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A Sense of Wonder
Honoring Hundreds of Cousins Who Have 
Worked in Our Nation's Public Education Field


~ Support Services ~

Baer, Francis Career: Former custodian at Fayette Co. (PA) Vo-Tech School. Lineage: Mary (Minerd) Baer

Baer, James Career: Retired maintenance man at Menallen Elementary school near Uniontown, PA. Married Eleanor. Lineage: Mary (Minerd) Baer 

Blackwelder, Velda Pauline (Menzie)  Career: Managed school cafeteria at Montezuma, KS.  Married Jacob Ira Blackwelder (see his entry).  After his death, she married George Raymond Monninger. Lineage: Jennie (White) Blackwelder

Brooksher, Melinda Sue (Swope) Career: Works with inclusion of special needs children, ages three to six, in four different schools in Pittsburg, KS.  Married Richard Earl Brooksher.  Lineage: Orville Baldwin Minerd.

Buchholz, Karl Frederick Sr.  Career: Bus mechanic and driver for many years with Kern School Buses and R.W. Beck School Buses in Connellsville, PA. Married Helen I. Firestone. Lineage: Grant Louis Firestone Sr. 

Cameron, Gerry (Nicklow)  Career: Secretary at Rockwood High and Kingwood Elementary Schools, Somerset County, PA. Married Eugene Cameron. Lineage: Jackson Grant Rose 

Christian, Diane Marie (Basil)  Career: Security officer at a university in Arizona. Married Mark Christian (see his entry).  Lineage: Ella (Sherwood) Smith

Crabtree, Charles B.  Career: Retired custodian at West Mifflin (PA) School District.  Married Sarah Coffman.  Lineage: Mary Agnes (Younkin) Crabtree

Gary, Alice B. (Younkin)  Career: Prior to retirement, was a custodian at Millcreek Township Schools in Erie, PA. Married Silas J. Gary. 

Giles, Robert L. Career: Employed by the Connellsville Area (PA) School District for 24 years as an air conditioner and heat maintenance specialist. Also a trustee of the Connellsville Township Volunteer Fire Company. Lineage: Lucinda Jane "Jennie" (Miner) Turner Paolone Stevenson

Giles, William Ethelbert Jr. Career: Custodian for the Connellsville Area (PA) School District. Lineage: Lucinda Jane "Jennie" (Miner) Turner Paolone Stevenson

Halbrook, Denise D. (Holbert)  Career:  Administrative secretary at Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg, PA. Married C. David Halbrook (see his entry). Lineage: William G. Miner.

Halbrook, Stacy Lyn  Career: Worked in the business office of Blue Mountain Academy, Hamburg, PA, in 1999.  Daughter of C. David and Denise D. (Holbert) Halbrook (see their entries). Lineage: William G. Miner

Hanshaw, Margaret Career: Manuscripts editor with the Harvard Business Review. Married Dr. Paulo Andre. Lineage: Frank W. Hanshaw, Sr. 


Magazine article about A.E. Harbaugh

Harbaugh, Allen Edward Career: The "Mountain Poet" of Mill Run, PA, wrote word and math puzzles for youth magazine, Our Schoolday Visitor, ca 1869-70, under pen name "Al-Ed-Ha."  Married Margaret Williams. Featured on the cover of Western Pennsylvania History in 1999.

Harbaugh, Charles Clinton  Career:  Former part-time custodian for Uniontown (PA) Area School District.  Married Pauline Glisan.  Lineage: Robert Bacom Harbaugh Sr.

Harbaugh, James "Hub"  Career:  Drove a school bus in Rockwood, PA. Lineage: Robert Bacom Harbaugh Sr.

Hatter, Delores (Minor)  Career: Cafeteria worker at Dunbar Township (PA) Elementary school since 1973.  Head steward, Teamsters Local 491.  Married Gifford Hatter.  Lineage:  John Ross Miner and John N. Rose.

Hechler, Ray C. Career: Former school bus driver in Rockwood, PA. Married Treecy Pletcher. Lineage: Amanda (Younkin) Hechler

Hilling, George N. Career: Employed by Uniontown (PA) Area School District. Lineage:  Della (Firestone) Hilling 

Kern, Alma L. Education: Uniontown Hospital School of Nursing. Career:  School nurse with Laurel Highlands School District (retired 1983). Lineage: Agnes (Murray) Kern

Kimmel, Barbara (Herron)  Career: Aide for special ed classes in mid-1980s and 1990s at West End Memorial and Evergreen Avenue Schools in Woodbury, NJ.  Married Irvin Lester Kimmel Jr.  Lineage: John Andrew Miner

Kinkead, Rhoda Jean (Darby)  Career: Retired paraprofessional for the Westmoreland (PA) Intermediate Unit #7, working with physically and emotionally handicapped students. Vice president and contract negotiator for PSSPA.  Married Ralph V. Kinkead (see his entry). Lineage: Jennie (Minerd) Darby

Kirkpatrick, Aleta Fern (Doup) Career: Cafeteria cook for the Butler (Ohio) School District, retiring from Clear Fork High School after 27 years of service. Lineage: Arvilla (Minard) Marshall

Lamkins, Robert Gerald  Education: Friends University (Wichita, KS); Boston University (M.A.).  Career:  Director of annual giving at California University of Technology at Pasadena. Married Marcia Lane Johnson (see her entry).  Lineage: Ethel (Bailey) Peterie

Linderman, Harold Career: With his wife, was custodian of the Franklin Elementary School near Vanderbilt, Fayette County, PA for many years. Married Mary Cottom (see her entry).

Linderman, Mary (Cottom) Career: Remembered by many school children at the Franklin Elementary School near Vanderbilt, Fayette County, PA where she and her husband worked as custodians for many years. Married Harold Linderman (see his entry). 

Merywether, Mary J. (Culp)  Education: Citrus Community College (B.A., 1978).  Career: Parent helper and playground supervisor at  Saddleback Valley Unified School District (1994-96). Married Timothy Merywether. Lineage: Lewis Mortimer Culp

Minerd, Albert "Ward" Career: Custodian at the Mill Run School in the 1950s. Married Ada Whipkey.

Minard, Amos Bartholomew Education: At age 20, in 1872, attended Scio College in Ohio but did not graduate. Is mentioned in Joseph T. Harrison’s 1927 book, The Story of the Dining Fork, which details early students at the college, and lists his name among "Nongraduates." Career: A lover of books, and with excellent writing skills, Amos may be the same "Minerd" who helped organize a literary society at Locust Grove, near Cadiz, in 1886, which drew "very large" crowds. 

Miner, Eleanor  Career: Former secretary at Springfield Township Elementary school at Normalville, PA.  Lineage: John Walter Miner 

Miner, Homer  Career: Retired custodian of Connellsville (PA) Area School District. Married Emma Workman. Lineage: Frank Miner.

Minerd, Rev. Isaac Herschel Career: Carpenter at a school in Pittsburgh, PA (1910s).  President of first and second Annual Minerd Reunions (1913-14).  Married Sarah Susannah Schiebler and Margaret Jane Sheppard.

Minerd, Lawrence Earl  Career: Truant officer in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, PA.  Married Isabelle W. Coughenour.

Minerd, Lucille M.  Career: Cafeteria worker at Somerset Area School District. Married Donald E. Minerd. Lineage: Rev. William Mullen Minerd.

Miner, Mark Alan  Education: West Virginia University (B.S.J., 1983). Career: Serves on the Beaver Area School District Education Foundation (2003-present). Has given guest lectures at the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business and at West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics. Founder of Minerd.com website and president of the national Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor Reunion. Married Elizabeth Zoeller. Lineage: Odger Miner.

Miner, Orlan Lloyd  Career: Locksmith at Monrovia (CA) High School in 1950s and '60s.  Worked with teacher Robert Culp (see his entry). Married Helen Proctor.



Rebuilt Rosse Hall, left, and Church of the Holy Spirit at Kenyon College, Ohio


Minard, Solomon Sr. Career: Skilled carpenter and woodworker. In about 1844-1845, helped to build Rosse Chapel at Kenyon College in Gambier, Knox County. Labored as a joiner on the fine interior finishes of the woodwork. The building burned in 1897, and was rebuilt, though the chapel was moved to a much grander structure, which today is known as the Church of the Holy Spirit.

Nesser, Stephen Simon  Career:  Salesman for Holt Publishing, a secondary educational textbook company.  Married Bonita Goodwin (see her entry). Lineage: Stella (Minerd) Hager

Novak, Adam Career: Telefund supervisor for the University of Pittsburgh, Office of Institutional Advancement. (Also see entry for Albert J. Novak Jr. on the "Administrators and Teachers" page.) Lineage: Jonas Rowan

Overholt, Claude C. Career: While in St. Louis, MO, invented and manufactured building toy blocks marketed as "Monkey Blocks." Sold them to progressive schools, primarily throughout the Eastern United States, as creative educational tools for early childhood development. Married Avis Halsey. 

Peck, Alba Laura (McGirk) Kristensen  Career:  Elementary school secretary at Bellflower California District (18 years).  Received Honorary Life Membership to the California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc. (1958)  Married Harold Magnus Kristensen (see his entry) and Edward Byrl Peck. Lineage: Emma Linda (Brown) McGirk.

Philp, Mabel (Bailey)  Career:  Secretary in the horticultural department of the University of Missouri at  Columbia and of the horticultural department of the University of California at Davis.  Married Guy L. Philp (see his entry).

Plants, Jeanne Career: Former pre-school teacher in Ashtabula, Ohio. Married Robert Lloyd Plants. Lineage: Ollie Margaret (Miner) Plants.

Pratten, Evelyn Bell (Wooliscroft)  Education: Canonsburg General Hospital School of Nursing.  Career:  Nurse in the Canonsburg (PA) Schools.  Married Theodore Roosevelt Pratten.  Lineage: Mary Catherine (McKnight) Pratten.


John R. Pring

Pring, John Richard Career: Truant officer for the public school in Shawnee, OK, in which he served for a quarter of a century until retirement in 1940 due to age. a pioneer of Missouri and Oklahoma, as well as the holder of patented inventions and an influential local politician, among other talents, whose "long and colorful career" was chronicled in the Shawnee (OK) News Star newspaper in the 1940s. Married Martha Ellen Perry.

Rice, Helen Frances (Clark)  Career: Administrative assistant to the dean of two colleges at the University of Tennessee medical units at Memphis. Also thesis consultant of the UT graduate school. Married Frank Graham Rice.  Lineage: Roscoe Conkling Clark 

Rush, Benjamin C.  Career:  School bus driver in Garrett County, MD.  Married Loretta Bowser.  Lineage: Louisa (Rose) Thomas.

Scofield, Marilyn (Miner)  Career:  Child specialist in kindergarten through third grades in Ojai, CA.  Married Garrold Scofield (see his entry).  Lineage:  Orlan Lloyd Miner.

Sellers, Mary Alberta (Downey)  Career:  Secretary at intermediate school at Fort Scott,  KS.  Married Paul Laverne Sellers (see his entry). Lineage: Lester White

Srogi, Bernard M.  Career: Bus driver for Pittsburgh City Schools, PA.  Married Sandy. Lineage: Mary (Minerd) Eicher

Tarter, Sandra Ann (Cooper)  Career: Employee of public schools in Dodge City, KS.  Married David Moore Tarter.  Lineage: Blanche (Clark) Tarter.  

Tarter, Laban Moore  Education: University of Missouri (1905). Career: Salesman for the International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, PA. Married Jeanette "Blanche" Clark.

White, Elizabeth Sandra (Birch)  Career:Secretary at Washington & Jefferson College.Married Roy C. White. Lineage:  John Wiley Birch.

Witt, Marcy Ann (Miner)  Career: Office aide and cafeteria monitor at Dunbar Township (PA) Elementary school (1992- ? ). Married Bryan Witt. Lineage: Lester Miner.

Wolfe, Ray M. "Ted"  Career: Former janitor in the Connellsville (PA) Area School District. Married Mary G. Eicher.Lineage: Lucy  Murray) Eicher

Work, Graydon Friend Career: School bus driver in Mill Run, PA. Married Ferne Lucille Minerd.  Lineage: Albert Ward Minerd

Work, Harold Sturgis Career: School bus driver in Mill Run, PA. Married Diane Cunningham  Lineage: Albert Ward Minerd 

Umbel, Diana  Career: School librarian in Virginia.  Married Wayne Umbel.  Lineage: William Judson Harbaugh 

Younkin, Hubert Dayton  Career:  Owned and drove school buses for more than 40 years, including 27 years for the Rockwood (PA)  School District.  Retired in 1980.  Married Opal Schmuck. Lineage: James Franklin Younkin 

Younkin, James "Fae" Career: Owned and drove school buses for the Springfield Township Schools in  Fayette County, PA. Married Evelyn Faidley. Lineage: James Franklin Younkin 


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