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Orville Baldwin Minerd


Orville B. Minerd

Orville Baldwin Minerd was born on Aug. 5, 1885 at Moyer, Fayette County, PA, the son of Azaniah "Melvin" and Harriet (Baldwin) Minerd. 

As a one-year-old, he left Western Pennsylvania and traveled with his parents and grandparents to Kansas, becoming a pioneer settler of the coal-rich community of Pittsburg, Crawford County.

Orville was tall, standing 6 feet, 4 inches high, and had a medium build. His eyes were grey, and his hair dark brown. He is listed at age 15 in the R.L. Polk's Pittsburg City Directory for 1910-1911, in his parents' household at 1011 North Fairview, and was employed at that time as a plumber.


Orville, Ethel and Helen

Circa 1917, when at age 33 he registered for the military draft during World War I, Orville was still a bachelor and made his home with his parents at 730 East 7th Street in Pittsburg. At the time, he was employed as a laborer with Kansas Gas and Electric Company.

When the federal census was taken in 1920, the 34-year-old Orville remained at home with his parents and 28-year-old single sister Olive. His employment was marked as "lineman" for Kansas Gas and Electric. Residing next door were Orville's brother and wife, Sylvester and Calla Minerd

The following year, about 1921, the 36-year-old Orville married 26-year-old Ethel Turley (1895-1972). She was a native of Missouri, and was a decade younger than her husband. She received an education through the eighth grade.

The Minerds produced three daughters -- Helen June Holcomb, Norma Lee Swope and Harriet "Rubye" Smith Townsend Jones.

Left to right: daughters Helen, Rubye and Norma



Orville's KG&E badge

Orville is pictured in a family photograph sporting a cast on his right arm. How he broke his arm or wrist is unknown. 

In about 1930, he and Ethel moved to Mulberry, near Pittsburg. The federal census enumerated that year shows Orville and Helen with two young daughters at home, and Orville working as a night watchman at KG&E.

Orville was employed for many years for KG&E.  It would have been a steady position for a rapidly growing industry as these utility services were delivered to a growing number of homes. His official company identification badge is seen here, bearing his photo and employee number -- 14-133.


Orville joking around

The Pittsburg Sun once said that Orville was "well known [in Mulberry] and in Pittsburg."

According to a granddaughter, Orville "was always the clown in a crowd. He loved to act silly to embarrass people." 

On the back of the comedic photo seen at left, Orville himself jokingly wrote: "My name is Orville and I live on Breezy Hill," a reference to a well-known gathering place for local bootleggers and moonshiners. This photo is considered one of the family's favorites.

Circa 1935-1940, the Minerds made their residence in Washington Township, Crawford County, in the community of Croweburg. Federal census enumeration records for 1940 show that Orville's widowed, 78-year-old mother lived in the household along with the three daughters ranging in age from 18 to 11. Orville's occupation was listed by the census-taker as "Patrolman."

In February 1943, at age 57, Orville showed symptoms of serious illness.  Said the Pittsburg Sun, "[He] had been in good health but had suffered several severe nosebleeds this past week….  He was in good spirits tonight and had been laughing and joking with his family just prior to his death."


Obituary, 1943

Unfortunately, the bleeding was just prelude to a greater problem. He suffered a heart attack at home, and died on Feb. 19, 1943. His obituary was carried in the Pittsburg Sun

Ethel outlived Orville by nearly 30 years. She later married a man named Ports.

When she died in 1972, at the age of 77, Ethel was buried beside Orville in the Mt. Olive Cemetery in Pittsburg. Her obituary was published in the Wichita Eagle Beacon.



The Minerds' graves in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Pittsburg 


~ Daughter Norma Lee (Minerd) Swope ~


Frank on patrol in Pittsburg

Daughter Norma Lee Minerd (1925-1993) was born on March 26, 1925 at Pittsburg. 

On July 3, 1946, when she was age 21, she married Frank Junior Swope (1920-1991), the son of James Franklin "Frank" and Vera Brewer (Bolser) Swope. The ceremony took place at the home of Norma's mother by Rev. L. Wayne Sears, pastor of the Methodist church in Pittsburg. 

The Swopes produced three daughters -- Ethel Ann Rooks Lloyd, Melinda Brooksher and Jimmie Stryker.

Frank was employed as a police officer in Pittsburg, with their residence in the nearby town of Frontenac. He is seen here on a patrol motorcycle, with a portable telephone, a forerunner of today's cellular phones.

One August, Frank and his fellow officer James Duncan were called to a domestic dispute in Pittsburg, where 40-year-old George Bowles Jr. had come home drunk and began firing his pistol in the home. Bowles crouched behind furniture on his porch, but was wounded by one of Frank's shotgun blasts. He was jailed, with County Attorney Keeth Jones quoted in a newspaper story that the prisoner would be "arraigned on a charge of assault with intent to kill when 'he sobers up'."

Frank passed away at the age of 70 on May 4, 1991.

Norma outlived her husband by two years. She died at the age of 68 on Oct. 31, 1993. 

She was laid to rest in the Garden of Memories Cemetery. 

Daughter Ethel Ann Swope (1947-2012) was born in 1947 in Pittsburg. She was thrice married, first to Estel Rooks ( ? - ? ). They became the parents of two -- Frank Rooks and Michelle Hughes. Her second spouse was (?) Reed ( ? - ? ). Two children born to this couple were Kimberly Stevens and Melanie Tyler. She entered into marriage a third time, to Rodney Lloyd ( ? - ? ), on March 19, 1998 at Miami, OK. She resided in Pittsburg, attended Pittsburg State University, and "was a direct care support worker at Bridges," said the Pittsburg Sun. Suffering from cancer, she died at age 65, at Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg, on Dec. 12, 2012. At her death, reported the Sun, she was survived by 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She was laid to rest in the Garden of Memories Cemetery -- joining four earlier generations of Minerds -- following funeral services led by Rev. Dan Moss.

  • Grandson Frank Rooks married Shauna and dwells in Pittsburg.
  • Granddaughter Michelle Rooks wedded Thomas Hughes. Circa 2012, they were in Parsons, KS.
  • Granddaughter Kimberly Reed was joined in marriage with (?) Stevens. She has resided in Pittsburg.
  • Granddaughter Melanie Reed was united in matrimony with (?) Tyler. She has lived in Wagoner, OK.

Daughter Melinda Swope ( ? -living) is married to Richard Brooksher ( ? -living), son of Delbert and Lorene Brooksher. Richard adopted and raised Melinda's three children from an earlier marriage -- Tammy Jones, Jerry Joseph Brooksher and James Brooksher. The couple together bore two children of their own -- Chris Brooksher and Matthew Brooksher. Over the years, Melinda has worked with inclusion of special needs children, ages three to six, in four different schools in Pittsburg. Richard's career has been spent as a letter carrier with the U.S. Post Office in Pittsburg. An avid genealogist, Melinda has been in contact with the founder of this website since circa 1996, attended our national reunion in 2002 and hosted a research visit and tour in Pittsburg in 2010. See her memoir, "Come Back to Pennsylvania."

  • Granddaughter Tammy Brooksher was adopted by her stepfather. She wed (?) Jones. They have lived in Franklin, KS.
  • Grandson Jerry Joseph Brooksher (1973-2013) was born on Oct. 16, 1973. He was adopted by his stepfather. As a young man, he obtained employment with the U.S. Post Office as a letter carrier and continued for 19 years. He loved karate and earned a fourth degree black belt as well as taught Si-Fu. He liked to fish, hunt, skateboard, play pool and create art. He was the father of Kaleb Brooksher, Melinda Kay Brooksher and Amanda Mitchell. Sadly, at the age of 39, Jerry took his own life at home on March 20, 2013. His remains were cremated and interred in the Garden of Memories Cemetery. He has been included on Facebook's page, "Putting a Face on Suicide." A year after his passing, a "Day of Music for Jerry Brooksher" event was held in Mulberry, featuring eight local bands plus children's activities, covered by local radio stations and the Pittsburg Morning Sun newspaper, with all proceeds benefitting repair of the city's skate park.
  • Grandson James Brooksher was adopted by his stepfather.
  • Grandson Chris Brooksher
  • Grandson Matthew Brooksher

Daughter Jimmie Swope ( ? -living) was born in (?). On Aug. 7, 1981, she was joined in holy wedlock with 24-year-old Louis Anthony Stryker (April 3, 1957-2020), the son of Leslie and Barbara Stryker and a native of Kansas City, MO. Immediately after high school, Louis became a professional bull rider. After a time, he relocated to Colorado and earned a living as a construction laborer. He then moved back to Kansas, married Jimmie and launched a painting business. They were the parents of four children -- Melissa Hamblin, Corey Stryker, Cody Stryker and Jacque Wilburn. The couple dwelled in Frontenac, KS. Sadly, as his health declined, Louis was admitted to Freeman West Hospital in Joplin, MO. He succumbed to death there at the age of 63 on April 7, 2020. He was survived by nine grandchildren. The remains were cremated.

  • Granddaughter Melissa Stryker married William Hamblin and live in Frontenac.
  • Grandson Corey Stryker wedded Thalea. They have resided in Frontenac.
  • Grandson Cody Stryker was united in wedlock with Kimberlee. They dwell in Frontenac.
  • Granddaughter Jacque Stryker was joined in matrimony with Darren Wilburn. Circa 2020, they were in Overland Park, KS.


~ Daughter Harriet "Rubye" (Minerd) Smith Townsend Jones ~

Daughter Harriet Rubye Minerd (1929-1986) was born on Jan. 6, 1929. She was married three times. 

Her first husband was George Allen "Jack" Smith ( ? - ? ). 

They had one daughter, Norma June (Townsend) Smith, born in 1947.

After the Smiths' marriage ended, Rubye wed her foster cousin, Robert Eugene Townsend (1918-1950), who had been raised by Rubye's great-aunt Margaret "Hester" (Minerd) Jackson. They were married in about 1949. Rubye's daughter took the Townsend surname. More on the Townsends' tragically short marriage and life together may be found on Robert's biography. 

After Robert's untimely death in 1950, Rubye married for a third time, to Ben Jones. They had one daughter, Rebecca Lynn Swenson. 

Rubye passed away on June 17, 1986, at the age of 57.

Daughter Norma June (Townsend) Smith (1947-2012) was born on April 27, 1947. She died on her 65th birthday on April 27, 2012. 

Daughter Rebecca Lynn Jones (1965-2007) was born on Sept. 7, 1965. She wed Carl Swenson. Rebecca died on Aug. 15, 2007, at the age of 42.


~ A Pennsylvania Homecoming ~

Granddaughter Melinda (Swope) Brooksher attended our 2002 national reunion. In doing so, she was the first member of her branch in 116 years to return to Uniontown and Fayette County. On this historic visit, among other things, she visited the site of her great-great grandfather's hotel at the Fayette Springs resort, and saw the bright red stains where iron-filled spring waters still flow from the hillside. She also placed a flower on the grave of her infant great-great grand-uncle, Jonathan Smalley Minerd, who died in 1852, the oldest known Minerd-Miner-Minor family grave marker in Western Pennsylvania. (Click here to see a close-up view.) She brought a small vial of earth from the boy's grave back to Kansas and lovingly spread it on the grave of his mother, Rebecca (Smalley) Minerd. Be sure to see her moving memoir, "Come Back to Pennsylvania."


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