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131 World War I Soldiers 
in the Family - 1917-1918

A Memorial to Their Service and Sacrifice

Casualties, L-R: Elvis Owen Pollard (courtesy Chad Kendell) -
Raymond G. White
- Leland L. Ream
(courtesy Marijke Taffein).
Casualties, L-R: Dr. William Roy Ream (Courtesy "Shiver" - Find-a-Grave) -- Raleigh Emerson Hall -- Charles Walter Smith.
Casualties, above: William Ellwyn Mongold.
No known photo: Horace Gibson - Harold Peverill -


The extended Minerd-Minard-Miner-Minor clan played its own role in the Great War, also known as World War I. More than 130 known cousins (and spouses) -- and likely many more -- served with the United States Armed Forces. More are being identified all the time as new research is done. The list of names is shown on this page to memorialize the sacrifices they made for the freedom we enjoy today. Of the total, at least seven have made the ultimate sacrifice in giving his life during the cause. 

In comparison, an estimated 53,000 American soldiers lost their lives in the conflict, a fraction of the horrific global count of 9 million dead and 18 million wounded.


William C. McKnight's body is laid to rest in a military funeral in Vanderbilt, PA



Addis, Raymond Earl.  Son of Charles and Sarah Jane (Rankin) Addis of Uniontown, PA.  Private, Co E, 320th Infantry, 80th Division, U.S. Army.

Alderman, Claud. Son of William H. and Katherine (Malova) Alderman Jr. of Bronson, MI. Corporal, Company A, 126th Infantry. Killed at the Battle of Chateau Thierry, France.

Ambler, Earnest "Paul." Son of Nellie (Knight) Ambler of Haven, KS. U.S. Army, Pennsylvania Company.


Infantry training


Ambrose, Wilbur L.  Husband of Winifred (Hart) Zahn of Beaver County, PA.

Arnold, Paul Arthur. Son of William and Carrie (Ferguson) Arnold of Genessee County, MI.

Arnold, Ralph C. Son of William and Carrie (Ferguson) Arnold of Genessee County, MI.

Baer, Allen.  Husband of Mary Minerd of Upper Middletown, PA.

Bailey, Chauncey Alston Sr. Husband of Margaret Minerd of Uniontown, PA. Received two Purple Heart medals.


William J. Beggs

Beggs, David Ewing.  Son of William J. and Mary Belle (Minerd) Beggs of Dunbar, PA.

Beggs, William J. Jr.  Son of William J. and Mary Belle (Minerd) Beggs of Dunbar, PA.

Bowman, Russell. Son of Aurelius A. and Mary Catherine (Russell) Bowman of Hartford City, IN. Co. 19, Motor Mechanics, 4th Regiment.

Brantner, Roy Charles. Son of George L. and Iva Jane (Van Horn) Brantner of Columbus, OH. 

Brookman, Peyton William. Husband of Esther Birch of Washington, PA.  Co B, 305th Ammunition Train, 80th Division.

Brooks, Russell R.  Husband of Nettie Miner of Normalville, PA.  Coast Artillery, U.S. Army. 

Brooks, W. Curtis.  Husband of Blanche Pritts of Normalville, PA.

Burgess, Charles. Son of William and Jennie Belinda (Rose) Burgess of Perryopolis, PA. Co. G, 52nd Infantry, 6th Division.

Carson, George Wilson. Husband of Berniece Dora Pelsma of Topeka, KS.

Clark, Amos Bartholomew. Son of Samuel and Lucy (Minard) Clark of Mt. Vernon, OH.

Cooperrider, Gus E.  Son of Alva and Alvaretta (Johnston) Cooperrider of Johnstown, OH. 

Cowdery, Grover A.  Husband of Margaret May (McCormick) Lewis.  U.S. Army.

Crabtree, Jacob Clarence. Son of James and Mary Agnes (Younkin) Crabtree of Hammondsville, PA. 329th Field Hospital and 308th Sanitary Train.

Culp, Vere "Tony."  Son of Lewis M. and Altoona (Dunn) Culp of Roseville, OH.

Dufford, Paul Rufus. Husband of Osieola Gribble of New Castle, PA. 34th Ambulance Corps, Seventh Division.


Pug Ellis

Ellis, James A. "Pug."  Son of Eugene and Alice (Minerd) Ellis of Lemont Furnace, PA.  Corp, Co B, 60th Infantry, U.S. Army. Gassed in France.

Everett, Roberts. Husband of Frieda Wyandt of New York City. Flyer.

Everly, James Milroy. Son of Robert Milroy Everly. U.S. Army. 

Firestone, Albert J. Son of Grant Louis and Christena (Kirkwood) Firestone of Connellsville, PA. U.S. Army.


Howard Firestone

Firestone, Howard Marion. Son of George E. and Barbara (Minerd) Firestone Sr. Company C, 80th Division.

Firestone, Norman R.  Son of Austin and Mollie (Stillwagon) Firestone of Bullskin Township, Connellsville, PA. 109th Infantry.

Firestone, Joseph. Son of George E. and Barbara (Minerd) Firestone Sr. 1st Replacement Co of Engineers.

Flydell, George Henry.  Husband of Esther M. Pritts of Normalville, PA.

Gaither, Edwin Stanton Sr.  Son of William Alexander and Hannah (Minerd) Gaither of Chalk Hill, PA. Cpl, Co A, 63rd Engineers.

Gibson, Horace. Son of John L. and Sarah (Menefee) Gibson of Tunnelton, WV. Died of influenza at Camp Meade, MD.

Groves, Victor L. Son of Ira F. and Ida (Gribble) Groves. Company A, 2nd Development Battalion, 155th Depot Brigade.

Hall, Lloyd Jackson.Husband of Ollie Harbaugh of Maple Summit, PA.

Hall, Raleigh Emerson. Son of Levi and Elizabeth (Daniels) Hall. Killed at the Battle of the Meuse Argonne, France.

Hall, William H. Son of John W. and Alice (Klink) Hall of Jumonville, PA.


Army recruits training at Fort Riley, Kansas


Haller, Karl William. Son of Charles W. and Katharyn (Purinton) Haller of New York City.

Hanshaw, George Lee SrSon of Frank W. and Mary G. (McCoy) Hanshaw Sr. of White Plains, NY. U.S. Navy.

Harbaugh, Leonard "Earl." Son of John and Barbara (Long) Harbaugh of Victoria, PA. Second lieutenant, U.S. Army.

Heinbaugh, Lloyd J.  Husband of Olga Vough of Rockwood, PA. U.S. Army Medical Corps.

Helmick, Albert Earl. Husband of Cora Everly of Fayette County, PA. 

Helterbran, Clarence Thomas Sr. Son of Samuel and Lydia (Turner) Helterbran. Co. D, 17th Cavalry. Wounded.

Helterbran, George Dewey. Son of Samuel and Lydia (Turner) Helterbran. 

Hough, John W. Sr. Husband of Mary Ellen Minerd of Connellsville, PA.

Hutton, Chester Scott. Husband of Nellie "Marie" Beaver of Greenfield, IN.

Inks, Clarence R.  Son of Bailey D. and Mary (Treacher) Inks of Uniontown, PA.

Inks, Sanford M.  Son of Calvin L. and Nevada (Minerd) Inks of Connellsville, PA. 26th Engineers.

Jamison, Gernard Graham. Son of George and Laura L. (Minard) Jamison of Scio, OH. 

Keeler, Earl Clinton.  Son of Gurdon and Edith (Miner) Keeler of Haskins, OH. U.S. Army.


John D. Kerfoot

Kennedy, Ressie Ray Sr. Son of Josiah and Ruth Ann (Minerd) Kennedy of Grafton, WV.


Kerfoot, John Davis. Husband of Pearl McKnight of Uniontown, PA. 60th Infantry, 5th Division, U.S. Army. Wounded in action at Argonne Forest.

Kreuer, Joseph Howard. Husband of Gertrude Minard of Pittsburgh. 111th Infantry.

Kunkle, Bernard. Husband of Irene Adel Kelly of Dunbar, PA. U.S. Army.

Laws, James.  Husband of Ada F. (Firestone) Opperman of Connellsville, PA.

Lewis, Lindsay Chester.  Husband of Margaret May McCormick of Connellsville, PA.  U.S. Army.

Luckey, Dr. Paul David.  Son of Joseph M. and Sadie (Minerd) Luckey of Dawson, PA.  318th Aero Squadron.

Lytle, Clarence Warren "Bobby." Son of John T. and Elizabeth (Miner) Lytle. Company A, 31st Infantry, 79th Division. Injured at the Argonne Forest.

Malone, Walter L.  Husband of Mary Adaline Luckey of Dawson, PA.  Private, Company A, 125th Regiment, Engineers.

Martin, James Bruce.  Son of George W. and Mary Ellen (Martin) Martin of Valley Point, WV.


L-R: Charles H. McKnight, William C. McKnight, Joseph H. Mills


McClain, Percy J.  Husband of Katharine Long of Connellsville, PA.

McDonald, George T.D. Son of John W. and Nancy (Minerd/White) McDonald of St. Paul, NE. Died of influenza at Fort Riley, KS.

McKnight, Charles Howard.  Son of Henry and Martha (Nutt) McKnight of Redstone, PA. Gassed in France.

McKnight, Daniel Leroy.  Son of Charles and Keziah (Stimmel) McKnight.

McKnight, William Curtis. Son of Henry and Martha (Nutt) McKnight of Redstone, PA.  Private, 80th Division, 205th Infantry, U.S. Army. Killed near Paris in railroad accident.

McReynolds, Edward H. Son of George and Anna (McReynolds) Swearingen of Rich Hill, MO. US Marine Corps. Said to have met boxer and U.S. Marine Gene Tunney during the war and advised him on how to beat heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey.

McReynolds, Glenwood E. Son of George and Anna (McReynolds) Swearingen of Rich Hill, MO. U.S. Army.

Menear, Nacy Perry. Husband of Marie Menear.

Mills, Joseph Henry Jr. Son of Joseph H. and Flora (Minerd) Mills Sr. of Fayette County, PA. U.S. Army.


Albert "Ross" Minor (2nd from right)



Rev. David E. Minerd  with uniformed
sons, L-R: Daniel, William, Ewing

Minor, Albert "Ross."  Son of Elias and Elizabeth (King) Minor of Oak Forest, PA.  28th Div, Co K, 110th Infantry, U.S. Army.

Minerd, Claude Thomas "Cloddie." Son of Jacob and Martha (Buck) Minerd of Guysville, OH. 308th Motor Battalion.

Minerd, Ewing David.  Son of Rev. David E. and Sarah C. (Williams) Minerd of Uniontown, PA.  Supply Co, 319th Infantry, 80th Division, U.S. Army. 

Miner, Franklin.  Son of William Henry "Squire" and Sarah Jane (Basinger) Miner of Mill Run, PA. U.S. Army.

Minerd, George Elmer. Son of James and Emma (Meyers) Minerd Jr. of Fayette County, PA. Mistakenly reported by newspapers as killed in action.

Minor, George Raymond.  Son of Joseph R. and Emma Frances (Gordon) Minor of Newark, OH.  US Navy.

Minard, Grover James. Son of George and Sarah (Croston) Minard of Philippi, WV -- -- married to Vernis Mayle, daughter of Ellsworth and Sarah E. (Kennedy) Mayle. 

Minerd, Dr. Harold "Daniel."  Son of Rev. David E. and Sarah C (Williams) Minerd of Uniontown, PA.  First Lieutenant, Dental Dept, U.S. Army Medical Corps.

Minerd, James Calvin Jr.  Son of James C. and Suvina (Yauger) Minerd of Searights, PA.  Cpl, Battery E, 320th Field Artillery, U.S. Army.

Miner, John Robert. Son of Daniel L. and Mary Elizabeth (Hodges) Minerd of Iowa. 



L-R: James Calvin Minerd Jr., John Robert Miner, Percy Donald Minerd



Noah A. Minor

Minard, Joseph David Sr. Son of Howard and Margaret (McLaughlin) Minard of Hunker, PA. U.S. Army medic.

Miner, Noah A.  Son of Enoch and Matilda (Lyons) Miner Sr. of Connellsville, PA.  Co. I, 22nd Infantry, U.S. Army.  Wounded.

Minerd, Percy Donald.  Son of William H. and Missouri (Shelkey) Minerd of Vanderbilt, PA. Motor Group 14, Section B.


Porter Owen Minor

Minor, Porter Owen.  Son of Elias and Elizabeth (King) Minor of Pursley Creek, PA.

Miner, Samuel. Son of George and Sarah (Croston) Minard of Philippi, WV.

Minard, Stephen. Son of John and Martha (Mayle) Minerd of Philippi, WV. 4th Company, 160th Depot Brigade.

Minerd, Sylvester Lynn.  Son of Azaniah "Melvin" and Harriet (Baldwin) Minerd of Pittsburg, KS.  Sergeant, Pittsburg Company, Kansas State Guard.

Minard, Stephen. Son of John and Martha (Mayle) Minerd. West Virginia 4th Company, 160th Depot Brigade.

Miner, Willie "Babe." Son of George and Sarah (Croston) Minard of Philippi, WV. Private, U.S. Army.

Minerd, William Alfred.  Son of Rev. David Ewing and Sarah C. (Williams) Minerd of Uniontown, PA.  Co. H, 320th Infantry, 80th Division. 

Murdock, Thomas I., II. Son of Clarence K. and Helen (Shepard) Murdock of Ironton, OH.

Newingham, Frank Ellsworth. Son of James E. and Mary Emma (Ogle) Newingham of Pennsville, PA. Sergeant, Medical Department, Hospital Base No. 61.

Opperman, Arthur. Husband of Ada Firestone of Connellsville, PA.

Overfield, James William "Junior." Son of James William and Eliza (Zinn) Overfield of Reedsville, WV. 312th Field Artillery.

Dugouts in the Argonne Forest provided protection day and night from German artillery fire. Photo by U.S. Signal Corps.


Quairiere, Herman. Husband of Olive Ellis of Dunbar, PA.

Queer, Myron L.  Husband of Mamie E. Rose of Berlin, PA. 

Rhome, George Edward. Husband of Mary E. (Firestone) Bryner of Bitner, PA. 320th Infantry. Wounded at the Argonne Forest


Harold Robinson

Robinson, Harold Lee Jr. Married Grace Fawcett of Grafton, WV.

Sellers, Arlis Marion.  Son of George Washington and Nona (White) Sellers of Isabel, KS.  US Navy.

Sellers, Floy White.  Son of George Washington and Nona (White) Sellers of Isabel, KS.  Radio Operator, Heavy Artillery, US Marine Corps.

Sellers, Merl Lester.  Son of George Washington and Nona (White) Sellers of Isabel, KS.  US Marine Corps. 

Shackelford, Trevor Brown. Married Sarah Shomaker of Morgantown, WV.

Shaffer, John Millard. Married Jane Shomaker of Morgantown, WV.

Shelley, Carl Bartram. Husband of Mabel "Ruth" Miller of Uniontown & Steelton, PA. U.S. Army ambulance driver.

Sleasman, Alvie.  Husband of Bessie Pritts of Normalville, PA.

Snidemiller, Henry R.  Husband of Sara Eicher of Normalville, PA.


Ray C. Stairs

Snyder, Edwin D.  Husband of Maude Hechler of Rockwood, PA.

Stairs, Ray Clayton. Son of Lehman and Mattie (Minerd) Stairs of Mt. Pleasant, PA. U.S. Army. 

Steiner, Dr. Benjamin Harrison. Husband of Rhoda France. 

Steward, Paul. Son of Arthur C. and Emma L. Steward of Spencerville, IN. Sixth Regiment, Battery H.


Wendell A. Stone

Stone, Wendell Allen. Son of William and Bertha (Ingles) Stone of Hopwood, PA. First lieutenant, Battery F, 312th Field Artillery, 79th Division.

Stoner, Oliver Shaw. Son of Nathan C. and Letitia (Harbaugh) Stoner of Robinson, IL.

Taylor, James Oliver. Son of James A. and Ida Ellen (Farabee) Taylor of Hundred, WV.

Thomas, William H.  Son of Samuel and Louisa (Rose) Thomas of Confluence, PA. 

Thurston, James Loren. Son of Charles and Emma (Minerd) Thurston of Mt. Pleasant, PA. 110th Supply Company.

Tippin, Dr. Joseph Glenn. Husband of Mary C. Hemphill of Olathe, KS. Captain, Dental Corps.

Turney, Albert. Son of Daniel and Martha (Leonard) Turney of Uniontown, PA. Mech., Co. D, 110th Infantry, 28th Division.

Turney, Clyde Ellsworth. Son of Daniel and Martha (Leonard) Turney of Uniontown, PA. 

Van Horn, Clyde. Son of Jay Albert and Ida (Newell) Van Horn of Deshler, OH. U.S. Army Medical Corps.

Van Horn, Jesse Franklin "Frank." Son of Andrew and Louisa (Dean) Van Horn of Lima, OH. Co. D, 126th Infantry, 32nd Division.


Soldiers inspect ruins of shelling at Chateau Thierry


Van Zandt, John T. Son of Alvin E. and Jessie (Purinton) Van Zandt of Newburg, WV. 

Van Zandt, Joseph. Son of Alvin E. and Jessie (Purinton) Van Zandt of Newburg, WV.

Virtue, Edmond McKinney. Son of Samuel and Alice (Evans) Virtue of Avalon, PA.

Virtue, George Ellsworth. Son of John and Alice (Evans) Virtue.

Walsh, Martin Joseph Sr. Husband of Barbara Eleanor Minerd of Clarksburg, WV. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Thomas M. Whyel

Walters, Cleveland S. Husband of Evelyn Minerd of Smithfield, PA. Company E, 327th Infantry, 82nd Division. Wounded at the Argonne Forest.

White, Clarence Lester. Son of Thomas J. and Elvira Alice (Norris) White of Oskaloosa, IA. U.S. Army.

White, Ray G.  Son of Robert M. and Mary R. (Pope) White of Hopwood, PA. Co. I, 7th Infantry, 3rd Division, U.S. Army. Killed in action at Chatieu Thierry.

Whyel, Thomas M. Husband of Nina Ethelyn Stone of Uniontown, PA. Company 21, U.S. Aviation Corps.

Williams, Albert.  Son of Joseph and Emma (Inks) Williams of Brownsville, PA. 40th Aerial Squadron, U.S. Army.

Younkin, Warren Dempsey Sr.  Son of William Dayton and Lucinda (Harbaugh) Younkin of Clay Run, PA. HQ Co, 110th Infantry. Gassed in France.

Younkin, William Gustin.  Son of William Dayton and Lucinda (Harbaugh) Younkin of Clay Run, PA. Co. D, 110th Infantry, U.S. Army. Wounded.


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Posters originally distributed by the Division of Pictorial Publicity and  published in The Story of the Great War (P.F. Collier and Son, 1916).