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A Sense of Wonder
Honoring Hundreds of Cousins Who Have Worked 
in Our Nation's Public/Private Education Field


~ School Board Directors ~

Bailey, Richard D.  Career: Treasurer of the first School Board of Isabel, KS. Married Frances Jeanette White. Lineage: Frances Jeannette (White) Bailey.

Blackwelder, Jacob Ira Career: Grade School Board of Gray County, KS (four years). Married Velda Pauline Menzie. Lineage: Jennie (White) Blackwelder

Boring, Charles R.  Education:  Cincinnati College of Embalming (1948) Career: Northern Local School Board of Perry County, OH, starting in 1958. Owned the Boring Funeral Home of Thornville. Married Jean "Blanche" Fisher. Lineage: Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider

Carroll, James Miner  Education:  Kingwood Academy and Morgantown Academy, WV. Career: Board of Education of Kingwood, WV. Married Elizabeth Burke.

Coffman, Ray P.  Career: Vice President of Uniontown (PA) Joint High School Board.  Married Inez Levitcher. Lineage: Agnes (Murray ) Kern

Cottom, William H.  Career: School board of Franklin Township, Fayette County, PA. Married Luzetta McKnight. 


Lewistown (IL) High School

Davidson, William Taylor. Career: Elected Commissioner of Schools for Fulton County, IL in 1863, where he "did much to rectify the prevailing abuses of school privileges," said the History of Fulton County. Seen here, the Lewistown High School building. Lineage: Married Lucinda Miner.

Firestone, Austin J. Sr.  Career:  Board of Education of Bullskin Township, Fayette County, PA (1925-26).  Taught at Normalville, PA (1890s).  Married Mollie E. Stillwagon.

Hall, John K.  Career: Stewart Township School Director, Fayette County, PA, for six years, perhaps as early as 1848 (not proven).  Mentioned in A History of Mill Run (1970) and Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County, Pa. (1889).  Married Lucinda Minerd. 

Harbaugh, Ulysses Grant  Career: Elected School Director of Springfield Township, Fayette County, PA, in 1888. 

Heinbaugh, Bernard  Career: Rockwood Area School Board for six years.  Married Elaine Bush.  Lineage: Missouri (Younkin) Wingerd

Hoover, Harry McKinley Career: Board of Directors of Rockwood (PA) School District (mid 1980s). Married Mary Ellen Minerd (see her entry). Lineage: Albert Ward Minerd.

Kelly, James E. Career: Director of the Dunbar Borough School Board, Dunbar, PA (1911-1912). Prominent jeweler in Dunbar. Married Lizzie Minerd.

Johnson, Walter Edward  Education: Bethany College, KS (B.A.). Career:  Lowland School District #10 Board of Cloud County, KS, for many years. Married Lulu Henrietta Koester.  Lineage: William Albert Johnson.

Kuhns, Jacob Y. Career: Board of Education of Saltlick Township, Fayette County, PA (ca. 1925-26). Married Minnie Enos.

Leonard, Reuben H. Career: Director of the Stewart Township Schools of Fayette County, PA in 1877. Married Martha Cunningham. 


Lloyd Miller proudly shows off a new automobile


Miller, Lloyd M. Career:  School Director in Springfield Township, Fayette County, PA, for 24 years (1920s-40s), including as President and Treasurer. Married Agnes Miner (see her entry). 

Millward, David Bradburn Career: Secretary of the Philipsburg-Osceola (PA) Joint School Authority.  Married Velma Baer and Harriet Miles. Lineage: Pearl (Minerd) Millward.

Minerd, Byron Kendall "Kenny" Career: Board of Directors of the Ohiopyle Borough and Ohiopyle-Stewart Joint Board Committee (1959-61), Fayette County, PA. Married Carol Mitchell. Lineage Albert Ward Minerd.

Minerd, Charles  Career: Stewart Township School Director, Fayette County, PA (1869). Mentioned in History of Fayette County, Pa. (1882) and Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County, Pa. (1889). Married Adaline Harbaugh.

Minerd, Rev. David Ewing Career: Dunbar Borough School Director, Fayette County, PA (1888-89, 1905-06, '12).  Secretary of second Annual Minerd Reunion (1914) and speaker at the 1915 reunion.  Mentioned in Dunbar:  The Furnace Town (1983); Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Fayette County (1889); Methodism in Western Pennsylvania 1784-1968 (1969); and Annals of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Vol. IV). Married Emma J. Speer, Sarah Catherine Williams and Rose Ella (Bunting) Hodgkins.  

Minerd, Ewing David  Career:  Dunbar Borough School Director, Fayette County, PA (1920-36) including as Treasurer. Mentioned in Dunbar: The Furnace Town (1983). 

Miner, Jacob Career: Served on the school board of Washington Township, Wood County, Ohio. In 1886-1887, he and others voted for the "innovation" of acquiring "modern school furniture," according to Beers’ 1897 Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood County. Married Louisa Finkenbiner.

Minerd, Lawson H.  Career: School Director of Stewart Township, Fayette County, PA (1904-05). President of the 1927-28 Minerd Reunion. Married Lutitia Steyer.


Seated, l-r: school director Martin Miner, wife Amanda and baby Nettie.  Standing l-r: Agnes, Warren, Ed, Charles, George and John. Many of their descendants have worked in the field of public education



Odger Miner

Miner, Martin  Career: School Board of Springfield Township, Fayette County, PA (1895). Vice president of first Annual Minerd Reunion (1913).  Married Amanda Williams. 

Miner, Odger  Career: Secretary of the school board of Hopewell-Independence-Raccoon School District, Aliquippa, PA (1945-1949 and 1950-1951). Despite the fact that he only had an eighth grade education, he served as a school director. During his tenure, a new junior-senior high building was constructed, and the district undertook a very rare, major merger in Pennsylvania with two other districts (Independence and Raccoon). Is mentioned and pictured in a 1953 study of the merger published by University of Pittsburgh researchers William Yeager and William Byers, entitled A Limited Educational Survey of Hopewell Independence Raccoon Joint School. A copy of this study is preserved in the Minerd.com Archives, courtesy of the university. Married Monalea Eleanor Ullom. Are the grandparents of the founder of this website.

Minerd, Samuel Career: Elected a school director of Washington Township, Wood County, Ohio, in 1853. Provided room and board for some of the teachers. In the summer of 1855, a sister of Wood County Commissioner Edward Beaverstock in known to have "taught school in the Minerd district" and to have "boarded in the Minerd family, with Samuel Minerd."


Hopewell Area (PA) Junior High, built when Odger Miner served on the school board


Minerd, Wilbert Regis "Patsy"  Career: Director of Redstone Township Schools, Fayette County, PA (1942-48), including as President and Treasurer. Married Kathryn Kelly (see her entry). 

Murdock, James Eyster Sr.  Career:  Teacher at Kingwood, WV, in the 1870s, including service on the Board as Secretary and Treasurer. Married Martha Basnett (see her entry). 

Murdock, John Smart  Career:  Board of Education at Kingwood, WV, from the 1850s to the '70s, including as President.  Married Rebecca Minor.

Murdock, Martha Basnett  Career: Grade school teacher in Preston County, WV circa 1869-1870. Married James Eyster Murdock Sr. (see his entry).

Nicklow, Orion M.  Career:  School Director in Somerset County, PA, at Upper Turkeyfoot Township, Middlecreek-Upper Turkeyfoot Joint and Rockwood Joint Schools (1951-58), including as President and Treasurer.  Married Nannie G. Saylor and Evanell (Miner) Kimmel. Lineage: John Andrew Miner.

Peterie, Jesse Thomas  Career:  School Board in Sawyer or Isabel, KS.  Honored with name inscribed on a memorial organ at the United Methodist Church of Isabel. Married Ethel "Blanche" Bailey. 

Ream, Cyril "Edgar"  Career:  School Director of Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA (1938-50), including as Treasurer.  Married Nora Pearl Harbaugh and Florence Mitchell. 

Rhodes, James  Also spelled "Rhoads." Career: Director and Secretary of Casselman Borough Schools, Somerset County, PA (1898-99). Married Minnie Elizabeth Younkin. 

Robinson, Margaret Career: Clerk of the Washington Township School Board in Wood County, Ohio. Married Gerald Robinson. Lineage: Belle (Burditt) Robinson.

Rush, William Harrison, Sr.  Career: Board of Education of Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA (1925-36).  Married Sarah Jane "Sadie" Thomas.  Lineage: Louisa (Rose) Thomas.

Sembower, Maynard R.  Career: School Director in Somerset County, PA, at Black Township, Rockwood Area and Rockwood Joint Schools, including as President and Treasurer (1944-60s). Married Edna E. Hauger. Lineage: Ella (Younkin) Hauger

Shipley, Edna (Kirschner)  Career: President and member, West Mayfield School Board, Beaver County, PA for many years. Married Otto L. Shipley.  Lineage: Mary Todd (Jennings) Shipley 

Theis, Sandra (Gribble) Career: First woman president in the history of Southeastern Greene School District, Greene County, PA, 2006-2007. Lineage: Susan (Murdock) Gribble 

White, Lester Career: Clerk of the Board of Education at Barber County, KS (1886). Married Susan D. McCarty and May Allen. 

Younkin, Charles Career: School Director of Casselman Borough, Somerset County, PA (1898-1901). Married Sarah Artest.

Younkin, Clark Melvin  Career: School Director in Somerset County, PA, for 30 years (1932-62), at Black Township and Rockwood Joint Schools, including as President, Secretary and Treasurer. Married Olive Caroline Hauger. Lineage:  Ella (Younkin) Hauger.

Younkin, James "Franklin"  Career:  School Director of Springfield Township Schools, Fayette County, PA (1928-32).  Also a school bus contractor in Fayette County, PA. Married Ida Burkholder. 

Younkin, William "Dayton"  Career:  School Director of Springfield Township, Fayette County, PA, including as Secretary (1899-1902).  Married Lucinda Harbaugh. 


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