whiteside County, at the age of 47. Her final resting place is not known. 


~ The Stillmans' Life Together ~

The Stillmans resided in Canton and later Lewistown, Fulton County, and had two children -- Ella "Frances" Davidson and William H. Stillman. 

Henry was elected as a township supervisor, serving during a year's term in 1876. He owned six lots in block 9 of the Veits Addition to Lewistown. 

At the age of 58, on Aug. 8, 1879, Henry died at his home from "cerebral softening" of three years' duration, according to his death certificate on file at the county courthouse. Death was caused by "a protracted decline in which there was but little suffering," reported the Ledger. "He passed from life as a child closes its eyes in sleep, and was buried the day following in Judge Bryant's private burial plat, followed to his last resting place by the members of the Lewistown bar and many other friends." 

Officiating at his funeral were Rev. Magill and Rev. Ayling. Pallbearers were the Hon. T.A. Boyd, Judge Shope, Judge Winters, J.W. Bantz, A. Barnett and J. Henry. Undertaker E.T. Moore built the casket and trimmings. The Canton (IL) Register eulogized that Henry was:

... one of the most worthy citizens and lawyers of this place... The community has lost one of its most valuable members. He was, what we can say of few men, viz: Strictly honest in all he did. His mother, his daughter, his wife and his little ones, have the sympathy of the whole community in this, their hour of dire distress.

Among Henry's books were volumes of the Illinois Digest, Blackstone, Chittys Practice, Chittys Pleadings, Code of Iowa and Statutes of Illinois and other miscellaneous legal treatises.

Widowed at age 41, Ella ran a variety or "notions" store in Fairview or Lewistown. She and her children actually are enumerated twice on the federal census of 1880, once in each location. 

At Henry's death, his assets were worth $301, but his debts totaled $769. Ella brought a lawsuit in the Fulton County court to sell all of the town lots to raise funds to pay the estate's debts.

Adding to Ella's heartache, her son Willie came down with a fatal case of diphtheria in the summer of 1881. He died at age six years, seven months on Aug. 15, 1881. The news was carried on the front page of the Fulton County Ledger. The physician who attended the boy during his illness was his own cousin, Dr. Henry Peter Stipp, husband of Ida Platt Boyd.

Circa 1884-1888, Ella served as a nurse for her sickly step-mother, Ann (Thompson) Miner Walder. When the step-mother died, Ella received cash payouts from the estate circa 1888-1890 as well as the deceased's music box. She claimed $110.00 in fees for her nursing services. In addition, she was named assistant to the executor of the estate, helping executor Henry Phelps in the task of dividing the assets. 


~ Ella's Second Marriage, to Reuben Holt ~

After 16 years as a widow, Ella at age 43 married 43-year-old Reuben Holt (1851-1918) of Pennsylvania. The ceremony was held on March 15, 1895, officiated by Rev. George Trach, in Tyrone, Blair County, PA. How she became connected with this man so far far away to the east is unknown, and her motivation in agreeing to a union with a widower having 12 children is a mystery. Their marriage license shows that Reuben was living as a farmer at the time in Sington, Clearfield County, PA, and Ella in Lewiston, Fulton County, IL.

He was the son of John and Drusilla Holt. Reuben had been married once before, to Margaret Emma Forcey (1855-1893) of Graham Township, the daughter of Thomas H. and Anna (Leonard) Forcey. Margaret's father was the president of the County National Bank of Clearfield. During that first marriage, Reuben and his wife had 13 children, of whom all but one lived to adulthood -- C. Percy Holt, Howard Guy Holt, Clyde F. Holt, Grover C. Holt, Dr. Lloyd Mott Holt, Anna Edna Harker, Mabel Woodside, Ora B. Smith, Minnie Kreder, May C. Myers, Vida "Nina" Gottshall and Carrie V. Taylor. Sadly, Reuben and Margaret lost a son, Donald R. Holt, in infancy in 1890. Reuben became a widower upon Margaret's death on Aug. 29, 1893, at age 38, leaving him with their brood of children ranging in age from 18 years to 18 months.


Twentieth Century History of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania


In early manhood, Reuben was "devoted to lumbering, and when that industry in this section ceased to flourish, he turned his attention to farming and merchandising," said a newspaper. 

In connection with his store at Sington he served faithfully for years as postmaster. In 1876 he united with the Methodist church, and retained his membership therein up to the time of his death. He was a kind, indulgent husband and father, a most genial and companionable gentleman, and esteemed for his many splendid traits of character.

Reuben was profiled in two substantive history books about Clearfield County and Central Pennsylvania, with Ella named in both. The 1898 book, Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, fills more than a page, and states that Ella was "widow of H.B. Stillman, a prominent lawyer of Lewiston, Illinois."


Clearfield County history

In 1911, the Twentieth Century History of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, and Representative Citizens was published, authored by Roland D. Swoope, Jr. (Chicago: Richmond-Arnold Publishing Company). Reuben's biography was featured on pages 477-478. All that the history states about Ella was that she was "a widow ... of Lewistown, Ill., who was born in Columbus, O., but reared and educated in Illinois." 

Of Reuben, the profile states that he was a graduate of the Millersville State Normal School, and taught terms of school at Wolf Run, Williamsgrove, Wallaceton and Stoneville, "meeting with excellent results." He also was a trustee of his church and a member of the Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and Lodge No. 885 at Sington. The history goes on to say that Reuben:

... was assistant postmaster while his father served as postmaster at Wallaceton, and in 1900 he was appointed postmaster at Sington, the duties being familiar on account of his former training. In 1908 he was appointed a justice of the peace, on the Democratic ticket and secretary of the school board. Mr. Holt also conducts a general store at Sington and is agent for the Graham township Telephone Company.

The newly married Ella and Reuben lived on a farm at Center Hill in Sington, Graham Township, Clearfield County. The census of 1900 shows Reuben marked as "married" and a farmer and living with his children Ora, Matt and Carrie, but without his wife. Ella, in turn, was residing with her married daughter Frances Davidson in Carthage, Hancock County, IL. Had they separated?


Clearfield newspaper

When the federal census was taken in 1910, Reuben and Ella are shown to be together, with Reuben's occupation was given as a merchant of groceries. They made their home at Sington, 10 miles east of Clearfield in the eastern-central section of the county.

Reuben suffered from kidney disease in his later years. Sadly, he passed away at home on Dec. 13, 1918, at the age of 67, of the effects of the illness. A local newspaper reported that he was "one of Clearfield county's best known citizens" and that the "news of his death came as a shock to his legion of friends scattered all throughout this section... The community in which he spent practically all his life, and where he closed his earthly career, will keenly feel the loss his death has occasioned." The funeral was held in the Center Hill Methodist Episcopal Church. 

The death of Reuben closed a marital chapter in Ella's life that had spanned 23 years, from 1895 to 1918. The farm was offered for sale in editions of the Clearfield Progress newspaper in January 1921.


~ Ella's Third Marriage, to Brother-in-Law Joseph C. Morris~

In April 1920, Ella was named in the Tampa Tribune obituary of her sister Salina "Lina" Morris. Her name was given at that time as "Holt," but her residence was unknown, and has not yet been located in the 1920 census. 

It is believed that Ella soonafter moved to Florida to marry her widowed brother in law, Joseph C. Morris. They made their home in Sulphur Springs, near Tampa, Hillsborough County.


Tampa's Franklin Street, looking north from Court House Square



Ella and her husband and 
sister rest under this 
shady tree in Tampa

They were together for several years until Joseph's passing on April 23, 1928. At the time of Joseph's death, the Tribune noted that he was survived by "a widow" although her name was not printed.

Ella apparently remained in Tampa for the rest of her life. The 1930 census shows her living alone on Tampa Street, at the age of 77, under the name of "Morris." The census taker marked that her father had been born in Pennsylvania and her mother in Maine. Oddly, another Ella Morris -- with the middle initial "S." -- resided next door that year, at age 65, and shown as mother in law of pharmacist William E. Sandlin and his wife Kate C. Sandlin. This family of Morris and Sandlin all were from Arkansas, with no known connection to our Miner-Morris group. She moved again sometime before 1937, to 8303 Brooks Street.


Tampa Tribune, 1937

At the age of 84, Ella died at her home in Tampa, on April 3, 1937. The funeral was held at the Ebenezer Tablernacle, led by Rev. L.J. Oliver. Pallbearers included Spencer Evans, West Shelenbergre, G.H. D. Hanson, O.L. Bryant, J.H. Carter and Mr. Robinson. She was laid to rest in the Morris family plot in Tampa's Woodlawn Cemetery. She rests under the shade of a tall palm tree, near her husband and directly between her sister Lina Morris and nephew Harold Miner Morris. 

In her obituary, the Tampa Tribune reported that she was survived by her daughter Frances Davidson, who was residing at the time in Minneapolis. The obituary is on file today on microfilm at the John F. Germany Public Library in downtown Tampa.


~ Stepdaughter Hattie (Stillman) Beggs Stitzel ~

Ella's stepdaughter Harriet D. "Hattie" Stillman (1855-1935) was born on Sept. 4, 1855 in Sterling, Whiteside County, IL. 

At the age of 23, on Feb. 28, 1878, Hattie married her first husband, Roger M. Beggs (1850-1879), a native of Pennsylvania and the son of David and Agnes (Mounts) Beggs. The marriage took place in Canton, Fulton County, IL.

They had one daughter, Estella "Stella" Terwilliger, born the year after her parents were married. The Beggses made their home in DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL.

Tragically, the Grim Reaper cut short the Beggs family unit. Roger died on Aug. 2, 1879, in Lewistown, at the age of 29, and after just 17 months of marriage. His death left Hattie as a single mother at the age of 23. 

Hattie remained a widow for nine years. After the death of her paternal grandmother Hannah Stillman in Elmwood, Peoria County, IL in January 1883, Hattie learned that she was to inherit $10 under the terms of the will. 


Hattie's page in the Partial 
Genealogy of the Landis Family

On Jan. 10, 1889, in Nelson, Lee County, IL, Hattie married again, to 32-year-old James B. Stitzel (1857-1931), also a native Pennsylvanian and the son of John and Agnes (Rhodes) Stitzel. He too had been married once before.

The Stitzels went on to have three children of their own -- Clarence M. Stitzel, Velma Irene Ferris and Gertrude Louise Stitzel. 

They lived in Fairbury, Livingston County, IL in 1889 at the birth of their son Clarence, but by 1892 had migrated to Spokane, Spokane County, WA, where their daughter Velma was born. 

Eventually the Stitzels returned to Illinois, and were enumerated in the federal census of Lee County in 1900. That year, James was marked as a farmer, with servants Swan Peterson and Alma Erisman living under their roof. 

The 1910 census shows the family continuing to reside on a farm in Nelson Township, Lee County. 

Heartache rocked the family in mid-May 1919, when youngest daughter Gertrude died at the age of 11. 

When the census of Nelson, Lee County was taken in 1920, James worked as a farm laborer. In 1930, 73-year-old James and 70-year-old Hattie lived together in the village of Nelson, Lee County. 

James passed away the following year, on June 29, 1931, at the age of 74, in Sterling, Whiteside County, IL. His place of burial is not yet identified.

Hattie survived her husband by four years. She died at the age of 79 on June 24, 1935. Her remains were placed at rest in Nelson.

Daughter Estella "Stella" Roger Beggs (1879-1947) was born on April 28, 1879 in Lewistown, Fulton County or in DeKalb. When the federal census was taken in 1900, she was employed as a stenographer and boarded in the household of widow Clara A. Wilder in DeKalb, DeKalb County. The following year, she married Fay L. Terwilliger (1877- ? ) on Oct. 23, 1901, in Nelson, IL, when Stella was age 22, and Fay was 24. He was the son of George and Geneva Terwilliger. Their four children were Harriet Hunt, George Landis Terwilliger, Mary L. Terwilliger and William Roger Terwilliger. By 1910, the family migrated to Minnesota, where Fay and Stella had a farm in Swan Lake Township, Stevens County. Living next door was Fay's 67-year-old widowed father, George. During the 1910s, the Terwilligers moved again, to Wisconsin, settling on a farm near Janesville, Rock County. Fay passed away sometime in the 1920s. Stella returned to Illinois with her children, and is enumerated on the 1930 census of DeKalb County. That year, daughter and son in law Harriet and DeForest Hunt lived under her roof, as did lodgers Leola and Hester Merriman. Stella passed away in DeKalb at the age of 68 on May 14, 1947. She was interred at Fairview Cemetery in DeKalb.

  • Granddaughter Harriet Terwilliger (1902- ? ) was born on Nov. 23, 1902. In 1927, at the age of 25, she married DeForest Hunt (1901- ? ). They resided in DeKalb County, IL, where DeForest was employed as a bookkeeper circa 1930. 
  • Grandson George Landis Terwilliger (1904- ? ) was born on Oct. 8, 1904. 
  • Granddaughter Mary L. Tewilliger (1914- ? ) was born on Feb. 25, 1914.
  • Grandson William Roger Terwilliger (1918- ? ) was born on April 30, 1918.

Son Clarence M. Stitzel (1889- ? ) was born on Nov. 21, 1889 in Fairbury. In 1910, when he was age 20, he lived with his parents in Nelson Township, Lee County, IL. He married Hazel E. Donagh (1892- ? ) on Aug. 24, 1916, in Rochelle, Ogle County, IL. She was the daughter of James and Elaine Donagh. The Stitzels went on to have two known children -- James Arthur Stitzel (born 1919) and Helen Stitzel (born 1930). When the census was taken in 1920, the family lived on a farm in Nelson Township, Lee County, IL. By 1930, the Stitzels had relocated to Fairbury, Livingston County, IL, where they lived on Ash Street and Clarence was employed as a high school teacher. It is possible, though not proven, that Clarence was appointed as acting superintendent of schools in McGuffey, Ohio circa 1954. Nothing more is known.

Daughter Velma Irene Stitzel (1892- ? ) was born on March 26, 1892 in Spokane, WA. She was young when the family migrated back to Illinois. On Aug. 15, 1914, at the age of 22, Velma wed 23-year-old Edward J. Ferris (1891-1946), an Illinois native and the son of George and Catherine (Ryan) Ferris. Their five known children, all born in Washington State, were James S. Ferris (born 1915), George J. Ferris (1916), baby boy Ferris (1920), Gertrude E. Ferris (1921) and William John Ferris (1925). Their home in 1920 was in Spokane, with their residence located on 23rd Street. Edward was an attorney in the Spokane law firm of Cannon & Ferris, with his father as one of the name partners. The firm, with offices in the Old National Bank Building, counted as clients the Northern Pacific Railway; Canadian Pacific Railway; Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway; Washington, Idaho and Montana Railway; Grant Realty; and McDougal & Son, among others. Heartache rocked the family twice during the first half of the 1920s, when a baby son was born and died at the age of one day, on March 1, 1920, and baby son William John Ferris died only 10 hours after birth, on July 20, 1925, in Seattle. By 1930, having moved to Seattle, King County, WA, Edward continued his profession as a lawyer, and Velma obtained work as a marker in a garment factory. They moved to Northern California later in life. Edward is believed to have died in San Francisco on March 19, 1946. Velma outlived her husband by a dozen years. She died in Sacramento, CA on Feb. 17, 1958.


~ The Holt Stepchildren ~

The Twentieth Century History of Clearfield County states that Reuben Holt's children from his first marriage were "a large and unusually talented family, all of whom have been given educational advantages and a number of whom have developed into successful teachers." As of 1911, their stories follow.


~ Stepson Howard "Guy" Holt ~

Stepson Howard "Guy" Holt (1875- ? ) was born on July 20, 1875. 

He married Jennie Donaldson ( ? - ? ) of Philadelphia and had three children -- Donald R. Holt, Margaret Holt and Graydon Holt.

Circa 1898, when mentioned in the book Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, he was described as "a traveling salesman."

Circa 1927, he and his brother Clyde lived in California and were mentioned in the Clearfield (PA) Progress obituary of their sister Ora Smith.


~ Stepson Clarence "Percy" Holt ~

Stepson Clarence "Percy" Holt (1876- ? ) was born on Sept. 21, 1876. 

Also known as "C.P.," he married Myra Mabel Davis ( ? - ? ), and they had one son, Clarence Percy Holt Jr. 

Percy Sr. taught school in Clearfield County. Circa 1898, he was mentioned in the book Commemorative Biographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, and was described as "successfully engaged in teaching in the public schools."


Bird's-eye view of Shawnee, Oklahoma


Later, he moved to Shawnee, OK, where he became district attorney. He was a member of the board of directors for The Union State Bank in Shawnee, and is named in the Third Biennial Report of the Bank Commissioner of the State of Oklahoma for 1912.

Son Clarence Percy Holt Jr. (1910-1965) was born on April 4, 1910 in Shawnee. At the age of 24, on Oct. 2, 1934, he was united in marriage with Marian Vashti Abana Young (1911-2005), daughter of Andrew Clyde and Della Iona (Cann) Young. They had three children -- Nancy LaVerna Strimple, William Howard Holt and Richard Craig Holt. During World War II, Clarence served as a lieutenant commander with the U.S. Naval Reserve. Over the years, he variously resided in Stillwater and Bartlesville. The couple divorced, and she married again, in Los Angeles, to Robert E. Logan and later still to James W. Allen. He died on Oct. 10, 1965 at the age of 55. Burial was in Fort Gibson National Cemetery in Muskogee County, OK. 


~ Stepdaughter Anna "Edna" (Holt) Harker ~

Stepdaughter Anna "Edna" Holt (1878- ? ) was born on Jan. 23, 1878. She was a teacher for five terms in Clearfield County. 

She married New Jersey native Walter Harker ( ? - ? ), and they had two children -- Evelyn Harker and Margaret Harker. They resided in Mt. Holly, Burlington County, NJ.

She is believed to have been a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution as a descendant of Ensign John Holt.


~ Stepson Clyde F. Holt ~

Stepson Clyde F. Holt (1879- ? ) was born on April 26, 1879. He married Grace McGovern ( ? - ? ) of Philadelphia. 

They had only one son, Reuben John Holt, who died in infancy. 

Clyde went into a "co-partnership" with his brother in law Charles G. Kreder as real estate brokers and established their firm "Holt & Kreder" in California. Their Los Angeles office was at 4759 Moneta Avenue with a branch at 1401 West 63rd Place. B.E. Tuttle was employed as a broker with the firm. They are named in a 1922 directory of brokers and salesmen, issued by the California Real Estate Department.

Circa 1927, Clyde and his brother Guy lived in California and were mentioned in the Clearfield (PA) Progress obituary of their sister Ora Smith.


~ Stepdaughter Mabel Moore (Holt) Woodside ~

Stepdaughter Mabel Moore Holt (1880-1967) was born on June 10, 1880. She taught school in Clearfield County for eight terms as a young woman. 

In about 1908, when she was 28 years of age, she married Roy Woodside (1880-1950), son of Thomas B. and Mary Ann (Turner) Woodside of Bigler, Boggs Township, Clearfield County. They had four known children -- Thomas Courtney Woodside, Mary Margaret Woodside, Roy Woodside and Ruth Woodside.

Circa 1927, the Woodsides made their home in Mt. Holly, Burlington County, NJ.

Roy died in Mt. Holly on Nov. 4, 1950, at the age of 70, and is interred in Mt. Holly Cemetery in Columbus.

Mabel survived her husband by 17 years. She passed away in 1967 and rests in Columbus Cemetery.

Son Thomas Courtney Woodside was born in 1909. 

Daughter Mary Margaret Woodside was born in 1912. 

Son Roy Woodside was born in 1917. 

Daughter Ruth Woodside was born in 1918.


~ Stepdaughter Ora B. (Holt) Smith ~

Stepdaughter Ora B. Holt (1882-1927) was born on Feb. 16, 1882 at Centre Hill, Clearfield County. As a young woman she taught three terms of school in the county of her birth.

At the age of 21, on Feb. 11 1903, Ora married 33-year-old Frank Smith (1870- ? ), a native of Clearfield. They were 13 years apart in age. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. G.W. McIlnay.

The couple had three children -- Leslie Clair Smith, Frances Smith and Elizabeth Smith.

After beginning their marital union in Clearfield, the Smiths moved to New Jersey, where they made their residence in the town of Columbus, Burlington County. Sadly, their son Leslie died in Columbus in 1916, at the age of eight, and was laid to rest in Columbus Cemetery.

In 1918, the Smiths relocated to Tyrone, Blair County, PA. There, they made their home at 1205 Lincoln Avenue. Ora was a member of an exhausting number of social and civic activities -- the First Presbyterian Church of Tyrone, the Moore Mission Circle, Mrs. E.W. Stine's Sunday School class, Fort Roberdeau Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Delphian Society, the Civic Club, the High School Parent Teacher Association and the Red Cross.

During her decade of time in Tyrone, Ora "became engaged in church, Sunday school and missionary work," reported the Clearfield Progress. "Through her willingness to do things, her genial and kindly disposition, and her beautiful Christian life, she had won very dear friends.... Mrs. Smith was most  sincere in her Christian life and enjoyed doing those things that were helpful and upbuilding. Her home life was ideal..." Added the Progress, "Her motto was 'Service is the price I pay for the place I fill,' and she lived it in her daily walk in life."

Ora became ill during the summer of 1927 and traveled to Camden, NJ for surgery in a local hospital. She died suddenly on or about Nov. 28, 1927, in Camden. The funeral was held in the home of Ora's older sister Mabel Woodside in Mt. Holly, officiated by Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Speer. Burial followed in the family plot at Mt. Holly, joining her son Leslie in eternal repose. A lengthy obituary was published in the Clearfield Progress and also the Altoona Tribune.


~ Stepdaughter Minnie L. (Holt) Kreder ~

Stepdaughter Minnie L. Holt (1883- ? ) was born on May 21, 1883. She taught three terms of school in Clearfield County. 

She married Charles G. Kreder ( ? - ? ), a native of New Jersey. The Kreders had three sons: Le Nard Kreder, Karl Holt Kreder and Kenneth Kreder. 

Charles went into a "co-partnership" with his brother in law Clyde Holt as real estate brokers and established their firm "Holt & Kreder" in California. Their Los Angeles office was at 4759 Moneta Avenue with a branch at 1401 West 63rd Place. B.E. Tuttle was employed as a broker with the firm. They are named in a 1922 directory of brokers and salesmen, issued by the California Real Estate Department.

Minnie is believed to be pictured in the 2009 book Mansfield Township, Burlington County, among a large group of students at the Three Tuns School. The book is part of the Images of America series produced by Arcadia Publishing.

Son Karl Holt Kreder (1907-1986) was born on Sept. 30, 1907 in Pennsylvania. He died in Orange County, CA on Feb. 11, 1986.


Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City

~ Stepson Grover Cleveland Holt ~

Stepson Grover Cleveland Holt (1884-1933) was born on Aug. 6, 1884 in Clearfield County.

As a young adult, sometime before 1910, he relocated to Central Oklahoma, where he obtained employment as a clerk of a natural gas plant at Shawnee, Pottawatomie County. He may later have become the plant's superintendent.

In about 1907, when he was age 23, Grover married 19-year-old Texas native Frances "Pearl" (?) (1888- ? ). 

They produced three children -- Maurine Estell Holt (born in Oklahoma), Dr. Robert Perry Holt (born in Arkansas) and Richard A. Holt (1913-1917) who died in 1917 at the age of four and was buried in what became the family plot in Oklahoma City's Fairlawn Cemetery.

The couple's home in 1910 was in Shawnee, in a dwelling on North Louisa Street, with their newborn daughter.

In 1918, Grover and Pearl made their home in Little Rock, AR, where their son Robert was born. By 1920, they had relocated eastward to Huntington, Cabell County, WV, where Grover was employed as an agent with the United States Revenue Service. Their home that year was on Second Street.

Later, he joined the Internal Revenue Service and returned with Pearl to Pennsylvania, making their home in Ardmore. Their address there was 220 Cedarbrook Road.

During the winter of 1933, Grover was stricken with lobar pneumonia. He was admitted to Bryn Mawr Hospital where he died at the age of 48 on March 6, 1933. His remains were brought back to Oklahoma City for interment in Fairlawn Cemetery. His marker was photographed by the founder of this website in July 2015.

By 1940, Pearl married again, to Judson W. Savage (1892-1971). Jud was a beloved stepfather to her children. The couple lived in Binger, Caddo County, OK in 1940, where Jud was employed as a cashier at First National Bank. Judson is believed to have died in August 1971 in Binger.

Daughter Maurine E. Holt (1910- ? ) was born in 1910 in Oklahoma. Nothing more about her is known. Research is underway to determine if she is the same "Maurine Holt" who married Kenneth Reed in Oklahoma County on Dec. 5, 1933.


Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City

Son Dr. Robert Perry Holt (1918-2005) was born on June 12, 1918 in Little Rock. As a child he was afflicted with severe anemia but eventually responded to treatment and recovered. He grew to manhood in Oklahoma City and developed a lifelong interest in medicine. After graduation from the University of Oklahoma, he obtained his medical degree at the Oklahoma University College of Medicine. At the age of 23, on Feb. 22, 1941, he married 21-year-old Dorothy C. Reese (1920-2004). The couple produced three children -- Charles J. Holt, Robert J. Holt and Sally Whiteneck. Robert completed his medical internship in St. Paul, MN and his orthopedic surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. During the Korean War, he served with the U.S. Air Force. Reported the Oklahoma City Oklahoman

He was one of the founding members of the Oklahoma City Clinic and practiced there for many years before spending the last part of his career in private practice. He was a faculty member the OU Health Sciences Center and was active in several professional organizations including the Oklahoma County Medical Association and the Medical Letters Club. He served as president of the Mid-Central States Orthopedic Association. In 1960, Dr. Holt participated in an orthopedic outreach clinic in Jordan. Dr. Holt's life revolved around his work and his family, but he also enjoyed traveling, working in the yard, and carpentry. He was an accomplished draftsman furniture maker. He will be remembered as a gentleman with impeccable manners and integrity, who had respect and compassion for his patients, colleagues, friends and family. 

Dorothy passed away on June 11, 2004 at the age of 84. Robert survived her by a little more than a year. He died on July 18, 2015, with interment beside his wife in his father's plot in Oklahoma City's Fairlawn Cemetery.

  • Grandson Charles J. Holt married Nan and lives in Denver.
  • Grandson Robert J. Holt married Janet and dwell in Oklahoma City.
  • Granddaughter Sally Holt was united in marriage with Robert Whiteneck and reside in Enid, OK.


Holt plot of graves, Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City


~ Stepson Dr. Lloyd "Mott" Holt ~

Stepson Dr. Lloyd "Mott" Holt (1885-1955) was born on Nov. 2 (or 21), 1885 in Clearfield County.

He was a school teacher and later obtained his medical degree in 1911 at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He set up a private practice in Shamokin, Northumberland County, which he continued through his lifetime.

Mott married Mary J. Woolridge (1886-1930). They had one known son, Frederick Guy Holt. Sadly, Mary died on May 20, 1930 at the age of 43. She was buried in Shamokin Cemetery.

Circa 1922, Mott was a member of the Northumberland County (PA) Medical Society, and resided at 146 East Sunbury Street in Shamokin. His address in Shamokin, circa 1945-1955, was 201 East Sunbury Street.

In 1951, Mott is known to have attended the Jefferson Class of 1911's 40th reunion banquet, hosted by Erwin D. Funk, M.D., of Wyomissing, PA.

At the age of 69, suffering from hardening of the arteries, Mott died at Shamokin State Hospital at the age of 69. His son Dr. Fred G. Holt of Coatesville, PA was the informant for the Pennsylvania certificate of death. Mott joined his wife in repose in the Shamokin Cemetery.

Son Dr. Frederick G. Holt (1914-1972) was born on April 5, 1914. He wed Jeanne Richardson (1920-1999), a native of Mausdale, Montour County, PA. The couple had four sons -- Lloyd Mott Holt II, Phillip A. Holt, David R. Holt and Thomas R. Holt. Frederick received his education at Mercersburg Academy and undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He served for five years as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Army. Circa 1951, he made his home in Wyomissing, PA. For nine years, he was employed with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Coatesville, PA. He then was chief psychiatrist at Lancaster General Hospital and conducted his own private practice for 15 years. He joined the staff of Lebanon Veterans Administration Hospital in February 1972. "One of the things Dr. Holt strived for was to take the stigma from mental care and to solve mental health problems as medical problems," reported the Lebanon Daily News. "Under his direction the Lancaster General Hospital administered to patients with mental ills on an outpatient basis. He also stressed placing patients with short-term mental disorders in rooms with medical patients instead of in separate psychiatric wards." He was a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the Lancaster lodge of the Elks Club, the Coatesville lodge of the Masons, the Lancaster County Medical Society, Pennsylvania and American Medical Associations and the American Psychiatric Association. Tragedy struck when he died while on duty at work on July 3, 1972, at the age of 58. Burial was in St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery in Neffsville, Lancaster County, PA. Jeanne outlived her husband by more than a quarter of a century. She passed away in Lancaster on Aug. 26, 1999.


~ Stepdaughter May C. (Holt) Myers ~

Stepdaughter May C. Holt (1887- ? ) was born on Sept. 24, 1887. She was a teacher in young adulthood who attended Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA. 

She married Paul F. Myers ( ? - ? ). In 1927, they lived in Washington, DC.


~ Stepdaughter Vida "Nina" (Holt) Gottshall ~

Stepdaughter Vida "Nina" Holt (1889- ? ) was born in 1889. 

She was a student at Perkiomen Seminary. On June 19, 1912, she wed Aaron Elmer Gottshall (1889-1971), the son of William S. and Anna "Nancy" (Von Nieda) Gottshall. 

They had two children -- Drusilla Nan Gottshall (born 1916) and William Holt Gottshall (born 1922). They made their home in Washington, DC in 1927.

Elmer passed away in Washington DC on Sept. 15, 1971. 

They are listed in the 1924 publication, A Genealogical History of the Gottshall Family, authored by Rev. N.B. Grubb. For more, visit the Gottshall.com website.


~ Stepdaughter Carrie Viola (Holt) Taylor ~

Stepdaughter Carrie Viola Holt (1892-1954) was born on Valentine's Day 1892. She was a student at Perkiomen Seminary. 

On June 16, 1917, Carrie married Howard Scattergood Taylor (1892- ? ), the son of Howard and Lillie (Ettenger) Taylor of Columbus, NJ. 

They had two children -- Margaret Forcey (Taylor) Lawrence and James Holt Taylor. 

Howard was a graduate of Amherst College's Class of 1914. He began his working career as an instructor at Montclair (NJ) Academy from 1914 to 1918. During World War I, he worked in the production department of New York Shipbuilding Corporation in Camden, NJ in 1918-1919. He then went on to employment with International Railway Company in Buffalo and, in 1924, was named group sales supervisor with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, serving until 1958. Circa 1927, they lived in Haddonfield, Camden County, NJ. In 1961, he was appointed president and director of Taylors, Inc. 

Sadly, Carrie died on May 22, 1954.  

Howard married again, on June 25, 1955, to Irene M. (Sharpe) Campbell. 

They are mentioned in the Amherst College Biographical Record 1963.


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