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A Sense of Wonder
Honoring Hundreds of Cousins Who Have Worked 
in Our Nation's Public/Private Education Field


~ Administrators and Teachers ~

Adams, Craig B. Education: St. Lawrence (B.A., 1997); Indiana University of Pennsylvania (M.A., 2006). Career: Teaching at Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, NJ, 2007. Lineage: Frederick Fay Lytle 

Alkula, Rev. Charles James  Education: Texas Christian University (B.G.S.); Birmingham Southern College; Converse College (M.Ed.); Wesley Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Career: Taught English/reading, social studies, mathematics and science at a Christian Boys Home in Orangeville, SC and at high schools in Spartanburg and Aiken, SC. Lineage: Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants

Alkula, Dale  Education: University of Kentucky (B.S.). Career: Band teacher at LaGrange Elementary and Franklin Jr. High, LA (1993-present). Married Staci (see her entry). Lineage: Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants

Alkula, Joann "Jody" (Favero) Education: St. Petersburg (FL) Junior College (B.S.). Career: Taught pre-school (Kindercare) in Florida.  Married Gordon Joseph Alkula. Lineage: Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants

Alkula, Staci Career: Band and chorus teacher at Ancoin Elementary and Patterson High, LA (1994-present). Married Dale Alkula (see his entry). Lineage: Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants.


Winifred (Hart) Zahn Ambrose (back row, far left) and her Majors School class, 1925



Winifred Zahn

Ambrose, Winifred (Hart) Zahn  Education: California University of Pennsylvania; Geneva College. Career: Taught at Poplar Run School, Fayette County, PA (1920) prior to relocating to Beaver County, PA, where she taught at the Baker, Boggs and Majors one-room schools (New Sewickley Township) and Fairview School (Western Beaver District) for a total of 32 years. The photo seen here is of Winifred standing outside of the Majors School in New Sewickley Township, Beaver County, circa 1925. Married Andrew Zahn and Wilbur Ambrose. Lineage: Sarah Ellen (Enos) Hart

Anderson, Donald Robert  Education:  Southwestern State College, Oklahoma (B.A.).  Career:  Art teacher at Coldwater and Protection, KS.  Married Mary Wynelle Pitt.  Lineage: Lester White

Anderson, Martha Jo (Temple)  Education:  Baylor University (B.S.)  Career:  Taught nursing at Haskell Institute in Lawrence, KS (one year).  Married William Lamar Anderson.  Lineage: Lester White

Andrews, Sheryl (Neely)  Education:  Westminster College (B.S., 1960).  Career:  Taught at Clairton (PA) High School (1960-65).  Presenter for Bradford School, Pittsburgh, PA (1975-79).  High school marketing manager for Sawyer School, Pittsburgh (1982-94).  Married Paul Andrews and John Salakas.  Lineage: Anna Arminta (Miner) Neely

Armstrong, Gladys (Barnum) Career: Early teacher at Banner (OK) Rural School circa 1919-1920. Married Paul N. Armstrong. Lineage: Laura (Brown) Barnum.

Atkins, Maude (Miner)  Career:  Taught at Madison School, Minneapolis, MN (ca 1912). Married (?) Atkins.

Bailey, Martha (Luckey)  Education:  California University of PA. Career: Taught elementary education at Vanderbilt, St. James, Quay, Hulltown and Brownfield Schools in Fayette County, PA (1920's to '40s).  Married James Waide Bailey.

Barton, Gregory P.  Education:  Duquesne University (B.S., 1988); Northwestern  School of Law, Lewis and Clark College (J.D., 1992); Oregon Health Sciences University.  Career:  Tutored general and organic chemistry at Duquesne University. Married Karen Srogi.  Lineage: Mary (Minerd) Eicher 

Bauer, Barbara Ann (Boring)  Education:  Capital University (B.A.); Ohio State University (M. Mus. Ed) Career: Taught elementary music and reading at Reynoldsburg, OH.  Married Karl Donald Bauer.  A daughter and son-in-law also have taught.  Lineage:  Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider.

Beatty, Ella "Hazel" (Jones)  Career: Taught at near Garnet and/or Wellsville, KS for 35 years. Married Robert Orval Beatty. Lineage:  Nellie (Brown) Jones

Beck, Bess V. (Minerd)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (1912). Career: Taught at East End School in Uniontown, PA (1912-15). Married Anton C. Beck. 

Bell, Eva Rebecca (Thorpe)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (1918). Career: Taught fifth grade for 10 years at Whitsett, PA.  Married Harry C. Bell.  Lineage: Clara Jane (Freed) Thorpe.

Bell, Lois Ruth  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1954). Career: Taught elementary education for 28 years at Everson and Dunbar in the Connellsville (PA) Area School District. Lineage: Clara Jane (Freed) Thorpe.

Bell, Rhonda Elaine (Kinkead)  Education: West Liberty State College (B.S.). Career: Teaches home economics in the Ligonier Valley (PA) School District. Married Robert Bell.  Lineage: Jennie (Minerd) Darby.

Bender, Eve (Knight)  Career:  Taught at one-room Gladwin Co. (MI) Normal School (1919). Married James Raymond Bender.  Lineage:  James Jasper Knight

Beverka, Cynthia (Shoaf) Career: Taught kindergarten, possibly in Westmoreland County, PA, circa 1999. Lineage: Hattie (Younkin) Romesburg Turney.

Bickner, Deborah (Kimmel)  Education: Yankton College (B.A., 1981); Fort Hays State University (M.A., 1992). Career: Teaches composition and literature in the English dept., and is technical director of the theatre program, at Colby Community College in Colby, KS. Assistant manager of the Northwest Kansas Cultural Arts Center. Married Marvin Bickner. Lineage:  John Andrew Miner.

Bittinger, Paul Henry Career: Taught ROTC at the University of Kansas. Lineage: John Andrew Miner

Boring, Dorothy Ellen (Cooperrider)  Education: Capital University. Career: Taught elementary school for 31 years in Perry County, OH.  Married Kermit A. Boring.  Lineage: Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider

Boring, Jean "Blanche" (Fisher)  Education:  Ohio State University  Career:  Taught home economics at Thornville, OH starting in 1940.  Married Charles R. Boring (see his entry). Lineage: Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider

Boring, William R.  Career: Taught at Besley High, Millersport, Hebron, Liberty Union and Thornville, OH.  Married Louise. Lineage:  Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider.

Brooks, Eileen F.  Education:  Slippery Rock University; Marion (IN) College (B.S.); Ball State University (M.S.).  Career:  Taught at Marion (IN) School Dist and Saltlick School, Connellsville (PA) Joint School District.  Lineage: Grant Louis Firestone Sr.

Brooks, Nettie (Miner)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania. Career:  Taught at Perry Township, Springfield Township (Fairview, Johnston, Gault and Normalville Schools) and Bullskin Township (Belleview School), Fayette County, PA (1914-60).  Mentioned and pictured in A History of Mill Run (1970).  Married Russell Ray Brooks. 

Brown, James R.  Career:  School teacher in Cardington, OH (circa 1862) prior to enlistment in the Civil War. Married Lydia A. Miner. 


Nannie (Snyder) Brown and students

Brown, Nannie (Snyder) Career: taught during the winter of 1894-1895 in the one-room, log-hewn Excelsior Township Schoolhouse near Kingfisher. The school session was held just five years after the Oklahoma Territory was opened for settlement. Among Nannie's young students were her future sisters in law Emma (Brown) McGirk and Bertha (Brown) Keck. In the photo seen here, Nannie stands as the tallest person in the photograph, just to the right of the third window from the left. Married Frank Brown. Of the solid-looking schoolhouse, Frank's sister Laura penned this in a one-page handwritten memoir: 

Built in the fall and winter of 1890-1891. The shingles are shakes or clapboards, made from the native oak trees. Also the siding in the gable ends and door and window casing.

Bumbacher, Donald Vincent  Education: Northwest Missouri State University (B.S.). Career: Taught special education, driver's education and various subjects for about 12 years at schools in Fillmore, Cameron and Dearborn, MO. Married Mary Ann Martin. Lineage: Christina (Younkin) Nedrow

Bunting, Evelyn (Robbins) Career: Circa 1956, was a piano teacher in or around Dunbar, Fayette County, PA. Married John Bunting. Lineage: Anna (Hoye) Bunting and Emma (Fuller) Robbins.

Burkholder, Kathryn (Miner)  Education: Normal School, Mill Run, PA (ca. 1913). Career: Taught at Springfield Township, Fayette Co. (PA), including schools at Mill Run, Clay Run, Indian Creek and Fairmont. Mentioned and pictured in the 1970 book, A History of Mill Run. Married Daniel M. Burkholder. 


Reward of merit signed
by William Burkholder

Burkholder, William Education: Scio College. Career: Taught for two terms in the schools of Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County, PA. Among his pupils was Letitia (Harbaugh) Stoner, for whom he signed the "Reward of Merit." Married Josephine Gorsuch.

Burns, Kathy Career: Teaches in Laurel Highlands School District, Fayette County, PA.  Lineage: Lawrence Earl Minerd

Carroll, Hardin Duvall  Education: West Virginia University (B.S., Agriculture, 1905). Career: 23-year career including as superintendent of schools at Masontown, WV (three years) and holding farmers' institutes. Married Elma Herring.

Cavanaugh, Glenn Robert  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1964); Indiana University of Pennsylvania (M.Ed., 1969).  Career:  Teaches English and speech at Derry (PA) School District.  Married Jacquelyn Kaye Mraz (see her entry).  Lineage: Agnes (Miner) Miller

Cavanaugh, Jacquelyn Kaye (Mraz)  Education:  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1967; M.Ed., 1970); Duquesne University (J.D., 1980).  Career:  Teaches English and composition at Greater Latrobe (PA) High School.  Married Glenn Robert Cavanaugh (see his entry). Lineage: Agnes (Miner) Miller

Channing, Freda (Miller) Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1944).  Career:  Taught at Normalville (PA) Elementary school (1944-47 and 1950-84).  Delta Kappa Gamma Society (President, 1996-present; Secretary, 1966-68; Treasurer, 1976-88).  Married Blaine H. Channing. Lineage: Agnes (Miner) Miller

Charnovich, Bernard E.  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1975).  Career:  Currently a substitute teacher in carpentry, electrical, drafting, welding and bricklaying at the Fayette Co. Area (PA) Vo-Tech School.  Also has been a construction contractor at California University of PA.  Married Debbie. Lineage: Thomas Michael Minerd

Christian, Carol (Stegner)  Career: Teaches kindergarten in Dayton, OH.  Married Terry Vincent Christian.  Lineage: Ella (Sherwood) Smith.

Christian, Mark  Career: Former substitute teacher in AZ.  Married Diane Marie Basil (See her entry). Lineage: Ella (Sherwood) Smith.

Conn, Alice (Minerd)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania; University of Pittsburgh.  Career:  Taught elementary education for 26 years at North Braddock, PA, and Pleasant Hill and York Run Schools, Georges Township, Fayette County, PA (1920s-40s).  Married Clarence W. Conn. Lineage: Thomas Minerd.

Cornell, Iva Blanche (Shupp) Education: Kirksville (MO) Normal School. Career: Taught in Adair County, MO, for several years. Married John William Cornell.

Cornell, Margaret Elizabeth (Pring) Career: Educated as a school teacher, may have taught at a school adjacent to the Cornell family farm in Butler County, Indiana, in the late 1860s or early 1870s. Married Sebastian Heck Cornell.

Culp, Dr. David Berry  Education:  California Polytechnic College (B.A., 1972); Kansas State University (M.A., 1975; Ph.D., 1977).  Career: Taught mathematics at KSU and was a part-time mathematics instructor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.  Married Mary Keltz (see her entry).  Lineage: Lewis Mortimer Culp.

Culp, Mary (Keltz)  Education:  Kansas State University (B.S., 1975); University of  Nevada at Las Vegas (M.A., 1980).  Career:   Teaching assistant at UNLV; technician at the University of Buffalo (NY); and instructor at Canisius College, NY.  Married Dr. David Berry Culp (see his entry). Lineage: Lewis Mortimer Culp.

Culp, Robert Lewis  Education:  Ohio StateUniversity (B.A., 1949; M.A., 1953).  Career:  Taught drafting and woodworking and coached athletics at Wapakoneta, OH(1949-52); San Marino, CA (1952-53); and Monrovia Unified School District, CA (1954-56, 1964-78).  Taught at California Polytechnic College, Pomona (1963-64).  Married Lois "Joan" Berry. Lineage: Lewis Mortimer Culp.

Darby, James William  Career:  Taught at Percy, Fayette County, PA (1901-05).  Married Jennie Marie Minerd. 

Delong, James Career: high school golf coach in northwestern Montana. Married Helen. Lineage: Mary Jane (Pring) McCollough.

Ditch, Dr. Carl E.  Education:  Pasadena Nazarene College (B.A., 1959); California Lutheran College (M.A., 1973); Point Loma College (Hon. Ph.D., 1987).  Career:  Teacher or principal for 31 years at these CA schools:  Ballico Elem; Wash­ington School at Winton; Camarillo in the Pleasant Valley School District; Mound School at Ventura; Ventura Unified School District; Pierpont Elem; Ventura Middle School; University of Santa Clara; and Ventura Missionary School.  Substitute teacher at Christian schools in Salem, OR.  Married Helen "Louise" Miner.  Lineage: Orlan Lloyd Miner

Ditch, Helen "Louise" (Miner)  Career:  Taught for 10 years in the Ventura Unified School District, CA.  Married Dr. Carl Ditch (see his entry).  Lineage: Orlan Lloyd Miner 

Dunham, Charlotte (Minerd)  Education:  Otterbein College (B.Mus.).  Career:  Taught music in Ohioat Marysville (1954-56) and Columbus (1956-58).  State College (PA) School District Advisory Committee (two years).  President, Music Academy Board of Directors.  President, State College Choral Society Board of Directors.  Tour guide at  Penn State University.  Married Dr. Robert Eugene Dunham (see his entry).  Lineage: Ernest Earl Minerd.


~ News from Penn State University - Jan. 29, 1997 ~

Robert E. Dunham, senior vice president and dean of the Commonwealth Educational System, announced today that he will retire from  Penn State effective Jan. 15, 1998, completing a career of more than 38 years at the  University Park campus.  Said Penn State President Graham Spanier, "Bob has played a central role in virtually all of the important changes that have brought about the evolution of  Penn State into a university of prominence. His work in redesigning the Commonwealth Education System will have an enormous impact on students for generations to come. He has made higher education better in this state, and along the way made an enormous number of friends."



Dr. Robert Dunham and Penn State President Graham Spanier

Dunham, Dr. Robert Eugene  Education:  Ohio State University (Ph.D., 1959).  Career:  More than 38 years at Penn State Univ, including:  Speech Instructor (1959); Acting Speech Department Head (1965-66); Professor of Speech Communication (1970); Assistant to the Vice President for Residential Instruction (1966); Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs; Vice President for Undergraduate Studies, Vice President for Academic Services; Vice President and Vice Provost; Senior Vice President and Dean of the Commonwealth Educational System (1991-present).  In a press release, Penn State President Graham Spanier said, “It is simply impossible to list all of Bob’s accomplishments. Bob has played a central role in virtually all of the important changes that have brought about the evolution of Penn State into a university of prominence.” Seen here, Robert (left) and President Spanier answer questions from around the state during a 1996 teleconference about their strategic plans. Married Charlotte Minerd (see her entry). Lineage: Ernest Earl Minerd 

Egan, Diana (Younkin) Education: Wilamette University (B.A., 1989).  Career:  Substitute teacher in secondary schools in the Salem, OR , area. Organizer of the Younkin Reunion-West in Salem in the late 1990s. Married Jeff Egan. Lineage: Alfred Arthur Younkin.

Emery, Dr. Jerrell Bemis Career: Taught in a public school environment, before or possibly tied to his work as a physician in or around Doylestown, PA. Married Mildred Herman (see her entry). Lineage: Susan (Miner) Bemis.

Emery, Mildred (Herman) Career: Taught music in the Monclova, OH public school system. Married Dr. Jerrell Bemis Emery (see his entry). Lineage: Susan (Miner) Bemis

Emery, Myrtle (Bemis) Education: Bowling Green Normal School. Career: An elementary school teacher, worked in the Haskins and Toledo systems for more than 35 years. Married Samuel B. Emery. Lineage: Susan (Miner) Bemis.


Andrew "Budd" Enos and students, Normalville PA

Enos, Andrew Jacob "Budd" Education: Normal Institute of Normalville, PA; California University of Pennsylvania (1909). Career: Taught at Saltlick (1904-1905), Breakneck (1905-1906) and Normalville (1909-1915); Principal at Dawson (1920-1921) and New Salem Independent (1925-1930); and taught mathematics at Brownsville Borough Jr. High (1940s), all in Fayette County, PA.  Assistant Fayette County Superintendent of Schools (1930-1932).  Secretary, Normalville Normal Institute Reunion Association (1946), where he penned an article about the “Inside Story of Normalville Normal Institute Reunion.”  He also headed the “necrology committee” which counted 14 members of their class who had died. Pennsylvania State Education Association (Executive Council, State Delegate to N.E.A. Convention, President of Graded School Dept., 1927). In the photo seen here, he stands with his students at the Normalville School, which may also have been the "summer school." 


Frieda (Wyandt) Everett

Everett, Frieda (Wyandt) Education: Hiram College. Career: Had hoped for a career in advertising in Cleveland, but after an economic depression circa 1921, took a teaching position in Eden (OH) High School. She then obtained a journalism degree at Columbia University in New York City, and wrote freelance stories for the New York Daily News. Lineage: Martha (Purinton) Wyandt.

Everly, John Amaziah "Ami" Career: Said the 1923 book, History of West Virginia, Old and New: Born in 1872, he "grew up on his father's farm, attended the local schools, spent one winter at the Kingwood (WV) school and spent some time in the summer normal there. Beginning at the age of eighteen, he taught for eight years in country district and for two years of that time he was master of the Long Hollow School, where he himself had learned his early lessons. When he had finished his last year at Long Hollow he turned to commercial lines, and at Kingwood spent two years as a clerk in a drug store..." Later, served as Preston County Assessor. Married Lillie M. Wolfe. Lineage: Sarah (Carroll) Everly.

Farabee, Darlene (Hummel)  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1984); Penn State University (M.S.). Career: Taught at McGuffey School District, Washington County, PA. Married Matthew Reed Farabee. Lineage: Clinton Theodore Farabee

Farabee, Margaret (Bricker)  Education: Washington Seminary (1948); Slippery Rock University (B.S.); Waynesburg College.  Career:  Taught physical education at Trinity High School, Washington, PA.  Retired in 1996 after 34+ years. Married Donald "Reed" Farabee.  Lineage: Clinton Theodore Farabee

Farabee, Mark Daryl Education: Slippery Rock University (B.S.). Career: Former head football coach and teacher at Butler (PA) High School; also has coached track. Married Laura Houser. Lineage: Clinton Theodore Farabee

Fawcett, Glenna (Hyre) Career: From 1920-1929, was a teacher in the public schools of Preston County, WV, before her untimely death in 1929 at the age of 30 from tuberculosis. Married Elisha Arrington Fawcett.

Fee, Mary Ann Career: Teacher in Fayette County, PA. Lineage: Harry Calvin Minerd 

France, Rhoda (Van Horn) Career: One of the first school teachers in Wood County, Ohio, and "daily rode horseback to her duties in the early days..." (in the late 1860s). Married Civil War veteran John C. France.

Gaither, Dr. Edwin Stanton Jr.  Education:  Marietta College (A.B.); Brown University; Jefferson Medical College (M.D.).  Career:  Taught biochemistry at Brown University before becoming a physician and working at hospitals in Pittsburgh, Uniontown and Aliquippa, PA and  Marion, IL.  Lineage: Edwin Stanton Gaither Sr.

Gaither, Ethel G. (Smith)  Career:  Taught at Morgantown, WV and at Craig School at Uniontown, PA.  Married Edwin Stanton Gaither Sr. 

Giobbi, Judith (Minerd)  Education:  Indiana University of  Pennsylvania (B.S., 1970). Career: Taught Elementary vocal music in the Mt. Pleasant (PA) Area School District, including Third Ward, Rumbaugh, Donegal and Ramsey Elementary schools (1970-88) and fourth grade at Ramsay Elementary (1988-present). Married Alex Giobbi. Lineage: Lawrence Earl Minerd

Graham, Catherine Mildred (Harbaugh) Career: Teacher in Fayette County, PA circa 1921. Married Henry Glenn Graham. Lineage: John Harbaugh.

Guyton, Leah (Goff)  Education:  Adrian College.  Career:  Taught music in Hopwood, PA (1910).  Lineage: Emily H. (White) Goff

Halbrook, C. David  Career:  Assistant dean of boys and industrial arts teacher at Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg , PA.  Married Denise D. Holbert (see her entry).  Lineage: William G. Miner

Hall, Forrest L. Career: School teacher and country store owner in Kingwood, Somerset County, PA. Married Olive F. Dumbauld (see her entry). Lineage: Josephine (Minerd) Hall

Hall, Olive F. (Dumbauld) Career: Taught for one year in the public school system of Somerset County, PA. Married Forrest L. Hall (see his entry). Lineage: Josephine (Minerd) Hall

Hall, Rosalyn W. Career: Circa 1920, at age 20, was a teacher in the public schools of Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., Somerset County. Lineage: Josephine (Minerd) Hall

Hanshaw, Chris Career: piano performer and teacher who has given concerts at the College of the Holy Cross. Married Dr. James "Barry" Hanshaw" (see his entry). Lineage: Frank W. Hanshaw, Sr.

Hanshaw, Dr. James "Barry" Education: Received a doctor of medicine at the State University of New York at Syracuse. Career: has held leadership positions at many hospitals, and specialized in the academic aspects of immune system illnesses in fetuses and newborns. Began his career working in virology at the Harvard University School of Public Health and in 1960 moved to the University of Rochester School of Medicine, focusing for 15 years on pediatrics and microbiology. Became Chairman of Pediatrics and then Dean of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and served for a decade. Now Dean Emeritus at UMass, a college health physician at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and serves on the UMass Memorial Foundation.  Has lectured on pediatrics at Harvard since 1975, and authored two books – Human Cytomegalovirus Infection and Viral Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn (1984). In 2004, received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Upstate Medical University of the State University of New York, and a Career Achievement Award from the Worcester District Medical Society. Lineage: Frank W. Hanshaw, Sr. 


Book naming John
W. Harbaugh

Harbaugh, Etta Setterdahl Career: taught school at Manual Training High School, in Indianapolis, IN. Married Leonard Earl Harbaugh (see his entry). 

Harbaugh, John Williams Education: Allegheny College (A.B., 1920); University of Pittsburgh (M.A., 1928). Married Ethel Howland. Lineage: John Harbaugh. Career (as related in the 1970 book, A History of Mill Run (PA):

John began his schooling on the elementary level in Stewart Township (Rock Spring School) and Ohiopyle Borough, and attended the local Normal School at Mill Run in the summers of 1910 and 1911. He taught two years in Steward Township's one-room schools, Bidwell and Bear Run. He then entered Edinboro State Normal School (now Edinboro State College) in 1912 and upon graduating in 1915, he entered Allegheny College. After two years there, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and returned to Allegheny in 1919, and graduated in 1920 with an A.B. degree. He served as Assistant Superintendent of Fayette County Schools from 1920 to 1927. He resigned this post to join the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh where he remained until his retirement in 1962, after thirty-five years, as Emeritus Professor of Education. [He] did his graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Chicago. He was granted the M.A. Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1928, and completed all work for his Ph.D., except the thesis... Some special and interesting facts about his career include: one summer in Western Penitentiary testing inmates; while on the resident staff of the Erie Center of University of Pittsburgh he helped to found the Erie Day School, a private elementary school, where he was able to test his educational theories, serving four years there. For fourteen years, he served as a member of the Springfield Township School Board, and during this time the elimination of the one-room school came about.


~ One-Room Harbaugh School ~ 

Our family claims a school named after one of its major branches.  The one-room Harbaugh School was open from 1889 to 1930 in Lower Turkeyfoot Township , Somerset County , PA. The schoolhouse was near the old homestead of Civil War veteran David Harbaugh, whose parents, Leonard and Martha (Minerd) Imel Harbaugh, settled in the area in 1837.  More.


Harbaugh, Leonard Jr.  Career: Led an "institute" for teachers at Bigam School House, Mill Run, PA, at least as early as 1873.  Is mentioned in the History of Fayette County, Pa. (1882) and A History of Mill Run (1970).  The school house is seen at left. Married Maria Elizabeth Eicher.

Harbaugh, Leonard Earl Career: teacher in possibly Mill Run, Fayette County, PA or in Orion, Henry County, IL. Married Etta Setterdahl (see her entry). Lineage: John Harbaugh.

Harbaugh, Ruby  Career: Taught at Middlecreek Township and Rockwood Schools, Somerset County, PA (1915-17). Married John Peck and Earl Miller.


Schoolhouse in Mill Run, PA


Harley, Sara Ann "Sally" (Luckey)  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1973). Career: Substitute teacher in the Ellwood City (PA) Area Schools. Married William C. Harley (see his entry). Lineage: Andrew Luckey.

Harley, William C.  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1964; M.Ed., 1968).  Career:  Taught industrial arts at Ellwood City (PA) Area Schools (1964-97). Married Sara Ann "Sally" Luckey (see her entry). Lineage: Andrew Luckey.

Heins, John  Career: Taught in Stewart Township Schools, Fayette County, PA (1910s). Married Flossie Harbaugh (see her entry).

Heins, Flossie (Harbaugh) Career: Taught at Maple Summit School, Fayette County, PA (1914-15). Married John Heins (see his entry).

Hickman, Peggy Rae (Gaus)  Education: Slippery Rock University; California University of Pennsylvania (M.Ed., 1994). Career:  Substitute teaches in Washington, PA schools. Married Jay Hickman.  Lineage: Clinton Theodore Farabee


~ Flashback from ... A History of Mill Run, PA ~

"[P]ublic schools were not established ... until 1834 and not required (of cities, boroughs, counties and townships) until 1848....  'In Pennsylvania as elsewhere there were many arguments against public education.  It was new and it was expensive.  Some thought public schools socialistic.  Country people opposed them because children were needed on the farms.  It was claimed that schooling made children lazy and vain.'"  (quoting A History of American Education, H.S. Good, 1956)


Hoover, Mary Ellen (Minerd)  Education:  Penn State University (B.S., 1974); West Virginia University.  Career:  Librarian at Rockwood (PA) High School. Coached junior high girls' soccer and junior high and varsity girls' basketball.  Married Harry McKinley Hoover (see his entry).  Lineage: Albert Ward Minerd.

Hoyt, Edith Marguerite (Peterie)  Education:  Kansas State Teachers College.  Career:  Grade school teacher in Pratt County and Isabel, KS (eight years).  Parent-Teacher Assn volunteer. Married Merle Lee Hoyt.  Lineage: Ethel (Bailey) Peterie.

Hudak, Richard Education:  Slippery Rock University (B.S.); University of Memphis. Career: Tutored at Slippery Rock and was graduate teaching assistant in the dept of geography at the University of Memphis (1990-92).  Lineage: Stella (Minerd) Hager.

Humes, Mildred "Esther" (Younkin)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1942; TC/U, 1964); United States International University (M.A.). Career:  Taught elementary education at Hampton, Springfield Township and Mill Run Schools, Fayette County, PA; retired from the San Diego (CA) Unified School District. Lineage: James Franklin Younkin

Hursh, Luella (Hand) Career: Teacher in the Eel River Township Schools in Allen County, Indiana. Married Walter Hursh. Lineage: Martha Elsie (Pring) Hursh.

Inks, Harriet M.  Career: Taught at Lemont Furnace in North Union Township, Fayette County, PA (1901-05).

Jacobs, Alice (Lange) Career: Taught in Oklahoma (1961-67). Married Ron Jacobs (see his entry). Lineage: Clara (Miner) Tucker.

Jacobs. Ron Career: Taught in Oklahoma (1961-1967 and late 1980s). Married Alice Lange (see her entry). Lineage: Clara (Miner) Tucker.

Janoske, Lisa (Hawker)  Education: West Virginia University.  Career:  Substitute at South Middle, Broadford and South High School in Oakland, MD.  Also worked in the finance department of the Garrett County (MD) Board of Education. Married William Janoske (see his entry).  Lineage: Alma Leora (Ream) Sands

Janoske, William  Education: B.S. and master's, Frostburg State College.  Career: Eighth grade science teacher at Southern Middle School, Oakland, MD.  Married Lisa Hawker (see her entry). Lineage: Alma Leora (Ream) Sands

Jenkins, Mary Kethleen (Spellman) Career: School teacher. Married Charles John Jenkins. Lineage: John Homer Whetzel

Jenkins, Vera Mae (Whetzel) Education: California University of Pennsylvania. Career: Taught in Belle Vernon (PA) Schools. Married Charles Bentley Jenkins. Lineage: John Homer Whetzel 

Jennings, John R.  Career: Taught in Somerset County, PA, prior to enlistment in the Civil War in 1862. Married Martha J. Knight.

Johnson, Ethel Career: Public school teacher in San Benito, TX, ca 1920. Lineage: Alora (Bush) Johnson

Johnson, Hazel Loetta (Mansfield)  Education:  Colorado College. Career: Taught country grade school for 25 years in the Concordia, KS, area. Married William H. Johnson.  Lineage:  Laura Kate (Johnson) Swearingen

Johnson, Keith Career: Taught school in Florida; retired in 1996. Married Nancy Priscilla Bender. Lineage: James Jasper Knight

Jones, Marjean Lee (Miner)  Education: Westminster College (B.S., 1960); Duquesne University (M.E., 1972). Career: Taught at Johnson Street (1960-65) and Margaret Ross (1965-81) Elementary schools and Hopewell Jr. High School (1981-93) in the Hopewell Area School District, Aliquippa, PA. Married Gordon Sykes Jones. Lineage:  Odger Miner.

Jones, Sharon Sue Career: Taught third grade in the Sylvania School System in Ohio and the Mt. Pleasant School District in South Carolina. Lineage: Susan (Miner) Bemis.

Kennison, Rita (DeMichele)  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1971). Career: Teaches elementary school at Smithfield (PA) in the Albert Gallatin Area School District. Married Robert Kennison. Lineage: Thomas Minerd

Kerfoot, Pearl (McKnight) Career: Teacher near Uniontown, PA, circa 1920. Married John D. Kerfoot. 

Kimes, Morton Career: Taught at Central High School in Fort Wayne, IN. Married Adrien Pring. Lineage: James Wesley Pring.

Kreger, Reba Career: Former teacher. Married Larry Kreger. Lineage: Minnie (Miner) Gary.

Kildow, Helen Elizabeth (Culp) Education:  Ohio University (B.S., 1955). Career:  Taught elementary education for 35 years at Roseville Schools, Crooksville Exempted District and Franklin Local District, OH. Married Odin Ray Kildow. Lineage: Lewis Mortimer Culp.

Kildow, Judith A. (Long) Education: Ohio University (B.S.). Career: Elementary teacher at Maysville (OH) School District for 10 years. Married Eric Kildow.  Lineage:  Lewis Mortimer Culp.

Kinkead, Ralph Victor Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1950); West Virginia University (M.A.); University of  Pittsburgh. Career:  Taught in Fayette and Westmoreland County, PA, for 35 years, including:  mathematics and science at Pt. Marion High School (three years); and biology, chemistry and biochemistry at Greensburg Salem School District (32 years, including 27 years as Chairman of the Secondary Science Dept). Treasurer of Greensburg Teachers Credit Union for 18 years. Married Rhoda Jean Darby (see her entry). Lineage: Jennie (Minerd) Darby

Klingensmith, Barbara (Malone)  Education: Thiel College. Career: Taught in New York and/or Ohio for several years. Married Richard Klingensmith.  Lineage: Mary Adaline (Luckey) Malone

Klingensmith, Richard  Education: Thiel College. Career: Taught in Sharon, PA, and Ohio. Married Barbara Malone (see her entry). Lineage: Mary Adaline (Luckey) Malone

Knoblach, Tammy (Gross)  Education: University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (B.S., 1985). Career:  Has taught computers, algebra, math, geometry and calculus at Richland (PA) High (1985-86) and Meyersdale (PA) High School (1986-present). Married Albert Knoblach.  Lineage: Harry David Miner

Kociela, Doris Renee (Cavanaugh)  Education: Edinboro State College (B.S., 1973); Penn State University (M.Equiv.). Career: Taught kindergarten for nine years; second grade for seven years; and a number of years teaching fourth grade at Penn-Trafford (PA) School District. Married Bruce R. Kociela. Lineage:  Agnes (Miner) Miller

Krieg, Dorothy Ellen (Bender) Education: Central Michigan University (B.S., 1956). Career: Taught elementary school at Saginaw (eight years) and Grand Haven, MI (24 years), retiring in 1985. Married Robert Ralph Krieg Sr. Lineage: James Jasper Knight

Krieg, Robert Ralph Jr.  Education: Central Michigan University (B.S., 1972). Career: Has taught science at Forest Hills (MI) Northern High School.  Married Kimberly Dru Drummond. Lineage: James Jasper Knight

Kristensen, Harold Magnus Career: Taught school in Denmark prior to emigration to California (1918) and taught at Atterdag College at  Solvang, CA.  Married Alba Laura McGirk (see her entry – after his death, she married Edward Byrl Peck.) Lineage: Emma Linda (Brown) McGirk 

Lamkins, Charles Nelson  Career:  Public school teacher for 43 years, including in schools in Wichita, KS. Married Thelma "Fanelle" Peterie (see her entry). Lineage: Ethel (Bailey) Peterie.

Lamkins, Marcia Lane (Johnson)  Education:  Friends University (Wichita, KS).  Career: Taught first grade at Wichita, KS; Needham , MS; and  Fulton, MO (6.5 years). Married Robert Geraldine Lamkins (see his entry). Lineage: Ethel (Bailey) Peterie.

Lamkins, Thelma "Fanelle" (Peterie)  Education:  Kansas State Teachers College.  Career:  Taught grade school in Barber County and  Isabel, KS , until 1930).  Married Charles Nelson Lamkins (see his entry). Lineage: Ethel (Bailey) Peterie.

Lechner, Diane Lynn (Harley)  Education:  University of Pittsburgh (B.S., 1989);  California University of Pennsylvania (M.S.E.).  Career:  Teaches special education in the Ellwood City (PA) Schools, starting in 1989. Married Gregg Lechner.  Lineage: Andrew Luckey.

Luckey, Grace (Strickler)  Education:  California University of  Pennsylvania (1927).  Career: Taught elementary education at Franklin Township School in Vanderbilt and Gault School in Lower Tyrone Township (1927-43); and Perryopolis, Whitsett and Brownfield Schools in the Frazier School District (1948-69), all in PA.  Married Andrew Luckey, who was chairman of the refreshment committee of the 1930 Minerd Reunion.

Luckey, Helen Lelia (Miner)  Education:  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1927).  Career:  Taught grade school at Poplar Run (1923-24), Normalville (1924-26), Connellsville Third Ward (1927-36), Bullskin Township (1959-68) and Saltlick Township (1968-70), Fayette County, PA.  Married James Hugh Luckey.  Lineage: John Walter Miner.

Luckey, Ivan R.  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1956).  Career:  Taught industrial arts at Redstone High School (1956-57) in Fayette County, PA, and at Canton (OH) High School (1957-60). Married Nancy Kramer. Lineage: Andrew Luckey.

Luckey, Jane (Pryde)  Education:  Marietta College (B.A., 1961). Career: Taught American history at Wilkinsburg (PA) School District (1961-66).  Taught at Central Highlands (PA) Pre-School (1975-96). Married Wesley L. Luckey (see his entry). 


~ Flashback from ... Connellsville Courier, April 18, 1927 ~

"After 40 years in the teaching profession, J.M. Luckey, supervising principal of the schools of Lower Tyrone township, is preparing to retire at the end of the term, in May.  Mr. Luckey will be eligible for a pension.  He is now in his 70th year....  Mr. Luckey began teaching in 1879 at Maple Summit, in Stewart township....  Of his 40 years in the profession, 25 were spent in [Lower Tyrone] township, the last seven of which he had been supervising principal."



Joseph M. Luckey

Luckey, Joseph M. - Education: California University of Pennsylvania (1889). Career:  40 years at these PA schools: Maple Summit (Stewart Township), Furnace School (Dunbar Township), Mount Pleasant Township (Independent District) and St. James (Lower Tyrone Township), retiring as Supervising Principal of Lower Tyrone (1879-1927). Mentioned in Annals of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Vol. IV).  Married one of his students, Sarah Catherine "Sadie" Minerd.

Luckey, Olive (Brown)  Education: West Virginia University. Career: Taught junior high English at Connellsville (PA) Joint High School System (1950s-60s). Married Dr. Paul David Luckey Sr, who was chairman of the sports committee of the 1930 Minerd Reunion.

Luckey, Dr. Paul "David" Jr.  Education:  Carnegie Mellon University. Career: Retired research scientist in the physics dept. of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, focusing on elementary particle physics.  Mentioned in Annals of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Vol IV). Lineage: Dr. Paul David Luckey Sr.

Luckey, Wesley L.  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1959); West Virginia University (M.A., 1963); University of  Pittsburgh.  Career:  Taught at William Penn and Yough Schools in the Elizabeth Forward (PA) School District (1959-1965).  Elementary principal at Boston, Elizabeth, Central, Greenock, William Penn, Mt. Vernon and Yough Elementary schools, PA (1966-95).  Married Jane Pryde (see her entry).  Lineage: Andrew Luckey.


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