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Coal, Coke and Steel
Honoring More than 400 Cousin Laborers Who
Shaped America's Mineral and Metal Industries


Last Names Starting with ~ N to Z ~  
See also ~ A to L M
 ~ Life and Death ~ Introduction ~


~ N - O - P - Q ~

Neely, Harold L. "Bud. (1912-1984) Husband of Anna Arminta Miner. Supervising accountant for 32 years at U.S. Steel's Clairton Works.

Newkirk, James M. (1910-1995) Husband of Wilma Gene Farabee. Worked at the Gateway Mine, Waynesburg, PA, for 36 years (1940-1976). UMWA Local 6330.

Newman, Franklin D. "Frank" - employed by Babcock & Wilcox Tubular Products, Beaver Falls, PA.

Newman, Harvey Junior crane operator for Babcock & Wilcox, Koppel, PA.

Newman, Robert Carl (1949-2011). Husband of Diane Mayle. Employee of LTV Steel in Canton, OH and retired from the company.

Newman, Robert Lee "Bob" millwright rigger with Babcock & Wilcox Tubular Products, Beaver Falls, PA.

Newman, Truman (1883- ? ) Husband of Hulda "Jane" Croston. Coal miner in Philippi, WV in 1910-1920.

Nichols, Charles "Roy" (1893-1960) Husband of Millie Pearl Mayle. Check weighman in coal mines of Brilliant, OH in 1920.

Nichols, Newton Roy Sr. (1924-1987) Son of Charles "Roy" and Millie Pearl (Mayle) Nichols. Employed by Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel.

Nicholson, Teddy W. (1925-1979) Husband of Helen L. Richter. Heavy equipment operator for Laurel Ridge Coal near Connellsville, PA.

Nicklow, Ewing Albert coal miner for Johnson Fuel Company at Percy, near Uniontown, PA.

Nicklow, William E. Irvin Works of Carnegie Illinois Steel near Pittsburgh.


John William Ogle's coal transport business sign


Ogle, John William - Son of George Ewing and Sarah (Flack) Ogle. Self-employed in the coal transport business, known as "transfer and express" at that time. 

Ogle, William D. (1845-1893) Second husband of Sarah (Minerd) Ingles Ogle. Driver at the Pennsville (PA) coal mine. On May 9, 1893, suffered a tragic accident at work which may have directly led to his death. He was caught between wagons, and his left leg was crushed, and the leg had to be amputated above the knee. Sadly, just a little more than a month after the accident, William passed away on June 12, 1893, at the age of 48. 

Parfitt, Clyde ( ? - ? ) Son of John M. and Eva (Firestone) Parfitt. Retired steelworker at U.S. Steel's Christy Park Works, McKeesport, PA. 

Parfitt, John M. "Jack. (1905-1982). Husband of Eva Firestone. Former employee of U.S. Steel's Christy Park Steel Works. 

Patterson, David Jay - Son of Morgan E. and Susan Ria (White) Patterson. Currently works at the bar mill of the Koppel, PA plant of Koppel Steel. 

Patterson, Scott Edwin  - Son of Morgan E. and Susan Ria (White) Patterson. Currently works in the finishing department of the Ambridge, PA plant of Koppel Steel. 

Peck, Francis Howard (1909-1985) Husband of Rachel Helen Miner. Coal miner for U.S. Steel Corp. UMWA. 

Podraza, Francis Joseph (1914-1986). Husband of Dorothy Mae Minerd. Worked at U.S. Steel's Fairless Works.

Pratton, Joseph B. Jr. (1871-1944) Husband of Mary Catherine McKnight. Coal miner at Brownsville and Canonsburg, PA and Wheeling, WV. 

Predilla, James (1887-1967) Second husband of Daisy (Minerd) Hiles-Predilla. Miner near Masontown, PA. UMWA. 

Pringle, Weldon J. (1883- ? ) Husband of Bertha M. Minerd. Coal miner near Fairchance, PA circa 1907. Circa 1909, was employed at the York Run mine of the H.C. Frick Coke Company. He then landed a job at Colliers Works in about July 1910.

Prinkey, Donald Clayton (1911-1985) Husband of Carrie Minor. Blast furnace worker at U.S. Steel's Edgar Thomson Works for 23 years (1952-1975). 

Prinkey, John E. (1912-1994) Son of Elmer C. and Ida G. (Pritts) Prinkey. Retired in 1976 from the Maple Creek Mine and formerly worked at U.S. Steel's Leisenring #3 and Red Lion Mines. UMWA Local 1248. 


John Prinkey, U.S. Steel

Prinkey, John Edward - Son of Donald Clayton and Carrie (Minor) Prinkey. Fifth generation coal, coke and steel worker. Blast furnace laborer at U.S. Steel's Edgar Thomson/Mon Valley Works, beginning in 1973.

Prinkey, Kenneth W. (1915-1980) Son of Elmer C. and Ida G. (Pritts) Prinkey, and husband of Kathryn Snyder. Former steelworker and coal miner. 

Prinkey, Nancy Louise (1939-2006) Daughter of John and Sylvia (Rowan) Prinkey. Member of Somerset (PA) Local of the United Steel Workers of America.

Pritts, Homer R. (1907-1945) Son of John B. and Rachel (Ruamy) Pritts. Worked for Pittsburgh Steel Co.'s railroad at the time of his death.

Pritts, John B. ( ? - ? ) Husband of Rachel Ruamy (Long). In 1902, was named stable boss at the new coke works at Victoria, near West Newton and Star Junction. John and William Thomas occupied his Normalville farm during his absence.

Provance, George Martin coal loader in a mine in Greene County, PA.


Sprawling plant of Sharon Steel in Sharon, PA


~ R ~

Radcliffe, Beth Lynne - Daughter of William Curtis and Laura (McKnight) Radcliffe. Worked as a laborer at Sharon Steel for 13 years, starting in 1979, in the pickling and cold-rolled departments, among others. 

Radcliffe, Bradford Louis - Son of William Curtis and Laura (McKnight) Radcliffe. Worked during his college summers at Sharon Steel. 


Pittsburgh Coal tipple and railcars

Radcliffe, William Charles (1888-1966) Husband of Adeline Stephens McKnight. Worked in Western PA mines starting at the age of 12 as a trapper. Worked as fire boss and mine boss for Pittsburgh & Erie Coal Co. (1922-1932), W.J. Rainey Coal's #2 & #3 Mines at Clarksville, PA (1932-1936), Pittsburgh Coal's Hills Station Mine (1936-1939), Christopher Mining Co./Lincoln Hill & Four States, WV (1939-1944), Hillman Coal's Tylerdale Mine and pit boss at Franklin Farms, PA (1944-1953) and retired from Paul Wise Coal (1944).

Radcliffe, William Curtis (1918-1975) Husband of Laura Edna McKnight. Worked at Pittsburgh Coal's Hill Station Mine (1935-1936), National Mining's Muse #3 Mine (1936-1940), Christopher Coal's Lincoln Hill Mine (1940-1942), as assistant mine foreman at Hillman Coal's Tylerdale Mine at Washington, PA and Republic Steel's Clyde #3 Mine at Fredericktown, PA (1946-1952). 

Radcliffe, William Walker - Son of William Curtis and Laura (McKnight) Radcliffe. Worked in coal mines around Washington and Brownsville, PA, then moved to Sharon, PA to work for Sharon Steel Corp. from 1965-1993. 

Rankin, Arthur J. (1892- ? ) Son of John William and Phoebe (Maust) Rankin. Coal miner near Fairchance, PA circa 1910. 

Rankin, Robert "Dewey" (1899-1925) Son of John William and Phoebe Ann (Maust) Rankin. Coal miner at W.J. Rainey Co.'s Revere Mine near Uniontown, PA. In April 1925, a Uniontown newspaper reported that:  

Dewey Rankin, aged 26 years, three months and nine days, dropped dead at the Revere mine Thursday morning, April 2, 1925, at 5:30 o'clock from heart trouble while awaiting the cage to go to his work in the mine. He is survived by his wife, his mother and seven brothers...


Phillips coke plant near Uniontown, where Earl Rankin was killed


Rankin, Earl Raymond (1913-1941) Son of George W. and Pearl (Fields) Rankin. Coal miner at H.C. Frick Coke Co.'s Phillips Mine, Uniontown, PA. UMWA, Phillips Local 7415. The July 22, 1941 Uniontown Evening Standard reported that:


Miner Killed, Two Injured In
Trip Wreck at Phillips Plant


One district miner was killed and two other painfully injured today as a man-trip wrecked in Phillips mine shortly before 7 a.m. The dead man was Earl Rankin, 28, Fairchance, who was instantly killed when the mine car on which he and several other men were going into the mine on a special trip left the rails... Rankin was reported to have died of shock and other injuries, and his body was not brought immediately from the mine... Rankin was married and had a family.


Rankin, Grant (1890- ? ) Son of John William and Phoebe (Maust) Rankin. Coal miner near Fairchance and Uledi, PA circa 1910-1920s. 

Rankin, Grant (1925-2000) Son of Grant and Hilda (Burkholder) Rankin. Worked 44 years as a coal miner for Gateway Coal Co. UMWA, Local 6330.

Rankin, Harry R. ( ? - 1978) Son of John William and Phoebe (Maust) Rankin. Retired coal miner near Little Brownfield, PA. UMWA District 4. 

Rankin, Thomas J. (1903- ? ) Son of John William and Phoebe (Maust) Rankin. Coal miner near Fairchance, PA circa 1910. 

Rankin, Thomas ( ? -1952). Married Gladys Miller. Employed by the Washington (PA) Mine, of the Hillman Coal and Coke Co., until retirement in 1950. 

Ravenscroft, Charles  Son of Jesse and Pearl (Addis) Ravenscroft. Worked at Oliver No. 3 Mine near Uniontown, PA, in 1966. 

Ravenscroft, Walter  Son of Jesse and Pearl (Addis) Ravenscroft. Worked at Continental No. 3 Mine in 1966. 

Reagan, James A. (1910-1991) Husband of Evelyn Swift. Retired miner at Crucible Mine near Rices Landing, PA. Dilworth Local 1980, UMWA.


Coal miners using compressed air near Pittsburgh



Mining families at Acosta were encouraged to cultivate gardens at their company housing

Ream, Arthur " Paul" (1914-1989) Son of Joseph and Sadie (Harbaugh) Ream. Joined Consolidation Coal Co.'s Acosta mine near Somerset, PA in 1939. Left Acosta in March 1946 for a job at Saxman Coal and Coke Company in the Quecreek Mine. Worked at Saxman until May 10, 1955, until seriously injured in an accident. UMWA Local 1742 of Jennerstown, PA.

Ream, Charles Carl (1926-1996) Son of Charles D. and Isabel Sara (Nicholson) Ream. 35-year iron worker. Member, International Iron Workers Local #3. 

Ream, Charles David (1904-1982) Son of Joseph and Sadie (Harbaugh) Ream. Retired member, UMWA. 

Ream, Cyril Edgar (1896-1978) Son of Joseph and Sadie (Harbaugh) Ream. Retired coal miner. 

Ream, Herbert M. (1910-1991) Son of Joseph and Sadie (Harbaugh) Ream. Retired coal miner for Saxon Coal Co. at Acosta, PA. UMWA Local 1742. 

Ream, Joseph Ward (1875-1939) Husband of Sarah Ellen "Sadie" Harbaugh. Laborer at Raleigh's Mine. Pictured in the book, Draketown Past and Present.


The Standard coke plant of the H.C. Frick Coke Company


Reese, Richard Christian (1876-1970) Husband of Bertha Minerd. Coal miner near Bridgeport and Standard, PA.

Reiber, George A. (1873-1933) Husband of Grace Gaither. Mechanic at Oliver #3 Mine.

Rice, John P. (1907-1992) Husband of Elizabeth (Minerd) Rankin and Ida May (Keefer) Minerd. Coal miner at Masontown, PA, and later retired as a steelworker at U.S. Steel's National Tube mill in McKeesport, PA.

Richter, Augustus (1899-1980) Husband of Dolly Eicher. Retired coal miner.

Richter, Clarence W. Sr. (1918-1983) Son of William H. and Bertha (Harvey) Richter. Retired from U.S. Steel Corp., and worked at Youngstown, PA circa 1947 and Lemont Furnace, PA circa 1973.

Richter, Earl (1903-1974) Husband of Mabel Snyder. Former coal miner near Normalville, PA.

Richter, James L. (1919-1983) Son of William Henry and Bertha Mae (Harvey) Richter. 32-year employee of U.S. Steel's Homestead Works.


Daily Courier, 1920

Richter, Robert Henry (died 1918?). Husband of Mary Ann Miner. On Oct. 6, 1920, the 63-year-old Robert was killed in the Leisenring mine when he was accidentally squeezed between two mine cars. Relatives heard the news and went running to the house, calling up to Anna to tell her the news of his grisly death. The Connellsville Weekly Courier reported: 

Mr. Richter's neck was broken and he suffered internal hemorrhages. He was removed to the plant hospital, where he died shortly after. Mr. Richter, with several other workmen, was engaged in putting up cement pillars in the mine where a squeeze had occurred. They had finished their work and were on their way to the bottom of the shaft when they met a mine car loaded with pit poste, going in the opposite direction. Mr. Richter, who was in the advance of the other men, stepped to one side of the track at the curve. The space was too small and he was pinned fast before the car could be stopped. [Stanley] Comisky, who is captain of the first aid team of the plant, brought the injured man to the surface and summoned Dr. Francis J. King, but before he arrived Mr. Richter died.

Richter, William H. (1883-1973) Son of Robert H. and Mary Ann (Miner) Richter. Worked at U.S. Steel's Ronco Mine.

Ritenour, Darrell L. "Bud" (1928-1984) Son of Leroy R. and Emma (Hostetler) Ritenour Sr. Worked at U.S. Steel's Duquesne Works.

Ritenour, James R. (1927-1997). Husband of Gladys Elva Rose. Coal miner in Connellsville, PA for several years.

Ritenour, Leroy R., Jr. (1933-1990) Son of Leroy R. and Emma (Hostetler) Ritenour Sr. Retired from Lorain Works of U.S. Steel Corp.

Robbins, Stephen D. (1867-1917) Husband of Emma Fuller (Minerd). Worked as a pumper at the Dunbar Furnace circa 1910s.

Rodeheaver, Clyde E. ( ? -1969) Husband of Mary Ellen Minerd. Coal miner at Keisterville, PA.

Romesburg, Benjamin (1863-1901) Husband of Harriet (Younkin) Romesburg-Turney. Laborer for Ursina Coal & Coke. The Dec. 4, 1901 Somerset Herald reported that:

Ben. Romesburg, while employed by the Ursina Coal & Coke Co., excavating for the company store, was struck last week on the top of the head by a stone that had been hurled in the air by a blast, crushing his skull. At last account he was still living but the doctors had very little hopes of his recovery. He has a wife and large family.

Romesburg, Dennis O. (1887-1966) Son of Benjamin and Harriet (Younkin) Romesburg. Miner in Ursina, PA circa 1920. 


U.S. Steel's Irvin (PA) plant

Romesburg, George G. (1915-1977) Married LaVerne Bartels. Retired employee of the National Tube Plant of U.S. Steel Corp. at McKeesport, PA. LaVerne was employed at one time by U.S. Steel's Irvin plant.

Romesburg, Ray (1900-1988) Son of Benjamin and Harriet (Younkin) Romesburg. Coal miner in Uniontown PA circa 1930s.

Rose, Albert (1897- ? ) Son of Jackson Grant and Rebecca (Cunningham) Rose. Miner in Fayette County, PA, circa 1916. 

Rose, Andrew Jackson, Sr. (1838-1897). Husband of Susanna Minerd. Operated a mine on his farm near Normalville, PA. The April 29, 1887 Connellsville Keystone Courier reported that "upon the farm of Andrew J. Rose, in Springfield township, there exists a nine-foot vein of coal, which doubtless is the outcrop of the Connellsville seam. Fire clay also is found in the same region, varying in thickness from 10 to 16 feet."

Rose, Charles H. (1876-1951) Son of Andrew Jackson and Susanna (Minerd) Rose Sr. Miner at a coal bank near Normalville circa 1910-20. 

Rose, Charles J. (1909-1989) Son of Charles H. and Alcestia (Ritenour) Rose. Miner of Normalville, PA, employed by Beacon Fuel and Coal Co. 

Rose, Clarence Logan  (1903-1984) Son of William and Maggie (Lichliter) Rose. Retired coal miner of Ursina, PA, and member of Tire Hill Local, UMWA. 

Rose, Harold E. (1913-1985). Son of John N. and Carrie (Eicher) Rose. Blast furnace foreman at the Edgar Thomson Works of U.S. Steel Corp. (1947-1974). 

Rose, Jackson Grant (1871-1961) Son of Charles and Catherine (Minerd) Rose. Coal miner circa 1920. On his farm near Humbert, PA, had a small coal mine -- a shaft cut into the side of a hill -- for the family's personal use.

Rose, Melvin C. (1944-1976). Son of Charles J. and Margaret (Lancaster) Rose. Employee of Eastern Associated Coal Co. at Hunker, PA at the time of his death. Member, UMWA. 

Rose, Milford (1900-1928) Son of Charles H. and Alcestia (Ritenour) Rose. Coal miner near Normalville, PA circa 1920.

Rose, Percy (1898-1928) Son of Charles H. and Alcestia (Ritenour) Rose. Coal miner near Normalville, PA circa 1920. 


Meyersdale Republican, 1916

Rose, William (1866-1916). Son of Charles and Catherine (Minerd) Rose. Worked for Laurel Mining Co. at Shipley Station near Confluence, PA. The Dec. 7, 1916 Meyersdale Republican reported that:



William Rose of Ursina, was killed by a train on the Western Maryland Railway about a mile West of Confluence on Monday morning. He was employed by the Laurel Mining Co. at Shipley station, near where his body was found. He had been at his home at Ursina Saturday night and Sunday, and was likely on his way to his work. While the family resided at Ursina, he had a shanty near the mines, where he stayed during the week and usually spent Sunday at home. When the body was found, the back part of the skull was crushed in, his hip broken and his chest all bruised and broken.... He ... was 49 years, 11 months and 19 days old at the time of his death. He married Miss Margaret Lichliter who with five children survives him, the surviving children being Ray, Clarence, Earle, Verna and Tessie, the oldest not being over 15 years of age.... William Rose was an industrious man and his sudden death is much lamented. 

Ross, William (1878- ? ) Husband of Estaline Croston. Coal miner circa 1920-1930 in Philippi, WV. Said to have "killed a white man" -- possibly in the 1930s -- and to have spent the rest of his life "on the run."

Rowan, Charles L. (1899-1936 ) Son of George E. and Althea (Prinkey) Rowan. In about May of 1936, began employment as a laborer at the No. 5 mine of the Vesta Coal Company at Vestaburg, a job to which he commuted from his home. Was killed at the mine on Aug. 18, 1936, after only having worked there for three months. Said the Daily Courier:

Rowan ... was decapitated and two other workers miraculously escaped a similar fate ... when a large slab of slate let go as they were leaving the Vestaburg workings after completing their day's work. The trio comprised a group of workmen who had left the man trip several minutes before the tragedy. Rowan was struck by the full  force of the slate which landed on his head and severed it from his body, according to Deputy Edward Hagerty of Millsboro. The fatality was the first of the year at the Vesta Company mine.


A rare look inside the Vesta coal mines near where Charles L. Rowan was killed. Seen here, a 20-ton motor in tandem hauls 70 cars of coal (about 500 tons) along 6.5 miles of track inside the Vesta No. 4 and No. 5 mines.



Indian Creek Baptist Church

Rowan, Howard (1907-1928)  Son of George E. and Althea (Prinkey) Rowan. Was "killed in the Mather Mine Explosion," said the 1970 book, A History of Mill Run. The tragedy took the lives of 194 unfortunate coal miners in Mather, Greene County, PA on May 19, 1928. A coroner's jury ruled that "this disaster was caused by an explosion of explosive gas and coal dust in the north side of the mine. The primary cause of which explosion is unknown." The Connellsville Daily Courier stated that it was "one of the most disastrous explosions in the history of Pennsylvania soft coal mining... Edison Tedrow, Howard Rowan and H.A. Wells are believed to have met with death. Their bodies have not been found." As of June 2, two weeks later, the Courier reported that his body still had not been recovered. His remains eventually were found and identified, and were laid to rest in the Rowan plot at the Indian Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.

Rupar, Andrew (1885-1952) Husband of Mary Jeanette Kennedy. Immigrant from Yugoslavia. Coal miner in Galloway, WV.


~ S ~

Saltsman, Frank (1919-1994). Married Verna Murray. Said the Steubenville Herald Star, "he "was employed in area mines for more than 50 years. He was a retired mechanic from Consol Mining in Cadiz and Moore's Company, which Consol bought out. He was ... a member of United Mine Workers Local 7451..."

Schultz, Jack E. (1914-1977). Husband of Jessie Elizabeth Miner. Laborer at Jessop Steel, Washington, PA, retiring in 1976. Jessop Local 1141. 

Sephfus, Howard "Judy" (1903-1967) Husband of Pauline Kennedy. The son of a freed slave, was a longtime coal miner in Plantsville, Chesterhill and Sharpsburg, OH. Pleaded guilty in 1938 to illegally producing and selling beer and wine from their home.

Shaffer, James I., Sr. (1935-1995). Husband of D. Jean Rose. Former employee of M.F. Fetterolf Coal Co.

Shawley, Curtis (1927-1991) Husband of Wilma Miner. Employed by Standard Steel of Latrobe, PA.

Sheme, William Donald (1938-1968) Husband of Ernestine R. "Tina" Mayle. Circa 1966, obtained employment as a shuttle car operator with Consolidation Coal Company as a miner at its Farmington No. 9 Mine in Farmington, Marion County. On Nov. 20, 1968, the mine exploded violently, and the miners were trapped inside, sealing their doom. Local newspapers largely ignored the tragedy, while national news media flocked to provide coverage. Time and Life magazines and the Associated Press among others came to the scene report the story to national and international readers. Click to see NBC-TV's coverage at the time. Days, weeks and months of gnawing anxiety passed without the families knowing with certainty that their loved ones were dead. William's body was not recovered for five-and-a-half years, until March 13, 1974. In November 2011, William's tragic story was revisited with the publication of Bonnie E. Stewart's book, No. 9: The 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster

Shipley, Charles "Walter" (1851-1927) Husband of Mary Todd Jennings. Blacksmith for the H.C. Frick Coke Co. in Uniontown, PA circa late 1800s.

Shipley, Gillespie Earl coal miner near Clarksville, PA.

Shipley, Glenn Squire - longtime coal miner in Fayette County, PA.

Shipley, Stanley tracklayer at Chartiers Mine, Clarksville, PA.

Shroyer, William D. Sr. (1905-1992) Son of Jacob A. and Laura (Younkin) Shroyer. Retired coal miner with Eastern Gas and Fuel of Melcroft, PA.

Sines, Jonas W. (1892-1969) Husband of Grace Mayle. Coal miner in Preston County, WV in 1930.

Sleasman, Albert (1898-1970) Husband of Elizabeth Pritts. Retired in 1958 after 30 years as a coal miner of Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates.


U.S. Steel's National Tube mill at McKeesport

Sleasman, Alvie (1897-1984) Husband of Bessie Pritts. Retired overhead crane operator for U.S. Steel's National Tube mill at McKeesport (23 years). Former coal miner for the Indian Head Coal Company.

Sleasman, Gerald Dale (1927-2002) Married Dolores Duval. Was a retired craneman from the National plant of U.S. Steel in McKeesport, PA.

Smith, Elwood "Woody" (1906-1971) Husband of Bernice Marie Minerd. Coal miner in 1940 in Homer, OH.

Snidemiller, Henry R. (1897-1908) Husband of Sara Eicher. Retired coal miner for U.S. Steel. UMWA.

Snyder, George  Husband of Lenora Crosby. Worked at U.S. Steel's National Tube mill in McKeesport for 31 1/2 years, retiring as foreman in 1978.

Sterner, Oscar E. (1905-1973) Son of Russell and Sadie (Hechler) Sterner. Coal miner at Jenners, PA. UMWA Local 1742.

Stone, Wendell (1896- ? ) Son of William A. and Bertha (Ingles) Stone. Worked with his father in the coal and coke brokerage business in Uniontown, PA, circa 1910.

Stone, William Arthur (1870-1936) Husband of Bertha Ingles. Coal and coke broker in Uniontown, PA, circa 1910-20. In 1913, served on a commission to dedicate a huge, now well-known monument at the grave of Gen. Edward Braddock dating to the French and Indian War. His name is on a large plaque on the monument. He and Bertha were editors and managers of the Hopwood Chronicle circa 1908. 

Strauch, John ( ? -1894). Husband of Mary Hester McKnight. Coal miner from the winter of 1873 at intervals to the spring of 1884, working with his father in law, Henry McKnight. 


Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen logo

Strauch, John A. Logan (1891-1926) Married Anna C. Moon. Laborer for the Pennsylvania Railroad, working in connection with shipments to and from the W.J. Rainey coke operations in the region. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen No. 461, an early union-type organization. On June 6, 1926, was instantly killed in a railroad accident near Clarksville, Greene County, PA. He was just age 25.

Swearingen, Elmer - Miner for Duquesne Light Company at its mine in or near Greensboro, PA.

Swearingen, Ezra coal mine snapper in Monongahela, PA.

Swearingen, Owen - coal miner in Morgantown, WV.

Swift, Sanford K. Sr. (1897-1974) Husband of Leota Whetzel. Retired mine foreman for Buckeye Coal Co. near Carmichaels, PA.


~ T - U - V ~


Phillips Coke Works near Uniontown glow at night


Tabler, Warren "Pie" (1897-1062) Significant other of Carrie (Kennedy) Minard. Coal miner at the Black Diamond Mine in Sharpsburg, OH circa 1942.

Taylor, Donald Raymond (1917- ? ) Husband of Edith Marie Rankin. Laborer at Uledi, Fayette County, PA, in 1939. 

Theodous, Michael "Mickey" (1865-1937?) Immigrant from Italy. Name also spelled "Fedoranis" - "Fedora" - "Fador" - or "Fedro." Husband of Ruth Minerd. Circa 1920-1930, was a coal miner living in Philippi, WV.

Thomas, Harry (1873-1949) Husband of Gertrude Minerd. Laborer at Provance Works near Masontown, PA. 

Thomas, Harvey S. (1902-1983) Son of Samuel and Louisa (Rose) Thomas. Owned and operated the H.S. Thomas Coal of Listonburg, PA. 


Roy Freed and U.S. Steel
co-workers (top right)

Thorpe, Roy Freed - Son of Edwin Thomas and Clara Jane (Freed) Thorpe. Longtime pit foreman at U.S. Steel Corporation's Edgar Thomson Works in Braddock, near Pittsburgh, starting during World War II. He and his steel pouring crew are pictured in an undated news article for "an outstanding performance record for pouring of steel into 1,862 ingot molds during January" at Thomson's basic oxygen process (BOP) steelmaking shop. Added the article, "R.J. Alberts, division superintendent said each individual employee's contribution to this 'Quality Workmanship Program' at the BOP helps the entire operation to progress." (He stands at far right in the back row.)

Thurston, Charles (1852-1943) Husband of Emma C. Minerd. His foot was injured and his chest bruised by falling slate at Mullen Mine, Westmoreland County, PA, in May 1904.

Thurston, Homer (1892- ? ) Son of Charles and Emma C. (Minerd) Thurston. Detective at H.C. Frick Coke near Bridgeport, PA circa 1920.

Trimpey, Edward Carl (1914-1956) Husband of Rosie Gary. Clay miner of Somerset County, PA.

Trimpey, Edward Paul - Son of Edward Carl and Rosie (Gary) Trimpey. Clay miner of Somerset County, PA.

Van Dyke, Samuel (1875-1964) Husband of Bertha Minerd. Blacksmith at the Udell and Strickler Mines near Hunker, PA.

Vough, John Jr. (1879-1932) Son of Missouri (Younkin) Wingerd. Coal miner at Rockwood, PA.


~ W - X ~

Walker, David Lee ( ? - ? ) Son of Dolph David and Hazel May (Farabee) Walker. Employed by the Molybdenum Corp. of Washington, PA for 24 years (1968-1992). In a 1999 letter by his daughter, Rebecca (Walker) Carson, she wrote that:  

The job at Moly Corp. was manual labor and really dirty work, and was dangerous as well. In the early days he worked there, they mainly worked with black ore that left black dust on everything. He brought clothes home and they would stain the washer and never really came clean themselves. 

Warman, Albert  (1872-1944) Husband of Lela "Ada" Minerd. Fireman at Leisenring #2 Mine circa 1892. 


Hopwood Cemetery

Worrick, John (1872-1910) Second husband of Jennie (Minerd) Herrington-Worrick. Driver at Donald No. 1 Mine, Consolidated Connellsville Coke Company, near Masontown, PA. The Report of the Department of Mines of Pennsylvania, states that on Jan. 17, 1910, at age 37, he was:


...Instantly killed. He was found dead under his trip of loaded cars. It is supposed that he fell off the front of trip. 

Weimer, James A. (1900-1974) Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Enos) Weimer. Retired coal miner near Normalville, PA. 

Whetzel, Delmar (1868- ? ) Husband of Mariah Jane Minerd. Blacksmith at the Leisenring Mine circa 1889. 

Whetzel, Robert (1898- ? ) Son of Delmar and Mariah J. (Minerd) Whetzel. Coal mine laborer in Brownsville, PA circa 1920. 

White, Joseph B. (1848-1873). Son of Perry G. White and stepson of Mariah Minerd. Civil War veteran. Thought to have labored at the Fairchance (PA) Iron Works. 

White, Robert Marshall (1851-1909). Son of Perry G. White and stepson of Mariah Minerd. Coke works laborer near Uniontown in 1870. 


New Philadelphia (OH) Daily Times

Williams, Charles (1871-1911). Married Sarah Ann Minor. Resided at Mineral City, Tuscarawas County, OH, where Charles was "one of Mineral City's best known residents," said the New Philadelphia Daily Times, and "a most experienced miner." In about June 1911, joined the Reeves Coal Company at or near New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County. He and a co-worker apparently lived away from home, and rented a residence near the mine, during the term of their labors. Tragically, was killed in a mine accident, struck by falling rock in Mine #2, on Nov. 23, 1911. He died before help could arrive. It took co-workers half an hour to remove his corpse from the rubble. His body was placed in a mine car and taken out of the mine to the blacksmith shop to wait for the arrival of an ambulance. He was just 41 years of age. A front-page story in the Daily Times reported: 

His neck broken and body crushed by over three tons of rock, [he] died at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon, before help could be given by his companions. Williams' body was doubled up like a jack knife, his head touching his feet. He lived long enough to implore of his partner to aid him... Thursday afternoon he was working in a room with his partner in a remote part of the mine. He was shoveling coal into a car when without a second's warning a huge rock fell from the roof, striking him on the back. He was flattened on the ground... The unfortunate man lived only a few minutes. As he lay pinned under the mass of rock he spoke only [four] words. They were spoken to his partner: "Can't you help me?

Williams, George (1855- ? ). Husband of Elizabeth McKnight. Coal miner near Uniontown, PA circa 1880. 

Wilson, Ira (1885 - ? ) Husband of Elizabeth Minerd. Miner at Percy, PA circa 1910.

Wilson, James Ernest coal miner in Morgantown, WV, mid-1930s.

Wilson, James W. (1913-1986) Husband of Blanche A. Lambert. Mining boss at Jones & Laughlin Co.'s Shannopin Mine at Bobtown, PA. 

Wilson, Lindsay ( ? - ? ) Married Dorothy Thomas. Laborer in a coal and coke yard in Uniontown, Fayette County, PA circa 1930.

Wingard, Ernest H. "Tucker. (1917-1995) Husband of Ruth E. Martin. Retired coal miner near Connellsville, PA.

Workman, Howard Alva Jr. (1924-1990) Son of Howard A. and Phoebe Naomi (Thorpe) Workman Sr. Metallurgical engineer at U.S. Steel's Johnstown Works.


J&L's South Side Works, Pittsburgh



Molten steel poured into molds at J&L's No. 4 open hearth shop

Wortman, George Elmont (1887-1965). Son of Isaac and Hannah M. (White) Wortman. Worked at Jones & Laughlin Steel in Pittsburgh circa 1907.

Wright, Charles A. (1871- ? ) Married Sarah (Minerd) Male. Coal miner in Philippi, Barbour County, WV circa 1910.


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Younkin, Charles (1845-1921) Son of John M. and Laura (Minerd) Younkin. Miner at Casselman, PA, retiring in 1914, when he moved to Washington State. 

Younkin, Clark Melvin (1896-1973) Husband of Olive Caroline Hauger. Worked at the No. 10 and No. 11 Mines near Rockwood, PA. 


Frank Zearfoss obituary

Zinn, Norman ( ? - ? ) Stepson of Catherine (Minerd) Zinn. Coal miner for four decades at the Robena Mine of U.S. Steel Corporation.

Zearfoss, Frank (1898-1937) Husband of Cecelia Gorsuch. Coal miner at Royal Quemahoning Mine. The Sept. 24, 1937 Somerset Daily American reported that: 

Frank Zearfoss, age 39, of Brownstown, a small mining village near Stoystown, was crushed to death late Friday evening in a rock fall at the Royal Quemahoning mine there. He was pronounced dead by a physician upon being removed from the fall. Surviving are his widow, two children, three brothers and two sisters. 




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