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A Sense of Wonder
Honoring Hundreds of Cousins Who Have Worked 
in Our Nation's Public/Private Education Field


~ Administrators and Teachers ~

Malone, Mary Adeline (Luckey)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (1925). Career: Taught at St. James in Lower Tyrone Township (1919-31), Rostraver Township (1931-33) and Ruffsdale (PA) Schools (1955-62). Served on the general committee for the 1930 Minerd Reunion. Married Walter L. Malone.

Martin, Cynthia  Education: Ohio State University (B.A., M.A., Ph.D. [a.b.d.]). Career: Taught English composition, business communication, critical thinking and writing, and literature at Ohio State (eight years) and Columbus State Community College (two years). Taught cultural history at Franklin University.  Lineage: Arnold Overholt

McCabe, Albert Philip Education:  George Washington University. Career: Taught while at GWU prior to becoming an engineer and helping design the rocket engine for the Apollo space program. Lineage: Blanche (Minerd) McCabe


Margaret McCluckey

McCluckey, Margaret (Mills)  Education: California University of PA. Career: Taught elementary education  at Rowes Run and Republic Schools, Fayette County, PA (1930s-60s). Married Edward McCluckey.

McDowell, Dr. Eric L.  Education: Bethany College (B.S.); Miami University of Ohio (M.A.); West Virginia University (Ph.D.). Career: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Berry College, GA, and formerly taught mathematics and computer science at Bethany College in West Virginia. In 2003, received one of Berry's most prestigious awards -- the Dave and Lu Garrett Award for Meritorious Teaching -- presented annually to the faculty member judged to have been most effective during the year. He is believed to be the first before-tenure faculty member to receive this honor. Click here to read the college's press release. Lineage: Etta (Minerd) McDowell

McDowell, Dr. Jacqueline M.  Education: University of Akron (B.Ed., M.Ed.); Kent State University (Ph.D., 1985) Career: Dean of the School of Education and the Human Sciences at Berry College, Rome, GA. Previously taught sixth grade, art and music in elementary schools in northeastern Ohio; then was a faculty member at the University of Akron for 14 years.  Married Dr. Eric L. McDowell (see his entry) Lineage: Etta (Minerd) McDowell

McDowell, Robert Arnold  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1964; M.Ed., 1975). Career: Teaches industrial arts in the Connellsville (PA) Area School District. Married Shirley Harford (see her entry). Lineage: Etta (Minerd) McDowell

McDowell, Shirley L. (Harford) Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1963; M.Ed., 1977). Career: Reading specialist and mathematics clinician in the Connellsville (PA) Area School District. Married Robert A. McDowell (see his entry). Lineage: Etta (Minerd) McDowell

McDowell, Virginia (Miner)  Education: Wilson College (A.B., 1939). Career: Taught English and Latin at Clymer, PA(1939-40), Dunbar Borough, PA (1940-43) and Scottdale/Southmoreland, PA (1943-78). Married William McDowell. Lineage: Edward Campbell Miner

McGirk, Dr. Leonidas Soland Jr.  Education: California Tech; Oregon State College (B.S.); Stanford University (Ph.D., 1952).  Career: Assistant professor and teacher of geology at the Mackay School of Mines (Reno, NV (1952-69). Featured in his wife’s book, ‘Tis the Set of the Sails. Listed in American Men of Science, Who's Who in the West (9th Edition). Married Mary Louise Blair. Lineage: Emma Linda (Brown) McGirk

McKnight, Jesse Minerd Career: Principal of public schools near Uniontown (PA) circa 1910-1920. 

Menefee, Ida (Troutman)  Education: Wheeling Women's College, WV. Career: Taught at Keyser, WV circa 1891 following her husband’s tragic railroad death in  Wyoming. Married George W. Menefee.


Poplar Run School, Fayette County, PA

Metts, Ross  Career: Works at Frostburg State College and perhaps other institutions in Maryland (2002). Lineage: Ross Minerd

Miller, Agnes (Miner)  Education: Normal Institute of Normalville, PA; University of  Pittsburgh at Uniontown, PA. Career: Taught at Middlefork, Poplar Run, Pritts, Normalville (#1 and #2), Pleasant Hill, Hampton, St. John, Indian Head and Washington Schools in  Fayette County, PA (1905-19; 1920-21; 1925-50). Many of the schools where Agnes taught were one-room facilities, including Poplar Run. Agnes' niece Helen Miner and cousins Florence Hart and Winifred Hart also taught at Poplar Run over the years.

Miller, Kristine (Kildow) Education: Ohio University (B.S., 1961). Career: Librarian for Roseville School District and Maysville School District, OH (1961-67). Married Robert P. Miller. Lineage: Lewis Mortimer Culp.

Minor, Abby Louise (Waterman)  Education: Albion College (B.A.); Michigan State University (M.A.). Career: Taught in Jackson, MI. Married James Earl Minor. Lineage: Porter Owen Minor


~ Flashback from Waynesburg, PA, Aug. 20, 1952 ~

"When the complete sports history of the school is written, the name of one man will lead the rest -- Ross Minor ... father of sports at Rogersville High...  Minor, tall and good looking as he was talented athletically and academically, took on the role of pioneer coach at rural Rogersville High in 1928.  The new athletic director was forced to coach youths who had never seen a football game.  They lived on farms and their chores interfered with practice.  They bought their own shoes and the School Board passed the hat and purchased uniforms."



Albert "Ross" Minor pictured

Minor, Albert "Ross"  Education: Waynesburg College (1925). Career:  Taught near Blacksville, WV (1914-17) and in Greene County,  PA, at Walnut Hill School, Dunkard Township (1918-21) and German Township (1925-28).  Athletic Director at Rogersville (PA) High School (1928-30s).  Substitute teacher in New Orleans, LA, in the early 1960s.  Married Sarah Fye (see her entry).

Minerd, Barbara Jane  Education: Moore College of Art (B.F.A., 1972), L’Academie Charpentier, Paris, France; Long Island University, C.W. Post (M.Ed. 1975). Career: Taught Elementary Art in Harborfields Public School District (1975), Center Moriches Public School District (1976-1979), Wading River Public School District (1979-1980); Associate Professor, Visual Communications and Coordinator, Artists & Lecturers Programs, State University of New York at Farmingdale (2001-2017); Public Relations Coordinator, Garden City and Shelter Rock Public Libraries (over 35 years).  Lineage: Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd

Minerd, Charles E. "Mike"  Education:  Waynesburg College (1964).  Career: Retired after 30 years of teaching. Taught sixth grade at East Cleveland (OH) School District (1964-66). Moved to  Pittsburgh, PA and worked for 28 years, including as history teacher and football coach at Wilkins Jr. High; baseball coach at Churchill High; 10th and 11th grade history teacher at Turtle Creek High and Churchill High; and history teacher and detention and in-school suspension overseer at Woodland Hills High. Lineage: Thomas Minerd.

Miner, Charles "Robert" Career: Longtime industrial arts and technology teacher in the Maumee (OH) City School System. Married Beverly Hansen. Lineage: Hugh Valentine Miner

Minerd, Cheri (Cothran) Career: Homeschooling in Merrimack, NH, since the early 1990s. Married Ronald Patrick Minerd. Lineage:  Rev. William Mullen Minerd.


Blacksville, on the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border,  where Albert Ross Minor taught in the mid-1910s.




Minerd, Clara Career: Currently teaches fourth grade in Syracuse, NY. Married William Mullen Minerd II (see his entry). Lineage: Rev. William Mullen Minerd.

Miner, Clyde Calvin  Career: Said to have taught at Washington Court House, OH, prior to entering business and becoming President of Lucas-Miner Pump County, Dayton, OH (early 1900s). Married Bertha Smith.

Miner, Edward Campbell  Education: Normal Institute of Normalville, PA; California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1909); Universityof Pittsburgh (B.S., 1934).  Career:  Elementary principal at Springfield Township (Poplar Run, Mountain View), Franklin Township and Star Junction, Fayette County, PA(1903-10); Principal at South Side, Second Ward and Third Ward in  Connellsville, PA (1911-54).  Ran for County Superintendent of Schools, year unknown. Married Maud Brooks (see her entry).


Eliza (Hess) Minerd and students

Minerd, Eliza (Hess) Career: Teacher for many years at the Star Junction Elementary School in Fayette County, PA, primarily in the years from just before World War I to the start of World War II. Seen here, Eliza stands in the back row at top right, with one of her classes of elementary students. This photograph graces the cover of our 1997 reunion booklet, A Sense of Wonder. Married James Calvin Minerd Jr. 

Minerd, Freda (Swaney)  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1947). Career: Taught elementary education at Collier, Weaver and York Run Schools, and English, reading, spelling and writing at Fairchance-Georges Junior-Senior High School in Fayette County, PA (1930s-70s). Mentioned in Fairchance Through The Years (1989).  Married Charles Irvin "Bud" Minerd.  Lineage: Thomas Minerd

Minerd, Geraldine Margaret (Augstyn)  Career:  Taught in the Rochester, NY, area, and substitute taught in NY and Dallas, TX, for 10 years.  Married Timothy Melvin Minerd. Lineage: Rev. William Mullen Minerd.

Minerd, Gloria (Brush)  Education: William & Mary College (A.B., 1944); New York State Teachers' College at Plattsburgh (M.A., 1971). Career:  Taught first grade primarily at Ardsley, NY (1964-85). Mentioned in The Shipleys of  Maryland (1968). Married Robert Edwin Minerd (see his entry). Lineage: Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd

Minor, Harold Earl  Career: Taught in the Waynesburg, PA, area (early 1900s) before moving to Cleveland, Ohio. Married Esther Hemerlin. 


Harvey D. Miner
Bowling Green State University

Miner, Harvey "Dean" Career: Influential industrial arts instructor at Bowling Green State University, and, said a newspaper, was "a specialist in setting up industrial arts programs… [and] organized and set up industrial arts shops at schools in Weston, McClure, St. Paris and Tontogany [OH]." Authored the book Exploring Patternmaking and Foundry, published by the D. Van Nostrand Co., of Princeton, and of "Pattern Making and Foundry in the General Shop" in the October 1950 edition of Industrial Arts Magazine. In 1959, was appointed to a team of Ohio University educators in a program through the Nigerian government and the International Cooperative Administration. Their mission was to study the technical education programs of Nigeria’s secondary schools and colleges before making specific recommendations for change. During a two-year leave of absence from BGSU in 1960-1961, resided in Enugu, Nigeria, about 200 miles inland. Later, upon returning to the U.S., authored "Industrial Arts in Nigeria" in the December 1966 issue of the Journal of Industrial Arts Education. Married Vera "Florence" Hardy. Lineage: Hugh Valentine Miner

Minard, Iva (Watkins) Career: Taught school in Hawleyville, Iowa. Married Jesse Ernest Minard.

Minerd, Jeffrey Timothy  Education: Hollins (M.A.) Career: Taught writing at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD , and co-edited Writer's Carousel. Guest speaker at our 2000 national reunion. Lineage: Rev. William Mullen Minerd.

Miner, John Edward  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1966; M.Ed., 1978). Career: Taught woodworking at Canon-McMillan (PA) High School (1966-71); adult classes in drafting and blueprint reading (1968-71) and mechanical drawing and woodworking at Belmore Boys High School, Sydney, Aus­tralia (1971-72); fifth-10th grade arts/crafts, woodworking and metalworking at Molong Central School, Molong, Australia (1972-74); woodworking at Bermudian Springs School District near Gettysburg, PA (1974-78), primarily industrial arts at Waynesburg (PA) Central High School and Margaret Belle Miller Middle School (1978-79). Former owner of Valley Skating Center,  Donora, PA. Lineage: Edward John Miner

Minerd, Kathryn (Kelly)  Education: California University of Pennsylvania. Career: Taught elementary education for 32 years in Orient and Republic Schools, Fayette County, PA. Married Wilbert Regis "Patsy" Minerd (see his entry). 


~ The "Minard School" - Philippi, WV ~

"Minard Sch." east of Meriden and Ford Run, 
near Philippi, about a mile from the Croston School

The historical record is hazy and misty, but a "Minard School" once existed in the Chestnut Ridge section of Philippi, Barbour County, WV circa 1938-1939.  Circa 1938, Dorwin J. Wolfe mentioned the school, and drew it on a map, in his West Virginia University thesis, A Proposed Plan of Consolidation and Reorganization of the Schools of Barbour County, West Virginia. In the report, Mr. Wolfe noted that grades 1 to 8 attended the Minard School, with one teacher responsible for 38 students, with average daily attendance of 28.

In 1939, in October, Sarah Ann "Sally" (Croston) Minard, wife of George Riley Minard, died and her funeral was held at the "Minard school" with the Rev. Harris in charge. More will be researched on the origins and lifespan of this building.

At the early to mid-1900s, on Chestnut Ridge, there was one known school, "Croston School." The Fourth Annual Report of the County Superintendent of Free Schools, published in 1910-1911, called for a "better and larger blackboard; coalhouse and outbuildings repaired; chair for teacher; recitation bench" as needed improvements. Circa 1959, Croston had an enrollment of about 30 students and was recommended for closure for integration with the Tacy School. More will be reported here when learned. 

Former Croston School, Chestnut Ridge, 2007 

Map courtesy of the West Virginia and Regional 
History Collection, West Virginia University


Miner, Kenneth Richard  Education: California University of Pennsylvania (B.S., 1971). Career: Taught at Canon-McMillan Senior High School, Canonsburg, PA. Married Cheryl Scuvotti.  Lineage: Edward John Miner.

Minor, Dr. Louise  Education:  Michigan State University (B.S.); University of Illinois (Ph.D.); University of Michigan (M.D.). Career: Taught at the University of Illinois and Lansing (MI) Community College.  Lineage: Porter Owen Minor

Minarde, Mabel (Coleman) Career: Music teacher who had a large private class of piano pupils and also was the organist at the Methodist Protestant church in Akron, Ohio. Married John Minarde. Lineage: Calvin M. Minard.

Miner, Mae Elizabeth (Horne)  Education: York Hospital School of Nursing (1962); Millersville University (B.S., 1979).  Career:  Nursing Instructor, Daytona Beach Community College (1980-84); In-Service Instructor, Hospice of Volusia/ Flagler (1994; 1996-present); studied alternative therapies at Atlantic Academy (1995); managed a ReNew Life Clinic (1996); part-time nurse practitioner focusing on nutrition (1997).  Married Richard Dean Miner.  Lineage: Odger Miner.

Miner, Maud (Brooks)  Career:  Taught in Springfield Township, Fayette County, PA prior to marriage and later at Pleasant Hill School,  Springfield Township (1940s-50s).  Married Edward Campbell Miner (see his entry).

Minerd, Milton  Education:  University of Pittsburgh (B.S.; M.Ed.)  Career:  Taught electronics and night classes at Eastern Westmoreland (PA) Vocational Technical School (1964-85).  Also taught night school at Westmoreland Community College, Youngwood, PA, and at Greensburg (PA) Technical Institute.  Married Janet Stairs. Lineage: Ernest Earl Minerd 

Minerd, Nell Gertrude (Penn)  Education:  California University of Pennsylvania (1909).  Career:  Taught eighth grade at Uniontown, PA (1909-13).  Mentioned in The Shipleys of Maryland (1968).  Married Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd (see his entry.)


Porter O. Minor

Minor, Porter Owen - Education:  Waynesburg College; Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Career:  Taught in a one-room schoolhouse (1911).  Married Mary Belle MacDonald.

Minerd, Robert Edwin  Education:  Mansfield (PA) State Teachers College (B.S., 1946); Columbia University (M.A., 1947).  Career:  Taught mostly in Bronxville and Scarsdale, NY , including 15 years in instrumental music and 22 years in a classroom (1947-84).  Mentioned in Samuel Eliot Morison's book, The Atlantic Battle Won [History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, Volume X] (1964) and in The Shipleys of Maryland (1968).  Married Gloria Brush (see her entry).  Lineage: Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd


Roy "Penn" Minerd

Minerd, Roy "Penn" - Education:  Mansfield College (B.S., 1939); Penn State University (M.Ed., 1946).  Career:  Taught instrumental music at Wesleyville (PA) Schools (1939-43); and at South Williamsport (PA), Valley Forge (PA) Military Academy, Bayshore (NY) Public Schools, three schools of BOES, Lloyd Harbor Elementary and Cold Spring Harbor Schools, NY (1946-77).  In 1964, his elementary band played at the New York World's Fair.  Mentioned in The Shipleys of Maryland (1968).  Married Jane Sage. Lineage: Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd

Minerd, Dr. Roy Sheppard   Education: California University of Pennsylvania (1909); University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (M.D., 1917).  Career:  Taught at Leith (1904-06) and Belle Vernon Schools in Fayette County, PA (1910).  Principal of Fairchance Grade and High Schools, PA (1910-13).  Became a physician and practiced in Erie and  Smethport, PA.  Secretary of first Annual Minerd Reunion (1913).  Mentioned in The Shipleys of  Maryland (1968).  Married Nell Gertrude Penn (see her entry).


Principal Roy S. Minerd with his teachers at Fairchance, PA, 1912-1913


Minor, Sarah (Fye)  Career:  Taught in Waynesburg, PA (1927).  Married Albert Ross Minor (see his entry).

Minerd, William Mullen II  Career:  State University of New York, Health Science Center, Office of Continuing Education.  Married Clara Minerd (see her entry).  Lineage: Rev. William Mullen Minerd.

Morell, Bonnie (Pfeifer)  Education:  Texas Western College (now University of Texas at El Paso) (B.S., 1962); Edinboro University .  Career:  Retired in 1997 after 35 years at these schools in Beaver County, PA:  South Side Elementary in the South Side Beaver District; South Beaver Elementary in the Northwestern District; Fourth Ward and Fifth Ward Schools in the Monaca District; and Big Knob Elementary in the Freedom Area District.  Married John Morell.  Lineage:  Sarah Ellen (Enos) Hart

Moringiello, Cynthia (Minerd)  Education:  State University of New York, Potsdam (B.S., 1968).  Career:  Taught vocal and instrumental music at Nome Public Schools, Alaska (1968-70); W.I.N. Program as adult educator for GED diploma (1970); Pittsburgh (PA) Public Schools (1970-73); Boone Co. Public Schools, Ridgeview,  WV (1973-74).  Married Daniel Moringiello.  Lineage: Dr. Roy Sheppard Minerd

Mountain, Joseph Egbert "Bert"  Career: Taught at Critchfield School, Fayette County, PA (early 1900s). Married Viola Ray Younkin. 

Mountain, Mildred Lucartha  Education: State Teachers College of Indiana, PA (1935). Career: Teacher in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA circa 1940. Said to also have taught school in Pittsburgh. Lineage: Viola Ray (Younkin) Mountain.


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